Nice to be wanted

June 17, 2017 Saturday

4:13 PM Phil
[photo of his cock with pre-cum on the tip, sitting at his desk]

I was just thinking of you

4:15 PM Sassy
Oh my. What about me?

4:25 PM Phil
Well all of you but you were naked

4:25 PM Sassy
What was I doing?

4:28 PM Phil
You were on your hands and knees being fucked hard

4:32 PM Sassy
Mmmm. Sounds fantastic

4:32 PM Phil
There were toys involved

4:35 PM Sassy
Very good

I used my Gigi on Hubby this morning
he has a pinched nerve in his shoulder!

He didn’t see what it was

4:36 PM Phil
You were using it lower on me in my fantasy

4:37 PM Sassy
Oh… between your legs?

4:38 PM Phil
Oh my!
Yes indeed

4:41 PM Sassy
I have been wishing I could explore your lower regions with a toy… learn what makes you moan.

You relaxed on my bed… the vibe buzzing… mmmm

4:49 PM Sassy
Tall ships are in Boston Harbor! A friend posted 20 photos of the US Coast Guard Eagle.

4:52 PM Phil
Wouldn’t take much.

4:57 PM Sassy
I so need some of that… been 6 weeks!

I was fantasizing about you disappearing for an afternoon when you’re in the old hometown…. meeting me at the mall… FUCKING

5:09 PM Phil
Well damn!

Six weeks, you need some cock

5:11 PM Sassy
Gonna go play right now!

Look at some nasty tumblrs and rock

5:12 PM Phil
Mmmm, I like nasty tumblrs

5:13 PM Sassy
If I see something hot, I’ll be sure to send it along

Been rather paltry lately…

5:13 PM Phil
Feel free to send a pic of you too

5:14 PM Sassy
[photo of me in bed on my side with my kitty cat in my arms, rubbing his tummy]

5:20 PM Phil
Ahh rubbing the pussy

5:20 PM Sassy
[photo of my legs spread in bed with my hand between them]

5:21 PM Phil
Mm, like that pussy better

5:21 PM Sassy
Thought you would

[photo of my naked breast, tummy and legs with a toy between my legs]

5:25 PM Phil

5:25 PM Sassy
[photo of my legs with a toy between them]

5:25 PM Phil
[photos of him lying in bed stroking his cock]

5:26 PM Sassy
Oooh yum

5:26 PM Phil
Take good care of that sweet pussy

Fits right where that toy is

5:27 PM Sassy
[photo of my legs spread with a toy on my clit]

5:28 PM Phil
There we go, spread those legs, mmm

[photo of his cock in his hand lying on his bed]

5:29 PM Sassy
My hands could be there

5:29 PM Phil

Oh yes

5:29 PM Sassy
Pump it.

5:30 PM Phil
Like to pump it in you
Hope that’s helping moisten things up
Feels good

5:33 PM Sassy

5:34 PM Phil
Mmm, nice!

5:43 PM Phil
You need a tongue to go with that toy, lapping up those sweet juices

5:43 PM Sassy

5:44 PM Phil
Oooh there we go!

5:44 PM Sassy
Target for your tongue

5:46 PM Phil

Or for that

5:47 PM Sassy
One then the other.

5:47 PM Phil
Or both! One will spray your burning hot pussy with cream

I remember being the first to cum in your sweet pussy is some time. Felt so good cumming inside you and you seemed to enjoy it as much as I did

5:51 PM Sassy
10 years without

5:52 PM Phil
Still very fresh in my memory

5:52 PM Sassy
Hottest night of my life

5:54 PM Phil
Oh just cause I tore your pants off and stuck my tongue inside you followed very soon by my cock, I’m sure it happens all the time

ūüėõ it was spectacular

5:57 PM Sassy
You were so good to me

5:59 PM Phil
It was hot and sexy and fun and you were pretty good to me too
And we found some good food too

6:00 PM Sassy
Perfect night
And I played the old a cappella tunes

6:02 PM Phil
Wonderful. Those were good times.

I can’t see a girl in overalls without thinking about having a handful of your ass and tits


I smile every time I go by that Thai place

6:03 PM Sassy
I know so much more now…tough to believe but it could be even better

6:04 PM Phil
You are a bit more experienced and adventurous.
I’m intrigued by the toys too

6:07 PM Sassy
I want you

6:09 PM Phil
Nice to be wanted XXoo

6:09 PM Sassy
Oh yes

Fingers exploring

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March 10, 2017 Friday
From: TimmyTim
To: Sassy
Date: Fri Mar 10, 2017 at 6:08 AM
Subject: FRIDAY!

