Sweet and clean pussy

August 20, 2016 Saturday

Truck tried Yahoo Messenger instead of texting… and somehow Yahoo didn’t tell me he was pinging me, so I saw his messages days late when I happened to get emails there.  Oops.  It’s rather random, but he said some hot things, so here is the August action: 

Truck 8/10/2016, 2:24 PM
Not sure if you’re getting my messages on here
This is Truck
Sassy 8/13/2016, 5:52 PM
Hiya! Great to see you here. 🙂
Truck 8/14/2016, 1:16 PM
Yeah it’s been a long time. How’s your weekend going? Managing to keep cool? (well as cool as a hot lady like yourself can be!)

I was watching some face sitting video the other day and was fantasizing about you squatting over me, riding my face til you blow your lady load…
Sassy 8/14/2016, 4:08 PM
I was watching a short video on Tumblr, knowing i had to send it to you.

[Sadly, this Tumblr has been deleted.  : (   If anyone finds it elsewhere, please let me know!  The video showed a woman sitting in an outdoor cafe all dressed up except no panties, and a man’s hand fingering her.  Her gasps were so hot! ]
Truck 8/20/2016, 7:50 AM
I’m so glad, it turned me on just reading that you thought of me while watching it. So tantalizing seeing such playful finger fucking in public! There’s probably more of that going on around us than we would ever imagine. A great case to be made for skirts/dresses with no panties.

It made me think of the time we met and how nice it was when I finally dipped my finger into your already wet pussy and how sweet and clean you tasted and smelled. Knew right then I wanted more

It’s raining men

June 30, 2016 Thursday
7:56AM Sassy
Good morning kid!
9:45AM Phil
Good morning!
10:21AM Sassy
I’m having a wacky day… it’s raining men!

heard from Mr. Truck after over a year. 

heard from Kris after 18 months of silence
11:48AM Phil
Hmpf, think I’d leave that alone
12:21 PM Sassy
He invited me to dinner tonight.  We’ll see.
Want to hear how things worked out.

And The Northerner wants to see me tomorrow.  Whee!

 I wonder what brought all this on at once?! 

1:02PM Phil
Well good luck, may be interesting. Have fun
1:32PM Sassy
Thanks!  You have fun weekend plans?
3:05PM Phil
I’m working on house projects
maybe a drive in the country but that’s about it

Truck returns horny

June 26, 2016 Sunday
From: Truck
To: Sassy
Sent: Sun June 26, 2016 6:00 AM
Subject: Don’t Reply to This Message
Hi Sassy!
Long long long time no see, no talk!
This is your favorite Truck owner from [town name redacted]. Used to be [email user name redacted] on Yahoo. You and I talked and wrote a LOT and shared videos 😉 Remember me now?
Anyway, the reason I fell out of touch is long story for another time. Thought I’d reach out to see how you’ve been and if you’re as say and sexy as ever.
I don’t have a private email yet so please don’t reply here. Would love to hear from you in text. I’m traveling and will be able to text or chat for the next 10 days. Miss you…
If this isn’t who I think it is, just disregard this message.
[phone number redacted]

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Sent from my iPhone


Well well well… after more than a year out of touch, with the email I had for him deleted… and he’s back just like that, using his personal email!  Wowzers!  What a sweet email.  

I saw his message when I woke up and started texting right away!  So nice to have a distraction from dealing with Mom’s estate! 


