Schnitzel gal

December 28, 2016 Wednesday

8:57AM Sassy
BRITISH ROYAL ENGAGEMENTS FOR 2016 – a detailed analysis complied annually by Tim O’Donovan and published in The Times.


8:59AM Phil
Good morning!  
Hope you are having an enjoyable vacation! 
Having a good time at the beach!
9:00AM Sassy
Good morning to you!  I’m enjoying a great mix of relaxing, being with family and adventures out and about.
We’re going to a German restaurant and deli today!
Karl’s Sausage Kitchen in Peabody – This gal is getting some schnitzel!
10:34AM Phil
Oh cool! Wings with one pal and then beers with another for me
10:41PM Sassy
Yay!  Great you can see your pals.
11:43AM Phil
Having fun

1:16PM Sassy
Lucious German lunch at Karl’s Sausage Kitchen in Peabody
 A view into the kitchen
Dry Blackberry Grownup Soda
Pretzel and cheese
Hungarian mushroom soup
Split pea ham soup
Weiner schnitzel with spaeztel and potato pancakes
Sausages and spaeztel
Hubby’s schnitzel BLT

Unusual positions

September 18, 2016 Sunday

7:24AM Sassy
Ooh… Halloween wreaths!

11:07AM Sassy
Ah… I adore a cappella!

Pentatonix & Dolly Parton – Jolene


1:39PM Sassy
Delicious sushi lunch at Genki Ya in Fresh Pond Cambridge – saying farewell to a friend moving to the midwest

 Eel and egg nigiri sushi

Soft-shell crab tempura

10:03PM Sassy
[Hubby’s dad’s obituary]

10:37PM Phil
You doing ok?
10:39PM Sassy
Yes, oddly so.  Life rolls on.  You?
10:39PM Phil
Good, glad to hear. 
Doing good, watching the Emmys
10:40PM Sassy
I watch so little TV these days, couldn’t really get into it.  
Fun to see Maggie Smith win!
10:40PM Phil
I still watch a lot of different shows
10:41PM Sassy
What are your current favorites? 
Have you seen any of the winning ones?
10:41PM Phil
Blue bloods, NCIS, Chicago PD and Fire
Like your new couch?
Looks like you could have some fun on there
10:43PM Sassy
It is very comfortable but I don’t sit over there much… it’s Hubby’s domain.
10:43PM Phil
10:43PM Sassy
I would like to try it out with someone else!
10:43PM Phil
Those recliners could be fun
10:44PM Sassy
You heading off again soon?
10:44PM Phil
Not for awhile
10:49PM Phil
Lot of very nice breasts on this show
10:49PM Sassy
10:50PM Phil
Just saying
Tea plat lols very young and trim
10:51 PM Sassy
Been good having the Yankees in town this weekend.
10:52PM Phil
That’s always a fun series
10:52PM Sassy
Been good games.  A co-worker was there Thursday night, said it was one of the best games she’s ever seen.
10:53PM Phil
Always is.
10:55PM Phil
Got any good links that would umm motivate me?
10:57PM Sassy
Hmmm. let me look
10:57 PM Phil
[photo of his erect cock and legs]
Need help with this
10:57PM Sassy
Wow!  That’s motivating!
10:58PM Phil
Mmm, was just looking at your tits
10:59PM Sassy
Company of The Courtesan
 “Tigre75isback ”

11:01PM Phil
Umm I like that
11:02PM Sassy
Unusual position…
11:02PM Phil
I like it, got his tongue in that hot ass and pussy
11:04PM Sassy
The way her head tilts back… looks happy.
11:04PM Phil
Oh yeah, both happy
11:04PM Sassy
Me Chupa Gostoso — uowwww
Here’s a fun little suck
11:05PM Phil
Mmm, rather watch you suck
11:05PM Sassy
I would be glad to…
You know I know how!
11:07PM Phil
Oh yeah
11:08PM Sassy