It’s finally Friday! No more waking up early! Not snowing yet at 6:00, but¬†the air smelled like weather and glorious! So get your caffeinated¬†beverage and attack your day!
Look at your schedule and see what works for you next week! I’ll check¬†to see what our plans are around the potential snow storm. I just so¬†want to put my arms around you and make you squirm with pleasure!¬†

Do you think we could talk on the phone Sunday night?! We could catch up on our lives and have a real sassy time. Oh I just want to intertwine my body with your beautiful body! I want to give you the pleasure you give me every time we meet! You are such an erotic, sexy soul! We can talk about our next phase of the syllabus! John Henry misses you!
Hugs with fingers exploring our most intimate, sensitive parts!
Take care,
From: Sassy
To: TimmyTim
Date: Fri Mar 10, 2017 at 8:09 AM
Happy Friday T!  
It’s snowing! ¬†I’m rolling to work! ¬†I’m thinking of you!¬†¬†
I’ll look at my work calendar and let you know. ¬†Boss is out today so it should be a calm¬†day.¬†¬†
Talking to you Sunday sounds awesome!  What time Sunday?  I have a meeting at 5 pm but nothing else planned.
I got Gigi going big time last night, thinking of you and all the fun we’ll have! ¬†Mmm¬†mmm mmm.¬†¬†
Be careful in the snow.  Imagine us clandestinly kissing in a doorway with the snow swirling!
Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

Always amazing

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March 9, 2017 Thursday

From: TimmyTim
To: Sassy
Date: Thu Mar 9, 2017 at 6:01 AM
Subject: Thursday already!
It’s Thursday, or the day of the Germanic god Thor! In Latin it was Mars¬†day! So this is a day to do battle! But on the peaceful side, only one¬†more day to wake up early!
Now, for a “triste”, would Thursday, weather pending be an option? I¬†just have to see you, hold you, feel you, taste you!
Let me know!
Hugs with deep penetration!
Take care,
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From: Sassy
To: TimmyTim
Date: Thu Mar 9, 2017 at 8:29 AM
Re: Thursday already!
Hiya T,
Hope you’re having a terrific Thursday! ¬†I am off work, going to see the tax accountant¬†first thing. ¬†Whee! ¬†It will be so good to take anothet step to finish tasks for Mom and my¬†annual chore. ¬†I hope I have all the right papers. ¬†For the past few years, I’d go to H&R¬†Block, sit there for over an hour, then be told to go find a bunch of other papers! ¬†Ugh.¬†¬†
Do you follow the Iditarod?  I had fun looking at doggies and beautiful Alaskan scenery last night as the leaders crossed on to the Yukon River.  
Not sure what we’ll do the rest of the day…hope for a nice lunch and a nap. ¬†I got Gigi¬†out last night and can report she’s back in fine form! ¬†Maybe I can use her again today!¬†¬†And think of you. ¬†Mmmm
Next Thursday sounds fantastic! ¬†But let me get back to my calendar at the office¬†tomorrow to be sure. ¬†Do you want to come here or have another idea? ¬†I’m so excited¬†to be with you again! ¬†I want you to feel so amazing!
Gotta roll.  More later!
Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android
From: TimmyTim
To: Sassy
Date: Thu Mar 9, 2017 at 2:29 PM
Re: Thursday already!
for me with you, it is always amazing!
Hugs witha huge erection!
Take care,

wet, wet, wet

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March 8, 2017 Wednesday
From: TimmyTim
To: Sassy
Date: Wed Mar 8, 2017 at 6:01 AM
Subject: Humping day
It’s hump day again! How is my hump partner?! We got to¬†celebrate hump day soon! But once up the weekend is¬†practically here. You’ll be happy that it is warm outside,¬†but it is wet, wet, wet! We need the rain though. Talking about¬†wet, how is Gigi?
I have my thoughts about our next meeting which should be¬†next week! But what are you thinking? After watching¬†tumblr videos, I would love to lick you while using your long toy!¬†Then the thought of us bent over in front of the mirror just¬†turns me so on. I love how deep I can go in you from behind¬†and it’s like John Henry was just made for you. Maybe we¬†can try the “headboard” position again!
I have a million questions for you but I will write later when my brain is more focused. Right now John Henry is in charge!
Hugs while making passionate love!
Take care,
Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone
From: Sassy
To: TimmyTim
Date: Wed Mar 8, 2017 at 7:37 AM
Re: Humping day
Good morning T! ¬†Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! ¬†Even if it’s wet…
I’m under the covers indulging in the fantasy of rolling over and waking you up in a sexy¬†way. ¬†Mmm…
Your fantasies have me nodding…yes, yes, oh yes!!
I fell asleep at 7 pm last night so no Gigi. ¬†But she’s charged up and ready when I get¬†time!¬†¬†
Put your hand on your knee and rub…imagine my hand there and where it will go next. ¬†ūüėČ