9:33 AM Sassy  Hiya Truck!  Sassy’s still here
9:36 AM Truck  Hey GREAT!! Flight takes off in a minute. How’s my hot passionate lady been? Getting into lots of trouble I hope!
9:36 AM Sassy You betcha!  You?
9:39 AM Truck  A few ‘friends’ here and there but lying low for the most part. Very horny as usual. Whenever I watch porno I think of sharing with you and reading your critiques 😉
Ok I have to shut down, write you when I land, hope to talk xox
3:51 PM Truck  Landed in sunny CA! How is your mom? Mine is 90 now
3:52 PM Sassy She died June 15.  It was a relief.  The last 6 months were hell for her and us. 
4:17 PM Truck  Oh I’m so sorry. I can definitely relate.  How are you and your family doing
4:19 PM Sassy We’re good.  Glad her suffering is over.  Had a good memorial a week ago
4:19 PM Sassy Been swamped doing literally 89 things to settle her estate. How’s your Mom?
4:25 PM Truck  That’s good to hear. Luckily we won’t have a complicated estate process. My mom has slow inoperable cancer, no pain, but that and other complications have her on limited hospice. We have good housekeepers and caregivers. Life’s a bitch huh?
4:27 PM Sassy Yeah… hospice people were the best. 
4:27 PM Truck  Glad to hear it. How old was mom?
4:28 PM Sassy 90. My mom fell Christmas Eve, broke her shoulder and 4 ribs… agony.
4:30 PM Truck  Oh boy, that’s awful. So sorry for her. We’ve been trying to avoid that for so long. Mine is 90 too.
4:31 PM Sassy So you’re horny? Have a nipple

5:14 PM Truck  Oh fuck….sooo nice, I needed that….So suckable…With my sister or I’d return the favor….
5:22 PM Sassy 😉
5:26 PM Truck  Love how you’re lying there. Are those red panties?
5:41 PM Sassy Dark pink panties pulled aside so I can play
5:45 PM Truck  I remember how greedy your pussy was, needing lots of play. I’ll never forget dipping my finger inside you, and how fresh & sweet you tasted…so wet and yummy.

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Truck stroking

October 14, 2014 Tuesday
·        10:35 AM Mr Truck: Needless to say, our conversation Sunday has been on my mind a lot. I stroked twice about it, spurting nice loads about at the point where you had me bent over so all your office workers could see my precious butt plug, then you inviting them to come look closer and touch it, jiggle it…
·        10:37 AM  Mr Truck: Inviting them to pinch a nipple, telling them loudly, what a little nipple whore I am
·        10:38 AM  Mr Truck: That all anyone ever needs to do it touch my nipples and watch me beg for my butt plug
·        10:42 AM  Mr Truck: Looking for butt plug vids for you now (well, for ME too!)
·        10:43 AM  Mr Truck: How did you know I’d be so open to this fantasy?
·        11:44 AM  Sassy: Oh my…. this has me so wet! Sitting at my office at work… tingling… it’s like someone stuck an electrical prod up inside me! You are so hot!
·        11:44 AM  Sassy: I didn’t know… I took a chance… you always um… rise to the occasion! 
·        11:45 AM  Sassy: I dreamed this awhile back and it has been feeding my fantasies ever since! Not sure what it is about it… I’m not usually into domme scenarios but man, this works on so many levels.
·        12:14 PM  Mr Truck: I know! It kind of took me by surprise that you tapped into secret anal yearnings of mine!
·        12:16 PM  Mr Truck: Having a difficult time finding any butt plug vids, don’t know why, I thought I’ve seen plenty a while back (oops, I think I gave myself away…)
·        12:17 PM  Mr Truck: I want to kiss you deeply while you twist my nipple with one hand and gently wet finger the rim my attention starved anus…

