It’s raining men

June 30, 2016 Thursday
7:56AM Sassy
Good morning kid!
9:45AM Phil
Good morning!
10:21AM Sassy
I’m having a wacky day… it’s raining men!

heard from Mr. Truck after over a year. 

heard from Kris after 18 months of silence
11:48AM Phil
Hmpf, think I’d leave that alone
12:21 PM Sassy
He invited me to dinner tonight.  We’ll see.
Want to hear how things worked out.

And The Northerner wants to see me tomorrow.  Whee!

 I wonder what brought all this on at once?! 

1:02PM Phil
Well good luck, may be interesting. Have fun
1:32PM Sassy
Thanks!  You have fun weekend plans?
3:05PM Phil
I’m working on house projects
maybe a drive in the country but that’s about it

New underwear

June 29, 2016 Wednesday

8:03AM Sassy
Good morning!
2:49PM Phil
Hey there. 
Working from home today. 
Hope your day is good!
2:52PM Sassy
Rolling along!  Met with Mom’s broker about splitting up her accounts with my sisters.
3:47PM Sassy
You know that day when you took the job in DC and realized you were suddenly going to have googobs of money?  It’s kinda like that.  Only I’m going to get it in one chunk.  Freaky.
4:18PM Phil
It’s nice that it works out that way but sucks how you get it. I hope my Mom lives a long wonderful life and spends it all. 

Enjoy and be thrifty with it. My cousin inherited a boat load and pissed it all away. I know you won’t do that. Any plans?
4:44PM Sassy
Gonna buy new underwear. 
Maybe even socks!
5:15PM Phil
Oh cool!

6:48PM Sassy
Another Chinese dinner at Shanghai Village in Arlington.

He’s back

June 28, 2016 Tuesday

12:31AM Sassy
Have an easy trip home!
2:00AM Phil
3:36AM Phil
Thank you!
7:45AM Sassy
Good morning kid where ever you are!
2:50PM Phil
Good afternoon! I just landed. 
2:53PM Sassy
So glad to hear you made it back!
3:05PM Phil
Good to be back. 
Europe is a very different thing. 
Fun but always good to get home
3:06PM Sassy
3:08PM Sassy
It was fun to “travel along” with those gorgeous photos.  
Thanks for taking the time to post them!

National anthem at the Lincoln Memorial

June 27, 2016 Monday

7:20AM Sassy
Wow!  Monday in Rome.  Such a beautiful city.  
And you’re looking great!
10:22AM Sassy
I remember the Colosseum…it was full of stray cats!
Can’t believe that was 49 years ago…
3:35PM Sassy
Pass me that cheese? 

10:27PM Sassy
Amazing rendition of the National Anthem inside the Lincoln Memorial! It made my spine tingle! And reminded me of the day I went a little crazy singing at Red Rocks Amphitheater. Heh. Listen and marvel.

Outback and Paul

June 26, 2016 Sunday

5:26AM Phil
9:17AM Sassy
Hiya kid
9:26AM Phil
Hey there!
9:56AM Sassy
You having a fun Sunday?
A local pal is also over there…small world? He just added 17 new photos.
“More images from our circumlocution of the Amalfi coast, starting with the Amalfi Cathedral and museum and stopping finally in for some delightful seafood on the Marina Grande.”
2:43PM Phil

[photo of a seafood pasta dish]

[Photo of a colleauge and him toasting the camera with wine glasses]

3:12PM Sassy
Wow!  Yummy!  Salut!

Breakfast at Outback Steakhouse – they have new items and irresistible specials.

