Women in grey

June 25, 2016 Saturday

6:04AM Sassy
Hiya kid!
9:13AM Phil
Hey hey hey!
10:29AM Sassy
Hope you’re having a blast!
11:54AM Phil
I am indeed

[photo of his hand holding a beer overlooking the water]

11:55AM Sassy
I’m still in bed with my bullet, thinking of you
12:35PM Phil
Ooh, enjoy baby
12:43PM Sassy
12:53PM Sassy
Ah…so good

9:30PM Sassy
Chicken dinners at the Ninety Nine Restaurant

 Gold fever wings with celery and blue cheese dressing

Rosemary lemon tips with rice and corn for Hubby
10:05PM Phil
You’re up late…or early?  Hmmm

Spit roast

June 23, 2016 Thursday

7:10AM Sassy
Hiya kid!
4:50PM Phil

[photo of two bottles of red wine and a wine glass half full sitting next to his computer]

[photo of a pizza]

Hey there!  Been a busy ass week!
4:55PM Sassy
I hear ya!  I’ve been balancing work and doing stuff for Mom’s estate.  Great you have the food and wine to compensate.
5:04PM Phil
Ha ha! Almost vacation time for three days! Heading up the coast!  
5:13PM Sassy
Oooh…I was there in 1967.
I still remember some things!
Here’s a very naughty tumblr to help you sleep.

1:26AM Phil
Very nice! 

Happy dance

March 22, 2016 Tuesday
9:21AM Phil
Good morning sexy girl : ) 
Hope your day is wonderful!
9:22 AM Sassy
Thanks kid!  Same to you!
11:42AM Sassy
12:22PM Phil
That’s good correct?
12:28PM Sassy
It’s great!

Katy Perry Firework Happy Dance
1:49PM Phil

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[Snoopy licking the screen gif]

Hot hand job

March 4, 2016 Friday

7:45AM Sassy
Good morning kid!
7:59AM Phil
Good morning!
8:00AM Sassy
Having fun?
8:15AM Phil
8:16AM Sassy

7:09PM Sassy
Hubby’s birthday dinner at Sichuan Garden II in Woburn

 The perfect hot & sour soup
 Hubby’s spiced rum mai tai
Cellophane noodles with minced pork and pork dumplings

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Chengdu dry spicy chicken and sesame shrimp

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 Pork fried rice
My Shirley Temple

8:32PM Sassy
Hope you’re having fun with the family.  

When you’re alone, here’s a hot hand job.

9:44PM Phil

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Blow job and politics

March 1, 2016 Tuesday “Super Tuesday”

I voted in the presidential primary!  No line! 
[photo of me outside the polling place with the “I Voted” sticker on my jacket]

8:20PM Phil
I see you voted, congrats!
8:24PM Sassy
Are you registered where you live?

8:24 PM Phil
8:25PM Sassy

8:25PM Phil
Oh hell no

8:26PM Sassy
Now I remember why we don’t talk politics much

8:26PM Phil
I did not vote for Trump though
8:27PM Sassy
All of the GOP are scary
8:27PM Phil
Dems too

8:27PM Sassy
You watching results?
8:32PM Phil
Yup. Pretty close so far
8:34PM Sassy
Who did you pick?

8:34PM Phil

8:34PM Sassy

8:35PM Phil
Seems to have the experience, like where he stands on govt and he’s not the other two

[photo of his naked legs propped up on a chair outside on his balcony]

Sitting out on a pretty night
8:36PM Sassy
mmm… toes…
8:36PM Phil

[photo of his naked leg propped up on a chair outside on his balcony, with his erect cock too!]
8:38PM Sassy

8:38PM Phil
Yeah, nice to sit out naked

8:40PM Phil
I have been known to be naughty
8:42PM Sassy
Mmm… in the nicest way

8:42PM Phil
Nothing like getting off outside  😛
8:455PM Sassy
What are you thinking about tonight?

8:46PM Phil
Blow jobs
8:56PM Phil
Watch a little porn and just playing
8:56PM Sassy

8:58PM Phil
Mmm, nice

8:59PM Phi
[He sent me a photo I had sent him of me naked just out of the shower with my hair up in a towel]
8:49PM Phil
Looking at this sexy girl
8:59PM Sassy
Oh my…

9:00PM Phil
Great tits and I know that pussy’s wet and tight

9:01PM Phil
Hope you don’t mind

9:01PM Sassy
I’m so happy to help.
9:02PM Phil
Thank you
9:04PM Phil
I like to think of a little baby oil and sliding between them
9:05PM Sassy
9:07PM back and forth….
maybe a lick at the top?

