Filling the void

June 8, 2016 Wednesday
6:29AM Sassy
The internet still amazes me. Put in a law to make people safer, shut down the established options and we turn to completely unregulated free market chaos.  But it gets it done! 

How a 30K-member Facebook group filled the void left by Uber and Lyft in Austin

The End of Credibility

From my private journal 

November 9th, 2015 Monday
04:43 pm – The End of Credibility

My mom and I go out for lunch every Saturday.  I pick her up at the assisted living community.  I pay attention to many factors to assess how she’s doing, whether we need to do anything for her.  It varies a lot from week to week.  I note whether she meets me downstairs or I have to chase her from the dining room because she has forgotten I’m coming, even though I talked to her 30 minutes ago, and I visit every Saturday.  I watch how she is moving, and whether she winces as I hit potholes on our drive.  I ask her where she’d like to eat.  Some weeks it’s clear she has no idea, so I offer choices and she says, “Wherever you want.”  Other weeks she names somewhere.  I help her decide what to order, mentioning what she’s enjoyed before.  We have a nice meal.  I ask her about her week.  I share stories and photos from my adventures. Sometimes she complains to me because we’ve taken her credit cards, which her giving away money over the phone to questionable charities and the “You’ve won a cruise!” scammers forced us into.  Other weeks she complains about how they don’t give her any sleeping pills, which I know are given to her each evening.  Sometimes we talk about the news – she is still an avid watcher of the local and national news.  I note how much she eats.  If she is in pain, she doesn’t eat much. 
Saturday we went out to The Ninety Nine restaurant.  She met me downstairs, was walking well, didn’t wince as we drove, had a lovely plate of fish and chips and ate almost all of it!  Looking good!  Her mind was a little flaky – she couldn’t recall which way to turn to go into the restaurant from the bathroom… or which car in the parking lot is mine.  It doesn’t matter.  I was there to guide her.   She said her shingles were still hurting but that was to be expected since it was only three weeks ago.  She told me as if I wasn’t with her at the doctor when she was diagnosed.  I pointed out that it was three months ago and maybe we should ask the doctor for more medicine?  She shook her head… how could it be three months?  I said it was in August… I took her to the doctor that awful hot day?   Nope.  Not a flicker of recognition. Whatever. 
Today my sister reported that she talked to Mom.  She said we had a nice lunch on Saturday.  At the Japanese Noodle House.  Hmm… 

Japanese salt flavored Sapporo ramen
First of all… we didn’t go to the Japanese Noodle House.  Second, we have never been to a Japanese Noodle House together.  Third, I don’t think she’s ever been to a Japanese Noodle House!  Because there is no Japanese Noodle House anywhere around here!

What is this about?  If she doesn’t remember, fine.  But to make up something completely different?  That flummoxes me.  It doesn’t matter, but it does mean that NOTHING she reports can be trusted.  Luckily… it mostly doesn’t matter.  But… wow.  The brain is a strange place, especially when it is battered by strokes and medicines and lack of regular sleep and who knows what.  Wow.  It could be much worse.  But it’s scary.  There are treatments for broken hips, cataracts, cancer, pneumonia… but how can we fix her credibility?  It’s just… gone.  And I’m sad.


November 7, 2015 Saturday
Lunch with Mom at the Ninety Nine Woburn – turkey tips!

Hanging out with my niece and her doggie tonight!  
Hope you had a good day. 

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Do I need my landline?

October 18, 2015 Sunday

Here’s my question for today – Do I need to keep my landline home phone?

Seems like the only calls I get these days are spam.  “Lower your interest rates.”  “Put in a home alarm system.”  “Get a loan.”

Am I the last person with a home phone line?  There’s a handset in every room now but I never use them to call out except when I activate a credit card that keys off my home phone number as part of the process.

I’m going to keep a record of who calls, tell the ones where it makes sense to change to my mobile and see how that goes.  After my go-rounds with Verizon’s terrible “customer service” I would love to stop giving them any more of my money!

One Nightstand

September 20, 2015 Sunday

Here’s a little giggle for you today. And a question:

These words show up regularly in men’s profiles on Ashley Madison in the “Preferences and encounters I am open to” section.  It’s one of the dreaded “checkboxes.”  I puzzle over them.  How can anyone like the idea?

I label them “notch guys” and stay away – all they want is another notch in their bed post, a quick fuck, another hole to stick it in and run?  So not my thing!  First times are rarely worth anything except a step on the road to better days… the nerves, the unfamiliarity, the likelihood of an early finish… it’s the second time or the third when it gets really good.  Maybe they don’t notice any of that… I dunno.

I am not looking for love or commitment or (as so many men say) to “change their situation.”  I certainly am not going to change mine for them.  And I understand it’s not going to be “long-term.”

But one time?  No thanks.

If you have any clue on why this is a thing, let me know!

Happy with a side of torture

September 15, 2015 Tuesday
Good morning kid!

Hope you’re enjoying this New England weather.

1:43pm Phil

It’s gorgeous.

1:43pm Phil

[another photo of him eating the huge lobster roll last night]

1:43pm Phil 

[and yet another photo of him eating the huge lobster roll last night]

Loving it

I am always glad to see any message from him… happy to know where he is and what he’s doing, happy to see him having fun.  But this is also torture.  To know he is so close… and I am not touching him.  Should I say anything?  Should I wait for him to invite me?  ARGH! 


Tried Doordash delivery from Tasty Burger and drank my first Cheerwine!

Matt’s at it again! DANCING all over the world. Even Cambridge’s Stata Center at MIT! These make me smile.


Matt Harding Dancing Around The World

Serious Sassy

September 11, 2015 Friday

Dear Readers,

Hope this is an uneventful Friday for you.

It doesn’t happen very often – Sassy is going to be serious today.  I promise to go back to being sexy and silly soon.

Hard to believe it’s been 14 years since that fateful day in the US.  In some ways our lives have changed a lot due to the events on that sunny Tuesday morning.  In other ways, we have gone back to normal… the new normal…but still… life goes on.

More and more that day feels like “history” rather the fresh gaping wound it was for so long.  We still pause to remember, to hear about the amazing things the families of the victims have done in their memory, see the new buildings in New York, the memorial in Pennsylvania, adore Jon Stewart for pressing for continued help for the first responders when he could be living a quiet life on his animal farm.

Whenever I meet a new man, we eventually share where we were on this day in 2001, how it made us feel, how we helped our friends and families connect or get home from wherever they were stranded, how we changed or didn’t.  I wonder what it would have been like if I had been seeing a nice man from AM at that time, longing to be in touch to be sure they were safe, longing to see them to reaffirm life in the best way.  I wonder what people who were cheating on that day went through, if they were stranded together, or apart and worried, if the strange events of that week complicated their relationships even more.

It seems so odd that I did not know my Sassy side existed then.  And I didn’t know any of you then, that we didn’t share that day or the hard days after it.  I am so glad Philip helped me find that side of me and that led me to here!  You have gotten me through such um… “interesting times,” I imagine we would have supported each other in wonderful ways back then.  The fact that you are out there now makes me feel calmer about any new disaster that might befall this world, or me.  This sexy part of the blogosphere has it quirks, but when going gets tough, it is a great resource in the best way that the strange and sexy connections between people can make it!  Thank you dear bloggers and readers!

Hugs with groping!