Sumptous Szechuan

December 30, 2016 Friday
5:38PM Sassy
A sumptuous Szechuan supper at Sichuan Garden in Woburn
Hot and sour soup
My umbrella with a Shirley Temple
Pork fried dumplings
Salt and pepper prawns
Hubby’s pork with spicy garlic sauce and fried rice
Dining room to ourselves

8:03PM Sassy

Quiz: How much of an asshole are you?

Wow…I need to act out more on FB?  I only got 9%!  Ha ha…

You are (virtually) a saint.  You certainly have your weak moments, just like anyone else, but generally, you are clearly a morally superior being  Let’s hope tht your loved ones appreciate your true value and don’t abuse your kindness.  

RIP Leia Organa

December 29, 2016 Thursday

8:54AM Sassy
For the Star Wars wonks…

(includes spoilers for “Rogue One” movie)

Leia Organa: A Critical Obituary


Leia Organa, the politician and revolutionary who led the defeat of the Galactic Empire, died after a short illness. She was 60 years old. Hers was a life laced with controversy concerning everything from her tactics to her very ancestry, but her intelligence, commitment to the Republican cause, and place at the heart of the Rebellion, and later the Resistance against Neo-Imperialism, remains the indisputable core of her legacy.

6:29PM Sassy

I made supper! Well…sort of. Thanks to turkey breast slices, scalloped potatoes, green bean casserole and gravy from the Honey baked ham store and a box of Stove Top Stuffing, we’re having an American feast!

8:07PM Sassy
Thundersnow! Woohoo! 
[photo of the view out my balcony window with snow coming down and starting to cover the ground.]

Schnitzel gal

December 28, 2016 Wednesday

8:57AM Sassy
BRITISH ROYAL ENGAGEMENTS FOR 2016 – a detailed analysis complied annually by Tim O’Donovan and published in The Times.


8:59AM Phil
Good morning!  
Hope you are having an enjoyable vacation! 
Having a good time at the beach!
9:00AM Sassy
Good morning to you!  I’m enjoying a great mix of relaxing, being with family and adventures out and about.
We’re going to a German restaurant and deli today!
Karl’s Sausage Kitchen in Peabody – This gal is getting some schnitzel!
10:34AM Phil
Oh cool! Wings with one pal and then beers with another for me
10:41PM Sassy
Yay!  Great you can see your pals.
11:43AM Phil
Having fun

1:16PM Sassy
Lucious German lunch at Karl’s Sausage Kitchen in Peabody
 A view into the kitchen
Dry Blackberry Grownup Soda
Pretzel and cheese
Hungarian mushroom soup
Split pea ham soup
Weiner schnitzel with spaeztel and potato pancakes
Sausages and spaeztel
Hubby’s schnitzel BLT

Essex adventure

December 27, 2016 Tuesday

5:06PM Sassy
Sunset at CK Pearl in Essex
6:07PM Sassy

Dinner at CK Pearl in Essex

$1 Island Creek oysters Tuesdays 4-6 pm
Clam chowder with fried clams and pork belly
Hubby’s tomato soup and cheesy croutons
Specials board
Hubby’s steak tips with asparagus and french fries
Hunter’s platter – turkey rillette, taso ham, coppa, 
and duck prosciutto with 
pickled zucchini, mustards and fresh bread
Creme brulee with pepitas for dessert

Festivities and naughty thoughts

December 25, 2016 Sunday CHRISTMAS DAY

6:27AM Sassy

6:29AM Sassy

Merry Christmas Philip!
6:49PM Phil
Merry Christmas Sass! Stole your wreath! <3 XXoo
[cartoon of a guy jumping on a bed – says Merry Christmas]
6:50AM Sassy
A big Christmas hug for you!  With groping!
6:54AM Sassy
I’m going back to bed to think naughty thoughts about you!
7:00AM Phil
Ha! Sweet dreams!

10:50AM Sassy
Operation Move Way Too Many Presents has begun!

2:00PM Sassy
See the photos on my wall of the family… outside… in their shirtsleeves.  It’s 70 degrees!  So bizarre but much appreciated!

2:02PM Sassy
Christmas nosh

 The spread
 Cheeses from Wine & Cheese Cask
 Cocktail shrimp from Whole Foods 
 Charcuterie platter with meats and cheeses and nuts from Savenor’s
Petite fours

4:14PM Sassy
Christmas dinner with family and friends

My dinner plate – Beef Wellington with Bearnaise sauce, 
roasted green beans, strawberry spinach salad, roasted potatoes
Dessert – Sticky toffee pudding and cinnamon bread
5:49PM Sassy

It’s really quiet out on the roads. How quiet it is? I had the Callahan Tunnel to the airport all to myself!

S&S Supper

December 22, 2016 Thursday

7:18AM Sassy
Good morning Philip!  Today is “my Friday” and the last work day until 1/3/17!!  So excited for the break!
7:56AM Phil
Woo Hoo! Last day for me too!  Have a fabulous day!
7:57AM Sassy
I closed out Mom’s estate yesterday.  Feel so relieved.
8:57AM Phil
Good deal

5:02PM Sassy
I’m leaving work for the year! 11 days off! Without using a vacation day.
7:28PM Sassy

Celebrating the start of my time off with supper at the S&S Deli in Inman Square Cambridge

Hubby’s French onion soup
Apple squash bisque
Hubby’s salad, steak and chicken tips
Turkey dinner – butternut squash, turkey with stuffing 
and gravy, mashed potoatoes
Blueberry blintzes with sour cream, applesauce and fruit cup

Delft Room

December 20, 2016 Tuesday

7:15AM Sassy
Good morning kid.  
Up and out early for the cleaners.  Whee.

8:23AM Phil
Good morning!  Have a terrific day!
10:03AM Sassy
You working or playing today?
I’m struggling to balance work and finishing the estate taxes filing for Mom.  Whee!

2:52PM Sassy
Lovely year-end lunch with colleagues at The Red House in Harvard Square in Cambridge
The Delft room – a private dining room upstairs
 Delft decoration
 More Delft 
Lobster chowder

Rogue One

December 17, 2016 Saturday
7:10AM Sassy
Snow #3 – Winter storm Decima
[photo of the view off my balcony with snow on the ground and a snow plow pushing it around]

10:42AM Sassy
Good morning kid! It’s snowing!

4:00PM Sassy
Drove down to Braintree in the snow to see “Rogue One!” Had to go down there because it is sold out everywhere closer to Boston for two weeks! The movie is awesome! So fun to be back in the Star Wars universe for a little while.

The roads were so slippery! I don’t think I’ve ever driven in worse.

4:43PM Sassy

Delicious dinner at JP Seafood in Jamaica Plain

 Miso soup
Quiet dining room late afternoon on a snowy day

Godzilla spicy shrimp tempura maki

Beef bulgoki 
as it’s supposed to be

Hubby’s fish and chips

Delicious Indian

December 16, 2016 Friday

7:51AM Sassy
Happy Friday!
I have a meet today with The Northerner!  Whee!
12:41PM Phil
Well enjoy your day.  
My very hectic week is over, now tidying up in preparation for our shindig tomorrow.

2:02PM Sassy
Delicious Indian buffet at Tanjore in Harvard Square Cambridge

2:27PM Phil