9:08PM Phil
Yes please
Licking up pre cum now
Wish it was you
9:09PM Sassy
Me too

9:09PM Phil
Sweet tonight, tastes good

9:13PM Phil
9:15PM Phil 
Can almost smell your pussy. Let me make love to you and feel your heat
9:15PM Sassy
No let… join in gladly!

9:16PM Phil
Slowing pumping my cock in and out while kissing you deeply
9:17PM Phil
Balls slapping against your ass, mmm

Lean forward so my cock hits your clit on every stroke
9:19PM Sassy
You set my on fire from hours away…. going to burn up when you’re closer!
9:47PM Phil
Phil called you.
[We were on the phone for about 5 minutes while I talked dirty to him and listened to him cum!) 
9:54PM Sassy

Sexy gif

February 12, 2016 Friday
7:20AM Sassy
Good morning kid!   Happy Friday!

7:27AM Sassy
Happy frigid Friday!  It’s 8 degrees!  With a “real feel” temp of -11 F!  Brrrr….going to be this way all weekend.  Not going above freezing until TUESDAY!  
11:10AM Phil
Good morning!
11:15AM Sassy
Still in bed. : ) 
Been up and about since 5:30
11:19AM Sassy
12:57PM Sassy

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Stew’s shower scenario

October 18. 2014 Saturday
Stew: Good morning Sassy – ur deep in my psyche I think about u all the time and yearn to b with u – know that will b sometime in the future but hopefully we can at least talk today 7:41 AM
Me: Good morning to you! Wanna shower with me? Wash my back? Play with my front? 8:20 AM
Stew: Ur killing me : ) how can u be saying these things to me and not want to c me : )  now I have yet another raging hard on and no way to do anything about it 🙁 yes I would love that – on the road I often had big walk in showers in my room with multiple heads and a bench to sit on – I would live to be there now with u to rub soap and water all over your body and explore every erogenous spot u had – definitely 8:25 AM
Me: Here’s a morning grope for you. Off to Mom’s! I’ll ping when I get back!  8:55 AM

Stew: I love oatmeal – can’t wait to share some with u : ) 10:02 AM
Me: Mom put down a deposit and will move in less than 3 weeks! Whee! Big relief! 11:36 AM
Me: Do you cook? 11:36 AM
Me: I make really good reservations! 11:37 AM
Stew: I enjoy cooking I make really great Thai food – spicy coconut curries – I am not a strict vegan but I try to eat non animal based foods as much as possible 11:43 AM
Stew: So how is your day going have been thinking about u all day – keep trying to think of ways to convey my normalness so that you would want to c me : )  3:27 PM
Me: Been thinking of you. If I handed you my panties, you’d be able to tell! 3:43 PM
Stew: Well that sounds like a good thing – hope it is – I have no desire to move in with my kids when I am old and need help – I would rather be in assisted living or nursing home 3:44 PM
Me: This place is so elegant! Everything brand new, thought out… 3:45 PM
Me: Did you end up coming into the regatta? 3:46 PM
Stew: I can’t wait to smell and taste your sweet juices – i live that u say u may be a bit of a squirter – I am hoping u will want to get together soon – this interchange is a lot of fun but I want to cu live and in living color : )  3:46 PM
Stew: No could not work out the cars – we have 3 cars for 4 people and my kids had to work and Saturday is my wife’s day to hang with her girlfriends and shop – I am alone now if u can talk 3:48 PM
Stew: Now u have me fixated on your panties and what they r covering – u really know how to get my engines revved 4:08 PM
Me: Driving home – can talk a little now or wait til I get home in 25 min? Call now if you like or I’ll ping when I get in. 4:19 PM
Stew: Unfortunately my daughter has come home so we will have to wait for another time 4:30 PM
Stew: I will try and get out to take the dogs for a walk in 25 minutes 4:31 PM
Stew: I am out walking the dogs call as soon as u can 5:07 PM
5:08 PM
I called him, talked for almost half an hour while he walked his dogs.  He tells great dog stories!  I think that is a sign of a good man. 
Me: What a marvelous menagerie! 7:22 PM
Stew: Yes they r good doggers and fun to have around – I like cats but love dogs because they r always so happy to cu 7:50 PM