Mr Truck resurfaces

October 12, 2014 Sunday 
After nearly four months, Mr Truck popped up again!  He pinged me in Yahoo chat.  
·         1:51 PM  Mr Truck: Hey long time no talk, how are you?
·         1:51 PM  Sassy: Rolling along. You?
·         1:52 PM  Mr Truck: Same, a few new contacts but no physical contact! How’s your new BF?
·         1:52 PM  Sassy: He’s complicated. But good when we’re together!
·         1:55 PM  Mr Truck: Does he satisfy you, have a wicked dirty mind? 
·         1:55 PM  Sassy: Hmmm… no!
·         1:55 PM  Mr Truck: Ha!
·         1:55 PM  Mr Truck: Can you still see other people?
·         1:56 PM  Sassy: I haven’t but I can
·         1:58 PM  Mr Truck: I still think of you often, and our plans…
·         2:00 PM  Sassy: Sweet! I look at porn you sent me. And share it, to inspire other men
·         2:00 PM  Mr Truck: Does it ever inspire them?
·         2:01 PM  Sassy: Oh yes
·         2:01 PM  Mr Truck: I miss sending you porn actually, you are the only woman who appreciates the fine points and knows how to express them
·         2:01 PM  Sassy: why did you stop?
·         2:02 PM  Mr Truck: I got swept away in a few project as well as a death in the family, so things have been kind of upside down here. I also knew you had a boyfriend and thought your needs were being met
·         2:02 PM  Sassy: Ah.  Very gallant. 
·         2:03 PM  Sassy: So sorry to hear about the death.  
·         2:03 PM  Mr Truck: thanks, how’s your mom?
·         2:04 PM  Sassy: She has good days and bad days.
·         2:04 PM  Mr Truck: Are you still talking to some hot potential fuck buddies?
·         2:04 PM  Sassy: Do send stuff, when you find time…
·         2:05 PM  Mr Truck: I’m actually looking as we speak
·         2:05 PM  Sassy: I always have lots of balls in the air…
·         2:05 PM  Mr Truck: Me too, except my own!
·         2:05 PM  Sassy: I would rather have them in my mouth…
·         2:06 PM  Mr Truck: Oh gosh Sassy, I could sure use a good wet ball sucking, with lots of plopping sounds
·         2:06 PM  Sassy: Put your finger behind you ear… think of me kissing there
·         2:07 PM  Mr Truck: Ohhh that’s a nice touch, from behind me
·         2:07 PM Sassy: Then flick your right nipple like I would
·         2:08 PM  Mr Truck: Flicking it now, it’s my favorite nipple, but I don’t want the other to feel neglected
·         2:08 PM  Sassy: You can pull on the left one…
·         2:08 PM  Mr Truck: Think of me finding that special spot on your back…
·         2:08 PM  Sassy: Oh my
·         2:08 PM  Mr Truck: Ohhh that gentle tugging is so sweet
·         2:08 PM  Sassy: twist… just a bit
·         2:09 PM  Mr Truck: You know me so well
·         2:09 PM  Sassy: Do I still have the right stuff?
·         2:10 PM  Mr Truck: Oh absolutely!!~!@~@#$#$ I want to lead you around by your nipples, shake those huge naturals by the nipples…
·         2:11 PM  Sassy: I want to take my little black rubber butt plug and slide it inside you
·         2:12 PM  Mr Truck: Oh honey, do you want me to keep it in, walk around with it in the room? You know how submissive that will make me
·         2:12 PM  Sassy: I have very naughty thoughts about them
·         2:13 PM  Sassy: I want to take you out in public… watch you try to deal with the vibrations
·         2:13 PM  Mr Truck: ohhhhh my
·         2:13 PM  Sassy: the constant humming in your balls
·         2:14 PM  Mr Truck: and the constant precum
·         2:14 PM  Sassy: in private I want to push it in and out while I suck on you
·         2:15 PM  Sassy: I had a dream where I ran an office of business women dresssed in suits… we hired men as our assistants and asked them to work naked
·         2:15 PM  Sassy: Would you work for me?
·         2:16 PM  Mr Truck: I love that idea, so vulnerable and submissive. I’d have to massage all of you and your staff’s nylon feet……
·         2:18 PM Sassy: In the dream, I wore a blue sapphire handled butt plug… and no undies. You would sneak under my desk, pull and push my plug while licking me
·         2:18 PM  Mr Truck: ohhhh
·         2:18 PM  Sassy: [I’ve never seen one or worn one… no clue where my brain got that!]
·         2:19 PM  Mr Truck: I love the way a woman’s ass looks with butt plug just sitting in it……..
·         2:20 PM Sassy: I would be very serious, hard-working.. then flash my ass at you leaving the room
·         2:20 PM Mr Truck: YES!
·         2:21 PM  Sassy: I’d probably be very bad… see if I could get you hard
·         2:22 PM  Sassy: I wish I could find a clothed women/naked man video where the women aren’t mean to him
