July 22, 2017 Saturday

9:30 AM Sassy
Breakfast at Brookline Lunch in Central Square Cambridge

 Eggs Benedict with a side of bacon

6:54 PM Sassy
Special Venezuelan​ dinner at La Casa de Pedro in the Seaport district! Their ceviche and tapas are the stuff food dreams are made of!!

The entrance with festive lighting and a vehicle!
The open kitchen and bar
A palm tree! With lights! 
A glass of wine, my passion fruit lemonade and water 
in beautiful glassware! A+ for special drinks w/o alcohol!
Atun Fresco de Nano Ceviche – Ahi tuna, sesame oil, 
soy sauce, grape tomato, avocado, sesame seeds
Morcilla de Carmen – Blood sausage, grilled mini arepa, 
fresh lime, chimichurri
Queso de Bui – Traditional griddled Venezuelan cheese
Camarones al Ajillo – Sauted shrimp with garlic, 
lime, cilantro, olive oil
Las Vieras de Yayi – Seared scallops, roasted corn and 
poblano peppers, with roasted pepper puree
La Falda de Yayi – Skirt steak sautéed with red onion, 
cherry tomatoes, Thai chili peppers, balsamic glaze
Quesillo – Homemade traditional Coconut flan 
with caramel sauce and fresh strawberry

7:27 PM Sassy
Pre-concert perambulating at the Pavilion!

The stage at the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion in Boston 
as seen from our seats
The Spirit of Boston heading out for the dinner cruise.
Looking across the Boston Harbor at Logan Airport 
and the Hilton Hotel
The Blue Hills Bank Pavilion on the waterfront in Boston.

11:47 PM Sassy
Terrific time at the Post Modern Jukebox and Straight No Chaser concert tonight! Here’s a couple photos of the “man band” – the best in a cappella!  

Hot White Cum

July 8, 2017 Saturday
7:02 AM Sassy
I learn so much from a well-written obit. Here’s one about the baseball fan who dug up and computerized and shared the entire home run database.

David Vincent, the Sultan of Swat Stats

Dr. Vincent, who as a youngster rooted Ted Williams and the Red Sox, led the digitization of the handwritten home run log of the Society for American Baseball Research.
7:08 AM Sassy
Good morning!
7:57 AM Phil
Good morning!
7:58 AM Sassy
Come back to bed…I wanna play.
8:30 AM Phil
Ha! Too late to be in bed, get up sleepy head
8:31 AM Sassy
Not sleeping… playing!!
8:42 AM Phil
Oohhh, great way to start the day!
8:45 AM Sassy
Now you’re talking.
Gotta spot for you.


[photo of my lower half, lying on the bed with naked legs and a night shirt covering my upper half]

8:48 AM Phil


[he took my photo and circled the area in between my legs!]
8:50 AM Phil
[Photo of his cock, taken from above]
With this
8:51 AM Sassy
You betcha!
8:52 AM Phil
You make my blood shift
8:53 AM Sassy
You make me drio
8:50 AM Phil
Happy to do so!
8:55 AM Sassy


[photo of my left breast with a very hard nipple]
8:59 AM Phil
[photo of his cock and balls, taken from the side]
9:00 AM Sassy
9:06 AM Phil

Hot hot hot hot hot 😛

9:10 AM Sassy


[Photo of between my legs]

Link to Liz Phair’s “Hot White Cum” video



9:31 AM Phil
9:42 AM Phil
Hope you had an explosive start to your day!
9:47 AM Sassy
Thanks for your sexy assistance!!
9:52 AM Phil
My pleasure always darlin

12:15 PM Sassy
Brunch at Olde Magoun’s Saloon in Somerville with my sister and her beau!
My bloody Mary sans spirits
Columbian skillet with scrambled eggs, smoked pork,
potatoes, cheddar cheese and salsa verde with a tortilla.
And a side of sausage!
Classic eggs Benedict, home fries and a side of kielbasa
Reuben with onion rings