Stew’s Sassy dream

October 16, 2014 Thursday 

From: Stew
To: Sassy
Subject: What a view two
Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2014  5:59 AM
your skirt was lifted up and folded on your back.  You were bent over the conference table and I was inside of you embraced by your hot and soaking wet pussy.  My cock was swollen like it never had been before as I thrust deep inside of you.  I held on to your hips to hold you in close to me and I kept thrusting harder and faster – my whole body was on fire. you were moaning with lustful pleasure and I could feel that I was about to explode blasting my white hot cum deep inside of you – The feeling of pressure building inside my cock was unbelievable when 
The alarm went off
Yes that is how I woke up this morning – extremely excited with a rock hard cock and a deep sense of frustration because I was not inside of you and was not anywhere near you.  What a vivid dream – you certainly have gotten in my psyche.
Hope your day goes well – can’t wait to talk with you
From: Sassy
To: Stew
Subject: re: What a view two
Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2014 6:45 AM 
Good morning!   My goodness…hope it’s fun to get revved up in your dreams.  Amazing what four paragraphs can do.  🙂
I am tuning up my sultry voice for later. Put your finger behind your ear, and think of me kissing you there. 

Here’s to a great Thursday!  
Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android
From: Stew
To: Sassy
Subject: re: What a view two
Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2014 7:45 AM
Yes it was simultaneously exciting and frustrating to wake up that way. can’t wait to experience that for real.
Can’t wait to talk to you – I have some questions that you can answer at your convenience either by email or when we talk
I am curious about your relationship with your husband. As I mentioned I signed on to AM Because while I like my wife, she is a good friend, wonderful mother, and great homemaker she has no interest in any intimacy.  It is a long story that I can discuss with you at some point, but I am not willing to live without passion nor do I want to break up my family.  So I am hoping to find one special friend on AM that I can share my passion with.
So while I do not feel good about sneaking around it is the only choice I have if I want to find passion again and keep my home life as it is.
What is the story with your husband – what does he know and how do you handle your home life and your AM life.
What are you looking for from me if we do find there is a chemistry between us and want to play together?  My hope for us is that you would be my one special friend that I can have fun with, good food, good conversation, good wine, laugh and enjoy ourselves and have wonderful, passionate, imaginative sex.  It will be hard enough to juggle my home life with you – I would never want to try and add other ladies to that mix.  Also, For me to have great passion I need intimacy and to develop intimacy there needs to be an underlying relationship.  I have no interest in one night stands or multiple partners.  I want one special lady and I hope that will be you.
If you don’t want one special guy I am ok with that.  Of course from a selfish standpoint I want us outside of our home lives to be exclusive to each other because that would make it easier to get together with you and so I hope you want the same arrangement as I do.  But if you don’t I can work with that as long as ur honest with me and when ur with me focused on me.  I am an honest truthful person – which is ironic given what I am trying to do.  But with that aside I do not play games and what u see is what u get.  So if you ever have any questions about me – why I did or did not do something or what I am feeling or want – just ask.  I will give an honest answer.
How long have you been playing around?  If you have been doing this before why ru looking now?
Me this is my first time on AM.  In my 30 years of marriage I have had three affairs and four one night stands.  I’ve been out on the road a lot – over the years four times I met a woman in a bar one evening and one thing led to another and we wound up in hers or my room, but it was very unsatisfying – as soon as we were done I would be lying next to her wondering about how quickly I could get out of there or would she leave if we were in my room.  With you I want to be wishing the time would never end and counting the moments until I see you again.  I had that with a woman I met in through work.  Given the nature of my job I was only in town about 8 times a year, but whenever I was we got together.  I looked forward to our time together and hated when I had to leave.  But don’t get to her area so our relationship has just faded away.  Sad for me but it has left me with wanting to find something similar here in my home state.  I hope you feel the same.
Have you ever been with a woman? I have never been with a man and have no desire to experience that.  
Have you ever been involved in a threesome?  I have and it was not very fulfilling.  My wife explored things with women in college and very early on in her marriage we invited one of her ex girlfriends into our house.  It was very exciting at first but I could tell that my wife was uncomfortable and had no interest in playing with her ex girlfriend and seemed uncomfortable when the two of us played together.  So it was unfulfilling to say the least.  I am not sure if I would ever try it again, but it would have to be with two women who very much wanted to play with each other and with me.  I have no interest being in a threesome with two guys and a woman.  But most of all what I want is one special lady who wants to explore a wide range of sexual experiences with me and wants and desires for my touch.
