Bye Bin Laden

Monday, May 2, 2011
7:44 am Good morning!  Yay for Navy Seals!  Have a special Monday at the conference
11:06 pm Busy day, quiet evening, made plan for Mother’s Day and burying Dad’s ashes in June.  Hope you had a great time.

May Day

Sunday, May 1, 2011
7:34 am Phil: Off to Florida for a conference.  Going to be warm and I’ll be by the pool in a few hours!  Have a great day!
8:33 am Good morning!  Yay for FL!  I remember when you got invited.  Amazing work the kid I kissed at camp has grown up to do!  So proud of you.
8:35 am Phil: I turned out ok. 🙂  Never thought I’d be doing this but I’ll take it!
8:41 am My night was… odd.  Worked at the project event, then friend from CT train was late, did not get here until 12:30 am, then Hubby called at 3:30 am drunk for a ride home.  Whee.
8:43 am So forgive me if I’m a little groggy. 🙂  
8:43 am Phil: Thought he was not supposed to drink.  Sounds like a fabulous evening.  🙁 
8:48 am Busy Sunday – friend taking us to breakfast, then pick up Mom and go to another event.  
9:00 am You traveling with military folks?  Sally?  Hope it is productive and fun and warm!
9:05 am  Phil: I am traveling alone.  My buddy will be there.  A lot of military friends.  Sally is travelling later.  I’m looking forward to and already enjoying a day on my own.
9:06 am How long are you away?
9:50 am Phil: Till Thursday.
10:02 am Nifty.  Gotta get dressed and rock outta here.  Have fun!
10:05 am Phil: You too

10:08 am Wish I could lounge by the pool with you instead!  Enjoy!
11:24 am Two words – eggs benedict!  Yum.
1:26 pm Phil: My favorite
1:27 pm You in the warm?  I’m heading out!
1:28 pm Phil: Oh yeah.
2:07 pm Wild here… staffer broke her foot, ran out of programs, another volunteer didn’t show so I am selling cupcakes again!  Never a dull moment
3:32 pm You at the pool yet?  Hope it’s grand!  🙂  
4:07 pm Phil: Ahhhhh [photo of his legs and feet in the pool]
5:04 pm Wow!  Lucky duck!
5:09 pm Phil: Nice [photo of his face and naked chest in the whirlpool]
5:15 pm Hubba hubba 🙂  
5:38 pm Done, took mom home, headed home at last!
6:02 pm Home sweet home.  You partying tonite or chilling?  Welcome back to my time zone!
6:04 pm Phil: Don’t know.  Big conference.  May have a drink and just relax.
6:52 pm Quiet evening here.  Hubby’s at a party, guest gone back to CT.  Cats are snoozing.
6:53 pm Phil: Me too just vegging.  Going to venture out in a few
10:01 pm Watched Doctor Who, ate pizza…nice.  Hope you found fun.  Hugs.
[12 texts today!]

Sassy Answers: Craigslist

Dear Readers,

I hope all 19 of you are having a lovely weekend!  I had a little quiet time so I am answering another of the burning questions I get from folks.  A huge thank you for asking!

Q.  Have you ever used a dating site?  Craigslist?  OK Cupid?  Ashley Madison?  Plenty of Fish?  Fetlife?

A.  No.

Well, that doesn’t make for a long enough post, does it?

Really… I have enough going on with Phil!

But I am tempted to try to find someone who can see me more often, so while I am sitting home on a Saturday, I decided to take a look at Craigslist, the site that’s the easiest to check out because you don’t have to set up a profile or answer any questions.  I’ve heard that the ads are creepy and the photos worse, but what the heck!

So I go to the web site, click on personals.  I am fascinated by the categories: strictly platonic, misc romance, casual encounters, missed connections, rants and raves.  I’ll have to check those out another time.  So I click on “men seeking women.”  There’s a legal disclaimer, the adult content warning and the safe sex warning etc. but I go ahead to the ads undaunted.

I scroll down… oh – people put their ages!  How interesting, since age doesn’t mean a lot,  but whatever.  and their location – fascinating!  I’m surprised by the number of guys in their 20s.  Then there are the abbreviations.  I dig deep into my past and translate SWM seeking FWB etc.