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Straight not narrow

March 5. 2017 Sunday

From: Sassy 

To: TimmyTim

Date: Sun Mar 5, 2017 at 12:47 PM
Subject: But it’s cold outside…
Hope you are relaxing and keeping warm this cold Sunday morning! I can think of a few ways to warm you up! Just thinking about them is already making me warm (and John Henry stand at attention)!
Hope you had fun celebrating hubby’s B-day yesterday. I like¬†going to the beach on my B-day. How about you? What do¬†you like for your B-day? Anything special?
I am going to a fitness club because the doctor said my¬†blood pressure is boarder line and if I don’t work out, eat¬†better and watch it, he would put me on a beta blocker. Did¬†my research and found they can cause erectile dysfunction,¬†so I started this health thing! Yes, I’m going to use you as a¬†cardiac exercise when we meet! Today will be my third time¬†and I am feeling better. Didn’t realize I was so out of shape!
Now I should be prepping for work, but you make it so easy to procrastinate!
So you have your first trans-gender worker. I had my first¬†transgendered student about 16 years ago when the world¬†was not yet enlightened. Lost a few co-worker friends¬†while advocating for him. Learned so much.¬†Figured I didn’t need those narrow minded “friends.”¬† I have¬†always maintained I am straight but not narrow. At least our¬†company¬†is rejecting that Trump garbage about not hiring transgendered¬†people. I have one now who is confused. The¬†present Idiot In Chief is not helping! ¬†
Hope to hear how you are keeping warm and I hope (work promises but has not said anything) to have our training schedule early this week so we can have some heart healthy fun!
Hugs with a good romp in bed!
Take care,
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From: Sassy
To: TimmyTim
Date: Sun Mar 5, 2017 at 4:45 PM
Re: But it’s cold outside…
Hiya T!  
How’s your Sunday going? ¬†Hope you are warm and happy.¬†¬†
I am tackling triple tax prep for my mom, her estate and¬†myself, getting things ready for the new accountant. ¬†It is one¬†of my least favorite chores! ¬†Luckily I make up a series of¬†folders and toss things in all year, so I only have to organize¬†them and total up the medical expenses etc. ¬†I finished Mom’s¬†stuff and am taking a break before doing mine. ¬†I puzzled over¬†whether expenses incurred before death but paid after count as¬†mom or her estate… noted the details so the accountant can¬†do what’s right.¬† ¬†
When you were writing, I was playing! ¬†Hubby was out getting¬†breakfast, so I had fun with the silver bullet and tumblr and¬†thoughts of John Henry and BOOM! ¬†Hee hee… I wish you were¬†here to warm me up… make me burn. ¬†Mmm… I’d do the¬†same for you!¬†¬†
It is lovely when Hubby has a birthday and I get to tag along¬†on his food adventures. ¬†And he is unusually nice to me,¬†noticing me in ways he does not most of the year. I get that¬†treatment on Valentine’s, my birthday, his birthday and our¬†anniversary. ¬†Of course it’s a double-edged sword because it¬†makes me aware he is capable of doing it, just…doesn’t the¬†rest of the year. ¬†*sigh
The beach is great for my birthday!  I try to get up to Gloucester to Lobsta Land for lobster, and find a beautiful ocean view at Good Harbor.  Or go down to Rhode Island to my favorite restaurant, The Boat House on Mount Hope Bay in Tiverton RI.   
Glad that you can do the gym thing if that’s what they say will¬†help. ¬†I went to a gym while I was unemployed for 4 months in¬†2003. ¬†I lost 30 pounds but hated every moment of it. ¬†Hope it¬†isn’t like that for you!¬†
I have a button that says “Straight but not narrow!” ¬†I am so¬†glad you help people who need advocates and understanding and¬†support. ¬†That can make such a difference. ¬†You would have¬†smiled at the Oscars when several of the winners thanked their¬†teachers! ¬†No one ever thanks the office administrator. ¬†Heh.
We’re headed out for sushi with another of Hubby’s lady friends¬†and her beau. ¬†She is a lot of fun – won big bucks on¬†“Jeopardy!” a year ago and puts some of her winnings to good use¬†doing social stuff with friends.¬†
Hugs with John Henry deep down my throat. 

Hugs with toys

March 3, 2017 Friday

From: TimmyTim
To: Sassy
Date: Fri Mar 3, 2017 at 6:02 AM
Subject: Friday!

It’s Friday! You made it, once you are up, it’s just a downhill slide to the¬†weekend!
Worked out yesterday for the first time in the 21 century, and I am in pain and over slept! So I will write more after workl! So much to talk about!
Can I pull a rabbit out of your hat! Is John Henry’s friend Gigi going yet?!
Hugs with toys!
Take care,
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From: Sassy
To: TimmyTim
Date: Fri Mar 3, 2017 at 10:35 PM
Re: Friday!
Hiya T! ¬†Hope you had a Happy Friday! ¬†And stayed warm… I¬†was not prepared for the sudden shift in temperature! ¬†Brrr….¬†
What possessed you to go to the gym and overdo it?  Hope the pain goes away!  
No Gigi Рstill waiting on the cord.  Silver bullet fills in nicely.  
Today was wacky… ¬†had a new worker show up at 9:15 am.¬†¬†First trans person that I know of that we’ve hired. ¬†Nifty! ¬†Then¬†an hour with the boss, who as usual, loaded me down with four¬†more projects on top of the 15 I told her about. ¬†*sigh¬†
It’s been a lovely evening… quiet… Chinese food… thinking of¬†you and smiling!¬†
Take care! 