What type of toys do you have and how do you want to use them with me?  As I said I have not used toys but am open to anything that does not hurt and gives pleasure to you.
Have you ever used food in sex?  I have not but could be open to having something to lick off of you or for you to lick off of me.  If you were to do that what would you like to have on my cock and balls to lick off?  What would you like on you for me to lick off and where would you like me to place it?
If there was only one way for me to pleasure you what would you pick what way do you most want me to touch you when we are together?  If you could add a second type of touching what would be your second favorite?
If there was only one way for you to touch me what would you most want to do to me?  If you could add a second type of touching what would you add?
I cannot wait to learn more about you – I am so excited about the possibilities that lay ahead for us.  Look forward to talking with you and continuing our journey of discovery.
From: Stew
To: Sassy
Subject: re: What a view two
Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2014 8:51 AM
Realized I did not answer for myself the questions I posed about touching.  So here goes
I think as you can see from my writings I am very oral, so by far my favorite thing would be licking you.  I love everything about going down on a woman – the smell , the taste, the feel, the warmth, the wetness.  I love when a women gets particularly wet and for some women when they have particularly intense climaxes their juices just squirt out.  
Number two would be kissing and exploring each other’s mouths with our tongues – I love it when a woman likes to taste herself, so I love it when a woman wants me to kiss her after I go down on her.
Number three would be sucking on your breasts and licking your nipples. I’m would love it if I could make you cum just by using my mouth and tongue on your breasts and nipples.
Number four would be playing with your pussy and clit with my fingers and using my fingers to probe the inside of your pussy and butt
Don’t worry I love being inside a woman, but you all have a great advantage over us men.  You can climax multiple times and you can climax and keep going.  So while I dearly love feeling all warm and snug wrapped inside a woman’s pussy it has the limitation that sooner or later I am going to cum and my cock will lose its firmness.  I do not have to worry about that with my mouth, tongue and fingers.  I can keep going indefinitely to give you pleasure and bring you to climax after climax.
I have never experienced anal sex but am open to anything you would find pleasurable.  I would think I would much prefer the warm embrace of your pussy lips but how would I know unless I had something to compare it to?
For your touching me my favorite would be for me to be inside you and to feel your warm wet pussy embrace my cock.  I love trying various different positions but my two favorite would be entering you from behind – I find I can angle my cock so it applies maximum friction to the clit in that position and thus can maximize the pleasure I provide a woman.  Also in that position your magnificent breasts would be hanging down and swinging back and forth with each thrust of my cock.  I would love to see them sway back and forth as I thrust back and forth inside of you.  Another favorite would be for you to sit on top of me – that way I can lie back and give you some control.  I can look at your face and I can reach up to those beautiful breasts.
I also love to have my cock sucked.  My last lady friend once sucked me off while I conducted a conference call with my staff.  It was very frustrating trying to ignore what she was doing and talk with my staff.  I love it when the woman massages my balls or places a finger up my butt while she is working on my cock.
These of course are a listing of what I like, but what I would like most of all is to see, hear, and feel you finding pleasure in my touch and reaching many deep and explosive orgasms at my touch.  So what I would like the most is whatever turns you on the most.  It just would be great if our likes matched up well but I am open to anything that would bring you pleasure.    
From: Stew
To: Sassy
Subject: re: What a view two
Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2014 9:03 AM
As you can tell you are on my mind.  With today being your annual checkup it made me think about you having cancer.  I purposely have not asked about it because I did not want to presume given the very beginning of our relationship that I should ask such a personal question.  But I wanted you to know that I am open to talk about it however you may want.  If you wanted to leave that aspect of your life out of interactions, then I am fine with that.  Also I am happy to discuss it in any way shape or form that you want to.  I like most people have had health scares and losses in my life.  I am happy to discuss them with you if you are interested or I can keep them out of our discussions.  I just wanted you to know I was thinking about you today as you have your checkup in a way that was real and not pornographic  : ) 
From: Stew
To: Sassy
Subject: Connecting
Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2014 4:50 PM
Hope things went well today and my emails helped to out a smile on your face.
I am driving to meet my family for dinner and will have two windows between 5:30 and 6:30 and between 8:00 and 9:00 this evening when I will be driving alone.  I would love it if you could call me at [redacted]  during one or both of those windows – I want to hear that sultry voice of yours  : ) 