I scroll through the ads:

1)  Offers 

 Ticket offers – that’s a good angle – offer premium Red Sox seats or a sold-out concert!
 Dancing partner, riding partner, hiking partner, sailing or skiing partner
 Dinner and a movie
 Shoot pool, play darts, get a beer
 Kisses and Cash!

2) Wants 

a Spanish woman
an Asian woman
a sexy cougar
a smart busty woman
special submissive
or a polyamorous atheist nudist (oh my!)

3) Describers

Italian stallion
teddy bear
a professor!

I click on a few ads and find one with wording right out of a certain blog I used to read…dawg!  It is oddly compelling… ah, R.D. I miss you so!   Most of the text is fine.  Just a few lines that makes me want to write back.  MUST NOT WRITE BACK!

I am surprised by the photos.  They are LOVELY!  I heard horror stories of cock shots and ugly bodies, but there are some very handsome men in nice clothes!  Wow!  This is fun!  I want to meet.. NO NO NO.

Then I see an acronym I don’t know.  BBW.  What is that?  The ad says “any woman EXCEPT BBWs.”  Can I google that?  Oh yes… there’s even a wikipedia page!  It stands for “Big Beautiful Woman.”  Hunh.  There are those words – overweight, fat, chubby, obese…but some of the kinder ones: plus-sized, full-figured, voluptuous, Rubenesque and even my favorite – ZAFTIG!  That’s me!  And that’s the word that has sent not one but three completely literate blogger gentlemen running for Google define after I used it!  HA!

So this fellow who is, excuse me, desperate enough to advertise for a date, does not want to meet me.  Okay… he’s just one guy.  And if he doesn’t want to meet me, thank goodness he said so upfront.  BBWs seem to be the one thing men feel comfortable saying they don’t want.  Ugh.  Little does he know the amazing emails, chats, texts, phone calls, kisses, blow jobs and HOT SEX he is missing.  Not to mention a nice woman who might care for him as no other woman has.  Grrrr…..

I take a deep breath and start clicking on more ads.  But it is too late… all I see is slim, skinny, small, petite, little… I am not what men think they want.  I don’t want to disappoint them with a photo or in person.  They’d probably say they have a chubby wife – they deserve something better.  You know the saying, “You settle in your marriage… don’t settle in your EMR*!”  I understand that.  I can’t ask them to look beyond my curvy shape, even though I know I could charm them and satisfy them.  And men who know me tell me to stop worrying about my looks.

Now I remember why I am not on any of the dating sites.  Thank goodness Phil likes this BBW!  I will go back to heating up old flames!  HA!

Best of luck to you Craigslist Dudes!

*Extra-marital relations

Project night

Saturday, April 30
8:11 am Good morning!  54 gray.  Gearing up for a big project event tonight.   Company coming from CT.  Have a fun day!
5:59 pm Off to the event!  Whee!  Hope you’re having a great day!
12:25 am went well – huge crowd, ran smoothly.  Made money!  Sweet dreams, kid.

Sex Is Not The Enemy

From: Sassy Girl
Subject: Other photos
Date: April 29, 2011 10:31:38 PM EDT
To: Phil
Hiya, Philip,
No story or photos from me tonight, but I recommend a web site to you.  
(This is to be opened only when you’re alone.)
(that reads “sex is not the enemy”)
1) It makes me SMILE every time I go there.  It’s about FUN.  Both of which I like to help you do more of.  🙂
2) It’s quick to look at.  They post a pretty photo or a short text every few days, to show nudity and sex is fun.  
3) Diversity
It gives you a chance to see people of all kinds being proud of their bodies – male, female, thin, chubby, white, black, Asian and who knows, straight, gay, lesbians, bi, alone, couples, multiples, young, old, with toys…
4) Ideas 
Ideas.  Positions.  Toys. It’s where I got the “equipment” photo.  
5) Your body is okay, my body is okay
It helped me understand that my body can be sexy even if I don’t look I did when I was 14.  Because all sorts of body types are celebrated.  
6) Sex is okay
For those of us who were raised without much info about sex, taught that our bodies should be hidden, sex is somehow dirty, urges should be suppressed, and that people who are different are bad, it’s refreshing to see such joy!
So take a look and smile.  🙂  And go back every now and then to smile more.  
And if you see something you’d like to try, let me know.  I can help with that.  🙂