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Rabbit trick

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March 2, 2017 Thursday
From: TimmyTim
To: Sassy
Date: Thur Mar 2, 2017 at 6:07 AM
Subject: Thursday Already!
Once you are up, it practically Friday already! So start planning that weekend!
The problem with the dentist was she couldn’t deaden the¬†tooth she was working on! I had like 5 novicain shots, so my¬†face was dead but the tooth was raw and painful! Worst of¬†both worlds! I went to sleep when I got home which threw my¬†whole evening off! Feel much better today, but I’m behind in¬†my work!
I saw a great video of a woman having oral while using a toy!¬†We should try that next time! Once the new training schedule¬†comes out, we can make some plans for some magic¬†moments together! That’s what I’m calling them because our¬†time together is truly magic!
Giving some quizzes today but otherwise today is pretty easy in the training realm today!
How does your day shape up?
Hugs with a little toy!
Take care,
Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone
From: Sassy
To: TimmyTim
Date: Thur Mar 2, 2017 at 7:15 PM
Re: Thursday Already!
Hiya T! ¬†Hope you’re having a lovely Thursday evening. ¬†How’d¬†the quizzes go?¬†¬†
I had a wacky day! ¬†I took a huge file of data and sorted and¬†chopped it up to make email lists to send out hundreds of¬†invitations to two receptions, and made four more lists to post¬†on the web. ¬†My eyeballs are about to fall out! ¬†I always think it¬†can get it done in one day but something always interrupts me¬†so it takes part of two days. ¬†At least I know that so I don’t¬†wait until the day before the deadline! ¬†I have to do this painful¬†project twice a year and it feels like hitting myself over and¬†over with a 2 x 4…. it will feel great when I stop!¬†¬†
Dental stuff is so gross! ¬†I was at the dentist years ago and he¬†couldn’t numb a back tooth enough to pull it, so he put me into¬†a cab (full of Demorall and 10 shots of Novocaine) and sent me¬†across Boston to an oral surgeon! ¬†I stumbled in and there¬†were four 6 foot plus tall thin black women assistants and a¬†tiny 8 months pregnant dentist! ¬†I couldn’t think enough to fill¬†out any paperwork or answer any questions, so they just¬†popped me into the chair and I prepared for some new torture.¬†¬†The dentist reached into my mouth with these tiny tweezers¬†and pulled out the tooth in 3 seconds. ¬†I was stunned! ¬†She was¬†a miracle worker!¬†¬†
You have a great idea there… I am so glad you’re not¬†intimidated by the toys and can see how to use them and your¬†skills to make me swoon! ¬†We are magic… mmmm…. just don’t¬†pull rabbits out of my vagina, okay?¬†¬†
Hubby is out, so I can play!¬†¬†I’m off to do that now!!¬†
Mwah!  Squeeze JH for me! 

Fingers and tongue

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March 1, 2017 Wednesday

From: TimmyTim
To: Sassy
Date: Wed Mar 1, 2017 at 6:02 AM
Hump Day
Happy Hump Day! My favorite since meeting you! Hope you had a wonderful day yesterday. With your picture, John Henry did!
Went to dentist and I am still in pain! Just feeling a bit under the weather today!
Will write more later, but until then…. Use Gigi.
Hugs with fingers and tongue…
Take care,
Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone
From: Sassy
To: TimmyTim
Date: Wed Mar 1, 2017 at 10:37 AM
Re: Hump Day
Good morning T!  
How’s your mouth today? ¬†Hope the dental pain is ebbing!¬†
Yesterday was nuts at work… someone decided it would be a¬†good idea to hire 5 new interns… to start Thursday! ¬†Ugh.¬†¬†Today looks to be a little quieter and the boss is in the other¬†office so it should be a great day!¬†¬†
So happy to hear JH had fun. ¬†Thinking about that helps me¬†have fun!¬†Sadly Gigi is out of commission for now. I managed¬†to damage the USB cord so I had to order a new one and it¬†takes 3 days to get it! ¬†Imagine me with the big silver bullet for¬†now. ¬†ūüėȬ†
Enjoy the warm weather this afternoon.  May the heat make you think of me!  

Your panty gusset

Mr Truck tries to get in touch.¬† He forgets that Yahoo chat doesn’t ping me anymore, so he should email me first.¬† So I don’t see it for days and he doesn’t see my replies and… sigh.¬† At least he tries!¬†¬†

He is so predictable… wants to know if I am willing to meet.¬† Doesn’t ever make a meet happen, just wants to know if I will.¬† At least I know better not to get my hopes up.¬† sigh

He does have such a sexy way with words! 

Here’s the exchange from the past week:


from Yahoo chat

Truck Feb 16, 1:13 PM

Hey darlin’¬†
how are you doing?
still have that boyfriend who’s¬†taking care of all your needs? ūüėČ


Sassy Feb 17, 10:56 PM
Hiya hot stuff! 
How’re you¬†doing?¬†
I’m rolling along…¬†
never see anyone enough to meet my need but I have a new toy that helps!