·         2:22 PM  Mr Truck: I told you about the girl about 5 or 6 years ago who used a medium sized dildo on me, very slowly. Once I relaxed and let it in, it was heaven, made me have an involuntary orgasm while on my hands & knees on the bed
·         2:23 PM  Mr Truck: I can find one for you, I used to look at them all the time.
·         2:23 PM  Sassy: I have been learning how to use my toys on my guy
·         2:23 PM  Mr Truck: he teaches you or you’re learning from just doing it
·         2:24 PM  Sassy: I try things and he lets me now how it feels
·         2:24 PM  Sassy: I ask questions… like “stay still or move back and forth?”
·         2:24 PM  Mr Truck: He likes to be ass fucked?
·         2:24 PM  Sassy: or “this far in? Or further?”
·         2:24 PM  Mr Truck: nice!
·         2:24 PM  Mr Truck: That’s hot in and of itself
·         2:25 PM  Sassy: It’s quite something to have that power… to be given the knowledge to drive him wild
·         2:25 PM  Mr Truck: yes
·         2:25 PM  Sassy: He has tried a bunch on me
·         2:25 PM  Sassy: I was surprised…
·         2:26 PM  Sassy: I thought I was a G-spot gal, so the big fake cock would be the best bet
·         2:26 PM  Mr Truck: How big?
·         2:26 PM  Sassy: but it turns out that the little silver bullet held to my clit… makes me soar
·         2:26 PM  Sassy: 9 inches
·         2:26 PM  Sassy: Didn’t do much for me
·         2:26 PM Mr Truck: 9 inches, drool…
·         2:26 PM Sassy: None of the inner ones did anything for me
·         2:27 PM  Sassy: but the clit ones? Boom!
·         2:27 PM  Mr Truck: I’d like to be ‘threatened’ by that bad boy
·         2:27 PM  Sassy: You can daydream about that
·         2:27 PM  Sassy: A woman might stick it inside her.. get it nice and wet..
·         2:27 PM  Mr Truck: I want you to make me suck it.
·         2:28 PM  Sassy: covered in her juice
·         2:28 PM  Mr Truck: we’re going to the same place…
·         2:28 PM  Sassy: : )  
·         2:28 PM  Sassy: a very hot place!
·         2:28 PM  Mr Truck: Is the cock realistic?
·         2:28 PM  Sassy: Yes! I could keep it in my desk drawer at the office… take it out after hours
·         2:29 PM  Mr Truck: mmm
·         2:29 PM  Sassy:  bend you over my desk
·         2:29 PM  Mr Truck: Oh my
·         2:29 PM  Sassy: I keep forgetting to shut the door
·         2:30 PM  Mr Truck: oh baby, people will see me getting it from you
·         2:30 PM  Sassy: yes
·         2:30 PM  Mr Truck: I want to be watched
·         2:30 PM  Sassy: they know you have a nice ass
·         2:30 PM  Sassy: and a gorgeous cock
·         2:30 PM  Mr Truck: ahhhh
·         2:30 PM  Sassy: they all want to play
·         2:30 PM  Sassy: but you only have eyes for me
·         2:30 PM  Mr Truck: can you imagine?
·         2:31 PM  Sassy: because I know how to make you burn
·         2:31 PM  Mr Truck: and I’m your little fuck slut
·         2:31 PM  Sassy: just the right mix of pleasure and naughtiness!
·         2:31 PM  Mr Truck: I’d be so red, in my face and on my spanked ass
·         2:32 PM  Sassy: I might have to take a call… leave you there on display
·         2:32 PM  Mr Truck: I bet your snow white skin gets nice and red
·         2:32 PM  Mr Truck: Oh wow
·         2:32 PM  Sassy: with the cock sticking out of your ass, vibrations all through your balls
·         2:32 PM  Mr Truck: yes
·         2:33 PM  Sassy: You squirming, moaning
·         2:33 PM  Mr Truck: and dying to cum
·         2:33 PM  Sassy: Me smiling!
·         2:33 PM Mr Truck: yes
·         2:33 PM  Sassy: No cumming… yet
·         2:33 PM  Mr Truck: I know, torture!
·         2:33 PM  Sassy: could you last a minute?
·         2:33 PM  Mr Truck: you’d know how to make me last, and build up more of a load
·         2:34 PM  Sassy: full of cock
·         2:34 PM  Sassy: vibrating cock
·         2:34 PM  Sassy: your ass facing the open door
·         2:34 PM  Mr Truck: and you threatening me with a real cock if I don’t obey
·         2:34 PM  Sassy: shaking
·         2:34 PM  Sassy: moaning
·         2:35 PM  Sassy: are you hard Stan?
·         2:36 PM  Mr Truck: Half hard, typing and tugging at cock & nipples. Is your cunt wet?
·         2:36 PM  Mr Truck: I can’t shoot my load here though
·         2:36 PM  Mr Truck: might get walked in on
·         2:36 PM  Sassy: Maybe you will take my scenario… think about it later?
·         2:36 PM  Sassy: think of all the ways you would like working in “my office”
·         2:36 PM  Mr Truck: Oh you know it!!!
·         2:36 PM Sassy: naked
·         2:37 PM  Sassy: saves on clothing and dry-cleaning!
·         2:38 PM  Sassy: think about the presents I would give you
·         2:41 PM  Sassy: It would be fun for me to know where you go with it in your mind