F Day

Friday, April 29, 2011
7:09 am Good morning!  Lovely sun, 58 already!  Have a stupendous Saturday!
7:23 am Phil: Ummmm, It’s Friday girl.  That means if you aren’t prepping for work, you should be!
7:28 am Oops!  Good thing one of us knows what day it is!  I have the day off, and am off to see my Mom at a big church rummage sale, so it feels like Saturday!
7:29 am so a French kiss Friday to you!  🙂
7:30 am or maybe even a fellatio Friday… mmmm
5:40 pm Hope your weekend is starting well.  We ran errands – saw mom at rummage sale, got bathroom clock for $1.  Mom gave us dad’s recliner, so we hauled that home.  Bank, gas, Italian sub for lunch.  Whee!
5:46 pm Phil: Having a beer at the club so starting off ok!
5:47 pm Yay!
11:24 pm Quiet evening.  More thai soup and DC memories.  Mmmm..  Sleep well, sweet man.

Sassy Answers: Unique Blog Posts

Dear Readers!

It’s time to dip into my email inbox and pull out a question to answer!  So sit back, relax and read another scintillating post in the series of “Sassy Answers!”

Q.  What blog posts stick in your mind as “different and special?”

A.  Oooh… I am so glad you asked this question!

I read so many amazing posts!  Every now and then, I run across a unique post and I want to share it!  But I can’t share them with most people.  It’s tricky, being that the subject matter is SEX!  But I know you want to read about that… right?

Here are yummy and different stories I’ve found:

Wrong Number, Right Man
from Kat of Prowling with Kat- 3 parts

Voyeur ISO
from Max of Thoughts of a Mystic Satyr – 3 parts

The Masterpiece
from Naughty Kitty of My Secret Life – 2 parts

I’ll Pay the $10 Fine
from Luna Moon at Confessions of an Adulteress

The Office Visit
from W at Internal Pathways to Contention

Sunday Sacrilege – I’m not the only one
from Advizor54 at Free Advice is worth what you pay for it

A Very Personal Protest
from Dick at

I can’t send you to read the best posts ever, from the annals of the fabulous Riff Dog, so I will send you to this insightful ode:

The Day the Music Died
from Ryan at The Ashley Madison Adventures of a Regular Guy Gone Bad

Finally, the hottest post I’ve ever read.  It has eight parts that you have to dig for, but here is the start:

Friendship: The Ins and Outs: Part I & II
from bhp at Both Hands Please

If you have a favorite, either from your blog or someone else’s, give me a pointer!  I am always looking for another sexy blog to read!

Long hard strokes

Thursday, April 28, 2011
7:53 am Good morning!  64!  Hope your day’s off to a good start!
7:56 am Phil: Got home at 1:00.  Up and at it this morning!  Feeling fabulous!  Voice is 85%.  Life is Good today!
8:04 pm You sound great!  Yay!  I’m off to MGH to meet radiation oncologist doc about phase 3 of treament.  Then chemo #7 of 8.  Free ice cream!
8:05 am Phil: I’d say enjoy but nothing but the ice cream sounds like any fun
8:09 am  They actually make it a nice day.  Very nice people, beautiful new place, free food, glad to finally get info on last phase, good to talk w/ sis and another pal who will sit with me.
8:12 am and I get free time to think of um… new story ideas. 🙂
8:19 am Phil: LOL, think away!
12:21 am Hope your morning’s been great!  Good chats w/docs.  At lunch w/ sis and pal. Caesar salad & reuben.  Yum.
7:31 pm Home from chemo.  Uneventful.  Yay!  Hope you had a good day and throat didn’t bug you too much.
8:40 pm Amazing photos of the airport event!  My dad and I would’ve gone to an event like that.  Fun to see you marching!
9:33 pm Phil: Was a blast!  So patriotic!  I’ll do more this year, awesome!
 9:58 pm  You get to have such fun!  Feeling ok?
9:59 pm  I’m considering going to bed early, get up to see Royal Wedding coverage
10:00 pm Phil: Well enjoy!
10:01 pm unless you want me to stay up?
10:05 pm Phil: Watching NFL draft!  Football baby!
10:06 pm Could I distract you?
10:10 pm Phil: I can always be distracted. Working out in my sports room, watching the draft. 
10:11 pm Photo?
10:17 pm Phil: [photo of him in a sweat shirt]
10:21 pm did you get your hairs cut?  Looks great!
10:23 pm Phil: Yup, but just sweating
10:25 pm I noticed it in an office photo earlier.  Made me itch to run my fingers thru it and kiss you…:)
10:26 pm Phil: What’s that blocking the screen?  [photo of his TV with his cock in front]