5:42 PM 
I called him and we talked for nearly an hour.  He has a sexy voice and says sexy things!  I was very comfortable, felt like I could have talked with him all night!  We agreed to talk again at 8:30 when he’s done with dinner.  He asked me to send more erotica, so I did. 
From: Sassy
To: Stew
Subject: The Storm
Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2014 6:47 PM
The Storm
He made it inside just as the first thunder clap sounded.  BANG!  It started to pour as he walked past the living room windows.  Wow. That was close.  He loved thunderstorms!  He was very tempted to stand outside to watch the storm.  Maybe even dance in the downpour.  But there was something more important he had to do.  
He knew where to find her.  He shed his clothes as he made his way to the bedroom and sure enough, there was this lump the size of a person under the blanket. He rubbed where he thought a leg might be, and a slight whimper filtered out through the covers.  There was a crash of lightning and another big boom, and she shrieked.  
“It’s okay.  You’re okay.  I’m here,” he said calmly, trying to be soothing.  He crawled into the bed next to her.  She clung to him and wrapped herself around him, burying her head in his chest, trembling.  He couldn’t believe she was still such a wuss about thunderstorms.  She was so brave about almost everything else.  
But he knew how to distract her.  He put his hands on her back and rubbed gently.  He explored up and then down, surprised that she was naked.  He pressed her ass so that she fit tightly against him.  She moaned sweetly when she felt him hard against the top of her leg.  She shifted her head up and grabbed his head with her hands, kissing him frantically.  He slowed her down a bit, pressing his tongue into her mouth at a leisurely pace and making more soothing noises.  
“We have plenty of time…” he pointed out, squeezing her breast and teasing the nipple.
“Fuck me,” she whispered fiercely.  It sent a shock wave through him.  He loved it when she talked dirty to him.  Everyone else saw her as an ultra-polite, demure lady.  Only he knew about the wild girl inside.  She was turning the intense fear into another emotion, putting it to good use.  Smart girl.