11:08PM Sassy
Found a new version of this position… it moves!  Yum…
11:08PM Phil
Oh fuck I remember that position
That started the pre cum flowing
11:09PM Sassy
Five years ago this week.  : )
11:09PM Phil
I loved fucking your hot mouth
11:10PM Sassy
I adored tasting you that way
11:11PM Phil
Was so hot!
[photo of his cock in his hand with a big drop of pre-cum at the tip]
Loved seeing you naked, tasting your pussy, sliding my cock inside you, feeling your pussy clench as you came and then filling you with my cum
Loved your tight wet pussy
Glad I got to taste it at the airport
Licked my fingers clean
11:17PM Sassy
One of our magic moments.
11:17PM Phil
Loved how wet you were
11:17PM Sassy
Felt radical then but seems much more “part of the repertoire” now
11:18PM Phil
Wish we had coordinated better. 
Would much rather have rolling around naked on your bed
11:19PM Sassy
I am ready for that any time!
11:20PM Phil
Would you have fucked me?
Sucked me?
I’m guessing yes.
11:21PM Sassy
Maybe so.
You touch me and… boom
11:22PM Phil
Well ok, maybe just coffee
11:23PM Sassy
I would like to be alone with you… and a bed.
11:23PM Phil
I would have liked to take advantage of the opportunity. 
Did not take me long to get your nipple in my mouth
With plenty of time
To slide my cock between your tits,
To make you cum with my tongue
To feel your hands, tongue and mouth all over my body
To play with your toys
To kiss you deeply over and over
11:26PM Sassy
Whatever you want… I’m the gal
11:28PM Phil
Ummm, I’d like to do everything we can think of
11:28PM Sassy
I can think of a lot!
11:29PM Phil
I’d do it all
11:29PM Sassy
Keep me in mind… I can travel.  ; )
And bring my toys.
11:30PM Phil
I always keep you in mind
And your toys. I can think of many uses for those
11:32PM Sassy
Awww… you make me melt

11:32PM Phil
I like to make you quiver
11:32PM Sassy
Easy… I don’t know what it is but your touch…mmmm
11:32PM Phil
[photo too dark to tell what it is]
11:33PM Sassy
Did you like those overalls?
11:34PM Phil
Love that. I did, reminded me of yours
11:34PM Sassy
I can feel your hands inside them on my ass
11:34PM Phil
Unbutton the sides and made it easy to slide my hands around your naked ass
11:35PM Sassy
Pulling me close to you

11:35PM Phil
Oh yeah, was so hot

11:35PM Sassy
Wedging me against your hard cock
11:36PM Phil
Sucking your tits smelling the powder you used. I’ll never forget
Wondered if you could feel it
11:36PM Sassy
I didn’t know much about men then, but I knew about that!
11:37PM Phil
And that first kiss
Gonna cum thinking about holding your ass
11:39PM Sassy
Mmm… wish I was there to swallow it
Wish I had known to do that back then…
11:39PM Phil
[another photo in the dark]
[Yet another photo in the dark]
11:39PM Sassy
Would’ve blown your mind.  
I feel so lucky you gave me those memories back… and helped make new ones!
11:42PM Phil
That’s an understatement 
11:42PM Sassy
There’s still room for many more.
11:43PM Phil
I never forgot that kiss by the fire. 
Never experienced anything like it until I found you again
That there is!
11:45PM Phil
Bed time pretty lady. Sweet dreams Sass
11:46PM Sassy
Sweet sexy dreams kid
11:46PM Phil

[Kissing emoji]

Double Dare

May 16, 2016 Monday

7:50AM Sassy
Good morning kid!

11:11AM Phil
Good morning!  
Cleaning my garage, music blasting, I love this!

I’m rolling out to a “retreat” for work across the river. 
I’ll be off the grid but still thinking of you!

Spring flowers!