10:31 pm Ha ha!  My after-dinner snack?
10:33 pm Phil:  Of course!
10:37 pm I want to touch you, wrap my fingers around you….
10:38 pm Phil: Love hand jobs, amazing intense orgasm
10:46 pm Phil: Just lay back and enjoy while my balls are massaged, licked sucked, ass is licked, finger fucked, while my cock is being stroked.  Bring me to the point and back off, over and over until finally over the edge cumming like a fountain
10:57 pm I can help with that… use my hands, my mouth, my words, some photos
10:58 pm would some wide open slit shots help?
10:58 pm Phil: oh yea!
11:00 pm Hot, wet and open for you [photo of my slit open]
11:01 pm Phil: Ummmmm [photo of his erect cock in his hand]

11:04 pm Phil: Nice!  Love to shoot all over that!
11:06 pm What you do to me… I’ve never seen this before.  You are helping me see new parts!  [Photo of open slit with clit]
11:07 pm Love to bring you to the point where you can!
11:10 pm Phil: Look at those pretty wet lips!  Beautiful pink, wet pussy!
11:17 pm Thank you!  Glad you think so
11:22 pm Maybe you can put something in there?  A finger?  A tongue?  Or your hot hard cock?
11:28 pm Phil: Hard cock sounds wonderful
11:29 pm Mmmmm, that makes me squirm and woogle inside
11:29 pm Rub me
11:30 pm tease me
11:30 pm then pound it, please kid
11:32 pm Phil: I know you like it hard and deep
11:33 pm I do the way you do it… so strong, so long, so good.  Oh man…
11:34 pm Phil: Long hard strokes, pounding that pussy
11:37 pm I am meeting those thrusts, bouncing up… twisting… mmmm
11:39 pm Phil: Slam those hips up, take my cock deep.  Damn that pussy is tight!  Milk me dry every time.
11:44 pm Wish we were outside on my balcony… It’s 63 degrees, lots of stars to fuck me under
11:45 pm Phil: I’d love to fuck you out there.  Love outdoor sex.
11:46 pm Phil: Being summoned.  Must be time.  Grrrr… Goodnight. 🙁
11:46 pm throw sofa cushions and pillows out there for a little love nest
11:46 pm sleep well, kid
11:47 pm Phil: Sounds like hot fun!
11:49 pm Read 1990 bar story?  It has a long description of my balcony plan
11:50 pm Phil: I’ll look
11:51 pm First thing we do when we get to my place in the story…
11:51 pm Phil: Cool.  Off I go.  Night Sass!
[28 texts today!]

Gumbo & Etouffee

Wednesday, April 27, 2011
8:07 am Good morning!  Fog again, 50.  Hope your throat feels better and you have a wonderful Wednesday!
8:11 am Phil: Still have a ton of drainage which impacts the throat but it’s draining which is a good thing.  Wet and mild here.  Hope you have a fabulous day!
8:37 am Powder
1:13 pm Lunch out at Border’s w/ project peeps!  Gumbo! Etouffee!  Gorgeous weather!  Hope you’re feeling better…

1:59 pm Phil: 2 of my favorites!  Enjoy!
8:23 pm Waiting @ pharmacy for Hubby’s pills.  Bored.  Reading last night’s texts again.  Mmmmm.  Nothing like being hot and bothered at Rite-aid 🙂
11:21 pm Lovely evening, still 63.  Sitting on the balcony enjoying the air.  Sweet dreams, kid.
1:45 am Phil: Nite.  Been at the airport greeting World Ware 2 vets with about 3000 patriots from out in town, bag pipes, flags, what a night!