Truck Feb 18, 1:40 PM
Ah new toys are always news!
Might you ever still be interested in getting together again?
Gonna have a few days next month 
March 9-11 free

Truck Feb 18, 2:24 PM
Weather is getting better!

Sassy Feb 18, 7:17 PM
Sure! Let’s see what we can¬†work out. ūüėČ


Truck Feb 20, 1:29 PM
Wow I’m so excited you’re at¬†least enthusiastic about the¬†possibility!
I’ve been fantasizing a lot about¬†how it would be to photograph¬†you in various stages of undress¬†and stages of arousal

Truck Feb 20, 2:07 PM
Using my finger, I want to slowly¬†and gently trace the folds of your¬†pussy lips, from outside your¬†panties, while kissing and¬†fondling your creamy white inner¬†thighs and tummy…keep it up¬†until you make a wet spot in your¬†panty gusset‚Ķ

Chat #4 The Trainer Memories and Fantasies

February 19, 2017 Sunday

From: TimmyTim

To: Sassy
Date: Sunday, February 19, 2017 12:33 PM
Subject: Re: Saturday signs

my brain is still in a daze! you up for a chat?


From: Sassy

To: TimmyTim
Date: Sun Feb 19, 2017 at 12:49 PM
Re: Saturday signs

Hiya! Did I miss you? Waaaaah!

Hope you’re having a fun Sunday.

What is dazing you? Which memories are uppermost?

So happy to hear I can give you sexy things to think about.



From: TimmyTim

To: Sassy
Date: Sunday, February 19, 2017 12:57 PM
Subject: Re: Saturday signs


Hope you are still there!


From: Sassy
To: TimmyTim
Date: Sun Feb 19, 2017 at 1:01 PM
Re: Saturday signs

I am here. Where are you? ūüôā

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from Yahoo chat

Tim Feb 19, 12:22 PM
you around at all
Sassy Feb 19, 12:47 PM
Did I miss you?
Tim Feb 19, 12:58 PM
no, i am here
i had a wild mind blowing time
hope we did not miss each other
just email if back on, i made it ding so i’ll know you are on
Sassy Feb 19, 12:59 PM
I’m here!
Tim Feb 19, 1:02 PM
Sassy Feb 19, 1:02 PM
Tim Feb 19, 1:02 PM
i got about an hour
Sassy Feb 19, 1:02 PM
Tim Feb 19, 1:02 PM
you were so awesome friday
i all i can think about
Sassy Feb 19, 1:02 PM
Awwww… you were HOT
What are you remembering?
Tim Feb 19, 1:03 PM
I loved when we were making love from behind
Sassy Feb 19, 1:03 PM
Tim Feb 19, 1:03 PM
you are the perfect fit for me
John Henry gets hard every time i think back
what about you
Sassy Feb 19, 1:04 PM
So many great moments…
Tim Feb 19, 1:04 PM
what did you like the best
Sassy Feb 19, 1:05 PM
I enjoyed you watching me play and then enhancing it
I enjoyed you in my mouth
And you deep inside me… the look on your face
Tim Feb 19, 1:05 PM
you fufilled my fanasy of watching you masturbate
Sassy Feb 19, 1:05 PM
It was weird at first but you made it good
Tim Feb 19, 1:06 PM
so glad
i learned how your body worked and now know how to pleasure more
Sassy Feb 19, 1:06 PM
That was brilliant… never had that
Tim Feb 19, 1:07 PM
me too
I also liked cumming on your belly
Sassy Feb 19, 1:07 PM
I liked when you opened your coat and John Henry was making such a big tent
Tim Feb 19, 1:08 PM
that was all you, beautiful
Sassy Feb 19, 1:08 PM
Never had that either… seemed so intimate
Tim Feb 19, 1:09 PM
it was very intimate, don’t ever want to lose that
you just get me sooooo….
Sassy Feb 19, 1:10 PM
That makes my day… you deserve it!
Sassy makes me believe I’m sexy
Tim Feb 19, 1:11 PM
oh, you are!!!!
Just wish it never ended
what have you been doing on your vacation
Sassy Feb 19, 1:12 PM
Not a lot… it’s glorious!
Tim Feb 19, 1:12 PM
went out yesterday with my step daughter
Sassy Feb 19, 1:14 PM
That must be a nice escape…
Tim Feb 19, 1:14 PM
we have been doing the same outing each season 
amazing to see it in the different light
Sassy Feb 19, 1:15 PM
Tim Feb 19, 1:16 PM
i love being out and about 
planning big trips for the summer 
Sassy Feb 19, 1:17 PM
I used to do a lot of that
Tim Feb 19, 1:18 PM
We have fun planning and then even more doing it