Such a het girl

From: Mr Truck 
To: Sassy
Sent: Saturday, February 15, 2014 7:46 AM
Subject: Hi
How’s it going? I last wrote you with a video link and said something of a bi sexual nature and I never heard back. Did I turn you off?
From: Sassy
To: Mr Truck
Sent: Saturday, February 15, 2014 10:34 AM
Re: Hi
Good morning hot stuff!  So sorry I’ve been quiet… please don’t ever worry that it’s something you said!  Life, work, men have been nuts the past couple of weeks.  I’m dashing off to my mom’s.  I’ll catch up more later!  Mwah!
From: Sassy
To: Mr Truck 
Sent: Saturday, February 15, 2014 5:04 PM 
Re: Sofa fun
Hiya Stan! 
I finally got to watch this one.  http://xhamster.com/movies/1836459/hairy_lesbian_holes_licked_and_fingered.html
Thanks for sending it!  It has a lot going for it… normal looking women, if a bit skinny, great kissing and moaning into her mouth, good sounds, great to see her reacting… very expressive face and moans!  
Somehow, I can not get excited by two women.  I watch it clinically, analytically, nice that they’re having fun – but it doesn’t set me off.  Am I bad that I was wishing a man would join in?  Ah well… I pretended the hand was a man’s and that worked for a little while.  Such a het girl, I am! 
So what’s new with you?  Any playmates?  Hope this snow isn’t slowing you down too much! 

Best use of couch

Tuesday, January 28, 2014 
From: Sassy
To: Mr Truck
Sent: Monday, January 20, 2014 1:08 PM
Subject: Sofa fun
On Monday, January 20, 2014 1:32 PM, Sassy Lassie <sassylassiema@yahoo.com> wrote:
Here’s a video with a couple… nice array of activities.  Well shot, yes?  Good sound… and perhaps the best use of the back of a couch ever.  🙂   Enjoy!
From: Mr Truck
To: Sassy
Sent: Tuesday, January 28, 2014 2:46 PM
Re: Sofa fun
THAT was totally hot, some real nice quality fucking. Every once in a while I see a guy getting great head and it makes me want to try it too. I just know I could suck cock really well, especially if there were a hot lady like you helping 😉
Here’s some VERY HOT sweet Aussie girls asshole licking while finger fucking, take a look and tell me you don’t want me to do this to you……

Messy carpet

Monday, January 20, 2014

From: Mr Truck 
To: Sassy
Sent: Friday, January 17, 2014 10:27 AM
Subject: Happy weekend!
Hey sexy lady!
I thought you might like this, it’s a threesome shot very well in HD. I think it will also make you a believer in squirting. The end cum shot and cum kisses are SOOOOO delicious….
From: Sassy
To: Mr Truck
Sent: Monday, January 20, 2014 1:08 PM
Re: Happy weekend!
Hiya hot stuff! 
How are you this fine day?  
Thanks for the sexy video!  It definitely had some interesting moments.  Cute that they made the man wait.  Nice to see a non-lily white woman, and brunettes!  And to hear them moan.  Yum.  I don’t know about the squirting… but I get that men think it’s super hot.   I need to get over my “wow… that’s going to make a big mess on the carpet!” Hee! 
I sent it on to a couple of my buddies.  
There was an ad beside it with some very wet panties that was also hot!  