8:41PM Phil
: )
8:42PM Sassy
I survived!
8:46PM Phil
I’m glad
8:47PM Sassy
You enjoying the quiet?
8:48PM Phil
[photo of his lower half naked reclining]
Out on the porch
8:48 PM Sassy
Oh my! You naughty man!
8:49PM Phil
So I’ve been told
8:49PM Sassy
If you’d rather have some quiet, I don’t have to pester you.
8:50PM Phil
[photo of a snifter filled with scotch in his hand and his naked lower body]
8:51PM Phil
You could show me your tits 
: P
8:51PM Sassy
[photo of me lying on my side in bed with a lot of cleavage showing]
8:52PM Phil
You could never pester me, just encourage me to use this lotion
[photo of his hard cock from above]
8:53PM Phil
8:54PM Sassy
8:55 Phil
I’ve been in that bed 
With my cock in your mouth mmmm
8:57PM Phil
And pumping that sweet pussy
8:58PM Sassy
Those memories keep me warm many a cold New England night
8:58PM Phil
Those memories lead to explosive orgasms
Loved shooting inside you
Licking pre cum off my fingers
It’s sweet, like desert

Not as sweet as your juices the other day at the airport
9:03PM Sassy
oh man…
9:04PM Phil
Goes nice with scotch
Mmm big drops
9:06PM Phil
Just out of the shower, nice and clean
9:06PM Sassy
9:06PM Phil
Running slick fingers over my balls and ass
Wishing it was your tongue
9:09PM Sassy
Me too.  Tasting teasing
9:10PM Phil
Mmmmm, feels good
9:12PM Sassy
Licking…long slow strokes
Up…down and around
9:13PM Phil
Run your tongue every where
9:14PM Sassy
Oh yes…press you around my lips, across my cheek
9:14PM Phil
Oh yeah
9:15PM Sassy
Then…breathe on you
9:15PM Phil
Umm oh yes
Hot breath feels so good
9:16PM Sassy
Look up into your eyes
9:16PM Phil
Oops, finger slipped into my ass
9:17PM Sassy
Then suck you down my throat in one gulp!
9:17PM Phil
Oh yeah, swallow my cock
9:17PM Sassy
Bob up and down.  In and out…slurp…slurp…
9:18PM Phil
Let’s lay sideways, let me suck on your clit
Slip my tongue inside you
Feel you quiver
My tongue where my fingers were
9:20PM Sassy
Yes yes yes
9:21PM Phil
You like that
I like to think your pussy is as wet as my cock is hard
9:22PM Sassy
You know it.
And tingling…
9:23PM Phil
Run one of your toys over my balls and ass
9:23PM Sassy
I was feeling worn ou when I got home… bleh… 
I talk to you and suddenly I am very alive!

9:23PM Phil
I want to see
[photo of his hard cock in his hand]
9:28PM Phil
Buzz away baby
9:31PM Phil
So hot thinking of that toy in your pussy
9:31PM Sassy
I’ll pull it out tomorrow
9:31PM Phil
Can’t wait
9:31PM Sassy
and press it in
9:32PM Phil
Oh yeah
Love to watch
9:34PM Sassy
Here’s what made me cum on Sunday… 
Double Dare: Questions and Acts that are geared for a woman in a healthy trusting relationship. 
9:34PM Phil
Like to slip my tongue in your ass while you play
9:36PM Sassy
I’d like that
9:37PM Phil
Me too
9:37PM Sassy
Though it might be tough to concentrate with your tongue working it’s magic
9:38PM Phil
I’ve wanted to shove my tongue in your ass since your room and I was looking right at your ass while I was fucking you. Spread your ass apart so I could see
That sight is hot, have your man expose your tits in public, check
Didn’t want to startle you by tongue fucking your ass
9:42PM Sassy
I don’t think you can startle me but you are welcome to try.
9:43PM Phil
Might have replaced my tongue with my cock 
9:44PM Sassy
That’s gonna take a lot of lube and patience…
I have a butt plug I’ve never tried… you might have to bless it
9:44PM Phil
Ooh, love to
9:47PM Phil
[photo of his cock with cum dripping down it]
9:54PM Phil
Mmmm, the butt plug did it 
: ) 
9:55PM Sassy
: ) 
So you can sleep now?
9:56PM Phil
Oh yeah 
9:57PM Phil
My laboratory for the day
[photo of his garage]
That’s a good looking garage
Sweet dreams
9:59PM Sassy
Wow!  Spiffy!
Sleep well dear man.
10:00 PM Phil
[graphic of Charlie Brown hugging Snoopy]