“Yes, ma’am…” he chuckled.  He hugged her, pondering which position would be best. 
“Fuck me now,” she urged him. She wasn’t going to let him go slow today.  She flattened him onto the bed, straddled him and pressed him close, shifting her hips to rub him against her.  He could feel her dripping already.  It made him a little crazy.  He shifted slightly and she took him inside her and began to move.  Up and down she went.  He put a hand on her hip and one on her breast, twisting, teasing…
He knew her inside and out, as much as any person can know another.  But it never stopped surprising him how tight and hot she was, how he fit inside her like a sculptor had made him to be there and made her to make him feel so incredible every single time.  When he first touched her as a green boy, he realized that she was different.  He had felt an emotional connection for ages, but when they finally kissed, he felt a physical connection to her that he never felt again in his life.  Special, comfortable, exciting… and at times, inflammatory.  Chemistry.  That had never changed.  He thought he would get tired of her, stop thinking about her, stop wanting her… but it never happened.  Sometimes it drove him crazy, when he couldn’t get to her.  When he could and he couldn’t get inside her fast enough.  But it was the best kind of crazy… it made him feel alive.  Kept him young.  Made them both happier than anything or anyone else.  And the most amazing thing was that she felt the same way.  He marveled over that every day.  
She stopped moving… sensing that his mind had drifted.  He snapped back to her body and what she was doing, putting a finger at the top of her slit and flicking her most sensitive spot.  She sighed in pleasure and started moving again, rising up, arching her back and driving down on him again, shoving him so deep inside…. and then out again.  Her tits looked amazing when she did that!  It was the sweetest form of torture… so hot, so wet, so…. hmmmm.. he could not think when she was like this.  He could feel… oh, man could he feel!  Every nerve in his body was on fire.  And he craved the heat.  She kept turning up the temperature… taking him closer and closer… and then stopping.  She was panting.  She leaned over and kissed him again, sucking his tongue, twisting her hips… damn.  He felt the magic start.  He wasn’t going to last long if she kept this up… it was as if every muscle inside her was trying to squeeze him, milk him… whoa, baby.  What a woman…he thought she was going to make him peak.  But when he thought he couldn’t take it another moment, she stopped, flipping over onto her back on the bed. 
She lay there breathing loudly.  He tried to figure out what she was up to.  She turned to him and kissed him, wrapping herself around him on her side.  She stroked him, then put her hand lower, caressing his balls, pressing the spots she knew would send him soaring.  His breath grew ragged.. what would she do next?  
She pressed a finger inside his ass.  Oh, wow… she was really trying to push all his buttons this time!  His hips rocketed off the bed.  She pumped in and out, whispering in his ear.  “You like it when I fuck you, don’t you, fella?  Like it when I give your ass the love, eh?”she said, making a little sucking sound.  He moaned.  She knew just what to do.  She moved down his body, putting her mouth where her hand had been, licking his cock and sucking it deep into her mouth, then kissing his balls and sucking them and finally sticking her tongue in his ass!  He moaned and trembled.  She could be such a vixen!  
That was it.  He rolled over, pulled her legs up to his shoulders, and dove back inside her, pumping, deep, long strokes while she moaned and then screamed, her head thrashing from side to side.  He watched her shake, felt her hips crashing up against him.  She opened her eyes and the look… the look nearly made him explode.  So many words popped into his head… lust, passion, fire… love.  No one loved him like she did.  Her mind, her body… it all went together to make him know… mmmm…. 
There was another big thunderclap and she jumped.  He went wild on her, his hips thrusting in and out, hearing the slap of his balls on her skin and her moans… he let go, let his body take over, let the pulsing inside her trigger the flow…. he filled her, shooting over and over inside her, grunting and moaning and… exploding.  He collapsed beside her, feeling his heart beat, listening to her breathing… smiling. He did love thunderstorms!  And her…
From: Sassy
To: Stew
Subject: re: Connecting
Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2014 7:27 PM
Hiya hot stuff!  It was wonderful to talk with you and fill in more pieces of the “Stew puzzle.”  Thank you for brightening my evening!! 
From: Sassy
To: Stew
Subject: The cancer thing
Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2014 7:56 PM
Hiya Sexy man, 
Thank you for your kind words.  These check-ups are like driving up to the edge of cliff with a beautiful view.  The people are nice, it’s a shiny place but.. please God don’t let them shove me off the edge!  
Do you have questions?  I don’t mind talking about any part of my adventures, just don’t want to make it what I am about.  It took over my life four years ago for 10 months .  I wasn’t brave, I just went to the doctor a lot.  I worked the whole time.  I was cut, stabbed, poisoned and zapped.  And didn’t end up with any super powers!  I am whole and healthy and mostly put it all behind me.  
Here is the timeline: 
Oct 25 Mammogram
Nov 3 Further tests
Nov 4 Diagnosis – breast cancer!  
Nov 20 Met with the team at MGH to hear their treatment plan
   a. Surgery in December
   b. Chemo Feb-May 
   c. Radiation  June-August
Dec 20 Surgery (removed a breast tumor the size of a shirt button) 
Jan 4 Second surgery (to get more tissue out) 
Feb – May Chemo every two weeks 
June-August Daily radiation 
I was very lucky to have found it early, to have a supportive family and an entire community to care for me.  And to live close to one of the best hospitals in the world.  
I didn’t have the nasty side effects you hear about – no nausea, no awful infections, no lasting side effects.  I had random crap like… everything tasted like soap for a week.  A nuisance but not painful.  I did spend one “interesting” weekend in the ICU with blood clots in my lungs.  But in every case, the doctors knew what to do, did it and I rolled along. 
The worst moments were the two weeks from when I was diagnosed to meeting the doctors and finding out what it really meant.  Once I got to the team at MGH, they took care of me.  And my dad died during my first weeks in chemo.  Nothing like going to a funeral with 200 people when you’re immunosuppressed and not supposed to be around crowds or touch people and your brain is mush.  But I did it anyway! 
The funniest moment was when I had lost 40 pounds, was wearing a wig feeling hideous and stupid.  Someone told me how great I looked and asked if I had been to a spa?  Ha!  Oh yes… Club Med(ical)!  
I am not usually vain but the worst part for me was losing my waist-length dark hair.  I rocked a wig for 6 months, then let my short hair show!  Thankfully, my hair is back to its long length… even if it’s silver now. 
Stories will come up now and then from those days, as I learned a lot.  But mostly it is in the past except for the check-ups 3 times a year.  If there is anything else you want to know, don’t hesitate to ask!  And feel free to share about your health adventures whenever you feel like it.  
From: Sassy
To: Stew
Subject: re: What a view two
Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2014 7:59 PM
I read over your thoughts about touching several times.  I hope to make it part of our “playbook” if we get together!  It all sounds possible and pleasurable!  

8:33 PM
I called him and we talked for another hour!  He is so easy to talk with… so sexy.  It’s scaring me how much I like him.


