RI Day

May 25, 2016 Tuesday

German lunch at Redlefsen’s in Bristol RI… I’m a sucker for schnitzel and wurst! And chowder!  http://www.redlefsens.com/Lunch.html
Clam chowder with a buttery, smoked taste – they
 use a little bit of apple wood smoked bacon.

Weiner schnitzel with sauerkraut, Spätzle and red cabbage

Bratwurst and baemwurst with mustards, potato patties, and sauerkraut
3:02pm Sassy
Sweet Lorraine’s in Barrington RI – yummy chocolates and candy
5:19PM Sassy
RI beaches rock!  We’re at South Beach in Little Compton
 Waves on South Beach
 South Beach looking west
 Tuniper Pond
 Beach roses
 Beach roses
 Shadow us! 
 South Beach looking east 
 A striped rock in the sand
A shell in the sand
4:18PM Sassy
In RI thinking of you
4:21PM Phil
Wish I was there instead of stuck in traffic
4:31PM Sassy

It’s perfect here. 70s sun breeze deserted

Only need you holding my hand

And squeezing my ass

4:53PM Phil
That too

5:21PM Sassy

Grinnell’s Beach beauty

 The little island
Tiverton Harbor
5:56PM Sassy
The Boat House Restaurant overlooking Mount Hope Bay in Tiverton RI

6:28PM Sassy

 The raw bar sampler – shrimp cocktail, oysters, and clams 
Hubby’s salmon special with ramps and cous cous

 Baked stuffed lobster 
Vanilla creme believe and mixed berry sorbet

6:38PM Phil
Oh my!

Bradley Jr extends his streak! Hit in 29 games!! Tied for fourth longest in Red Sox history!

New phone

May 21, 2016 Saturday
8:33AM Sassy

Good morning! 
Typing on my new phone, a light and thin Nexus5x from Google Fi. I halved my bill!
9:37AM Sassy
Preakness Day!  Time for more horses!  Can Nyquist win again?! 
12:14PM Sassy
Good afternoon!

I’m outside with Mom on her veranda.  Her face is looking much better! 

12:33PM Phil
8:56PM Sassy

Fun stuff about Red Sox pitcher Joe Kelly coming back from the DL with an incredible 1 hit performance! But what is this about Cleveland walking Jackie Bradley Jr intentionally TWICE when he’s trying to extend a 25-game hitting streak? I guess I get it from a “he’s too dangerous to let hit” coaching decision… but it’s crappy. He got a hit later on anyway. GO JBJ!

Sunday Smiles

May 1, 2016 Sunday

9:05 AM Sassy
Good morning!  Quiet Sunday here.  Hope you have a good one! 

9:10 AM Sassy
Cuteness alert! Level 5! 

Princess Charlotte, daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

12:10 PM Sassy

The First Daughter chose Harvard! So we can look for her around Boston.


1:05 PM Sassy
I don’t think of the White House Correspondents Dinner as a red carpet fashion event, but wow… there were some beautiful outfits tonight! Check out the slideshow here. Helen Mirren rocking purple lace… Emma Watson being avant guarde…

2:12 PM Sassy
Aha! The reason behind Helen Mirren’s purple dress and temp tattoo. She is something. So classy.

6:31 PM Sassy

Pho ga and fresh limeade from Le’s – perfect for a cold rainy night!

6:31 PM Sassy
A monster homerun to left and the Red Sox beat the Yankees again and sweep the series and move into first place in the division! Woot!

5/1/16: Vazquez’s homer powers Sox to sweep of Yanks

The After Party

April 29, 2016 Friday continued 

If you haven’t read the post from earlier today about my meet with Philip, pop back here

10:40PM Sassy
Oh man… she has still got it. Hee hee! I miss the West Wing more every day!

C.J. Cregg Rides Again as Allison Janney Briefs the For-Real White House Press Corps

10:42PM Sassy
Big Papi does his thing! Whoo hoo! And the Sox beat the Yankees. : )

[facebook url=”https://www.facebook.com/RedSox/videos/10153512261511766/” /]

[photo of dark room with a fireplace blazing, with a hand holding a cigar and a snifter with half full]