Sassy Feb 19, 1:19 PM
I hope you’ll share some photos?¬†
Tim Feb 19, 1:19 PM

Sassy Feb 19, 1:19 PM
My dad always took amazing photos.  
Tim Feb 19, 1:20 PM
I do have a fantasy about you, outside
Sassy Feb 19, 1:20 PM
Oh? My my…¬†
Tim Feb 19, 1:21 PM
Always had the fantasy 
but now I have a face to put in the fantasy
Sassy Feb 19, 1:21 PM
The thought is kinda scary but you could probably make it okay
Tim Feb 19, 1:22 PM
have you seen any new sexy things online?
Sassy Feb 19, 1:22 PM
Oh yes…
Tim Feb 19, 1:22 PM
Sassy Feb 19, 1:23 PM
even saw photos this morning! With naked women on them!
Tim Feb 19, 1:23 PM
Sassy Feb 19, 1:23 PM
and I checked skincast
Tim Feb 19, 1:24 PM
let me take a quick look!
i see a theme on that site!
Sassy Feb 19, 1:24 PM
There’s a wild video… something I’ve never seen before
know about glory holes?
Tim Feb 19, 1:25 PM
ill have to check it out, but until then, what happened
Sassy Feb 19, 1:25 PM
I’ve seen lots¬†with the woman sucking the man
Tim Feb 19, 1:25 PM
but id rather see your face
Sassy Feb 19, 1:25 PM
But this had a woman’s legs and holes sticking through, and the guy was giving her oral or fucking her!
Tim Feb 19, 1:26 PM
you are so cute
Sassy Feb 19, 1:26 PM
They had pasted a crude drawing of her face on the wall above the hall. Wacky!
Tim Feb 19, 1:26 PM
i like the thought
but yes that is weird
Sassy Feb 19, 1:26 PM
So all these men are standing around a room with like 8 holes and women’s parts¬†coming out of them!
Tim Feb 19, 1:27 PM
sounds like japanese porn
Sassy Feb 19, 1:27 PM
Looked Russian
Tim Feb 19, 1:27 PM
ah post-Soviet porn,  Ha
Sassy Feb 19, 1:27 PM
When do you go away?
Tim Feb 19, 1:28 PM
i leave tuesday
might have time to chat monday night
Sassy Feb 19, 1:28 PM
Tim Feb 19, 1:29 PM
oh, how i want to be in your arms
but we never took pictures friday
Sassy Feb 19, 1:29 PM
I know! I thought of it once but we were….¬†
I’ll put my phone nearby so I can just grab it
next time
Tim Feb 19, 1:29 PM
yeah, once you get me going, John Henry takes over
Sassy Feb 19, 1:30 PM
When you asked about me having looked at my pussy, I was thinking you could take a photo or two
Good for us both
Tim Feb 19, 1:30 PM
yes it would
you have no picture?
Sassy Feb 19, 1:30 PM
Not of that area.
Tim Feb 19, 1:30 PM
I thought any guy would want that memento
Sassy Feb 19, 1:30 PM
Lots  of my other parts!
Tim Feb 19, 1:30 PM
like what
Sassy Feb 19, 1:31 PM
I am trying to find a way I can post them somewhere online where you could look when you want but they¬†wouldn’t be on your phone
Tim Feb 19, 1:31 PM
i would only open on computer
Sassy Feb 19, 1:31 PM
Tim Feb 19, 1:32 PM
then delete after so they never appear on the phone
Sassy Feb 19, 1:32 PM
Browse incognito or clear the history and mostly safe.
Tim Feb 19, 1:32 PM
Sassy Feb 19, 1:32 PM
It’s tricky but Google docs may work
Like that link I sent you with the story
Tim Feb 19, 1:33 PM
lets try
could you resend in an email, i do clean my emails for safety
Sassy Feb 19, 1:33 PM
Resend what?
Tim Feb 19, 1:34 PM
the google docs link
Sassy Feb 19, 1:34 PM
Tim Feb 19, 1:36 PM
is there anything you desire that we did not try
Sassy Feb 19, 1:36 PM
Oh yes… I need to make a list. ūüôā
Okay… I tried something different
Tim Feb 19, 1:36 PM
Sassy Feb 19, 1:38 PM
I sent it so in theory only you can see it, through your Yahoo account
Tell me if that let’s you in
In theory, it sent you an invite with a special URL
If that works, I will feel much safer about sharing photos
The way I shared the story was to make it public before, so anyone with the link could see. Because linking to¬†Yahoo accounts¬†from Google sometimes doesn’t work
Tim Feb 19, 1:39 PM
not working yet, but I need time to play
maybe we could look the next time we meet
Sassy Feb 19, 1:40 PM
I just accepted a request from Franco… may I share with that account?
Tim Feb 19, 1:41 PM
let me make a new one since I open that at school, so do not accept
Sassy Feb 19, 1:41 PM
Tim Feb 19, 1:41 PM
I will do so before monday chat
Sassy Feb 19, 1:41 PM
okay. We’ll figure it out.
I hate that it won’t work with other email
Tim Feb 19, 1:41 PM
you did not accept, right
i know
Sassy Feb 19, 1:42 PM
I think I did, let me look
Tim Feb 19, 1:43 PM
do you have any fantasy that we did not do friday
Sassy Feb 19, 1:44 PM
You standing beside the bed by the mirror
me sucking on you
So you can see it in the mirror and I can see too
Tim Feb 19, 1:45 PM
that turns me on too
Sassy Feb 19, 1:45 PM
You in my kitchen
Doing various things. ūüėČ
Tim Feb 19, 1:45 PM
that sound delicious
Sassy Feb 19, 1:45 PM
So when I go in there… memories!
You in my shower
Tim Feb 19, 1:45 PM
wow, you have made my brain mush
Sassy Feb 19, 1:46 PM
Getting me clean… then dirty
then clean again
Tim Feb 19, 1:46 PM
like that
Sassy Feb 19, 1:46 PM
You have any?
There’s 3 to muddle your mind. ūüôā
Tim Feb 19, 1:46 PM
did you like it when i put my finger in your ass?
Sassy Feb 19, 1:47 PM
I’m still deciding about that
Been thinking about it
Tim Feb 19, 1:47 PM
i should have added lube 
and we should have talked about it
Sassy Feb 19, 1:47 PM
Definitely willing to keep trying stuff
Tim Feb 19, 1:47 PM
it was erotic
Sassy Feb 19, 1:47 PM
Oh good!
Tim Feb 19, 1:49 PM
i want to plesae you in all different ways
you are so erotic and sexy
you still there
Sassy Feb 19, 1:49 PM
I was having trouble shutting up “real me”
It will get easier…
Tim Feb 19, 1:51 PM
why, don’t, you are sexy and should explore to know what makes you happy
i want to make you happy
because that makes me happy
Sassy Feb 19, 1:52 PM
Sassy is sailing along, enjoying experimenting, and “real me” is yelling about germs and being a hussy
Tim Feb 19, 1:52 PM
we can bring in wipes or just explore new avenues
Sassy Feb 19, 1:52 PM
You are in a class by yourself that way
Tim Feb 19, 1:53 PM
i dont want you to be uncomfortable
Sassy Feb 19, 1:53 PM
I appreciate that so much
Tim Feb 19, 1:53 PM
do you have a favorite position with me yet
Sassy Feb 19, 1:53 PM
They all have their plusses… want to try more
Tim Feb 19, 1:54 PM
yes, all
Sassy Feb 19, 1:54 PM
and re-do many of them
Was also thinking of using the mirror for doggy, so I can see your face and you can see mine
Tim Feb 19, 1:55 PM
we should explore on internet together first
then have a common idea of how to proceed
Sassy Feb 19, 1:55 PM
Sounds great! 
Fill those lonely days when you are there and I am here
Tim Feb 19, 1:55 PM
but mirror sound awesome
Sassy Feb 19, 1:55 PM
Tim Feb 19, 1:55 PM
john henry is
Sassy Feb 19, 1:56 PM
He is amazing…
Tim Feb 19, 1:56 PM
i just want to be in your arms so bad
Sassy Feb 19, 1:56 PM
Did you have fun seeing all the toys?
Tim Feb 19, 1:56 PM
i like them
Sassy Feb 19, 1:56 PM
Wacky, most of them
Tim Feb 19, 1:57 PM
gigi anf John Henry are friends
Sassy Feb 19, 1:57 PM
Tim Feb 19, 1:57 PM
do you like to use them with me
Sassy Feb 19, 1:57 PM
I need to learn more about them…¬†
I am pretty much only what you saw…¬†
must be other fun things to do
Tim Feb 19, 1:57 PM
yes, we can explore together
Sassy Feb 19, 1:57 PM
I need to find more ways to give you pleasure with them
Tim Feb 19, 1:58 PM
using them on you gave me great pleasure
Sassy Feb 19, 1:58 PM
I get so brainless…¬†
look back now and think “Why didn’t I do X” or say Y…
No brain. Duh
Tim Feb 19, 1:58 PM
your face, watching it go in and out of you was amazing
Sassy Feb 19, 1:59 PM
I was making faces?
Tim Feb 19, 1:59 PM
you were perfect
you have the sexiest pleasure face
Sassy Feb 19, 1:59 PM
But brainless can be good…¬†
means i am not second-guessing or over-thinking…¬†
just feeling, enjoying
Tim Feb 19, 2:00 PM
it is the thing i treasure most when i think back
Sassy Feb 19, 2:00 PM
My face?
Tim Feb 19, 2:00 PM
Sassy Feb 19, 2:00 PM
Or using Gigi on me?
John Henry likes being inside…
Tim Feb 19, 2:01 PM
just being able to be us is the sexiest thing of all
yes he does
Sassy Feb 19, 2:01 PM
I need to tell you a secret
Tim Feb 19, 2:01 PM
i like the whole picture
what is your secret
Sassy Feb 19, 2:01 PM
I bought a Hillary action figure
Tim Feb 19, 2:02 PM
Sassy Feb 19, 2:02 PM
It makes me smile
Tim Feb 19, 2:02 PM
i so wish she won
Sassy Feb 19, 2:02 PM
Feb 19, 2:02 PM
why do men fear a strong woman?
Sassy Feb 19, 2:03 PM
would be so different
In many ways, she is me
I took it very personally
Tim Feb 19, 2:03 PM
yup, but may be impeachment will bring someone much better
 Elizabeth Warren?