8:34 PM Phil
Missed the kitty shot.  
My cock leaped to attention! Mmmm. Very nice
8:37 PM Sassy
Wanted to be subtle and sexy
8:44 PM Phil
I’ll be subtle as I stroke it to a delightful finish with white hot cum
8:49 PM Phil
I liked that I was the first to cool off that hot box with a load in a long time. Loved shooting inside you.
8:51 PM Sassy
Hope you didn’t see that photo at an inconvenient time
8:53 PM Phil
Sitting on the porch with my cock sticking out of my shorts
8:55 PM Sassy
What an image!
That sex was THE BEST EVAH.  🙂 
8:58 PM Phil
[a very dark photo – not sure what that is]
[photo of his cock from above]
It was hot as hell
8:59 PM Sassy
You’re always hot!
Looking at your cock makes my insides pulse
If you were inside, you could feel the muscles clenching
9:03 PM Phil
I did feel them and it milked me dry. Tight, hot pussy, loved it and tasted good too
[Video of him jerking off, pre-cum dripping]
Licked that up for you
9:07 PM Sassy
9:08 PM Phil
Would taste better covered in you
9:09 PM Sassy
Damn…wish I was with you!
I had the place to myself today…came hard twice
9:09 PM Phil
Damn that’s hot
9:12 AM Sassy
That’s rare for me.  But you got me so revved up!
9:13 AM Phil
Loved sucking your tits in that stairwell at the airport and getting my fingers wet.
Happy I could help
9:14 PM Sassy
Saw a photo this morning of a woman with her head over the edge of the bed, sucking on a man…
9:14 PM Phil
Feeling your hands on my throbbing cock
That was so hot! Never been sucked like that
Feeding my cock into your throat, damn
9:17 PM Sassy
I thought of us and kept going in my mind…BOOM
9:18 PM Phil
9:19 PM Sassy
So fun how you still can help
9:21 PM Phil
Remember your entire body quivering as I came deep inside you. So hot and then you sucking me so good. I get off to that memory often
9:22 PM Sassy
Glad our memories are still hot!
9:22 PM Phil
[a very dark photo – can just see his cock]
9:27 PM Sassy
Oof… I’m so wet
9:27 PM Phil
Wet and shiny
9:28 PM Sassy
Looking so tasty
9:29 PM Phil
[Video of him jerking off]
9:30 PM Sassy
I wanna be doing that
While licking
9:30 PM Phil
Needs a hot tight pussy or your hands
Or a warm set of tits to glide through
Cover them with cum and then luck and suck them clean
9:32 PM Sassy
Yes.  All that.
9:33 PM Phil
9:33 PM Sassy
And more
9:33 PM Phil
Nothing like licking cum off of a nipple you just came on
9:33 PM Sassy
I was thinking today about lubing my pinky
And putting it inside your ass
Bad bad sassy girl
9:35 PM Phil
Mmmm, I’d love that followed by one of your toys
You can fuck my ass any way you like
9:37 PM Sassy
That makes me tingle
9:38 PM Phil
Me too
Makes my cock jump
9:39 PM Sassy
That thing jumps more than David Lee Roth!
9:40 PM Phil
It likes you and your amazing dirty mind
One of my fantasies involves you and a strap on
I know I’m a perverted bastard
9:45 PM Sassy
Makes sense to me
9:47 PM Phil
(purple devil emoji)
9:49 PM Sassy
I’ll pull out my 9″ stunt cock toy and lube it up and wiggle it up in there
9:51 PM Phil
Mmmm yeah, fuck me baby
9:51 PM Sassy
Watching your face, listening to you moan
May have to suck you at the same time
9:52 PM Phil
Mmm yeah
9:52 PM Sassy
Set all your nerves on fire
9:52 PM Phil
Oh absolutely
9:53 PM Sassy
[graphics of flames]
9:54 PM Phil
Your toy throbbing up my ass, your mouth on my cock sounds amazing
9:54 PM Sassy
You are so fun!
9:56 PM Phil
Damn that’s hot. Thrusting my hips to get my cock deeper in your mouth which pushes the toy deeper, mmmmm, I love it
Fuck me, stroke me, suck me, take me
Moaning, begging for more
Do me babe
10:00 PM Sassy
Oh yes… you’ve got the right ideas
You need to sleep soon?
10:00 PM Phil
Give you a hot creamy treat for your trouble
10:01 PM Sassy
Ooh my favorite!
10:03 PM Phil
Get some sleep Sass
10:04 PM Sassy
Sweet dreams dear man
10:04 PM Phil
10:05 PM Sassy
GIPHY – [Kissy minion gif]