Bald chat

Tuesday, April 26, 2011 continued….

8:31 pm Puzzling… am I brave enough to send photos w/ my bald head?  Why mess up fantasies for no good reason?  But tough to take photo w/o
Any wisdom?
10:25 pm Phil: Why not?  Show me.
10:27 pm Not sexy…
10:28 pm Phil: 🙂
10:30 pm I know it’s silly to be freaked about it…
10:32 pm Phil: Not silly at all.  Nothing is good if you are uncomfortable about it.
10:38 am I’m not… hard to say why it seems such a… thing.  I trust you.
10:44 pm not my idea of enticing but maybe you’d like the fierce Vulcan warrior look?
10:44 pm If it also has tits in the shot?  🙂
10:45 pm Phil: Maybe
10:49 pm Don’t want any pity.  Or to weird you out.  Tough thing to “unsee.”
10:49 pm Phil: Sounds like fun
10:55 pm I’ll take some and see if I can send… If they’re making you limp, be honest and I’ll go back to neck-down
10:58 pm but you’ll be part of a very exclusive group… very few people have seen.
11:00 pm Phil: I’ll be honest
11:15 pm Three stooges, take 1 [photo of me naked from the waist up (including bald head)]

11:16 pm Take 2 [photo of me naked from the waist up, head turned]