Take it deep

May 15, 2015 Sunday

1:25PM Phil

Happy Sunday! 
Wandering the big mall and stopped to grab a beer
1:28PM Phil
Just me and the poochies next week. My wife is going away. Will be some quiet relaxing evenings

7:55PM Phil
I was not a good boy in the airport stairwell or parking lot

7:56PM Sassy

Dinner at the Ninety-nine in Somerville
Baked stuffed shrimp, potato and LOBSTER TAIL!
Hubby’s smothered tips

7:57PM Sassy
I thought you were very good at the airport! 
9:08PM Phil
It was certainly good. 
Especially when you had my cock in your hand or your nipple was in my mouth at the airport! : ) 😛 
9:12PM Sassy
Oh yeah…memory of that moment makes me so hot!
9:36PM Phil
Mmmm,  loved how wet you were, sucked those juices right off my finger
9:37PM Sassy
You are such a good kisser… toucher… sucker…
9:37PM Phil
Ha, that’s nice of you to say
9:43PM Phil
I was hard as hell
Nice of you to give it a little rub
9:43PM Sassy
I wish I had about 2% more courage… I’ve dropped to my knees and swallowed.
9:44PM Phil
I wanted to be in your mouth badly
9:44PM Sassy
I wanted you
And I still do!
9:46PM Phil
I would have gladly replaced my finger with my cock and fucked your wet pussy right there
9:48PM Phil
Then we could have eaten dinner with your pussy full of a hot load of cum
9:48PM Phil 
Would have enjoyed tasting my cum on your tongue too
9:48PM Sassy
So wish we’d found a private bathroom!
9:49PM Phil
That would have Been hot!
I was very ready to cum
9:51PM Sassy
What would we have done?
9:52PM Phil
I would have had both your tits out, licking and sucking as my fingers explored your pussy and clit
Then drop to my knees and licked and sucked your clit till your legs went weak
9:55PM Sassy
Hot damn
9:56PM Phil
Then dropped my pants so you could stroke my cock.  Maybe you could suck it, take it deep in your mouth. Bring me to the point of cumming and stop. Then have you lean against the wall as I enter you from behind and bury my cock deep inside you in one thrust. Stay there for a moment before moving slowly
9:57PM Phil
Pick up the pace till I’m fucking your hot pussy hard and When I feel you start to cum, unload inside you cumming deep inside your clenching pussy
That was what I was thinking anyway
9:58PM Sassy
Fantastic thoughts!!
9:58PM Phil
Assuming of course that you would have been willing
9:59PM Sassy
I was thinking of your naked ass leaning against the sink… me sucking on you
then me leaning over the sink with you behind me, pounding me
9:59PM Phil
I like that scenario too
9:59PM Sassy
or me kinda sitting on the sink, with my leg around you, taking you deep inside
10:00PM Phil
You would have been dripping my cum all the way home
10:01PM Sassy
10:01PM Phil
Assuming you would have been willing to let me cum inside you
10:04PM Sassy
Yes please
10:04 PM Phil
Ahh, you had the Northerner cumming up
10:05PM Sassy
If you are the sun, he is the North Star…shines but in a totally different way. 
10:05PM Phil
I like watching your body tremble as I fill you with cum
10:05PM Sassy
there’s some light in the sky but… eh
10:06PM Phil
[photo of his hard cock from above]
10:07PM Sassy
Well well well… mmmm
10:07PM Phil
You like to feel it shoot inside you
10:09PM Phil
Perhaps this week we can get off together. It’s hot watching you with that toy
10:09PM Sassy
Moving in and out
Sounds like a good plan to me.  Hubby is away overnight Tuesday…
10:09PM Phil
Mmmmm, hard, deep and fast
10:09PM Sassy
You gonna live it up?  Have the guys over?
10:09PM Phil
That works
10:10PM Phil
No, I enjoy the peace and quiet
10:10PM Sassy
It is a treat
10:10PM Phil
I love watching you play
It is
10:10PM Sassy
I get really nervous but then put it aside and enjoy
10:11PM Phil
No need to be nervous with me
Just two lovers getting off together, very natural
Not like I have not explored every inch of you
10:13PM Sassy
How’s the new car?
10:13PM Phil
Love it!
I am off to bed. Break out your toys on Tuesday and let’s play
I am hoping this discussion has your pussy primed and ready
10:15PM Sassy
Maybe I can rev you up a little tomorrow evening, if you like
Enjoy the quiet. 
10:16PM Phil
Oh hell yeah
10:16PM Sassy
How did you get her to go alone?
10:16PM Phil
She is visiting a friend and I was supposed to be out of town
10:16PM Sassy
Sleep well dear man.
10:17PM Phil
You too!

