New toys

November 5, 2015 Thursday
Good morning kid!

8:38am Phil 
Good morning!

Got outside for lunch again!  So warm!  Made it all the way to the Chinese truck.  Tried the “hot & numb chicken”…spicy! 


I got three new toys.   : )


2 little silver bullets and one “Ultra elongated” big bullet

I’m playing

October 11, 2015 Sunday



Good morning kid!
Pass me that bacon?





Damn. You know how to live it up!

Now put your hand on my knee and slowly go higher until you discover I’m not wearing panties.



Oh cool, I like that!


I’d like to be finger fucked.




Ooh, I like to finger fuck [devil emoticon]



lick your finger.



I did, licked my fingers after finger ducking you on the bus in high school
and out behind the cafeteria
and in your room


You naughty kid!
 I adored that kid.

Kiss me…let me taste too



Happy to share, let me slip my cock in and you can taste your sweet juices and me 

Or I can simply lick that sweet pussy and then kiss you.
You will be all over my lips and tongue



Yes please



Ha ha!



Long, slow licks…with some flicks



But of course


Mmm that makes me pulse.
 Press a finger in and feel that



I like to feel your pussy squeeze like that, specially when I’m inside



Inner muscles can do magic.



Mmm hmmm



You have on shorts?



I do 

But I took them off



[photo looking down his body in the shower]



[close-up photo of his hard cock]



Oh my…where are you?!



Jumping in the shower to wash off and relieve a little tension



[photo from above in the shower with him smiling] 






[photo of his cock with his hand around it]



That helps



I’m playing



I see!







[photo of him toasting the camera at some big event under a tent]



New glasses? Sexy…



[photo of him smiling]



Just me



Your smile melts me…






[photo of him with his pal]



My buddy from the service



What a pair! Love to be the meat in that sandwich





Just jokin, you know.



Have to be some tasty cold cuts



Only really interested in the warm meat from you



I got some warm meat for you 

Dinner at the Scarlet Oak Tavern in Hingham

 The foliage
 The place
 The clam chowder
 Free sourdough and corn bread, 
with the special Thai chicken soup
 Jumbo crab cake with house made tartar sauce and slaw
 Filet mignon with bearnaise, baked potato 
and creamed corn souffle
Apple spice cake with vanilla ice cream

Getting out a toy

June 2015

June 1, 2015 Monday

Good morning kid! I’m heading back to the office and trying not to be too cranky about it. Have a marvelous Monday!

8:05am Phil
Ha! Not me! Off to the gym! Try to enjoy!

7:35pm Phil
So how bad was it? 
Chatting with Beach Gal about tomatoes. Why am I such a love struck moron? Geez! 
Hope your first day back from vacation was a good one

Hiya kid. Worked straight out, but boss didn’t pester me, so yay.

Home alone – Hubby is with his gf meeting another woman they might play with.

So I’m getting out a toy to play with myself!

Thinking of you.

8:48pm Phil
Sexy. Enjoy!

Join for fun

March 4, 2015 Wednesday

6:31am Phil
Naughty. Toys are so sexy by the way. All I had was lotion and a handful of cock

New tomb unearthed!  Such gorgeous colors.

“At Luxor, Egyptologists have unearthed a ca. 3,400-year-old tomb.”

Wish we could trade. Or join to make it more fun.

8:21am Phil
That would make it more fun

Just took my first ride with Lyft. It’s so easy! Downloaded the app, request a ride… 2 minutes later the guy was there! Whee! Thanks to my friends talking it up, I got the first ride free, too. Can’t beat that!

Freaky Phillip

March 3, 2015 Tuesday

Hiya kid. I made it back to work, did what I had to do, and am heading home again before the snow starts.  Hope you’re having a terrific Tuesday.

3:45pm Phil
I am, busy week. Picking out all the colors for the house tomorrow. Hardwood, carpets, paint, granite, cabinets, faucets, lights. 6 hour appointment to do all of that. Sheesh!

Do you and your wife mostly agree or is it a slugfest?

3:53pm Phil
She has good taste and mixes colors well. As long as it feels comfortable, I’m good. House has tons of storage, which should resolve her clutter issue. I like it clean and clutter free. No excuse for anything to be out of place here and I have no intention of doing lawn work so no issues there either

9:02pm Phil
Enjoying the view of your pussy.
Thinking of replacing those fingers with a cock

9:13pm Phil
In one of those freaky moods

10:02pm Phil
What you doing pretty girl?

10:39pm Phil
Hope your day was fabulous

Every day you write me is grand. : )

10:56pm Phil
Ha, how you doing baby?

It’s snowing.  Again.  Can’t have a night without snow, right?!