Tip Tap Room

June 24, 2017 Saturday

8:45AM Phil
Good morning! Hope your day is fabulous!

8:46 AM Sassy
Good morning kid!
Going to the Garden tonight to hear Tears for Fears and Hall & Oats!

You having fun?

8:49 AM Phil
That’s gonna be an awesome show! Have fun!

6:29 PM Sassy
In our seats on the floor at the TD Garden!

8:42 PM Sassy
The TARDIS works! We’re back in the 1980’s!

[Photo of Hubby and I making goofy faces]
9:11 PM Sassy
Delicious dinner at the Tip Tap Room in Boston – our first time!

Hubby’s seven samurai with rums, amaretto and stuff
Grilled corn with cojita cheese, ancho chili creme, lime and guajillo
Baked brie with bacon jam, cipolini, hibiscus spice, 
macadamia nuts and rosemary
View of the brie in the baked brie
Hubby’s steak frites with peppercorn crusted bravette, 
maple butter, rosemary chimichurri and Yukon fries
My pork tips with chorizo paella, sauteed spinach 
and mesa bbq with creamed corn sauce

Oscars Day

February 26, 2017 Sunday

9:57AM Sassy
Good morning kid! It’s Oscars Day!

11:08AM Sassy

Brand New Day


How many of you people out there
Been hurt in some kind of love affair?
And how many times did you swear
That you’d never love again?
How many lonely, sleepless nights?
How many lies, how many fights?
And why would you want to
Put yourself through all of that again?

Love is pain I hear you say
Love has a cruel and bitter way of
Paying you back for all the faith you ever had in your brain
How could it be that what you need the most
Can leave you feeling just like a ghost?
You never want to feel so sad and lost again

One day you could be looking
Through an old book in rainy weather
You see a picture of her smiling at you
When you were still together
You could be walking down the street
And who should you chance to meet
But that same old smile you’ve been thinking of all day?

Why don’t we turn the clock to zero honey
I’ll sell the stock we’ll spend all the money
We’re starting up a brand new day
Turn the clock all the way back
I wonder if she’ll take me back
I’m thinking in a brand new way
Turn the clock to zero sister
You’ll never know how much I missed her
I’m starting up a brand new day
Turn the clock to zero boss
The river’s wide we’ll swim across

We’re starting up a brand new day
It could happen to you,
Just like it happened to me,
There is simply no immunity
There’s no guarantee.
I say love is such a force if you should find yourself in it
You need some time for reflection
You say, baby wait a minute, wait a minute
Wait a minute, wait a minute
Wait a minute, wait a minute

Turn the clock to zero honey
I’ll sell the stock we’ll spend all the money
We’re starting up a brand new day
Turn the clock to zero Mac
I’m begging her to take me back
I’m thinking in a brand new way
Turn the clock to zero boss
The river’s wide we’ll swim across

Starting up a brand new day
Turn the clock to zero buddy
Don’t wanna be no fuddy duddy
We’re starting up a brand new day
I’m the rhythm in your tune
I’m the sun and you’re the moon
I’m the bat and you’re the cave
You’re the beach and I’m the wave
I’m the plough and you’re the land
You’re the glove and I’m the hand
I’m the train and you’re the station
I’m the flagpole to your nation
I’m the present to your future
You’re the wound and I’m the suture
You’re the magnet to my pole
I’m the devil in your soul
You’re the pupil I’m the teacher
You’re the church and I’m the preacher
You’re the flower I’m the rain
You’re the tunnel I’m the train

