Doggy quiz

December 31, 2016 Saturday NEW YEAR’S EVE
7:46AM Phil
Happy New Years Eve day!
7:47AM Sassy
Right back atcha!  You partying?
11:50AM Phil
Relaxing at home

12:06PM Sassy
Quiz time!  It was pretty easy for me but froze twice at #37 and #45, so no official results. I know people with most of these dogs, and my Westminster Dog Show watching days help with the rest!

Guess these 50 dog breeds

Schnitzel gal

December 28, 2016 Wednesday

8:57AM Sassy
BRITISH ROYAL ENGAGEMENTS FOR 2016 – a detailed analysis complied annually by Tim O’Donovan and published in The Times.


8:59AM Phil
Good morning!  
Hope you are having an enjoyable vacation! 
Having a good time at the beach!
9:00AM Sassy
Good morning to you!  I’m enjoying a great mix of relaxing, being with family and adventures out and about.
We’re going to a German restaurant and deli today!
Karl’s Sausage Kitchen in Peabody – This gal is getting some schnitzel!
10:34AM Phil
Oh cool! Wings with one pal and then beers with another for me
10:41PM Sassy
Yay!  Great you can see your pals.
11:43AM Phil
Having fun

1:16PM Sassy
Lucious German lunch at Karl’s Sausage Kitchen in Peabody
 A view into the kitchen
Dry Blackberry Grownup Soda
Pretzel and cheese
Hungarian mushroom soup
Split pea ham soup
Weiner schnitzel with spaeztel and potato pancakes
Sausages and spaeztel
Hubby’s schnitzel BLT

Festivities and naughty thoughts

December 25, 2016 Sunday CHRISTMAS DAY

6:27AM Sassy

6:29AM Sassy

Merry Christmas Philip!
6:49PM Phil
Merry Christmas Sass! Stole your wreath! <3 XXoo
[cartoon of a guy jumping on a bed – says Merry Christmas]
6:50AM Sassy
A big Christmas hug for you!  With groping!
6:54AM Sassy
I’m going back to bed to think naughty thoughts about you!
7:00AM Phil
Ha! Sweet dreams!

10:50AM Sassy
Operation Move Way Too Many Presents has begun!

2:00PM Sassy
See the photos on my wall of the family… outside… in their shirtsleeves.  It’s 70 degrees!  So bizarre but much appreciated!

2:02PM Sassy
Christmas nosh

 The spread
 Cheeses from Wine & Cheese Cask
 Cocktail shrimp from Whole Foods 
 Charcuterie platter with meats and cheeses and nuts from Savenor’s
Petite fours

4:14PM Sassy
Christmas dinner with family and friends

My dinner plate – Beef Wellington with Bearnaise sauce, 
roasted green beans, strawberry spinach salad, roasted potatoes
Dessert – Sticky toffee pudding and cinnamon bread
5:49PM Sassy

It’s really quiet out on the roads. How quiet it is? I had the Callahan Tunnel to the airport all to myself!

Christmas Comes

December 24, 2016 Saturday

7:14AM Sassy
Happy Christmas Eve Philip!

7:24AM Sassy
Whether we are ready or not…truth from my favorite poet.
Christmas comes 
by Maren Tirabassi
Christmas comes to detainees
waiting for deportation
at the Strafford County House of Correction,
and ninety-seven year old Helen 
in hospice who used to jump
out of parachutes until she was eighty.
It comes to the beagle who bays at the skunk,
and then is sorry,
balsams and frasiers leaning wrapped 
against the fence in the Christmas tree lot,
and many children who also – for some reason —
have not been chosen.
Christmas comes to the shoppers who pause 
to listen to the bell-ringing 
and put a little money in the kettle.
It comes even if they do it
because a child is watching,
and it comes even for those too busy to stop.
Christmas comes to the man 
who mourns his wife, 
and to the woman who mourns her mother,
and Christmas comes to the wife and the mother –
differently, of course – 
less fruitcake, more angels.
Christmas comes to pageant planners 
and the soldier deployed.
It comes to those who those who weep 
for Aleppo,
or shake uncontrollably
at the thought of more nuclear weapons.
It comes to those who voted for Trump
those who voted for Clinton,
and those who voted
on either side of Brexit.
It comes to amateur actors
performing A Christmas Carol
hoping the audience really hears —
they haven’t missed it!
Christmas comes in old words and new ones.
It comes whether we are ready or not; 
it comes whether we want it or not;
it comes whether we used to believe, 
or try to believe, or are afraid to believe.
Christmas comes with presents and with absence.
It comes as expected, 
and it comes as a nearly unbearable surprise.
7:52AM Phil
Happy Christmas Eve!
7:53AM Sassy
You ready?
8:41AM Phil

10:02AM Sassy
At Dunkin Donuts – Energy for the last errands!