Hanging on. You?

11:19pm Phil
Good, enjoying your pics

11:27pm Phil
Glad the snow is up there!

Niece or naughty pics? I ‘m under the covers, playing with my little purple friend. ; )

My special slut

February 6, 2015 Friday
Can’t sleep.  Smiling at your doggie pic.  TGIF kid.
5:05am Phil 
Happy Friday! Taking Slug today! I like it!

Lucky!  I get to go deal with boss.  What’s Slug?
8:50am Phil
It’s the transportation system in DC. You wait in line for a car to pick you up and then you ride into the city or home.

Awful name, great idea!

11:49am Phil
I like the name

It sounds like a slimy worm or you want to hit someone.  Bleh!


Seattle Ballet dancers are good sports and dance to Boston’s tune!

6:54pm Phil
60 degrees tomorrow. Taking my bike for a ride tomorrow. She’s been in the garage too long!

Enjoy!  We’re looking at 30 and snow… for 3 days!

6:57pm Phil


That will take us to 4 ft on the ground.

6:57pm Phil
Be up in New England this summer.  I’ll get you the dates. Lobster?

Yes please!

6:58pm Phil
Awesome! August I think



7:00pm Phil

[little purple devil emoticon]

Secret beach… dinner… and um… hugs

7:02pm Phil
Oh hell yeah 


Make hotel reservations EARLY… that is prime time for the area.
Or you can stay with me. ; )

7:03pm Phil
At least once

Oh man… you make my mind race,
and things happen to my body, too!

Figure out how to use those toys and my toy
Fill that hot mouth, pussy and


Right now it’s been so long if you hold my hand I’d be excited!

7:07pm Phil

That works too
Whatever you like

Oh… that could get very interesting

7:07pm Phil
Use me baby
I’ll be your toy

I’m psyched!
You wiggle better than any of the battery ones!

7:09pm Phil

Suck and lick your clit till you tell me to stop


I am so up for that!

7:11pm Phil

It’s a date!
Legal Seafood?
I need to be ravaged
And a romantic date

Maybe. The Red House around the corner is really good too.  Or go to the Boat House in Tiverton RI… so many choices!  We always have fun.

7:13pm Phil
You choose. I will treat you right


Thanks!  You know me… you give me the dates and times and I take care of the rest.  : )

7:14pm Phil
Great sex and great food go well
We do both well


I can’t remember all that much… you’ll have to remind me.

7:16pm Phil

Oh I will

Let me reacquaint myself with your body?

7:17pm Phil
Every inch babe
Will be in shape and ready
Looking forward to tasting you, feeling your nipples in my mouth


That sounds sooo good!

I want your pussy and ass
Use your imagination


You know I’ve got a good one.

7:20pm Phil 

Had a tongue up your ass?
You are gonna

That would be a first

7:21pm Phil

Only if you want


I trust you.

7:22pm Phil

Slow and easy
I will follow your cues

Be good to be with someone I know will do everything for both of us!

7:23pm Phil

I have always loved you. Makes a difference

It sure does!  Makes it better than ice cream.

7:24pm Phil 

Oh yeah

I hope you can relax and enjoy

7:26pm Phil
I can and will

Always relaxed with you.


No worries… no games… just us having fun!

7:28pm Phil 
 Wanna fuck on the balcony?
On the beach?
Fondle each other at dinner?

Maybe just hold hands and enjoy a fabulous meal
Wherever the mood takes us



7:32pm Phil

We are… easy.

7:36pm Phil
Always were


7:37pm Phil

I don’t think I’m as wild as Red, but I have gotten a lot sassier than I used to be!
Now I want to go play with my toy and think of you

7:45pm Phil
Want to watch


I was just thinking that…

7:46pm Phil
Want you to use those toys on me

Oh yes

We can experiment – I have six!

7:46pm Phil

Can’t wait

They can sure enhance things

7:47pm Phil

Oh yes

Kinda blows my mind… we had so much fun before and now it can be… better?  Boom

7:47pm Phil

Ha ha
Yes yes yes
Do me babe

Let me do you


You do stuff, I do stuff, we do stuff!
And you’ll tell me stories.

7:49pm Phil 

Yes and yes
Send me a pic when you play
Happy to be the first

and the best.

7:54pm Phil

Shove my tongue in that virgin ass, rub my cock over that tight ass and see what happens

I’ve got lube. : )

7:55pm Phil
Fill your pussy with cum

Want you to do me too
Make me beg for release

I can lick
and suck
and stroke

7:56pm Phil
I love that

and wiggle my finger in your ass!
 And get out the little vibe…press it on your balls

7:57pm Phil

Love that too

run it around the trip

7:57pm Phil

Love a vibrator

might have to look for a new toy just for you, early birthday present!