Sassy in charge

Sunday, January 12, 2014
Yahoo IM with Mr Truck
12:30 PM Mr Truck: Today would be a great day to get naked with an affectionate curvy woman like you!
12:31 PM Sassy: You are so right!
12:32 PM Sassy: I’ve just been looking at more videos you sent me! How did you know!
12:35 PM Mr Truck: Maybe it’s because I was looking for some new videos for YOU!
12:35 PM Mr Truck: what are you in the mood for?
12:35 PM Sassy: Naughty
12:36 PM Sassy: I was just watching a MILF teacher bang two college students!
12:37 PM Mr Truck: Mmmmm. I was just watching various BBW girls sucking cock.
12:37 PM Mr Truck: Gosh I love their soft tummies
12:37 PM Sassy: Also, if you ever seen anything where the woman has benwa balls inside, I’d like to see
12:37 PM Sassy: Oooh…
12:37 PM Mr Truck: Ok, I’ve seen a few of those about a month ago, will be on the look out
12:39 PM Mr Truck: You want ass or cunt stuffing?
12:39 PM Sassy: I found one with like…. three seconds of a guy fucking a woman standing up with them inside her.. something about the clacking sound really set me off
12:39 PM Sassy: then he took them out and they licked them!
12:39 PM Mr Truck: Mmmmmmm!!! NICE
12:39 PM Sassy: Did I send that to you? It was the outdoor sex one…
12:40 PM Mr Truck: I don’t know, ok I’m mixing up benwah with those string of beads
12:40 PM Mr Truck: You ever use the balls?
12:40 PM Sassy: no
12:41 PM Sassy: I wonder what they’d feel like… a fullness? Cool… metal… then extra full and funky during sex? Hmm…..
12:41 PM Sassy: You ever tried them?
12:41 PM Mr Truck: I don’t think they’d work well with sex. No never have!
12:42 PM Sassy: Bet they’d be fun in your ass….
12:42 PM Sassy: Pressing them in and pulling them out…
12:42 PM Sassy: Hearing them clack and knowing they were going to fill you?
12:43 PM Mr Truck: oh fuck yes, you’d make me your ass slave
12:43 PM Sassy: Maybe I’d suck you at the same time
12:44 PM Sassy: Clack… gently press one inside… then clack… another…clack up against the first… suck suck lick…
12:44 PM Mr Truck: Yes definitely what a double sensation and those sounds
12:44 PM Sassy: You squirming over there yet?
12:45 PM Mr Truck: Let’s just say my precum is tasting very sweet right now…
12:45 PM Sassy: Really?
12:46 PM Mr Truck: Oh yes, I love it
12:46 PM Sassy: So you’re touching?
12:47 PM Mr Truck: a little, I have to be careful, not alone in the house!
12:49 PM Sassy: Naughty man… I adore that
12:49 PM Sassy: Wish I could be touching you…
12:49 PM Mr Truck: Me too, I need those soft hands and mouth of yours
12:50 PM Sassy: I need something to suck on
12:51 PM Mr Truck: You really do, it’s so natural for a woman like you to crave cock as a pacifier
12:51 PM Mr Truck: I want to record our encounter on video
12:53 PM Mr Truck: I wanna cum on your face then kiss you passionately
12:54 PM Sassy: You want to focus on my wet finger inside you?
12:54 PM Mr Truck: Oh honey……
12:54 PM Sassy: While I deep throat you?
