NHMan pops up

Friday, April 11, 2014

NHMan: Dried off yet? 4:30 PM

Me: Ha ha. I was fine til I saw your name. How you doing hot stuff? 4:42 PM
NHMan: I’m out with the grandkids. All the little ones are sleeping over tonight. 4:44 PM
NHMan: I’m sitting in a waiting area with all women who are talking about their lactation problems. If they only knew how much all the nipple talk was piquing my interest they would surely stop…. 4:53 PM
Me: You do get into the most interesting spots! 4:57 PM
NHMan: Spots are fun 5:00 PM

Monday musing

Monday, March 31, 2014 
Me: Good morning hot stuff! How was your conference weekend? 7:46 AM
NH Man: Good morning. The conference was very good. First of many more. We had class all day Sat and Sunday toured properties for sale. One is on the same street where I lived as a teenager so kinda interesting. 7:49 AM
NH Man: Long weekend though. I’m at work and kinda burned out 7:50 AM
Me: Nifty! Looking at places is the best part! 8:00 AM
Me: I hear ya. Not much longer til you retire! 8:01 AM


Friday, March 28, 2014
Me: Good morning hot stuff! Here’s to a fantastic Friday! 7:48 AM
NH Man: I love Fridays. Did you go back to work today or still protesting the new leadership ? I am going to a training seminar all weekend in Boston. Going with daughter so would not be able to meet up. 9:06 AM
Me: Back at work. Have fun down here. 9:16 AM
NH Man: We are going to a real estate training conference. Probably won’t be that much fun but hopefully it will be interesting.  9:24 AM
Me: Nifty! I’ve thought a lot about working in real estate – enjoyed buying and selling for my family. 11:20 AM

Break from the boss

Wednesday, March 26, 2014
Me: Good morning! No snow! 8:25 AM
NH Man: Hippy. I’m in the office today doing web based training. My truck is sick in the shop. How’s the new boss. Have her all trained yet? 8:27 AM
Me: I’m staying home today. Need a break from new boss! 8:31 AM
NH Man: Already huh. 8:31 AM

Avoid the snow

Tuesday, March 25, 2014 
Me: Good morning hot stuff! 7:25 AM
NH Man: Good morning. It’s early for you 7:26 AM
NH Man: Good news. It was up to 15deg when I went to work this morning. 7:29 AM
Me: Brrr. 22 here. Hope you avoid the snow. 7:32 AM
NH Man: Hoping it stays down the cape. I need the warm sun. 7:36 AM
Me: I hear ya. 7:39 AM

Kiss the right one

Monday, March 24, 2014
Me: Good morning hot stuff! 7:52 AM
NH Man: Good morning to you too. Good weekend? 7:53 AM
Me: Yes -quiet. You? 7:53 AM
NH Man: Painted bathroom. 7:54 AM
Me: Wow! I’m hopping into the shower – wish you were here to wash my back! 7:56 AM
NH Man: I could exfoliate your back with my fingernails but I might touch that special spot and who knows what could happen 7:59 AM
Me: Mmmmm…I have an inkling and I like it! 8:20 AM
NH Man: If you are still naked kiss the right one for me 8:22 AM
Me: Done! Mmm… makes me want you. You’re better at it! 8:27 AM
NH Man: I try my best 8:27 AM
Me: You are awesome! 8:38 AM
NH Man: 😉 8:39 AM

Favorite day

Friday, March 21, 2014 
Me: TGIF! Good morning hot stuff! 8:22 AM
NH Man: Friday is my favorite day. How are you. Just finished my conference call. Busy day today with home projects. 9:55 AM
Me: Doing great! I have a new boss, showing her how to do payroll. Whee! Have a grand time at home! 9:56 AM
NH Man: Is this that woman that they brought in for a short time? 9:57 AM
Me: Yup. Sucks. 9:58 AM
NH Man: Well maybe she will go away once her agenda is complete 9:59 AM

A long kiss

Wednesday, March 19, 2014
Me: Good morning hot stuff! 8:06 AM
NH Man: Good morning 2 you 9:57 AM
Me: How goes? 9:58 AM
NH Man: Ok. In the office today. Would rather be out on the road 9:58 AM
Me: Could you go to the beach tomorrow? 10:10 AM
NH Man: I have to babysit. Daughter tore ACL skiing and has to go to PT 11:05 AM
Me: Ah right. I remember you saying. Bummer! 11:08 AM
NH Man: Maybe next week 11:09 AM
Me: Hugs! With a long kiss. 🙂 11:19 AM
NH Man: Yum 11:22 AM

No green

Monday, March 17, 2014
Me: Good morning hot stuff! Happy St Patrick’s Day!  8:24 AM
NH Man: GM. How are you? 8:34 AM
Me: Hanging in. Busy day for you? 10:29 AM
NH Man: No. On the road today 10:32 AM
Me: You wearing green?  10:35 AM
NH Man: Nope.  Not my color.  You?  10:38 AM 
Me: Nope.  Not my color either.  Don’t own any.  10:46 AM