Sound of Silence by Disturbed

Not a word from the Usual Man since midday yesterday.  No answer to three messages.  No response to the perfect blow job video?  Hmmm…

Why wouldn’t he write?  He’s traveling.  Driving.  Busy with family.  Right?

No time for a quick text?  He can’t pop into the men’s room and send a sentence?  Nothing?  Really?  He managed to keep in touch last weekend…

I am not panicking.  It’s only been 24 hours.

Okay… I am panicking… a little.  Okay… a lot.  He wouldn’t just go silent after telling me our time on Monday was spectacular and writing every day since?  Would he?  The universe wouldn’t take away two men in less than a month, men I thought I had a special connection with?  Right?

I’ll wait to really panic.  There’s plenty of time over the weekend to panic.  *sigh

Argh… I hate silence.


Disturbed – The Sound Of Silence


Meet a Big Fish?

Dear Readers,

Here’s my question for today: Can I “fish in my own pond?”

I’ve faced so many questions – seems like every time I get approached by a guy there is some issue or kink or something that has to be pondered.  Can I deal with that?  or this other thing?  Is sex worth dealing with it?  Beyond the whole “being with a married man” thing that I talked myself through in the first weeks chatting with Philip, I’ve run into so many wrinkles!  Most of which most people say are a bad idea.  Or I haven’t done them and don’t know if I want to start!  What matters?  What doesn’t?

A guy who smokes weed all the time?
The guy who is into olive oil massage?
A guy who is a sub?
A guy who is a dom?
A guy who wants to listen to me poop?
A traveling man?
A single man?
A guy wearing women’s underwear?
The guy who wants me to ride his motorcycle?
The guy who only wants to write to set up meets?
The guy who wants me to visit his house?
The guy who can’t spell?

I’ve crossed a lot of lines, tried a lot of sexy stuff, broken rules, contradicted conventional wisdom… but I have never dated anyone I worked with.  Never had an offer to do so!

So can I meet someone who works where I work?  I keep thinking of course I can.  And then thinking I absolutely can’t!  Help!

It’s not a pond exactly… more like a Great Lake!  And he is on the far shore.  Not in my office, not a supervisor or even in my chain of command.

But still… is it worth the risk?  What can happen?  Could I lose my job?  What if I break it off and he’s mean and tells people?  It’s usually the woman who gets canned when these things come out.  Ugh.  That would really suck.

Okay… I admit it… I googled him.  My Google fu is strong.  If you give me two or three pieces of information about you?  I can usually find you.  So I know his first name, probably, and where he works.  And what he does.  It didn’t take me long to find a guy who could be him, and then find enough info to know it was the same guy.

Oh my… he’s a BIG FISH!  Yikes! Does that change the question? Can I meet a Big Fish?

I had a moment of pride that I managed to attract someone so distinguished!  Then I had a moment of terror imagining what might happen to him or to me if we were discovered.  I usually have to worry about a guy’s wife finding out, but this is much bigger.  If I am going to stop, I should stop now, right?

I realize I am getting ahead of myself.  We may not even click in person.  I should at least see what he looks like, listen to him… right?  I have a special feeling about him.. a kindred spirit.  *sigh*  We can work this out, right?

What should I do?!!!



300,000… that is a BIG NUMBER!  I don’t see that number very often but I saw it this evening because my humble blog reached a major milestone sometime today.  It blows my mind.  While I was having a wacky day at work, someone clicked on my blog for 300,000th time!  Wowie zowie!  Was that you?  Thank you!

I so appreciate you reading and commenting, celebrating my best days with me, sticking with me when life is not great, and coming back to find out what wild adventure I get up to next!

I can’t tell anyone in my real life, so I hope you will celebrate with me! I’m doing the Sassy Happy Dance! 

It took me a long time (over two years) to get to 100,000 hits on March 3, 2014… 27 months.  And then another 17 months to get to 200,000!  It’s been just over a year since I hit 250,000.  

Here’s a fun graph from Blogger that shows my blog’s hits by month from December 2011 to now.  Nothing like a great graph!   Hard to believe it’s been almost six years since I discovered Riff Dawg’s sexy blog!  I spent the entire Thanksgiving weekend reading it and realizing I had to start sharing the story of my sex life with the entire internet!

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Many thanks to the top six sexy blogs that refer people to my blog.  These fantastic bloggers help me find my way in this corner of the blog world: 
Please pop in again soon for more Sassy shenanigans!  After quite a few months with very little action, the end of August will be more exciting with new men in my life!  Where will I go next?!  Will the Universe be kind?  Stay tuned!

65 years later

August 14, 2016 Sunday

9:09AM Sassy
After 65 years, and an 11 year search by his family, a local man who died in a POW camp in North Korea in 1951 is finally going to be buried at home. It really hit me what an incredible thing this is for that family – to finally know, have a funeral, fill the empty grave next to his parents…

The city is honoring him with a parade this Tuesday! Please go stand on Mass Ave and show your respects if you can.