From: Stew
To: Sassy
Subject: re: The Storm
Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2014 9:50 PM
Oh wow – I am going to have to reread this when I am alone and can properly relieve the tension I am feeling in my cock and balls.  Maybe you will have some time free during the day where you can be “bad” and tell me what you want me to do to myself  : ) 
From: Stew
To: Sassy
Subject: re: Connecting
Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2014 9:52 PM
And you brightened my evening so very much.  I feel so excited about the possibilities that lay ahead of us.  I understand you want to proceed slowly and I will be patient, but I am totally smitten with you and am yours patiently waiting for when you want to meet for a drink.
From: Stew
To: Sassy
Subject: re: That cancer thing 
Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2014 9:55 PM
Thank you for sharing this with me.  Well all I can say is based upon the picture you sent me your breasts came through this in amazing shape.  They are two beautiful orbs of pleasure that I cannot wait to thoroughly explore.
From: Stew
To: Sassy
Subject: Re: What a view two
Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2014 9:58 PM
I am so glad you are open to my thoughts and that you are as imaginative as I am.  We seem to be a very good arch.  I know that we will someday be experiencing these and many more and I am confident as I said on the phone that you will find me a wonderful lover.   I certainly will do everything in my power to make you fulfilled.
BTW I am so glad that you can get so wet – I would love to feel your love juices gushing over me as you climax!
From: Sassy
To: Stew
Subject: re: What a view two
Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2014 9:56 PM
Hi again!  
Wow… you keep me busy writing!  I so adore exploring inside your head.  Thank you for letting me in and sharing all these parts of yourself.   And thanks for asking to talk… it was great to have you in real time and go back and forth.  
What did you want to know about Hubby and I?  We met online.  He moved here from the midwest to live with me and we married a year later.  He is a talented, funny, sweet, smart man.  But he suffers from severe depression and morbid obesity.  Most days his medicines and therapy keep him on an even keel but some days he can’t get out of bed.  I promised to take care of him and I will continue to do that.  About 15 years ago he decided he did not want me physically anymore.  We are good friends. About 5 years ago he decided he wanted to see other women.  He started dating in 2012.  We are open.  He does his thing and I do mine.  We don’t share details, but he knows that I see other men.  He has a lady friend.  Perhaps you will meet him someday.  He would prefer that I date single men within our circle (the opposite of most men who want it to be no one they know and not close to home!) but I feel best when I am helping a man who would not otherwise be able to date, and does not want more than I can give or ask me to leave Hubby. 
I have no intention of changing your home life and will do everything in my power to keep your secrets.  You tell me whatever will help with that in terms of when it’s safe to call, or for you to visit, or anything that keeps you safe.  I have learned a lot from blogs and chat about what can go wrong and how to avoid it.  The main rules are:
– no use of credit cards that would be hard to explain, and
– “police your brass” in terms of your computer and phone.  Watch out for deleted messages in the trash, saved IM conversations, drafts, sent mail.  Use an incognito browser.  Save my number in your contacts under some random male name.  Watch out for phone logs.  
And don’t be “suddenly happier” or change your habits.  
I won’t wear perfume to get on your clothes, and I won’t mark your body as much as I would love to scratch or gently bite or… mmm… 
It is tough to lead the “double life” but I hope you will find me worth it!  I am leery of playing with newbies to AM but you seem to have learned the stealth lessons in other contexts and have your wits about you. 
Thank you so much for explaining what you want and setting expectations.  I find that can go a long way toward making it easier to be together.  My wishes match yours.  The phrase “friends with benefits” is trite but it fits.  I think it is very important to be honest.  I may need a “hall pass” if the old flame ever manages to see me again, but I will tell you and practice safe sex.  I am not possessive… if you decide you want others, just be nice to me and be safe, and I will judge you by how you are with me. 
I think I answered your questions about my history – old flame, on AM two years, changing now because my last guy got busted.  His wife left the house that night, moved away and has not seen him since except for one meet with their minister that was not productive.  She has filed for divorce, and he has moved on to dating “Good Christian Women” who will marry him.  We were together and exclusive for 6 months, but he doesn’t need me anymore.  We are friendly but he is busy with three other women!  If you want anything clarified, let me know. 
This is where I stopped to talk with you!  Whee!  
I told you about my one attempt with a woman, and the foursome.  Interesting but nothing I seek out or dream about. 
Thank you for explaining about your wife.  I think you have what chatters call DADT (Don’t ask, don’t tell) which is about as good as most men get. 
My toys are: 
1) 9″ “stunt cock”
2) The circus on a stick 
3) tiny black rubber butt plug that vibrates
4) silver bullet that vibrates
5) tiny rabbit keychain vibrator 
6 & 7) smaller vibrating dildos 
I got five in one package and two in another “on sale” that friends from chat recommended.  I don’t use them myself, just to enhance thing with a man.  Some day when we want some variety I can set them all out and we can experiment. 
I haven’t done much with food during sex.  Chocolate comes to mind, or there are certain lubes that taste like pina coladas!  I have lost my vegetable virginity… one guy showed up with a cucumber!  It was rather sweet… he had an inferiority complex about his size (He may have watched too much porn) and brought something big and smooth to please me.  His equipment was fine but we went ahead and played with the cuke!  I have to giggle every time I’m in the produce section now. 
I hope you are beginning to get a sense of who I am… and how we could have fun.  You are giving me great hope that we could be very special. 
Hugs with groping and a soft, sensual massage. 
From: Stew
To: Sassy
Subject: Re: What a view two
Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2014 9:58 PM
I am so glad you are open to my thoughts and that you are as imaginative as I am.  We seem to be a very good arch.  I know that we will someday be experiencing these and many more and I am confident as I said on the phone that you will find me a wonderful lover   I certainly will do everything in my power to make you fulfilled.
BTW I am so glad that you can get so wet – I would love to feel your love juices gushing over me as you climax!
From: Stew
To: Sassy
Subject: Re: What a view two
Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2014 10:16 PM
Wow what a wonderfully thorough and thoughtful response.  I have loved every interaction we have had so far.  You seem so honest, open and respectful and I strive to be the same.  As you can tell I want so much for us to move along and meet! That is just because I am so excited about the possibilities that await us.  It sounds like we will have a lot of fun together.  I also understand your need and to proceed slowly and I will respect that – it is just hard to wait.  I am like a little boy waiting for Christmas.  
I appreciate the tips and have and will be very careful.  I have changed all of my electronics so that they lock the screen after one minute of rest and I disabled the function to show previews of messages on locked screens (that is how my daughter saw a text before and told my wife).  I have changed all of my passwords and clear my history and delete emails after reading them. So I am and will be careful
Thank you so much for responding to my initial email and for you wonderful open heart.  I look forward to our future together. 
From: Sassy
To: Stew
Subject: Action shots
Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2014 10:33 PM
As we were talking about what you’d like to do with my chest… I thought of a couple of .gifs I have in my modest collection.  Here they are for you to enjoy: 
1) The hands