Shed a Little Light

January 19, 2016 Tuesday
This looks like something you’d adore…
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Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast Bread Boat
8:33pm Phil
Wow, looks delicious!


Mmm…bacon.  How you doing hot stuff?

8:37pm Phil 

Good, winding down from the day

8:45pm Phil 

No, not bad
sipping a bourbon  

The harmony is so beautiful. And the message true.


The Maccabeats and Naturally 7 – Shed a Little Light – MLK Jr. Day – (James Taylor Cover)

9:24pm Phil 
What are you up to?

Vegging, playing

9:30pm Phil
What ya playing with?

Silver bullet and myself and thoughts of you

9:33pm Phil 

[photo – close-up shot of his cock from above]
Thank you!  
I was thinking of what I could do around there.

9:36pm Phil 
You playing?

9:37pm Phil 

I am, thinking about that silver bullet

I used the big one tonight…

9:38pm Phil 

[photo – close-up shot of his cock in his hand]

9:38pm Phil 

[photo – close-up of his hand with his cock peeking out]

9:39pm Phil 

Mmmmm, sounds fabulous


Oh man…I want to put my hand there

9:40pm Phil 
Feel free, stroke it
Mmm…then my tongue

9:40pm Phil 
I like your tongue

Licking up…and down. And around

9:41pm Phil 

Mmmm, dripping,


Why Bourbon?

Have to lick lower down too.

9:42pm Phil 
It’s what I have.  

Mmm, I like that


[photo of me full frontal naked just getting out of the shower]

9:44pm Phil 

I was just thinking about laying back on your bed as you licked and sucked me.

Mmmmm, thank you baby

Oh my… that was an amazing hour.

You were watching me suck…

9:46pm Phil 

Uh huh

And moaning so deep

9:46pm Phil 
Mmmm, I remember.

Hot hot hot.  Great appetizer before lobster.

Stroking my hard cock faster

You…mmm…so good

9:54pm Phil 

Rub that sweet pussy
You make me burn

9:55pm Phil 

I like it!

You need a big hot load of cum to cool that burn. Feel it shoot and coat your pussy.  

Mmm this feels good, hand sliding up and down squeezing, other hand cupping my balls fingers trailing underneath, mmmmmm


I’m buzzing my clit
10:02pm Phil
Balls, cock, ass covered in baby oil

…Oh yeah

Adore sliding that inside

10:03pm Phil 

Oh yeah, want to watch

In and out…

Keep it warm.

And wet.

Hold it tight

10:04pm Phil 

So hot
Your voice… your words… mmm… 

sweet sexy dreams kid

10:20pm Phil 
Sweet dreams 😉 <3

How sexy is your profile photo?
I got 110%.  Ha!

