Love you back

October 31, 2016 Monday

7:25AM Sassy
Good morning!  Mwah!
7:28AM Phil
Good morning!

7:29AM Sassy
Good weekend?
7:34AM Phil
It was. My pal called yesterday to let me know one of our closest friends passed away suddenly. He was a great guy and we enjoyed many adventures and always thought we had many more to go – dreamed of taking trips together.   

Reminds you that tomorrow is not promised to any of us. I have not really lost anyone close to me other than my Dad and a very few other family members but it was their time, they had lived full lives. This sucked, this guy should have had many more years.

7:37AM Sassy
Oh no!  So sorry to hear that.  Hugs.  

I know that feeling.  
Always makes me want to live life to the fullest.  
And tell people things now.  
I love you, Philip!

6:17PM Sassy
Amazing supper at All Seasons Table in Malden
 Hot & sour soup

 Crispy honey ribs
Scallion seafood pancake

7:57PM Phil
Love you back.  XXoo
thank you

Happy Friday from Lake W

October 28, 2016 Friday

6:21AM Sassy

Happy Friday!
7:47AM Phil
Happy Friday kiddo

10:49AM Sassy
Happy Friday from Lake Winnipesaukee!

12:51PM Sassy
I ate pizza for breakfast. Pizza Hut buffet lunch in Laconia NH – $6 a person!

Pizza buffet
Apple pie pizza – the highlight!
Salad bar
Desserts on the salad bar
My salad – I adore non-lettuce options!
Pizza! And pasta!
6:34PM Sassy
Lakefront dinner at the Lyons Den in Gilford NH
View from our table
There are lions everywhere!
Hubby’s French onion soup
Crab cakes appetizer with spicy remolade
Hubby’s steak au poivre with a garlic parmesan twice baked potato
My baked stuffed shrimp with rice pilaf and peas
Pumpkin mousse cake

8:47PM Sassy
Fun way to start Halloween weekend at a performance of War of the Worlds by the Winni Players!

 It’s a beautiful refurbished barn

 The box office
 The black box theater with a stage on the flat and ramped seats 

 Closer view of the stage 
 The seats
The foley table with sound effects gizmos

Tapas time

October 27, 2016 Thursday

10:24PM Sassy

Terrific tapas at Tavern 27 in Laconia NH
Free sweet potato fries and white bean dip
Hubby’s fall sipper and my hibiscus iced tea
Scotch eggs and mustard aoli
Potato leek soup with sourdough toast
Hubby’s French onion soup
Interior – bar in the left corner, piano bar on the right
Assorted olives and sourdough toast
Duck confit egg roll and spring roll
Seared scallops with garlic and potato crostini

Last radiation check-up and Lake W

October 27, 2016 Thursday

8:01AM Phil
Happy post anniversary

8:01AM Sassy
Ha ha
I’m off to MGH for a cancer check-up.  Think good thoughts!
Then we’re going to NH for two nights.

8:49AM Phil
Oh cool, enjoy! 
And thinking good thoughts
9:56AM Sassy
I’ve been going to MGH 3x a year.  
If this goes well, I only have to go once a year
10:24AM Phil
That’s awesome

10:55AM Sassy
Aced my last 5 year cancer check up! So relieved and happy!!! Have some pretty pix of Boston and the MGH Healing Garden.

11:02AM Phil
1:32PM Sassy

Lunch by Lake Winnipesaukee at Patrick’s Pub & Eatery in Gilford, NH

Onion hooks with horseradish sauce
Lunch special shepherd’s pie
Hubby’s roast sirloin

Hee hee

Pumpkin cheesecake
Fun marble map of Lake W
3:50PM Sassy
No trip to Lake Winnipesaukee is complete without a visit to Kellerhaus for gifts and chocolate!
4:23PM Sassy
View from our balcony at the Belknap Inn, Gilford NH where it’s rainy and 42F
8:22pm Sassy
New bling!  
Kellerhaus has fun jewelry as well as candy and ice cream.  

Anniversary wish

October 26, 2016 Wednesday

9:31AM Sassy
Anniversary breakfast delivered from the Neighborhood Restaurant.  Hubby got the Cream of Wheat he adores. 

2:22PM Phil
Happy Anniversary!

2:26PM Sassy
Thank you!  Getting lots done today.  Fancy dinner out later.