11:56PM Sassy
Glad you made it home!
Sweet.  My brain is still addled
11:58PM Phil
Hope you enjoyed being groped in public, I did
12:02AM Sassy
That memory will keep me warm for a long while!
12:03AM Phil
May provide some thoughts for your bullet. 
I know my cock fit very nicely in your hand
12:05AM Phil
That was pretty cool
12:06AM Phil
You didn’t seem to mind my mouth on your nipple
12:06AM Sassy
I was about as far from minding as a gal can get
I’m trying to figure out how I could’ve sucked on your hard cock
12:07AM Phil
Nothing like have a big busted Boston babe grab your cock in public
12:07AM Sassy
12:08AM Phil
That would have been glorious
Too bad that wasn’t a handicapped bathroom.
12:09PM Sassy
Yeah…gotta scope that out
12:09AM Phil
You could have gotten pounded right there at the airport
12:10AM Phil
If you wanted
12:10AM Sassy
I was envisioning you leaning on the sink, trying not to collapse while I gave you a sassy blow job
12:11AM Phil
I was so ready. Nothing like watching women talk about which vibrator is better in a sex shop to put you in the mood
12:12AM Sassy
Get us alone someday, okay?
12:12AM Phil
I would have come to your place but you didn’t ask
12:13AM Sassy
There wasn’t time by the time you got in touch…
12:13AM Phil
My cock was hard and dripping
12:13AM Sassy
But I’ll be more clear in future
I want you
Here or there or in between
12:13AM Phil
I was hinting
12:14AM Sassy
Uh.oh…I missed it
12:15AM Phil
Should have just said, I’ll meet you at your place and stripped walking in the door
12:15AM Sassy
12:16AM Phil
Ha! Well we got to grope a bit. It was fun and hot but now I need to jerk off instead of cumming in you
12:17AM Sassy
Let’s find a way…please keep an eye out 
12:17AM Phil
12:17AM Sassy
Yes, was great to see you…feel you…
12:17AM Phil
That’s if you wanted my cum in you
12:17AM Sassy
Made me want more!
In me, on me…hee!
12:18AM Phil
[photo of his hard cock from above]
12:19AM Sassy

12:19AM Phil
All of the above
12:19AM Sassy
Never doubt…I want you.
12:20AM Phil
In your mouth, in your pussy, in your ass, on your tits
Just saying
12:21AM Sassy
Man…wanna lick that lollipop
12:21AM Phil
No doubt people noticed I had you tits in my hand and you were rubbing my cock in a very public place
12:22AM Sassy
I wasn’t paying attention. : ) 
Someone had me very distracted
12:22AM Phil
It was hot! I hope you noticed I was aroused
12:24AM Sassy
No missing that!  That set off every urge to lick and suck
12:24AM Phil
Hee hee
12:29AM Sassy
You playing with that gorgeous cock?
12:29AM Phil
Stroking it

[photo of his hand wrapped around his cock with pre-cum on the tip]

12:30AM Sassy
Mmmm mmm mmmm
12:31AM Phil
Thinking about cumming in your mouth
By the truck in the airport parking lot
12:32AM Sassy
12:32AM Phil
Your finger up my ass sucking me deep
12:33AM Sassy
You are so bad.
In the best way
12:33AM Phil
Would rather have been on your bed
12:34AM Sassy
Yes…I’m lying in bed…imagining that
12:34AM Phil
Both of us naked
A finger in your pussy and ass
Followed by my cock
You should be laying there with your pussy full of cum, and the taste of cum on your tongue
12:37AM Sassy
Yes please
12:38AM Sassy
I’m not just for sexting…I can do lots in close proximity!
12:38AM Phil
Maybe your ass too [devil emoticon]

12:38AM Sassy
Wanna make you feel good.
12:39AM Phil
I want to shove my tongue up your ass followed by my cock
I was eyeballing the strap ons at the store
12:41AM Phil
I’ll fuck yours if you fuck mine
12:42AM Sassy
You are a true gentleman
12:42AM Phil
Ha ha!
Would you fuck me?
12:44AM Sassy
I can see that
12:46AM Sassy
I’m surprised you can think of fancy stuff
12:47AM Sassy
Tough for me without the basics to get past the fantasies of kisses. Oral.  Pounding
12:47AM Phil
12:48AM Phil
Came buckets and now I need sleep. Nite sweet girl
12:49AM Sassy
Sweet sexy dreams kid
12:49AM Phil
: ) <3

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Tuesday tits

April 5, 2016 Tuesday
6:58AM Phil
Good morning! Hope your day is grand!
8:02AM Sassy
Good morning kid! 

Did you eat Cheerios?  You’re mighty cheerful!
8:03AM Phil
 Espresso : )  and my kid’s up visiting for a couple days
8:04AM Sassy

Here’s some cleavage.  : )
8:04AM Phil
8:05AM Sassy

Red Sox opening day!  Mookie Betts does it all!  Home run, fielding… wowzers!  His second straight year homering on Opening Day!  

Check out the video!