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Blinds, boobs and brownies

October 9, 2015 Friday



Good morning kid!

 Fantastic night at a project event!



Good morning!
At Dulles picking up my kid!



Yay! Hope you two have fun.

I remember Dulles… and a man leaning against a pillar reading his phone. 




Dinner at the Scarlet Oak Tavern in Hingham

 Clam chowder
 Free sourdough and corn bread
with the special Thai chicken soup
Jumbo crab cake with house made tartar sauce and slaw
Filet mignon with bearnaise, baked potato 
and creamed corn souffle
Apple spice cake with vanilla ice cream



The lake looks so pretty!



Warm, lovely evening


You chilling?



Cigar and wine 




 Wanna see a naughty photo?



Oh hell yeah!



Venetian blinds and boobs



Kinda arty but still sexy?



Very much so! Made me hard



He was standing behind me

Helping me undress 

near the window



I love it!




My mind screamed “TAKE A PHOTO!”



My dick would have been raging hard, in fact it is



I did notice a certain bulge in my ass crack…



It’s very sexy and tasteful shot 

I’m sure you did
that’s where I would have been too



I adore having help getting naked



I liked helping too



[photo of his cock and bush from above]



In the front yard



Oh my….


I like


You get me going 

In case you didn’t believe I enjoyed the photo


I like to take you all the way.

I always believe you.



I like that too



But seeing is very nice.



I’m a visual person

You showed me yours

And I like seeing yours

Very sexy lady

These look easy and yummy – “Better Than Sex Brownies”
(Ultimate Oreo Stuffed Cookie Bar Brownies)

Here’s the instruction video



Thank you kid.

Did you hear they found water on Mars?



Yup, pretty cool!



Mars says to Earth, “Come visit!”

Earth says, “um…you’re far away!”

Mars says, “I’m WET!”

Earth says, “Be right over!”



Who knows, stranger things have happened in our life time

I like when you say I’m wet

I’ll cum right over



Hee hee…I’m closer than Mars!



And you taste good



Oh yeahh?



Oh yes

Takes nothing to get your juices flowing 

you’ve got a sweet, tight pussy


You have the right tool



Was thinking about that at Dulles this morning

I have a long tongue

Perfect to flick your clit and slip deep inside






Love watching you cum 

As I was cumming deep inside you

You seemed to enjoy feeling it



It was fantastic. : )



Yeah babe it sure was



We had great fun



Oh yeah



Your hands on me

Your mouth on me



And yours on me




You in me



Thrusting, spreading your ass, spanking your ass 

Haven’t tasted that ass, yet 

Loving watching my cock slide in and out of you, I had a great view



Felt so alive!

My rock

Monday, June 30, 2014
Good morning kid!  Thanks for calling!  And for the tips for Kris.
You are my rock. 
Have a marvelous Monday!

10:55am Phil 

You too!
Amazing Italian lunch with my sister and one of her best pals from college @Toscano in Harvard Square

 Pasta e fagioli soup
 Caprese salad with local burrata, Beefsteak tomatoes and basil
 Rigatoni Toscano with 
double-smoked bacon and tomato cream sauce 
Tried another new restaurant with Hubby – Dumpling House.  Tasty – not as good as Mary Chung’s but they have dim sum every day!  
 Mini soup dumplings and a spring roll 
 Peking ravioli
Yu shiang pork

Older Ladies

Saturday, June 21, 2014
Happy Summer!  Happy Anniversary!  Hope you have a fun day!

Great lunch with Mom and Kris

Fried chicken with mashed potatoes, gravy and buttered corn 
at The Ninety Nine 

Here’s a fun song for a laugh!