11:28 pm Phil: Same girl!  I like it.  Still made my cock jump to attention.  I can still fuck you. 
11: 32 pm Phew.  I’ll try not to think of it then.  If it’s in the shot, whatever.  Want me to do something about that cock?  🙂
11:39 pm Phil: I’d love to be sucked.
11:42 pm A different view [photo of my naked slit]
11:42 pm Cum get it [photo of his cock with tummy and face beyond]
11:43 pm Phil: Nice, spread that pussy for me
11:44 pm Phil: Swallow it [photo of his cock]
11:45 pm Phil: I like that bald pussy
11:45 pm Phil: Laying on the couch watching the Blackhawks
11:53 pm Phil: Where did you go?
11:55 pm Sorry. Tried to get an ass shot.
11:55 pm Will lick that lollipop now.  🙂
11:56 pm Phil: Drop your head off the bed, let me fuck that hot mouth
11:57 pm suck it deep into my throat
11:59 pm Oh man that feels so good
11:59 pm Phil: Stick your finger right here while you suck me
12:00 am Phil: Damn yeah, I’ll reach over and slip a few fingers into your pussy
12:00 am gonna put my finger right there
12:01 am tease around the rim, then dip inside
12:01 am Phil: Um, I like that
12:02 am you like it in and out, or way in and wiggle?
12:03 am Oooh, you are so good w/ your fingers!
12:04 am Phil: Don’t know?  Have to see
12:05 am Experimenting is fun
12:05 am Phil: Fucking that wet pussy with my fingers, rubbing your clit, my cock down your throat.  Um suck it Sass
12:05 am Phil: oh course
12:06 am Phil: Let me come around and fuck that tight pussy for a bit.  Long. Hard strokes, balls slapping your ass.
12:07 am oh yeah
12:08 am so so good
12:08 am Phil: Gonna get you to cum on my cock and then make you lick that cum off.
12:08 am oh my
12:08 am yum
12:08 am then kiss you
12:09 am let you taste it
12:09 am Phil: Maybe have you kneel in front of me, grab my ass and pull me into your mouth.  Oh yeah, love to taste you on your tongue
12:09 am while I ride your cock
12:09 am Phil: very hot
12:10 am you are full of good ideas and sweet cum!
12:11 am Phil: Lick that juice up [photo of his cock with cum flowing]
12:12 am Phil: Pounding that pussy
12:12 am Meeting those thrusts
12:13 am Screaming in pleasure
12:13 am writhing
12:13 Phil: Cum on, ride it, fuck me
12:14 am Phil: Cum on my cock
12:14 am Fuck you so rough
12:15 am Phil: oh yeah, take it all, gonna pump all that hot cum inside you
12:15 am Fill me right up!
12:16 am til both our juices come pouring out!
12:16 am Phil: Take it, oh yeah, mmmm…
12:16 am Phil: Love to watch that cum drip out
12:17 am Tight, hot, clenching…
12:17 am trying to make you let it all out…
12:17 am Phil: oh yeah girl, cum
12:18 am Squeezing that cock…
12:18 am Phil: 5 or 6 hard shots, cum every where
12:18 am I am so hot, super wet
12:19 am Oh… that’s awesome
12:19 am Phil: Awesome, hope that pussy juice is running down your ass, lips all swollen
12:19 am could use it on my skin…
12:20 am hot white cum
12:20 am makes me glow
12:20 am Phil: needed to cum, would love to shoot it on your face and tits
12:21 am I need a towel on my chair again….
12:21 am oh yeah
12:21 am Phil: Spray your ass and spread your cheeks, shoot right on that tight ass hole
12:21 am mmmm
12:21 am my brain explodes when I read that
12:22 am Phil: Rub it in, ass is all lubed and wet, cock slips in easily
12:22 am makes me breath heavier, close my eyes and drip
12:22 am oh!
12:22 am Phil: Would love to fuck that tight hole
12:23 pm Pull me on that slippery cock
12:23 am Feel your way past those muscles
12:24 am Phil: Oh yea, slowly, easing in, tight ass, so hot
12:25 am Phil: Inch by inch filling your ass
12:25 am Put a finger around front – tease that clit, torture me
12:26 am Phil: Oh yea, rubbing that swollen clit, making you twitch
12:26 am Phil: Now starting to fuck that ass
12:26 am Oh we are going to burn up testing out how this works
12:26 am Phil: Rubbing your clit
12:27 am I may thrash
12:27 am can’t stay still when you touch me there
12:27 am Phil:  Not gonna last long in this tight hole
12:27 am skin there is so smooth now
12:28 am Phil: Show me that clit.  Spread your pussy and show me that hard clit.
12:28 am Phil: oh yeah
12:28 am so sensitive – can feel everything 10x more
12:29 am Phil: that’s awesome, probably cum over and over again
12:29 am with you touching me, oh yeah
12:30 am Phil: Gonna cum deep in your ass, hot cum shooting inside you
12:30 am bounce right back against that cock in my ass
12:30 am Phil: damn
12:30 am Phil: Tell me to fuck your ass
12:30 am take it deeper, milk it
12:31 am Phil: Oh yeah, squeeze it, take that cum
12:32 am Press down, see what those muscles can do
12:34 Gently go wild fuck fuck fuck my ass til you can’t hold back
12:35 am Phil: oh yeah, damn cumming Again.  Oh yea, fucking that sweet ass, damn
12:35 am Maybe I’ll suck your finger a bit.  Make some great slurping
12:35 am Phil: Damn that felt good
12:35 am Bite it a little
12:36 am Ummm
12:36 am Let you feel my tongue, my teeth, my lips
12:37 am Phil: I like that.
12:37 am Damn my mind races
12:38 am Does things to my body…
12:38 am Phil: I have to go to bed girl.  Spent, room smells like cum
12:38 am make me wet, twisting
12:39 am sure.  Mmmmm
12:39 am so good, so hot
12:39 am thanks
12:39 am sleep well Philip
12:39 am Phil: LOL
12:40 am Phil: You too Sass
12:40 am What made you LOL?
12:41 am night kid
12:41 am Phil: wet twisting, I’m glad
12:41 am Heh
12:41 am all revved up…
12:42 pm in 4th gear w/ the brake on!
12:42 am burning…
12:42 am go to bed!
12:43 am think of tits and ass and clit!
12:45 am I’m off to figure out how to take a clit shot!  🙂
12:46 am Phil: Ha ha, good luck, got to get it all hot again
[79 texts from him today!]