7:57pm Phil

Great gift

think about it – if there’s anything you’ve seen you want to try, maybe I’ll send you some links… can dream about this one or that one

7:59pm Phil
Oh cool!

Always wanted a woman to fuck me.
You find the hottest stuff

Fucked with a finger?  Or a little vibe?  or the 9 inch stunt cock?

8:08pm Phil 

All of the above.  Is that weird?


Not at all!  Very very sexy.
So…. sucking… stroking and fucking.  Whee
Maybe a minute or two of each, then a debrief.  ; )

8:10pm Phil
All of the above


So fun to think of it…

8:10pm Phil

Maybe the big cock while you suck me

It vibrates too. This making you tingle?

8:12pm Phil 

Mmmm, damn.
Fuck me baby

Gonna swallow all around you

Make me feel like a total slut.  Never felt anything like your mouth

You can be my special slut

I’m up for that


That’s the area where I’ve really learned a lot… blow jobs… you let me control it and… wow

8:15pm Phil
My cock does not go down


I remember that.

8:15pm Phil

I can cum and keep going.
You will cum too, often

You betcha! And you will know I when I do!

Love it
I’ll lick and suck your clit till you make me stop

oh gosh…

8:19pm Phil 
Just saying.
Nothing like a hot tongue in your ass too.  Curious to see how you like it.  

Talk, I want it.  Want those big tits in my mouth. While I do your pussy with a toy

That combo will push me right over the edge

8:22pm Phil 

Only if you are up for that.
Finger in your pussy and ass

You hard over there?
I am dripping… pulsing!

Of course. Dripping pre-cum


You have it out?

8:24pm Phil
Best part is we are going to do all of it.
Stroking slowly


Only if you stay a week.

8:24pm Phil
I’m there a week. Your toy for a week.

If you like.
Gotta work but free in the evening. 

If you can find time for me

Wow… we’ll see.

8:27pm Phil

Whatever we can fit in

You teaching stuff or learning stuff?

Learning from you

You can not know how excited this makes me

Me too

I’m ready to drive to D.C..  Heh

8:32pm Phil 

So we have a date?
Send me a picture.
When you feel the mood.
Send me links. 

Go play with your toys.
Get that hot pussy off.
Got some travel coming up, we can play!
Glad to hear I can still get you wet

Never doubt that.

You too.
I get off often thinking of you

I’ve been thinking of you a lot…
very naughty

8:36pm Phil 

I like naughty. Very naughty. I’m a bad boy


that thing I told you about… you showing me off in a sex toy shop.  Letting men try different toys on me… no idea why my brain is stuck on that

8:37pm Phil

We can go if you like, to an adult shop. Buy us a toy or two


Wow.. that would really be a first!

8:38pm Phil

Find a place and let’s go

I dunno… might rather be alone with you…

but it is very tempting

8:39pm Phil

Could start there one night. We will see


You are filling my head with ideas mister!

8:39pm Phil

I love it.
I’m a bad influence sweetie. 

But you will be well fucked and well loved

[photo of half my face as I experiment with the new Facebook messenger camera]
8:42pm Phil
Hey there sexy girl
bad is good where you are concerned

8:43pm Phil
I try

How bout some Sassy cleavage? 

8:43pm Phil 
Oh yeah! Love to bury my face in those. Slip my cock in that cleavage. Cum on them and lick it off


8:45pm Phil
Oh damn, look at that nipple!
You horny thing. Like to rub my dripping cock on that

You betcha.  Make it wet and shiny!

8:46pm Phil



8:48pm Phil

Damn Sass, can’t wait to feel that.
On me and in me

Little purple fun

8:49pm Phil

The head of my cock is the same color.  
You can fuck me with that little baby. 
I’ll fuck you with mine



8:53pm Phil

Rub that pussy! Love it!
Fuck that’s hot!
We can fuck in front of that mirror


Figured out the messenger photo thing. : )

8:55pm Phil

Love it!
Like to be between those thighs.
Hot hot hot!

Mirror adds a lot

8:56pm Phil

Can’t wait to rub my naked body all over yours!



8:56pm Phil

I like mirrors

Me too

8:57pm Phil

Damn girl


8:58pm Phil
You, just sexy as hell

I’m rubbing my clit

8:58pm Phil

Gotta go in in a bit


8:58pm Phil

Wish I was sucking your clit.
My tongue buried in your pussy

our day will cum

8:59pm Phil
And cum


9:00pm Phil

What ever you like.
We will do. Try it all. 