Sassy Feb 19, 2:03 PM
They can’t have her! She’s ours!
Tim Feb 19, 2:04 PM
i think many secure men think the same way
i want to hug you so much right now
Sassy Feb 19, 2:05 PM
I saw the figure on sale and kept looking at it and giggling and decided I had to have it.
Partly for the history of it…
I never buy stuff like that, or much for myself
Tim Feb 19, 2:05 PM
i have a sigmund freud action figure
Sassy Feb 19, 2:05 PM
Oh my!
I’ve seen those
Tim Feb 19, 2:05 PM
got it in london at his last office/museum
Sassy Feb 19, 2:05 PM
Does it have a cigar?
Tim Feb 19, 2:05 PM
Sassy Feb 19, 2:05 PM
Hee hee
Tim Feb 19, 2:07 PM
helps me to talk to him when i deal with a difficult day
and i see the same with you and hillary
can we pledge to always be friends first!
Sassy Feb 19, 2:07 PM
I’d like that
First friends… then what? FWB?
Never mind… don’t need labels
Tim Feb 19, 2:07 PM
talk about everything on our minds
Sassy Feb 19, 2:08 PM
That way there be dragons!
Yep… so strange and wonderful not to filter
Tim Feb 19, 2:08 PM
care about each other and just talk when we need to just talk
Sassy Feb 19, 2:08 PM
How did you get so smart about all this emo stuff?
Tim Feb 19, 2:09 PM
i know that we are exploring our bodies, but lets also attend our minds
i am a hopeless romantic, i need it all
and you are so special
Sassy Feb 19, 2:10 PM
It does make things much more satisfying
Tim Feb 19, 2:10 PM
you still there
didnt see your response
Sassy Feb 19, 2:10 PM
Tim Feb 19, 2:11 PM
it does
so how is the community project going? 
something we both love
Sassy Feb 19, 2:11 PM
Rolling along… big event Friday
Tim Feb 19, 2:12 PM
Sassy Feb 19, 2:12 PM
Tim Feb 19, 2:12 PM
oh, I read about people doing that years ago
Sassy Feb 19, 2:12 PM
It’s wacky
Tim Feb 19, 2:12 PM
It’s awesome
Sassy Feb 19, 2:13 PM
Hope everyone thinks so
Tim Feb 19, 2:13 PM
maybe i should try to attend, or would that be too weird
Sassy Feb 19, 2:13 PM
That would be great, if you can swing it
I’ll email you the details
Tim Feb 19, 2:14 PM
i would like that
may be we could hug in the dark
Sassy Feb 19, 2:15 PM
Tim Feb 19, 2:15 PM
is your hubby going to be there?
Sassy Feb 19, 2:15 PM
He’s working on something else for later in the year
Tim Feb 19, 2:16 PM
just read the times, but where 