10:39AM Sassy
Charcuterie and accoutrements acquired from Savenor’s!

11:15AM Sassy
Whole Foods has beautiful shrimp cocktail!  And store-made cocktail sauce!  
11:51AM Sassy

Pate acquired! Mousse truffee FTW! Wine & Cheese Cask is the best! 

12:06PM Sassy

Mission Christmas Nosh Accomplished! The woman who never goes to the store went to three this morning! In the rain! I am home and staying here. It was getting nutty out there!

Love you right back

December 23, 2016 Friday

7:13AM Sassy
Happy Christmas Eve Eve!  You done shopping?
7:33AM Phil
I am!   Off to buy steaks for dinner and the Christmas ham.  My kid and his crew just rolled in. Six dogs in the house!
How bout you?
7:34AM Sassy
Today is bagging and tagging day!  Got everything, just need to get it into gift bags and write something fun on the tags.  We like to give little hints.
Your kid doing okay these days?
7:58AM Sassy
I read this and thought of you in a sweet way.  Love you kid!
We Don’t Always End Up With The Loves Of Our Lives (And That’s Okay)
By Heidi Priebe, author of The First New Universe 

9:22AM Phil
Wow! Love this. Thank you for sharing 🙂 
Love you right back

5:32PM Sassy
Shopping is done! Presents are bagged and tagged! Almost ready!

Bing Crosby – It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas


S&S Supper

December 22, 2016 Thursday

7:18AM Sassy
Good morning Philip!  Today is “my Friday” and the last work day until 1/3/17!!  So excited for the break!
7:56AM Phil
Woo Hoo! Last day for me too!  Have a fabulous day!
7:57AM Sassy
I closed out Mom’s estate yesterday.  Feel so relieved.
8:57AM Phil
Good deal

5:02PM Sassy
I’m leaving work for the year! 11 days off! Without using a vacation day.
7:28PM Sassy

Celebrating the start of my time off with supper at the S&S Deli in Inman Square Cambridge

Hubby’s French onion soup
Apple squash bisque
Hubby’s salad, steak and chicken tips
Turkey dinner – butternut squash, turkey with stuffing 
and gravy, mashed potoatoes
Blueberry blintzes with sour cream, applesauce and fruit cup

221st task

December 21, 2016 Wednesday

8:02AM Sassy
Good morning!  Have a wonderful Wednesday!!
8:28AM Phil
Good morning! Back at ya

3:23PM Sassy
Ah.. the things an Executor has to do! For those of you keeping track at home, I’ve completed the 221st task to close out my mom’s estate! The estate tax forms went to the estate lawyer today. There are only about 10 more items to deal with in the new year. Phew.  
6:54PM Sassy
Dinner at Jimmy’s Steer House in Arlington.  Of course, I got the fish.  🙂

Delft Room

December 20, 2016 Tuesday

7:15AM Sassy
Good morning kid.  
Up and out early for the cleaners.  Whee.

8:23AM Phil
Good morning!  Have a terrific day!
10:03AM Sassy
You working or playing today?
I’m struggling to balance work and finishing the estate taxes filing for Mom.  Whee!

2:52PM Sassy
Lovely year-end lunch with colleagues at The Red House in Harvard Square in Cambridge
The Delft room – a private dining room upstairs
 Delft decoration
 More Delft 
Lobster chowder

Rogue One

December 17, 2016 Saturday
7:10AM Sassy
Snow #3 – Winter storm Decima
[photo of the view off my balcony with snow on the ground and a snow plow pushing it around]

10:42AM Sassy
Good morning kid! It’s snowing!

4:00PM Sassy
Drove down to Braintree in the snow to see “Rogue One!” Had to go down there because it is sold out everywhere closer to Boston for two weeks! The movie is awesome! So fun to be back in the Star Wars universe for a little while.

The roads were so slippery! I don’t think I’ve ever driven in worse.

4:43PM Sassy

Delicious dinner at JP Seafood in Jamaica Plain

 Miso soup
Quiet dining room late afternoon on a snowy day

Godzilla spicy shrimp tempura maki

Beef bulgoki 
as it’s supposed to be

Hubby’s fish and chips