Can’t wait to feel you fill my ass and swallow my cock

I’m playing. Thinking of you

Wanna feel my balls slapping your ass.
Rub that sweet pussy

I’m twisting the vibe. 
In and out

9:02pm Phil

Oh damn, wanna watch

Up and Down.
Stand next to my bed kid

9:03pm Phil

I will

I’ll play

9:03pm Phil

Hard cock at the ready

You stroke

9:03pm Phil 

Oh yeah

We’ll tease

9:03pm Phil 

Love it

Go now. 
I gotta focus.  Hee

9:04pm Phil

Alright babe

Thanks for revving me up!

9:10pm Phil

[photo of his cock and balls from the side]

9:10pm Phil

[Another photo of his cock and balls from the side]

9:10pm Phil

[photo of him in the bathroom mirror with his cock sticking out of his pants]

9:10pm Phil

Hope this helps.  Think of fun things to do with it

9:11pm Phil
[photo of his smiling face in the bathroom mirror]

9:16pm Phil 

Get off Sassy..
Kiss me.
Deep and hard.
Pump that pussy, enjoy the vibration, love to lick it clean, watch you cum and replace the toy with my cock.
Focus baby, focus on that wonderful feeling.
Cum baby, cum for me. 

God I look old

9:30pm Phil
Wanna feel my whiskers between your thighs?
Going to cover my shower wall with cum. Damn I’m horny.
Thinking of you playing with your pussy, so hot.
You need a warm, hard cock. That fills you with hot cum


9:35pm Phil
Mmmmm. Oh yeah

9:36pm Phil

9:37pm Phil

Enjoy babe!