Stand up all you lovers in the world
Stand up and be counted every boy and every girl
Stand up all you lovers in the world
We’re starting up a brand new day
You’re the crop to my rotation
You’re the sum of my equation
I’m the answer to your question
If you follow my suggestion
We can turn this ship around
And go up instead of down

You’re the pan and I’m the handle
You’re the flame and I’m the candle
Stand up all you lovers in the world
Stand up and be counted every boy and every girl
Stand up all you lovers in the world
We’re starting up a brand new day

Songwriter: Gordon Sumner

11:10 AM Sassy

Sting performing “Brand New Day” live with Stevie Wonder 
at his 60th Birthday concert in NYC

7:11PM Phil
Love it!

7:12 PM Sassy
The words got me… and then they ROCK IT!

7:13 PM Phil
Oh Yeah

7:14 PM Sassy
You watching the Oscars?

7:20 PM Phil
Until they get political and then I’m turning it off.
Too bad, I love the Oscars

7:22 PM Sassy
Mute when you need to.
They’re keeping it light on the Red Carpet…
Oooh… there’s Sting now!

7:41 PM Phil

7:42 PM Sassy
Have you seen any of the best picture nominees?

7:43 PM Phil

7:43 PM Sassy
I saw Hidden Figures but that’s it

9:20 PM Phil
Best part so far!
I did see Moana and met the actress on a Disney Cruise

10:11 PM Sassy
Wow! You get to do the coolest things!

Dancing world

February 12, 2017 Sunday

9:11 AM Sassy
The perfect winter morning breakfast – ham and cheese omelette with an English muffin with raspberry jam and OJ!

10:55 AM Sassy
Good morning kid!
It’s snowing again!

10:58 AM Phil
Good morning! 70 here

10:59 AM Sassy

12:50 PM Sassy
Snow! This is the back side of my building with the cold white stuff everywhere! Had to go out for cat food, happy to be getting home and staying there!

[photo of buildings and cars and snow on the ground with a few tire tracks]
3:34 PM Sassy
Fun video of people dancing all over the world to a peppy Justin Timberlake tune!


Queen Sing-Off

February 4, 2017 Saturday
11:01 AM Sassy
Good morning! Hope you’re having a sunny Saturday!

11:07 AM Phil
I am! Went to the gym and now off to have fun.

11:07 AM Sassy
Yay! I’m still in bed thinking of what I’d be doing if you were here!

11:30 AM Phil

12:15 PM Sassy

Blueberry delights delivered from the Mass Ave Diner!

Blueberry pancakes, blueberry smoothie and bacon!  
11:14 PM Sassy

This is amazingly fun! Corden can really rock!

Watch Adam Lambert Challenge James Corden to Queen Sing-Off

James Corden and Adam Lambert had a ‘Late Late Show’ showdown to see who should be Queen’s singer, with Brian May and Roger Taylor judging.

Waterfront dining

October 23, 2016 Sunday

6:51PM Sassy
A superb supper at The Boat House in Tiverton RI

The first view of the place on Mount Hope Bay
The pier
The place
Raw bar sampler with oysters, shrimp and clams
Hall of fame corn chowder with chorizo
The interior with Mount Hope Bay
The best baked stuffed lobster with scallops and shrimp
Hubby’s flat iron steak with chimichurri sauce
Vanilla creme brulee 
with gingerbread cookies snd glazed cranberries
Chocolate Soldier: White and Dark Chocolate Liqueurs, 
and Butterscotch Liqueur, in a Chocolate-laced Glass.

Ah… the a cappella harmony on this song… mmmm

Hallelujah – Pentatonix


Weiner wish

October 1, 2016 Saturday

6:24AM Sassy
Here’s to the man who made me wish I was a wiener. RIP.

“Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Mayer wiener/That is what I’d truly like to be/’Cause if I were an Oscar Mayer wiener/Everyone would be in love with me.”

Obituary: Richard Trentlage, 87; wrote ‘The Oscar Mayer Wiener Song’
                                  JIM PRISCHING/CHICAGO TRIBUNE/FILE 2000

12:15PM Sassy
We buried Mom’s ashes.  It was raining.  Seemed appropriate. 
I read a sappy poem I wrote.  
We’re off to lunch.  
12:25PM Sassy
Celebrating Mom’s birthday with the family at The Red House.   Seafood!  
Island Creek oysters
Shrimp cocktail
Lobster chowder
Pumpkin cheesecake

Unusual positions

September 18, 2016 Sunday

7:24AM Sassy
Ooh… Halloween wreaths!

11:07AM Sassy
Ah… I adore a cappella!

Pentatonix & Dolly Parton – Jolene


1:39PM Sassy
Delicious sushi lunch at Genki Ya in Fresh Pond Cambridge – saying farewell to a friend moving to the midwest

 Eel and egg nigiri sushi

Soft-shell crab tempura

10:03PM Sassy
[Hubby’s dad’s obituary]

10:37PM Phil
You doing ok?
10:39PM Sassy
Yes, oddly so.  Life rolls on.  You?
10:39PM Phil
Good, glad to hear. 
Doing good, watching the Emmys
10:40PM Sassy
I watch so little TV these days, couldn’t really get into it.  
Fun to see Maggie Smith win!
10:40PM Phil
I still watch a lot of different shows
10:41PM Sassy
What are your current favorites? 
Have you seen any of the winning ones?
10:41PM Phil
Blue bloods, NCIS, Chicago PD and Fire
Like your new couch?
Looks like you could have some fun on there
10:43PM Sassy
It is very comfortable but I don’t sit over there much… it’s Hubby’s domain.
10:43PM Phil
10:43PM Sassy
I would like to try it out with someone else!
10:43PM Phil
Those recliners could be fun
10:44PM Sassy
You heading off again soon?
10:44PM Phil
Not for awhile
10:49PM Phil
Lot of very nice breasts on this show
10:49PM Sassy
10:50PM Phil
Just saying
Tea plat lols very young and trim
10:51 PM Sassy
Been good having the Yankees in town this weekend.
10:52PM Phil
That’s always a fun series
10:52PM Sassy
Been good games.  A co-worker was there Thursday night, said it was one of the best games she’s ever seen.
10:53PM Phil
Always is.
10:55PM Phil
Got any good links that would umm motivate me?
10:57PM Sassy
Hmmm. let me look
10:57 PM Phil
[photo of his erect cock and legs]
Need help with this
10:57PM Sassy
Wow!  That’s motivating!
10:58PM Phil
Mmm, was just looking at your tits
10:59PM Sassy
Company of The Courtesan
 “Tigre75isback ”

11:01PM Phil
Umm I like that
11:02PM Sassy
Unusual position…
11:02PM Phil
I like it, got his tongue in that hot ass and pussy
11:04PM Sassy
The way her head tilts back… looks happy.
11:04PM Phil
Oh yeah, both happy
11:04PM Sassy
Me Chupa Gostoso — uowwww
Here’s a fun little suck
11:05PM Phil
Mmm, rather watch you suck
11:05PM Sassy
I would be glad to…
You know I know how!
11:07PM Phil
Oh yeah
11:08PM Sassy