12:55 PM Mr Truck: Oh baby, yes, yes honey I soooooooooooo need that
12:55 PM Sassy: Or maybe just my tongue teasing your nipple while I twist the other one
12:55 PM Mr Truck: You KNOW I’ll do anything when you fondle my nipples, you can own me
12:56 PM Sassy: Maybe you could focus on my big bouncing tits and tummy while I ride you… mmmm
12:57 PM Mr Truck: You’re such a treasure so full of things that would hypnotize me
12:57 PM Sassy: Geesh… you have got me so hussied-up today!
12:58 PM Mr Truck: ME TOO! Maybe you can fondle my smooth hairless ass while sucking me
12:58 PM Mr Truck: it’s as smooth as a woman’s
12:58 PM Sassy: oh yes…
12:59 PM Mr Truck: rub your massive white tits on my ass
1:03 PM Sassy: Gonna grab it, squeeze it, pull your cheeks apart… liiiiick
1:03 PM Mr Truck: Oh fuck, are you going to lick my ass pussy?
1:04 PM Sassy: start at the top… slowly… move down… while you squirm and wonder…
1:04 PM Sassy: flick
1:04 PM Sassy: lick
1:04 PM Sassy: closer and closer
1:04 PM Sassy: then blow on your wet crack
1:04 PM Sassy: tingling
1:05 PM Sassy: ?
1:05 PM Mr Truck: Oh god I’ve never been eaten out at all, now I’m craving it
1:05 PM Mr Truck: Makes me want to be submissive to you
1:06 PM Sassy: You can let me work my magic on you…
1:06 PM Mr Truck: Fuck yes, you’ll make me build up a huge load for you
1:06 PM Sassy: relax… enjoy… not have to plan the next move
1:06 PM Sassy: Let me play
1:06 PM Mr Truck: Exactly, with lots of erotic talk and noises
1:06 PM Sassy: Yes… let me know how you feel
1:07 PM Mr Truck: Yes
1:07 PM Sassy: what’s good…what drives you wild
1:07 PM Mr Truck: yes
1:07 PM Sassy: You can be in charge of the next round.
1:07 PM Mr Truck: That’s right
1:07 PM Sassy: But this one is mine…
1:07 PM Mr Truck: you wanna have me first?
1:08 PM Mr Truck: have me naked while you’re dressed for a little while?
1:08 PM Sassy: You want to stand there naked? Show off your body to me?
1:09 PM Mr Truck: Yes I do, I want you tell me what to take of, one article at a time
1:09 PM Sassy: Let me see your nipples…
1:09 PM Mr Truck: Oh honey
1:09 PM Sassy: peel off your clothes bit by bit
1:09 PM Sassy: I’ll tell you what I think
1:09 PM Sassy: what I going to do with you
1:09 PM Sassy: My man toy
1:09 PM Mr Truck: yes, so verbal, so matter of factly
1:09 PM Mr Truck: yes
1:09 PM Mr Truck: all for you
1:09 PM Sassy: I’m going to make you burn
1:10 PM Mr Truck: I need to be used
1:10 PM Mr Truck: mmmmm
1:10 PM Sassy: I’m going to play
1:10 PM Mr Truck: by a woman who knows how
1:10 PM Sassy: I’m not going to take a direct route
1:10 PM Mr Truck: tease
1:10 PM Sassy: I’m going to push you to the edge of the cliff…. but not let you go over
1:11 PM Sassy: then let you rest… breathe….
1:11 PM Sassy: wonder…
1:11 PM Mr Truck: I soooo want to be edged by you
1:11 PM Mr Truck: edge me for hours
1:11 PM Mr Truck: I’ll return the favor
1:12 PM Mr Truck: (being called away, back later MMMMMMMMMM)