Mr Truck resurfaces

October 12, 2014 Sunday 
After nearly four months, Mr Truck popped up again!  He pinged me in Yahoo chat.  
·         1:51 PM  Mr Truck: Hey long time no talk, how are you?
·         1:51 PM  Sassy: Rolling along. You?
·         1:52 PM  Mr Truck: Same, a few new contacts but no physical contact! How’s your new BF?
·         1:52 PM  Sassy: He’s complicated. But good when we’re together!
·         1:55 PM  Mr Truck: Does he satisfy you, have a wicked dirty mind? 
·         1:55 PM  Sassy: Hmmm… no!
·         1:55 PM  Mr Truck: Ha!
·         1:55 PM  Mr Truck: Can you still see other people?
·         1:56 PM  Sassy: I haven’t but I can
·         1:58 PM  Mr Truck: I still think of you often, and our plans…
·         2:00 PM  Sassy: Sweet! I look at porn you sent me. And share it, to inspire other men
·         2:00 PM  Mr Truck: Does it ever inspire them?
·         2:01 PM  Sassy: Oh yes
·         2:01 PM  Mr Truck: I miss sending you porn actually, you are the only woman who appreciates the fine points and knows how to express them
·         2:01 PM  Sassy: why did you stop?
·         2:02 PM  Mr Truck: I got swept away in a few project as well as a death in the family, so things have been kind of upside down here. I also knew you had a boyfriend and thought your needs were being met
·         2:02 PM  Sassy: Ah.  Very gallant. 
·         2:03 PM  Sassy: So sorry to hear about the death.  
·         2:03 PM  Mr Truck: thanks, how’s your mom?
·         2:04 PM  Sassy: She has good days and bad days.
·         2:04 PM  Mr Truck: Are you still talking to some hot potential fuck buddies?
·         2:04 PM  Sassy: Do send stuff, when you find time…
·         2:05 PM  Mr Truck: I’m actually looking as we speak
·         2:05 PM  Sassy: I always have lots of balls in the air…
·         2:05 PM  Mr Truck: Me too, except my own!
·         2:05 PM  Sassy: I would rather have them in my mouth…
·         2:06 PM  Mr Truck: Oh gosh Sassy, I could sure use a good wet ball sucking, with lots of plopping sounds
·         2:06 PM  Sassy: Put your finger behind you ear… think of me kissing there
·         2:07 PM  Mr Truck: Ohhh that’s a nice touch, from behind me
·         2:07 PM Sassy: Then flick your right nipple like I would
·         2:08 PM  Mr Truck: Flicking it now, it’s my favorite nipple, but I don’t want the other to feel neglected
·         2:08 PM  Sassy: You can pull on the left one…
·         2:08 PM  Mr Truck: Think of me finding that special spot on your back…
·         2:08 PM  Sassy: Oh my
·         2:08 PM  Mr Truck: Ohhh that gentle tugging is so sweet
·         2:08 PM  Sassy: twist… just a bit
·         2:09 PM  Mr Truck: You know me so well
·         2:09 PM  Sassy: Do I still have the right stuff?
·         2:10 PM  Mr Truck: Oh absolutely!!~!@~@#$#$ I want to lead you around by your nipples, shake those huge naturals by the nipples…
·         2:11 PM  Sassy: I want to take my little black rubber butt plug and slide it inside you
·         2:12 PM  Mr Truck: Oh honey, do you want me to keep it in, walk around with it in the room? You know how submissive that will make me
·         2:12 PM  Sassy: I have very naughty thoughts about them
·         2:13 PM  Sassy: I want to take you out in public… watch you try to deal with the vibrations
·         2:13 PM  Mr Truck: ohhhhh my
·         2:13 PM  Sassy: the constant humming in your balls
·         2:14 PM  Mr Truck: and the constant precum
·         2:14 PM  Sassy: in private I want to push it in and out while I suck on you
·         2:15 PM  Sassy: I had a dream where I ran an office of business women dresssed in suits… we hired men as our assistants and asked them to work naked
·         2:15 PM  Sassy: Would you work for me?
·         2:16 PM  Mr Truck: I love that idea, so vulnerable and submissive. I’d have to massage all of you and your staff’s nylon feet……
·         2:18 PM Sassy: In the dream, I wore a blue sapphire handled butt plug… and no undies. You would sneak under my desk, pull and push my plug while licking me
·         2:18 PM  Mr Truck: ohhhh
·         2:18 PM  Sassy: [I’ve never seen one or worn one… no clue where my brain got that!]
·         2:19 PM  Mr Truck: I love the way a woman’s ass looks with butt plug just sitting in it……..
·         2:20 PM Sassy: I would be very serious, hard-working.. then flash my ass at you leaving the room
·         2:20 PM Mr Truck: YES!
·         2:21 PM  Sassy: I’d probably be very bad… see if I could get you hard
·         2:22 PM  Sassy: I wish I could find a clothed women/naked man video where the women aren’t mean to him
·         2:22 PM  Mr Truck: I told you about the girl about 5 or 6 years ago who used a medium sized dildo on me, very slowly. Once I relaxed and let it in, it was heaven, made me have an involuntary orgasm while on my hands & knees on the bed
·         2:23 PM  Mr Truck: I can find one for you, I used to look at them all the time.
·         2:23 PM  Sassy: I have been learning how to use my toys on my guy
·         2:23 PM  Mr Truck: he teaches you or you’re learning from just doing it
·         2:24 PM  Sassy: I try things and he lets me now how it feels
·         2:24 PM  Sassy: I ask questions… like “stay still or move back and forth?”
·         2:24 PM  Mr Truck: He likes to be ass fucked?
·         2:24 PM  Sassy: or “this far in? Or further?”
·         2:24 PM  Mr Truck: nice!
·         2:24 PM  Mr Truck: That’s hot in and of itself
·         2:25 PM  Sassy: It’s quite something to have that power… to be given the knowledge to drive him wild
·         2:25 PM  Mr Truck: yes
·         2:25 PM  Sassy: He has tried a bunch on me
·         2:25 PM  Sassy: I was surprised…
·         2:26 PM  Sassy: I thought I was a G-spot gal, so the big fake cock would be the best bet
·         2:26 PM  Mr Truck: How big?
·         2:26 PM  Sassy: but it turns out that the little silver bullet held to my clit… makes me soar
·         2:26 PM  Sassy: 9 inches
·         2:26 PM  Sassy: Didn’t do much for me
·         2:26 PM Mr Truck: 9 inches, drool…
·         2:26 PM Sassy: None of the inner ones did anything for me
·         2:27 PM  Sassy: but the clit ones? Boom!
·         2:27 PM  Mr Truck: I’d like to be ‘threatened’ by that bad boy
·         2:27 PM  Sassy: You can daydream about that
·         2:27 PM  Sassy: A woman might stick it inside her.. get it nice and wet..
·         2:27 PM  Mr Truck: I want you to make me suck it.
·         2:28 PM  Sassy: covered in her juice
·         2:28 PM  Mr Truck: we’re going to the same place…
·         2:28 PM  Sassy: : )  
·         2:28 PM  Sassy: a very hot place!
·         2:28 PM  Mr Truck: Is the cock realistic?
·         2:28 PM  Sassy: Yes! I could keep it in my desk drawer at the office… take it out after hours
·         2:29 PM  Mr Truck: mmm
·         2:29 PM  Sassy:  bend you over my desk
·         2:29 PM  Mr Truck: Oh my
·         2:29 PM  Sassy: I keep forgetting to shut the door
·         2:30 PM  Mr Truck: oh baby, people will see me getting it from you
·         2:30 PM  Sassy: yes
·         2:30 PM  Mr Truck: I want to be watched
·         2:30 PM  Sassy: they know you have a nice ass
·         2:30 PM  Sassy: and a gorgeous cock
·         2:30 PM  Mr Truck: ahhhh
·         2:30 PM  Sassy: they all want to play
·         2:30 PM  Sassy: but you only have eyes for me
·         2:30 PM  Mr Truck: can you imagine?
·         2:31 PM  Sassy: because I know how to make you burn
·         2:31 PM  Mr Truck: and I’m your little fuck slut
·         2:31 PM  Sassy: just the right mix of pleasure and naughtiness!
·         2:31 PM  Mr Truck: I’d be so red, in my face and on my spanked ass
·         2:32 PM  Sassy: I might have to take a call… leave you there on display
·         2:32 PM  Mr Truck: I bet your snow white skin gets nice and red
·         2:32 PM  Mr Truck: Oh wow
·         2:32 PM  Sassy: with the cock sticking out of your ass, vibrations all through your balls
·         2:32 PM  Mr Truck: yes
·         2:33 PM  Sassy: You squirming, moaning
·         2:33 PM  Mr Truck: and dying to cum
·         2:33 PM  Sassy: Me smiling!
·         2:33 PM Mr Truck: yes
·         2:33 PM  Sassy: No cumming… yet
·         2:33 PM  Mr Truck: I know, torture!
·         2:33 PM  Sassy: could you last a minute?
·         2:33 PM  Mr Truck: you’d know how to make me last, and build up more of a load
·         2:34 PM  Sassy: full of cock
·         2:34 PM  Sassy: vibrating cock
·         2:34 PM  Sassy: your ass facing the open door
·         2:34 PM  Mr Truck: and you threatening me with a real cock if I don’t obey
·         2:34 PM  Sassy: shaking
·         2:34 PM  Sassy: moaning
·         2:35 PM  Sassy: are you hard Stan?
·         2:36 PM  Mr Truck: Half hard, typing and tugging at cock & nipples. Is your cunt wet?
·         2:36 PM  Mr Truck: I can’t shoot my load here though
·         2:36 PM  Mr Truck: might get walked in on
·         2:36 PM  Sassy: Maybe you will take my scenario… think about it later?
·         2:36 PM  Sassy: think of all the ways you would like working in “my office”
·         2:36 PM  Mr Truck: Oh you know it!!!
·         2:36 PM Sassy: naked
·         2:37 PM  Sassy: saves on clothing and dry-cleaning!
·         2:38 PM  Sassy: think about the presents I would give you
·         2:41 PM  Sassy: It would be fun for me to know where you go with it in your mind