11:08PM Sassy
Found a new version of this position… it moves!  Yum…
11:08PM Phil
Oh fuck I remember that position
That started the pre cum flowing
11:09PM Sassy
Five years ago this week.  : )
11:09PM Phil
I loved fucking your hot mouth
11:10PM Sassy
I adored tasting you that way
11:11PM Phil
Was so hot!
[photo of his cock in his hand with a big drop of pre-cum at the tip]
Loved seeing you naked, tasting your pussy, sliding my cock inside you, feeling your pussy clench as you came and then filling you with my cum
Loved your tight wet pussy
Glad I got to taste it at the airport
Licked my fingers clean
11:17PM Sassy
One of our magic moments.
11:17PM Phil
Loved how wet you were
11:17PM Sassy
Felt radical then but seems much more “part of the repertoire” now
11:18PM Phil
Wish we had coordinated better. 
Would much rather have rolling around naked on your bed
11:19PM Sassy
I am ready for that any time!
11:20PM Phil
Would you have fucked me?
Sucked me?
I’m guessing yes.
11:21PM Sassy
Maybe so.
You touch me and… boom
11:22PM Phil
Well ok, maybe just coffee
11:23PM Sassy
I would like to be alone with you… and a bed.
11:23PM Phil
I would have liked to take advantage of the opportunity. 
Did not take me long to get your nipple in my mouth
With plenty of time
To slide my cock between your tits,
To make you cum with my tongue
To feel your hands, tongue and mouth all over my body
To play with your toys
To kiss you deeply over and over
11:26PM Sassy
Whatever you want… I’m the gal
11:28PM Phil
Ummm, I’d like to do everything we can think of
11:28PM Sassy
I can think of a lot!
11:29PM Phil
I’d do it all
11:29PM Sassy
Keep me in mind… I can travel.  ; )
And bring my toys.
11:30PM Phil
I always keep you in mind
And your toys. I can think of many uses for those
11:32PM Sassy
Awww… you make me melt

11:32PM Phil
I like to make you quiver
11:32PM Sassy
Easy… I don’t know what it is but your touch…mmmm
11:32PM Phil
[photo too dark to tell what it is]
11:33PM Sassy
Did you like those overalls?
11:34PM Phil
Love that. I did, reminded me of yours
11:34PM Sassy
I can feel your hands inside them on my ass
11:34PM Phil
Unbutton the sides and made it easy to slide my hands around your naked ass
11:35PM Sassy
Pulling me close to you

11:35PM Phil
Oh yeah, was so hot

11:35PM Sassy
Wedging me against your hard cock
11:36PM Phil
Sucking your tits smelling the powder you used. I’ll never forget
Wondered if you could feel it
11:36PM Sassy
I didn’t know much about men then, but I knew about that!
11:37PM Phil
And that first kiss
Gonna cum thinking about holding your ass
11:39PM Sassy
Mmm… wish I was there to swallow it
Wish I had known to do that back then…
11:39PM Phil
[another photo in the dark]
[Yet another photo in the dark]
11:39PM Sassy
Would’ve blown your mind.  
I feel so lucky you gave me those memories back… and helped make new ones!
11:42PM Phil
That’s an understatement 
11:42PM Sassy
There’s still room for many more.
11:43PM Phil
I never forgot that kiss by the fire. 
Never experienced anything like it until I found you again
That there is!
11:45PM Phil
Bed time pretty lady. Sweet dreams Sass
11:46PM Sassy
Sweet sexy dreams kid
11:46PM Phil

[Kissing emoji]

Here Comes The Sun

September 17, 2016 Saturday

Good morning kid
6:58AM Phil
Good morning!
7:05AM Sassy
Song for right now.

Fan Friday #7 – The Beatles “Here Comes The Sun” – Ted Yoder – hammered dulcimer – I’m on a Beatles kick. “Here Comes The Sun” I played this song a year ago with a guitar player for a wedding but never worked up a solo piece. 

Ted Yoder 
playing the hammered dulcimer

7:56AM Phil
10:19AM Sassy
Overalls.  1973.  : ) 

photo of a naked woman except for denim overalls
11:01AM Sassy
Hubby’s dad passed away this morning.  So that makes 5 people in my close family this year – Hubby’s oldest brother, that lady from church, mom, my uncle and now Hubby’s dad.  *sigh
11:52PM Phil
Oh boy, so sorry. 
11:53AM Sassy
Thanks.  Hubby’s dad was always nice to me.  Didn’t see him many times.