Outback and Paul

June 26, 2016 Sunday

5:26AM Phil
9:17AM Sassy
Hiya kid
9:26AM Phil
Hey there!
9:56AM Sassy
You having a fun Sunday?
A local pal is also over there…small world? He just added 17 new photos.
“More images from our circumlocution of the Amalfi coast, starting with the Amalfi Cathedral and museum and stopping finally in for some delightful seafood on the Marina Grande.”
2:43PM Phil

[photo of a seafood pasta dish]

[Photo of a colleauge and him toasting the camera with wine glasses]

3:12PM Sassy
Wow!  Yummy!  Salut!

Breakfast at Outback Steakhouse – they have new items and irresistible specials.

Hubby’s skinny rita
The brown bread
Snack size starters – onion petals with remolade 
and coconut shrimp with duck sauce
Baked potato soup with chunks of potatoes – very chowder-like
THIS is how you do non-alcoholic drinks!!
My cherry limeade
My filet mignon topped with grilled shrimp and bearnaise sauce, 
with Hubby’s pork porterhouse and chili lime corn
Our first visit to Paul french bakery in Assembly Row
Pastries – chocolate eclair with chocolate cream, 
hazelnut cream donut, raisin swirl, apple mini swirl, 
plain croissant, another apple swirl, mini pain de chocolate, 
palmier and gourmandise.
Their famous macarons

Women in grey

June 25, 2016 Saturday

6:04AM Sassy
Hiya kid!
9:13AM Phil
Hey hey hey!
10:29AM Sassy
Hope you’re having a blast!
11:54AM Phil
I am indeed

[photo of his hand holding a beer overlooking the water]

11:55AM Sassy
I’m still in bed with my bullet, thinking of you
12:35PM Phil
Ooh, enjoy baby
12:43PM Sassy
12:53PM Sassy
Ah…so good

9:30PM Sassy
Chicken dinners at the Ninety Nine Restaurant

 Gold fever wings with celery and blue cheese dressing

Rosemary lemon tips with rice and corn for Hubby
10:05PM Phil
You’re up late…or early?  Hmmm

Outside by the river

June 24, 2016 Friday
6:34AM Sassy
Hiya kid!  Happy Friday!
11:01AM Phil
Happy Friday!
11:32AM Sassy
1:22PM Phil
Work over, vacation begins!
1:23PM Sassy
1:28PM Sassy
Is there a beach? Mountains? Wine?
1:32PM Phil
mountains yes, wine, of course, 
Vatican, Amalfi, Pompei, Cuban Cigars.  All good!
1:33PM Sassy
Wow!  Have you done any of that before there?

7:25PM Sassy
A perfect summer evening at CK Pearl on the Essex River with beautiful scenery, fantastic service and unparalleled food!
Hubby’s Privateer blueberry pomegranate daiquiri
The Essex River
 The marina on the far left 
The outdoor bar with the beautiful blond bartender
The screened in porch – yes, we are eating outside!
Cod chowder with potato and pork belly
Oysters – Island Creek, Wellfleet, Spearpoint and Northern Cross
A man, a dog, a boat
My Hunter’s plate – chicken liver pate with cranberry, 
Beef jerky, coppa, pastrami, pickles, onion and mustards
A Bloody Mary with handsome men at the bar
Gimme Shelter – heavenly dessert with fried dough, 
moose tracks ice cream, oreo crumbles, almonds, chocolate sauce 
and whipped cream

What a dish

June 22, 2016 Wednesday

8:31AM Sassy
Hiya kid!  Hope you’re having a wonderful Wednesday
2:15PM Phil
[photo of him eating outside at a cafe]

[photo of a lobster fra diablo with linguini]

[photo of octupus with red sauce and bread]

[photo of calamari with hot peppers]

2:19PM Sassy
Oh my…what a dish!  And the food looks good too.  ; ) 

I haven’t had lunch so I almost licked the screen.  Hee!
5:41PM Sassy
Tubular food!

Stockholders steakhouse

June 20, 2016 Monday

1:27AM Sassy
Star Trek fans are so sad today.

8:45AM Sassy
Hiya hot stuff!  Hope you’re having a marvelous day!
9:52AM Phil
Absolutely! I’m in Italy
9:59AM Sassy
10:01AM Sassy
I’m having fun (NOT) calling people for Mom.  
Talked to Verizon, Tufts Health care, a mover, an estate lawyer…whee
1:00PM Phil
Oh yeah, no fun at all
1:18PM Sassy
It’s like hitting myself with a 2 x 4… when I stop it will feel great!
3:08PM Phil
Dinner this evening

[Three photos of food]
3:43PM Phil

[photo of a dessert]