Meet #3 The Lawyer’s Annual Visit

Thursday, August 14, 2014 
From: Sassy
To: The Lawyer
Sent: Thursday, August 14, 2014 7:49 AM
Subject: re: hey there
Good morning hot stuff!  

The sun has returned and I have this feeling it’s going to be a fantastic day!  
From: The Lawyer
To: Sassy
Sent: Thursday, August 14, 2014 8:41 AM
Subject: hey there
I’m certainly looking forward to it, and to seeing you! 

I crossed my fingers that he would not back out.  I managed to get some work done, then left the office early at 3 pm and took the bus home.  It was such a perfect day – clear, 70s, not humid. 
I cleaned up a few more things… thank goodness the cleaners were here yesterday! 

Just as I was beginning to worry – he texted me! 
TEXT 4:01 pm from The Lawyer 
I’m almost there

TEXT 4:02 pm from Sassy
See you at the garage!
TEXT 4:03 pm from The Lawyer 
TEXT 4:08 pm from The Lawyer 
Missed it — going around block
I stood outside waiting for him.  Very quickly, he turned into the lot in a beautiful classic sports car.  He smiled and rolled down the passenger side window. I forget what an amazing smile he has… and that twinkle in his eyes!  So merry!  
He offered to go park on the street but I told him this was fine. I told him my space number and he pulled in. 
He got out and gave me a quick hug.  We walked to the elevator, and had a nice kiss alone in there. 
I showed him the first floor – gym, lobby, pool – then we went up to my condo.  I showed him around inside, offered him water or grapes or… he said he was fine. 