5:02PM Sassy
The guys are here installing NetBlazr, our new internet service.  It is SOOO FAST! Very soon… no more Comcast.

6:13PM Sassy
We voted early for the first time!

7:48PM Sassy
Anniversary dinner at Helmand, the Afghani restaurant in Cambridge

Bread baked in their fired oven with 3 sauces and butter
Aush noodle soup
Kaddo – pumpkin, yogurt and ground beef. 
The stuff dreams are made of
Aushak – ravioli with good stuff
Hubby’s mushawa soup
The smallest iced tea glass ever, with no way to stir in the Splenda
Qalbalee – rice, raisins, carrots and lamb
Koufta challow – spicy beef meatballs over rice
Fereeny – custard with fresh fruit
Hubby’s bucklawa

Waterfront dining

October 23, 2016 Sunday

6:51PM Sassy
A superb supper at The Boat House in Tiverton RI

The first view of the place on Mount Hope Bay
The pier
The place
Raw bar sampler with oysters, shrimp and clams
Hall of fame corn chowder with chorizo
The interior with Mount Hope Bay
The best baked stuffed lobster with scallops and shrimp
Hubby’s flat iron steak with chimichurri sauce
Vanilla creme brulee 
with gingerbread cookies snd glazed cranberries
Chocolate Soldier: White and Dark Chocolate Liqueurs, 
and Butterscotch Liqueur, in a Chocolate-laced Glass.

Ah… the a cappella harmony on this song… mmmm

Hallelujah – Pentatonix


RI adventure

October 23, 2016 Sunday

1:01PM Sassy
Time for the wurst lunch evah – German lunch at Redlefsens in Bristol RI

The best wurst plate 
with potato pancakes and sauerkraut and mustards
Logo on the tablecloth
Hubby’s sauerbraten sandwich 
with potato pancakes and red cabbage

2:09 PM Sassy
Bristol waterfront on a windy day

3:45PM Sassy
Beautiful day at the beach! So clear…we can see Martha’s Vineyard on the horizon.

4:49PM Sassy
Rhode island roadside stands and orchards – such amazing colors on a beautiful fall day

4:50PM Sassy 
South Shore Beach, Little Compton RI

4:54PM Sassy
Grinnell’s Beach in Tiverton RI

5:57PM Sassy
Your moment of zen: 30-second video of the winds and waves at South Shore Beach in Little Compton RI on a windy fall afternoon

Shanghai Fresh

October 17, 2016 Monday
8:40AM Sassy
Good morning!

8:46AM Phil
Good morning!

8:49AM Sassy
You working or playing today?

9:06AM Phil
Both, working a bit this morning

6:15PM Sassy
Tried a new place – fantastic Chinese dinner at Shanghai Fresh in Central Square, Cambridge.  They have steamer buns every day.  It’s very similar to Shanghai Gate in Allston – cheap, fast and tasty!

Cheese rolls
Small steamers buns (soup dumplings)
Yu Shiang pork with steamed bread

Sassy baking

October 16, 2016 Sunday
11:07AM Sassy
Good morning kid.  Happy football day!

11:11AM Phil
Good morning!  You too!

4:17PM Sassy
I am baking. Be afraid. May be a sign of the apocalypse!
5:23PM Sassy

Step 1 – 3 ingredients and a pan

5:24PM Sassy
Step 2 – place frozen fruit in pan

5:25PM Sassy
Steo 3 – cover fruit with white cake mix

Step 4 – pour 1 can of diet 7 Up over cake and fruit

5:27PM Sassy
Step 5 – place on middle shelf of oven, bake at 350 for 40-50 minutes

5:28PM Sassy
Step 6 – remove from oven and let cool

5:29PM Sassy
Step 7 – cover with whipped cream and EAT Easy berry cobbler!

5:54PM Sassy

Here’s the recipe for Easy Berry Cobbler

Marble cakes

October 15, 2016 Saturday
7:55AM Sassy
Good morning kid!

8:19AM Phil
Good morning! Going for a drive today. It’s been awhile. 
Spectacular fall day. Hope yours is grand!

1:53PM Sassy

Never seen the likes of these cakes. Wow!
11:28PM Sassy
A river run’s through it… Another photo of Hurricane Matthew’s flood damage – this is the major interstate North/South highway in North Carolina
I-95 at MM 18.5 near Lumberton