Meeting Kris again

June 30, 2016 Thursday
4:43 pm Kris      On my way to you.  Now that I can just talk to my phone and it texts for me I can send people really long and annoying text messages.  I’ve been struggling all day with whether to actually meet up with you tonight.  I have no idea what I’m doing… or why.  It was highly impulsive and maybe premature to pull the trigger last night on booking a room, but it’s done now.  We’ll see how it goes.  If nothing else… I know I can talk to you freely and you can do the same with me.  Whatever else happens… or doesn’t… I know you’ll just roll with it like you always do.  Oh… and btw… I shaved my beard a while ago so I probably will look quite different!  See u soon! 
4:45 pm Sassy   Don’t fret – we’ll be fine.  I made a list of questions.  Hee hee… 
5:42 pm Kris      Here!  Out front
5:45 pm Sassy  In the elevator
He was late… same old Kris!  I dashed downstairs and found him smiling in the entryway.  It was so good to see him!  I forgot how jolly his smile is!  He looked strange without his beard!  I gave him a big hug.  We went to his car and drove to a Court House Seafood, a cheap, fast and good spot across the river.  We cruised around the streets nearby looking for parking.  Nothing.  Grrr… so I found a parking lot.  We strolled to the restaurant, sharing info about our jobs, then ordered at the front and got a window table!  Since he paid for the hotel, I paid for supper.  
The food was delightful as usual – he got the baked haddock with fries, I got the fisherman’s platter (scallops, shrimp, clams and fish) with a baked potato, and we each had a stuffed clam.  
We caught up.  It was so easy to talk… that “picked right up where we left off” feeling.  
He answered most of my questions in the course of the conversation!
Stayed sober? Yup
Ex-wife – finally got divorced after months of haggling over their meager assets
Circumstances of job change – fired for goofing up his billing, out two months
The other woman – didn’t last.  Has only been with two since then.
The house – still have renters? Yup.  Lives with his mom now.  
Motorcycle – sold it on Craigslist!
Boat – motor died, couldn’t afford to fix it, sold it cheap
His mom – still going strong (Told him about my mom’s death.) 
His kids – some talking to him, some still not
Earring (hole still there, doesn’t wear one much)
Hair (still in a pony tail)
Shaved his beard because his former gf said it helped him look younger
So it seems like his mid-life crisis is over.  He is trying to settle down and find a wife.  He hates being alone.  I was so relieved that he had not married the woman he was with when he stopped seeing me!  
We drove to the hotel – the fancy Courtyard by Marriott on the river, near Trader Joe’s.  I sat in the lobby while he checked in and charmed the desk clerk.  Heh.  We went up to the second floor.  I didn’t notice much about the room except the king size bed.  
I went to the bathroom and left the door open.  He always closed it and locked it so I kidded him about it.  He said he has gotten better about leaving it unlocked.  Heh.  He asked if he needed a condom – said he’d bought some right before he picked me up (that was what made him a little late).  I asked him how many women he had been with… he said two.  I said he should use them.
I sat on the edge of the bed to take off my shoes and socks. He sat behind me and rubbed my shoulders and back… mmmm.   I looked back and he had already taken off his pants, socks and shoes… he put his legs on either side of me and leaned me back against him to play with my breasts.  
He flattened me out, pulled my legs apart with his foot and slipped his hand inside my pants!  He went right for my clit!  No wavering tonight!  I squirmed and shuddered… he is a bit too rough so I slowed him down and then savored his touch.  
Very quickly he helped me take off the rest of my clothes.  He tossed off his plaid cotton shorts, grabbed a condom off the nightstand and rolled it on, then rolled me slightly onto my side, pulled my leg over his hip and pushed up underneath me lying on his side, slipping his totally hard cock inside me.  He pounded me on and on, flicking my clit with his finger.  Wowzers. 
He came hard then flopped down beside me and fell asleep.  I stayed beside him… listening to him breathe, recovering from the intense activity.   
After about 20 minutes I slid out to go to the bathroom and he woke up.  We talked, and I asked what had made him contact me the night before.  He explained that his girlfriend (of 8 months)  had dumped him yesterday morning.  He had told her about his one time cheating on his wife and how she left him without ever talking to him.  That was two days earlier.  She had called him and said they were done.  He figured if he was going to be branded a cheater, he was going to do it!  Though it’s not exactly cheating for him anymore… 
I asked if he had seen my birthday greetings last year.  He said he had and meant to respond but just… didn’t.  He thanked me for not pestering him after he asked me to stop contacting him.  
We talked and talked… he told me stories of his changes in his life, continuing conversations with his ex-wife, struggling to face the loss of this latest lady and having to date again.  I was surprised how interesting I found it, but only from a curiosity standpoint, not in terms of having any relationship with him.  It is rather freeing to know that if he calls me, it’s fine.  And if he doesn’t, it’s fine.  I don’t particularly want to jump back on the roller coaster with him but it was so wonderful to catch up and feel useful to him and have his hands on me!    
He asked me to get out my favorite toy.  He said he wanted to watch me play with my bullet.  I’ve never done that.  I told him there’s not much to see.  He said he wanted to try it.  So I was flat on my back, with the bullet pressed just below my clit, eyes closed.  He asked me what I was thinking about.  I told him about my fantasy of an office where the women are clothed and the men are not.  I disappeared into that in my mind, but couldn’t really focus.  I reached out for his hand and kept going.  I could tell he was bored, so I faked finishing.  What was I supposed to do?  He said it was like watching paint dry and then the wall explodes!  Heh.  
I used the bullet on his cock, pulling on him with my other hand and sucking the tip.  He got very hard again. I thought he might let me take him over the edge with my mouth, but as things got really hot, he stopped me.  He said he wanted to me inside me again.  He slid inside me again and pumped in and out.  His stamina was certainly on form tonight!   He could not come again but didn’t let it bug him.  He stopped eventually and pulled me onto his chest to cuddle.   He had on the most wonderful Henley t-shirt.. Lovely gray and so soft!  He gets cold easily, so he rarely gets completely nude. He covered us up with sheet.  
We talked a little more.  It was getting past midnight.  He had promised to take me home but I didn’t see any reason for both of us to have to get dressed so I told him to stay in bed, let me hop a Lyft home.  He was very resistant, but I convinced him. 
He got up to give me one last hug.  I struggled not to gauge his mood or ask about his plans. He said, “Take care of yourself” and I walked out the door.  I got into the elevator, went down to the lobby and summoned a Lyft.  
I got a Lyft quickly, got home easily and texted him. 

12:49 am Sassy      Made it home easily.  Thanks for a lovely evening! 

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