He was very nice to my cats.  They smooed all over him!  
We went into my bedroom, hugged and kissed, then sat on the bed and talked for about half an hour, catching up on each other’s lives – his kids, work, about my projects, about Hubby finding a nice woman.
I told him about seeing two guys this year from AM – much better than the bunch from the prior year!  I told him about Kris getting busted.  He told me he sees a college friend now and then.  
We started kissing… groping… undressing.  He has such a great body! 
He focused on me – exploring my body, touching, tasting.  He has great oral skills! He also likes to tease my ass, using my juices to get his finger wet then circling…mmmm. 
I returned the favor.  I got out my toys to show him.  He touched each one, fascinated.  I told him about how they had enhanced my sex life, how my last guy had said the combo of my mouth and the vibration was poetry!  
I chose the silver bullet to try out on him.  I used it and my mouth, and he said he agreed with my last guy, though it felt more like a symphony to him!  Hee!  He came hard and I swallowed gulp after gulp. Yum.  
He collapsed smiling.  He rested awhile, and we talked.  
He got that special smile and reached for the silver bullet vibe and the tiny black vibrating butt plug, using them together on me… whee!  I had a tingling orgasm.  Sooo good! 
I rolled over and we cuddled – his front to my back.  He played with my chest and my clit!  Yum. 
He said he was ready to go again, couldn’t wait anymore… I nodded and he pressed me onto my stomach, got behind me, grabbed my hips and went inside me with one quick push!  He gave me a great pounding doggie style!  Yowza.  I came hard while he filled a condom spurt after spurt!  
We cuddled together and talked about broken bones, 9/11, various lawyers we know.  He told me the story of meeting his wife at work!  I adore his stories!  
I marveled that he was working right there in the building next door most of the time I worked for the law firm.  We talked about where he goes out to lunch, many of the places I frequented!  He said he might have been in line behind me and admired my ass while I ordered a steak & cheese sub!  I told him I was quite the looker in those days… in a Harve Benard suit, silk blouse, high-heeled pumps, skinny, long dark hair… 
He played with various spots on my back.  Mmm… 
We finally looked at the clock – it was 7:05 pm!  He said he really had to go.  I asked if it had been okay to be here?  He said it was fine.  I asked if I should invite him again soon or leave him alone for a year.  He shrugged and said the stars had aligned this time, but it is tough and he needs to be careful.  I told him he could invite himself if he notices any time that would work.  
He asked if he could shower?  I waved him into my bathroom.  I checked my email – there’s a new baseball commissioner! 
I dressed and kissed him a bit more, then went down to the garage with him, and opened the door.  He waved with a big smile and headed off into the twilight. 

It was a lovely interlude.  It made me miss Kris.  It made me realize how deep Kris and I are into each other.  Or were.  *sigh  But this was light, fun and definitely fulfilled my physical needs without complications! 
From: Sassy
To: The Lawyer
Sent: Thursday, August 14, 2014 7:58 PM
Subject: No more Dolphin
Thank you for a lovely afternoon!  
Went back to my computer and this popped up.  I have such fond memories of our first lunch there! 
Boston Burger Company May Be Moving into Dolphin Seafood Space in Cambridge
Boston Restaurant Talk
A burger restaurant that has locations in Somerville and Boston may be opening a third, with this one apparently being between Harvard Square and Central Square in Cambridge.

New vibe

Sunday, July 27, 2014
Good morning kid!  Hope you have fun with wine and the lady.  I’m going to a fundraiser this afternoon.  Here’s to a fun day!

8:37am Phil 
Wine with the lady is Friday. 
Good morning. Enjoy the day!

4:40pm Phil 
Some how while my phone was in my pocket, it sent a friend request to Beach Gal which she accepted. WTF? I would never have sent a friend request because I never thought she would accept. Our entire relationship, things like this kept happening. Just weird but I’m so glad she accepted.


Twilight Zone!

4:44pm Phil 

We got together that way. We both just ended up in the middle of the street at 10 at night and had no clue why we were there. Wow

Trying an Italian place.  Looks like a deli but there’s a big restaurant in there. 

Pasta e fagoli 
Spaghetti and sausage

6:39pm Phil 
Why am I such an insufferable sap?



6:50pm Phil 

I know…….

Cause you’ve seen the tough parts of life so you appreciate the sweet moments all the more?
9:25pm Phil 


Bought a new vibe.  It’s purple.

Wild G-Spot Vibrator – G Spot and clitoral stimulation make this vibrator one of Adam and Eve’s most popular sex toys.

10:35pm Phil 

A rabbit, I’ve used one of those, very effective! Enjoy!


Online friend recommended it so I bought it!  
So hard to know what’s good… too many choices!

Also found a 50% off coupon…

10:38pm Phil 

Those are amazing, you are going to like it, beads roll around and it thrusts while the rabbit does it’s thing


Hoping it will help me out when there aren’t any men around!