Sassy Feb 19, 2:16 PM
Tim Feb 19, 2:16 PM
In a big space? 
Sassy Feb 19, 2:16 PM
Tim Feb 19, 2:16 PM
Sassy Feb 19, 2:16 PM
closer to the date?
Tim Feb 19, 2:17 PM
Sassy Feb 19, 2:17 PM
I will get you in for free. ūüôā
Tim Feb 19, 2:17 PM
sorry if i was a nudge
Sassy Feb 19, 2:17 PM
no worries
Tim Feb 19, 2:17 PM
ill repay you in favors
Sassy Feb 19, 2:17 PM
Tim Feb 19, 2:18 PM
i have to go, but can you chat monday evening?
Sassy Feb 19, 2:18 PM
Should be around
Enjoy the rest of your day!
Don’t think about my boobs too much
Tim Feb 19, 2:19 PM
and we can look at calendars and meet again
Sassy Feb 19, 2:19 PM
Mwah mwah mwah
Tim Feb 19, 2:20 PM
i always think of your boobs
and how i can turn you on
but you know they turn me on
Sassy Feb 19, 2:20 PM
Mmm hmmm
Tim Feb 19, 2:21 PM
until then, kisses, hugs and friendship
Sassy Feb 19, 2:21 PM
Long hug with a big ass grope!


From: Sassy

To: TimmyTim
Date: Sun Feb 19, 2017 at 9:17 PM
Subject: Sunday night

Hiya T! Hope the rest of your Sunday went well.

It was marvelous to chat! I am thinking over so many things you said! Though I must say now that I have met you in person, chatting seems like such a pale substitute for being with you! It is definitely better than nothing but makes me want to touch you and see your smile and hear you talk!

The rest of my day has been quiet. Ordinarily, I would’ve been out somewhere enjoying the weather and a nice meal somewhere, but with Hubby’s leg so bad, I have to stay around here and try to keep him seated.

I took a nap for a couple of hours, ordered dinner delivered from a Mexican/Korean fusion place in Allston called Olitoki and chatted with avgal pal and my younger sister. And thought of you!

Here’s to time together to explore… mmm…