Hubby’s skinny rita
The brown bread
Snack size starters – onion petals with remolade 
and coconut shrimp with duck sauce
Baked potato soup with chunks of potatoes – very chowder-like
THIS is how you do non-alcoholic drinks!!
My cherry limeade
My filet mignon topped with grilled shrimp and bearnaise sauce, 
with Hubby’s pork porterhouse and chili lime corn
Our first visit to Paul french bakery in Assembly Row
Pastries – chocolate eclair with chocolate cream, 
hazelnut cream donut, raisin swirl, apple mini swirl, 
plain croissant, another apple swirl, mini pain de chocolate, 
palmier and gourmandise.
Their famous macarons

Women in grey

June 25, 2016 Saturday

6:04AM Sassy
Hiya kid!
9:13AM Phil
Hey hey hey!
10:29AM Sassy
Hope you’re having a blast!
11:54AM Phil
I am indeed

[photo of his hand holding a beer overlooking the water]

11:55AM Sassy
I’m still in bed with my bullet, thinking of you
12:35PM Phil
Ooh, enjoy baby
12:43PM Sassy
12:53PM Sassy
Ah…so good

9:30PM Sassy
Chicken dinners at the Ninety Nine Restaurant

 Gold fever wings with celery and blue cheese dressing

Rosemary lemon tips with rice and corn for Hubby
10:05PM Phil
You’re up late…or early?  Hmmm

Outside by the river

June 24, 2016 Friday
6:34AM Sassy
Hiya kid!  Happy Friday!
11:01AM Phil
Happy Friday!
11:32AM Sassy
1:22PM Phil
Work over, vacation begins!
1:23PM Sassy
1:28PM Sassy
Is there a beach? Mountains? Wine?
1:32PM Phil
mountains yes, wine, of course, 
Vatican, Amalfi, Pompei, Cuban Cigars.  All good!
1:33PM Sassy
Wow!  Have you done any of that before there?

7:25PM Sassy
A perfect summer evening at CK Pearl on the Essex River with beautiful scenery, fantastic service and unparalleled food!
Hubby’s Privateer blueberry pomegranate daiquiri
The Essex River
 The marina on the far left 
The outdoor bar with the beautiful blond bartender
The screened in porch – yes, we are eating outside!
Cod chowder with potato and pork belly
Oysters – Island Creek, Wellfleet, Spearpoint and Northern Cross
A man, a dog, a boat
My Hunter’s plate – chicken liver pate with cranberry, 
Beef jerky, coppa, pastrami, pickles, onion and mustards
A Bloody Mary with handsome men at the bar
Gimme Shelter – heavenly dessert with fried dough, 
moose tracks ice cream, oreo crumbles, almonds, chocolate sauce 
and whipped cream

Spit roast

June 23, 2016 Thursday

7:10AM Sassy
Hiya kid!
4:50PM Phil

[photo of two bottles of red wine and a wine glass half full sitting next to his computer]

[photo of a pizza]

Hey there!  Been a busy ass week!
4:55PM Sassy
I hear ya!  I’ve been balancing work and doing stuff for Mom’s estate.  Great you have the food and wine to compensate.
5:04PM Phil
Ha ha! Almost vacation time for three days! Heading up the coast!  
5:13PM Sassy
Oooh…I was there in 1967.
I still remember some things!
Here’s a very naughty tumblr to help you sleep.

1:26AM Phil
Very nice! 

What a dish

June 22, 2016 Wednesday

8:31AM Sassy
Hiya kid!  Hope you’re having a wonderful Wednesday
2:15PM Phil
[photo of him eating outside at a cafe]

[photo of a lobster fra diablo with linguini]

[photo of octupus with red sauce and bread]

[photo of calamari with hot peppers]

2:19PM Sassy
Oh my…what a dish!  And the food looks good too.  ; ) 

I haven’t had lunch so I almost licked the screen.  Hee!
5:41PM Sassy
Tubular food!

Vacations nude

June 21, 2016 Tuesday

8:36AM Sassy

Good morning kid
That breakfast buffet looked incredible!
10:16AM Phil
Was marvelous!
10:20AM Sassy
is that you hotel?
10:20AM Phil
10:41AM Sassy
I am home plowing through more tasks for  Mom… just found her will and life insurance papers.  Whee
2:58PM Phil
[photo of three types of seafood on a plate – swordfish, calamari and shrimp]

2:59PM Sassy
Wow!  Quite the assortment
I’ve talked to Mom’s broker and an estate lawyer.  Whoo hoo
5:22PM Sassy