10:41pm Phil 

Let me know what you think although it’s much more fun with a partner

Indeed… I’ve had so much fun learning to use them

I heard from the guy who showed up in the worst snowstorm last December with a cucumber.

He is visiting Boston again on Friday, asked me to dinner.

That is perking me up a lot.

10:46pm Phil 

Oh cool!


Maybe he’ll bring a carrot this time?

10:59pm Phil 

Sounds like fun, fresh out of the shower, going to slowly jerk off thinking about that rabbit

: )

Meet #25 Sassy seduction

July 15, 2014 Tuesday 

Kris had not been in touch since he left Sunday morning.  I was missing him and hating that.  I was so revved up!  I had woken up from a very hot dream about trying out a vibrator at a sex shop… argh… and spent the day telling my mentourage about it.  

I had just gotten home from having dinner with Mom when Kris called about 8 pm and asked to come over.  He said he shouldn’t, but he wanted to.  I gave him an emphatic YES!  He said no sex, but I was desperate.  I was determined to get him to give me some relief.  
When he arrived, I stood behind him in the living room, rubbing his shoulders.  Every time I strayed anywhere near an erogenous zone, he pushed my hands back.  I rubbed and scratched… he says his wife won’t scratch his back for more than 10 seconds so I try to keep going until he says stop.  He leaned against me, and I went on and on.  He finally said enough.  I went to hug him but he walked away.  He said he wasn’t here to see Sassy, he wanted to talk with the real me.  I told him real me wasn’t around, Sassy needed him.  He kept calling my real name, searching for my boring, demure side.  Poor man. 
So I sat at my desk.  He ate some leftover pork lo mein from my fridge and asked me about my day.  He came over to rub on my back.  I was very bad… I unbuttoned my top.  He said “No skin!”  I explained I wanted to feel his hands on my bare shoulders, and demurely pulled my top across my chest while baring my shoulders.  He massaged my shoulders… then my neck… then my head and face… I tilted my head a bit and let my top slip so he could see my cleavage.  I took my bra straps down.  He kept rubbing my shoulders.  I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I pulled my left breast out and started rubbing it myself.  He rubbed my neck and came around to the front, but stayed high.  This was an incredible game of “where will he touch me?  Will he keep going if I touch my chest?  Will he keep going if I…”  I had been quiet so far, but I couldn’t keep the moans inside any longer.  He groaned a bit, like I was torturing him but kept rubbing my upper chest, watching me.  I put my other hand inside my slacks.  I was sooo wet!  I started asking questions.  
Can I undo your belt?
So I can’t lick you?
Or suck you?
I’m just asking, figuring out where the line is…
So why are you here?
You can tell me, I can take it.
So definitely no slow fucking?
I swiveled in my desk chair and hugged him around the waist.  He said this was a lot like tantric sex, touching all over the body, building the anticipation.  I stared into his eyes.  He said it’s a checkbox on Ashley Madison that men don’t understand but check because it sounds exotic. 
I finally could not stand it anymore.  I stood up and marched him into my bedroom!  He said it was wrong, he had made up his mind he could not lie anymore, he could not have sex anymore.  I asked who will ask him?  Who will care?  He said he would.  Ugh.  I said, “I need you to help me.”  I was in full evil seductress mode as I have never been before, but I swear it is the best thing for him, to get some release, to forget his troubles… and his protests seemed like he was trying them on for size, not committed to them.  Whatever.  I gently pressed him down on the bed, came down on top of him and started kissing him fiercely.  One thing led to another and he took very good care of me with his fingers and the little silver bullet.  
I was wondering if he would want my attentions, or consider that over this line he has built.  I took the silver bullet and ran it over his forehead, down his neck… he sighed.  I’ve never used a toy on him.  I put it on his nipple, then his belly button, then over his cock on the outside of his jeans. I moved it around his waist, and he unzipped his jeans.  I pressed it on his cock… said, “I don’t know what I’m doing… tell me…please” and he said it felt good on the underside.  So I held it there, then moved it back and forth.  “Still or moving?” I asked.  “Move,” he replied.  So I went back and forth, letting the buzzing radiate from the sensitive spot under the crown.  I moved down his body kissing and finally took him in my mouth, licking and sucking while keeping the bullet on his cock.  He got a blissful look on his face.  He said, “That… is… poetry.”  It wasn’t long before I had a mouth full of salted caramel.  🙂 
We had a good cuddle before Hubby got home and Kris moved to the couch to sleep.  
Geesh… reading this… I may have attained a new level of HUSSY!  
Wednesday, July 16, 2014
I  woke up to the sounds of Kris stirring around, eating a bowl of cereal… I got up just as he was leaving and gave him a quick hug.  He left at 7:30 am.