There are still 190 Korean War remains unidentified. If you know anyone whose relatives are MIA, suggest they give DNA samples. The Army’s Past Conflicts Repatriation Branch can put them in touch with the Defense Prisoner of War Missing in Action Accounting Agency (DPAA), which works to identify remains of lost soldiers.match them and send them home.


Cpl. Ronald M. Sparks 

12:38PM Sassy
Eating dim sum for brunch at my favorite Chinese spot – Mary Chung’s in Cenral Square in Cambridge!

6:55PM Sassy
Humoring Hubby with a Mexican dinner out at Margarita’s in Medford. 


Always be

July 10, 2016 Sunday

“I will always be the virgin-prostitute, the perverse angel, the two-faced sinister and saintly woman.”
Anaïs Nin

Pierre Bonnard – Woman Putting on Her Stockings,1895

from Ravenous Butterflies on Facebook

Witness Bird

July 3, 2016 Sunday

8:38AM Sassy
Fascinating bird witness to a murder. 

Christine Keller’s ex-husband Martin Durham was murdered in his Michigan home last year. After his death, Keller got custody of his parrot, Bud. Ever since, Keller says that the parrot has been reenacting what she believes is the final confrontation that took place before Durham’s killing.

8:48AM Sassy

5:14PM Sassy
Obituary writing raised to an art form, remembering one of the most important voices of our time. May his memory be a blessing.  

Filling the void

June 8, 2016 Wednesday
6:29AM Sassy
The internet still amazes me. Put in a law to make people safer, shut down the established options and we turn to completely unregulated free market chaos.  But it gets it done! 

How a 30K-member Facebook group filled the void left by Uber and Lyft in Austin

The End of Credibility

From my private journal 

November 9th, 2015 Monday
04:43 pm – The End of Credibility

My mom and I go out for lunch every Saturday.  I pick her up at the assisted living community.  I pay attention to many factors to assess how she’s doing, whether we need to do anything for her.  It varies a lot from week to week.  I note whether she meets me downstairs or I have to chase her from the dining room because she has forgotten I’m coming, even though I talked to her 30 minutes ago, and I visit every Saturday.  I watch how she is moving, and whether she winces as I hit potholes on our drive.  I ask her where she’d like to eat.  Some weeks it’s clear she has no idea, so I offer choices and she says, “Wherever you want.”  Other weeks she names somewhere.  I help her decide what to order, mentioning what she’s enjoyed before.  We have a nice meal.  I ask her about her week.  I share stories and photos from my adventures. Sometimes she complains to me because we’ve taken her credit cards, which her giving away money over the phone to questionable charities and the “You’ve won a cruise!” scammers forced us into.  Other weeks she complains about how they don’t give her any sleeping pills, which I know are given to her each evening.  Sometimes we talk about the news – she is still an avid watcher of the local and national news.  I note how much she eats.  If she is in pain, she doesn’t eat much. 
Saturday we went out to The Ninety Nine restaurant.  She met me downstairs, was walking well, didn’t wince as we drove, had a lovely plate of fish and chips and ate almost all of it!  Looking good!  Her mind was a little flaky – she couldn’t recall which way to turn to go into the restaurant from the bathroom… or which car in the parking lot is mine.  It doesn’t matter.  I was there to guide her.   She said her shingles were still hurting but that was to be expected since it was only three weeks ago.  She told me as if I wasn’t with her at the doctor when she was diagnosed.  I pointed out that it was three months ago and maybe we should ask the doctor for more medicine?  She shook her head… how could it be three months?  I said it was in August… I took her to the doctor that awful hot day?   Nope.  Not a flicker of recognition. Whatever. 
Today my sister reported that she talked to Mom.  She said we had a nice lunch on Saturday.  At the Japanese Noodle House.  Hmm… 

Japanese salt flavored Sapporo ramen
First of all… we didn’t go to the Japanese Noodle House.  Second, we have never been to a Japanese Noodle House together.  Third, I don’t think she’s ever been to a Japanese Noodle House!  Because there is no Japanese Noodle House anywhere around here!

What is this about?  If she doesn’t remember, fine.  But to make up something completely different?  That flummoxes me.  It doesn’t matter, but it does mean that NOTHING she reports can be trusted.  Luckily… it mostly doesn’t matter.  But… wow.  The brain is a strange place, especially when it is battered by strokes and medicines and lack of regular sleep and who knows what.  Wow.  It could be much worse.  But it’s scary.  There are treatments for broken hips, cataracts, cancer, pneumonia… but how can we fix her credibility?  It’s just… gone.  And I’m sad.