4:47PM Sassy
Wow!  Those look beautiful.  Hope they tasted great too.  
I’m sitting outside at a Starbucks enjoying the afternoon breeze.  Hubby has another shoulder MRI soon.  We were early so stopped in for a chai latte. Whee
5:03PM Phil
They were spectacular
5:04PM Sassy
The cheese looked yummy
5:09PM Phil
Oh yeah, fresh and delicious, the Carpaccio is buffalo mozzarella and it was fabulous and then risotto with sea food. Lovely
5:10PM Sassy
I rarely get classy Italian
We’re heading to a steakhouse when the MRI is over
5:11PM Phil
Enjoy! This isn’t classy, it’s just Italian. 
Seafood on the water with cigars tomorrow
5:12PM Sassy
It looks classy…

8:01PM Sassy
Dinner at Stockholders Steakhouse in South Weymouth
Free focaccia with olive oil 
and pickled black eyed peas
Hubby’s Buffalo chicken soup
My clam chowder 
Irish potato pancake with short ribs and lobster creme
Hubby’s cowboy steak, Delmonico potatoes 
and grilled asparagus
Grilled swordfish with risotto and lump crab

Far away fun

June 19, 2016 Sunday

12:05PM Sassy

Buon jorno mi amore!  
WTF are you doing in Italy?!
12:08PM Phil
Eating Pizza

[photo of a huge slice of pizza]
12:10PM Sassy
Beautiful slice
12:11PM Phil
That’s half the pie
12:13PM Sassy
Yum.  I’m starving.  
Wish you could pass me the other half! 
12:15 PM Phil
[photo of something fishy looking on a big platter]
12:17PM Sassy
What is that?
[photo of a buffet with several fish dishes]

[photo of a carafe of wine and a wine glass both half full of red wine]

12:30PM Phil
And jug wine
12:20 PM Sassy
What did they do to the fish? Looks fancy
12:23PM Phil
Those are raw
Theses are cooked
[another photo of fish with pasta]
1:06PM Phil

[photo of two pastries and expressos]

1:07PM Sassy
So fun how you can be miles away and still show me yummy stuff!  
Thank you sweetheart
1:20PM Phil
Ha!  xx00

6:15PM Sassy
Dinner at All Seasons Table in Malden 

6:17PM Sassy
The oysters were so fresh and good tonight!  And the hot & sour soup was so beefy!  

A blessing

June 15, 2016 Wednesday

Good morning, hope you are feeling betta
7:51AM Sassy
Good morning!  I am!  
Off to the office!  How you doing?

3:51PM Sassy

5:28PM Sassy
Beautiful evening!  We’re eating dinner outside! 

Dining alfresco at Five Horses in Davis Square, Somerville

Street scene from our sidewalk table
Buttermilk fried chicken tenders with red dragon chili sauce 
and buttermilk scallion sauce
Elote loco (street corn) off the cob
Hubby’s hangar steak with maitre d’butter, 
smashed red red bliss potatoes, panko onion rings, 
mushrooms and spinach salad with whole mustard vinaigrette
Pulled pork sandwich with chow chow, cabbage, 
and pimento cheese with potato bacon salad
the pina colada tres leches – sponge cake, rum poached pineapple, 
toasted coconut with almonds and condensed milk, and
 my sticky toffee cake with whipped cream
10:09PM Sassy
My mom died at 8:15 tonight
10:13 PM Phil
Oh, I’m so sorry!  you ok?
Prayers for all of you.
Thank you.  
I’m pretty good…relieved. 
a little overwhelmed with all I have to do now, but it’s a blessing.
I know, it’s unreal how much there is.

The Queen’s Lunch Hamper

June 14, 2016 Tuesday

8:42AM Sassy
Good morning kid
9:08AM Phil
Good morning!
9:11AM Sassy
My tummy hurts
10:09AM Phil
That’s not good
10:24AM Sassy
No fun.
11:04 AM Phil
Never is

I want a hamper! But mostly the contents…

Queen’s 90th birthday street party: What’s inside the Patron’s Lunch hamper?

Photo finish

June 11, 2016 Saturday

10:41AM Sassy
Good morning kid!
10:49AM Phil
Got d morning!
11:01AM Sassy
off to Mom’s
11:18AM Phil
12:03PM Sassy
Mom says hi! We’re out on her veranda enjoying a cool day.
12:07PM Phil
3:35PM Sassy
Pretty flowers, fruit and veggies at Wilson Farm in Lexington on a rainy afternoon!

5:50PM Sassy

Time for the big long horse race from NY!  Belmont Stakes!  

7:05PM Sassy
Wow!  What a finish! Creator beat Destin by a nose!  

Flat Patties

June 9, 2016 Thursday

Good morning kid!
8:29AM Phil
Good morning!
10:31AM Sassy
Anything new and exciting?

2:03PM Sassy
So nice out, decided to take a walk at lunch and pick up food.  First time getting lunch from Flat Patties – lemonade, onion rings and a mushroom swiss burger with horseradish sauce!