Sassy Answers: Movies Kisses #Oh

Hiya Readers!

I had so much fun posting 30 days of Sassy Answers about my favorite movie kisses, sharing clips that make me tingle every time I see them!  Did I pick your favorite?  Did you find new gems in my pile of beauties?

If you are just joining in, you can click on the tag “movie kisses” on the lower right to scroll through the past 30 posts!

Of course, I’ve thought of so many others as I re-watched these clips.  But I will limit myself to sharing one more.  It’s about a couple who reconnect after many year apart.  You know I had to share this one!

Movie #Oh: The Notebook
Year: 1988
Clip length: 3 minutes
Kissers (Actors): Rachel McAdams & Ryan Gosling

the notebook kissing scene in the rain [HQ]   


Let me know what you think? Share your favorites? Hugs with groping!  And a kiss!  

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