Older Ladies 
by Donnalou Stevens
Well, I ain’t 16, not a beauty queen and 
My eyes are baggin’ and my skin is saggin’,
And if that’s the reason that you don’t love me,
Then maybe that’s not love.
Well I ain’t 20 either and I don’t care neither.
My hair is gray and I like it that way.
And if that’s the reason that you don’t love me,
Then maybe that’s not love.
If you don’t think I rock, well we ain’t gonna roll.
If you don’t think I hung the moon, my hot just turned to cold.
If you want a younger model, I wish you well, sweet pea.
‘cause if you can’t see what it is you have,
Then you ain’t having me.
I got cellulite and achin’ feet,
And my thighs kinda jiggle when I giggle or wiggle,
And if that’s the reason that you don’t love me,
Then maybe that’s not love.
My tummy ain’t tucked or liposucked.
It’s a little poochy, but I still Hoochy Koochy,
And if that’s the reason that you don’t love me,
Then maybe that’s not love.
See, I’m no longer desperate. I’ll only have a man,
If he has the smarts to see how hot that I still am.
If you want a younger model, I wish you well, sweet pea.
If you can’t see what it is you have,
Then you ain’t having me.
Older ladies, older ladies, older ladies… are DIVINE!
Well I gotta chicken neck and I love it, by heck,
It makes a double chin whenever I grin,
And if that’s the reason that you don’t love me,
Then maybe that’s not love.
I got saggy breasts that droop from my chest,
Pert near down all the way to my nest,
And if that’s the reason that you don’t love me,
Then maybe that’s not love.
If you don’t think I rock, well we ain’t gonna roll.
If you don’t think I hung the moon, my hot just turned to cold.
If you want a younger model, I wish you well, sweet pea.
’cause if you can’t see what it is you’ve got,
You ain’t getting me.
Older ladies, older ladies, older ladies… are DIVINE!
Older ladies, older ladies, older ladies…
what are we ladies? We’re DIVINE!

Truffle pie

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hiya kid!  Sorry I missed your call.  Thank you for thinking of me!  Hope your day is off to a good start.


The review went well because I distanced myself. Oh, I looked like I was paying attention, but I made up my mind this is stupid verbiage that will languish in a computer somewhere, doesn’t matter.  It gave me clues on how she thinks.  She is a hateful bitch but she didn’t put that in writing, just made nasty comments that I can’t show the union.  But I didn’t let it get to me.

My guy… let’s call him Kris (for Kris Kringle because he looks like a skinny Santa and I’ve been told I can NOT call him Santa) came over and we played with my toys.

Kris is having dinner with Hubby and I this evening.  That should be… interesting.  He is freaking out a little, as most people would but he is good at dealing with that and moving on to have fun.

7:15am Phil 
Wow! Good attitude! Glad you had a relaxing evening. Tonight sounds fun as well! Working which sucks but get to have dinner with Fred each nite which has been nice


Oh!  You are a lucky man!  Kris and Hubby keep running into each other as Kris is arriving or leaving, so I figured it’s time to do it in a more organized way, get all the nervousness out.  K asked why he should meet him and I said “Because you can. Another part of knowing me.”   We’ll see!
8:23am Phil 
Should be interesting. It’s is a little disconcerting. Did not stop me from fucking the hell out of you after I met him though

Delicious dinner at The Ninety Nine.  I had the bbq turkey tips again, with a special drink and dessert.

 Frozen raspberry lemonade
Chocolate raspberry truffle pie 

Dad’s lobster

Sunday, June 15, 2014
10:14pm Phil 
Gorgeous day! Hope yours was good!


See photos on my wall.  Went to the beach!  Ate lobster in honor of my dad. Yesterday was his birthday and he always wanted a lobster.

It was perfect.

 Buffalo shrimp at Lobsta Land, Gloucester
 Classic clam chowder
 Lobster carbonara 
 Lazy man’s lobster
 Marshall’s Farm Stand beautiful flowers
 The green houses 
 More flowers
 The walk through the dunes to Wingaersheek Beach
 Wingaersheek at low tide with the lighthouse in the distance
 Hubby and me! 
 The beach
 Another view at low tide
 Beautiful sand rills
 Climb those rocks

10:43pm Phil

: )