2) The mouth

I find these little loops can be quite entertaining.  
From: Stew
To: Sassy
Subject: Re: Action shots
Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2014 10:39 PM
Thank- you but neither of those lady’s breasts come even close to you bountiful beautiful breasts : )  
I am so happy that you said you thought that I could bring you to climax just by sucking on your beautiful and luscious breasts.  I so much want to explore every inch of your beautiful boobs.  What little I have seen of you is spectacular.  I am a very lucky man to have found you!
From: Stew
To: Sassy
Subject: Re: Action shots
Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2014 11:19 PM
Sweet dreams – I look forward to talking to you tomorrow.  If you have a break during the day please give me a call.  I loved talking with you tonight.  And of course as soon as ur comfortable with meeting me for a drink I will make myself available.  I assure you there is no weirdness or oddity with me and you will find in me nothing but a decent, respectful lover focused on your wants and needs.  I understand that you want to to go slow and I respect that, but I will take every opportunity to assure you that my feelings and desires for you are true 
Just know when ur ready I will be ready for you.
From: Sassy
To: Stew
Subject: Re: Action shots
Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2014 11:11 PM
Awwww…. thanks.  I was trying to stay up to see the end of the baseball and football games but just can’t make it.  I am usually a night owl but having to get up early to take my car in has me dozing on the keyboard! 
I’m going to crawl into bed and think about you lying behind me, nibbling, tweaking… mmm…  
Sweet sexy dreams!  

Licking gif

Tuesday, August 19, 2014
Good morning!  Here’s to a great Tuesday!
7:58am Philip
Good morning! Enjoy the day!

Hope there are dicks everywhere?

8:12am Philip

Another dinner with Mom at The Ninety Nine.  She was in fine form.

Your thought for this evening.   Click to see her move!  

Simply Sexy