See it and wear it

Wednesday, January 8, 2014
Yahoo IM with Mr Truck 
2:56 PM
Mr Truck: Hey I don’t hear from you anymore even when i write messages  🙁
2:56 PM
Sassy: You write messages? Yahoo IM is freaky.  I always respond when I see them!
2:57 PM
Mr Truck: I’ve written about 3 , I know it’s fucked up and unreliable
2:57 PM
Sassy: Hiya hot stuff!
2:57 PM
Mr Truck: how’s things? good christmas and new years?
2:57 PM
Sassy: Yup. Very low key. You?
2:57 PM
Mr Truck: Same. How’s work? How’s your project group?
2:58 PM
Sassy: Rolling along!  I’m off the next couple of days… have tickets to watch figure skating national championships in Boston!
3:00 PM
Mr Truck: Cool I did that once at TD Garden, actually it wasn’t competition, just a big skate show with stars, should be fun huh?
3:00 PM
Sassy: so cool to see the folks headed to the Olympics
3:00 PM
Sassy: I took my niece to watch Novices on Sunday… she was enthralled
3:01 PM
Sassy: Do you skate?
3:01 PM
Mr Truck: Oh no, tried it once when i was 12. You? I’ll be going out West in a few weeks to see X Games, lots of skiers and boarders there will be going to Sochi
3:02 PM
Sassy: Cool! I used to skate a lot, mostly outside on streams, ponds in upstate NY but not since college
3:02 PM
Mr Truck: nice
3:02 PM
Sassy: There is just something about watching people on TV at the Olympics and saying “I saw them live last month.” Heh
3:03 PM
Mr Truck: “I wish I had a river I could skate away on…”
3:03 PM
Mr Truck: Yeah I know
3:03 PM
Sassy: And I used to travel to skating events a lot, so now my favorite skaters are coaches
3:03 PM
Mr Truck: Seriously, how cool, you’re big time into it
3:03 PM
Sassy: And it’s such a small sport, you can talk to them, they’re in the stands with you…
3:04 PM
Sassy: I hadn’t been in a long time, was afraid I forgot everything… but it came rushing back
3:04 PM
Mr Truck: that’s nice
3:04 PM
Mr Truck: like riding a bike, or a guy!
3:04 PM
Sassy: Oh yes
3:05 PM
Mr Truck: I’ve been bad, went back to watching lots of BBW porn again
3:05 PM
Sassy: You getting any action?
3:06 PM
Mr Truck: Nothing but a tiny chat with a woman on occupied
3:06 PM
Sassy: Ah. Hubby uses that
3:06 PM
Mr Truck: it’s kind of lame
3:06 PM
Sassy: He has two Gfs from it right now
3:06 PM
Sassy: One he likes a lot, the other he is trying to shed
3:06 PM
Mr Truck: he gets around!
3:06 PM
Sassy: Yeah
3:06 PM
Mr Truck: are they slutty?
3:06 PM
Sassy: no
3:07 PM
Sassy: one is a librarian… the other works in an office… both… hmmm… women that other men overlook mostly
3:08 PM
Sassy: I like the office one
3:08 PM
Mr Truck: big girls?
3:08 PM
Sassy: Yes
3:08 PM
Mr Truck: mmmmm Maybe hubby and I should have a chat about our ‘tastes’ sometime!
3:09 PM
Sassy: heh. I was just looking at some milking videos you sent me last year
3:10 PM
Mr Truck: prostate milking?
3:10 PM
Sassy: A guy was talking about how his gf tried prostate massage on him and he didn’t like it and how could he learn to?
3:10 PM
Sassy: I sent him to read a blog article about it, and watch your videos.  : )
3:11 PM
Mr Truck: how hot, I sent that or is this another thing?
3:11 PM
Sassy: You sent me to short videos…
3:12 PM
Sassy: You share the best stuff!
3:12 PM
Mr Truck: vaguely remember the details, I’ll have to go watch some. Would you consider milking me?
3:12 PM
Sassy: Sure
3:12 PM
Sassy: Someone done that for you before?
3:13 PM
Mr Truck: yes a few different times. I used to get finger fucked a lot in my ass-pussy
3:14 PM
Sassy: I’ve done it a couple of times with excellent results
3:14 PM
Sassy: I adore it when a man says “I’ve never cum harder in my life!”
3:15 PM
Mr Truck: Wow! I love that, and for you to see a man spurt so strongly must be a turn on
3:16 PM
Sassy: I never see it… it’s always in my mouth!
3:16 PM
Mr Truck: Good girl!! But I’m gonna make sure you see it and wear it
3:17 PM
Sassy:  : )
3:19 PM
Mr Truck: Ok gotta scoot, GREAT finally chatting again, we need to meet as soon as my wife is on the road
3:20 PM
Sassy: Mwah!
3:20 PM
Mr Truck: xoxo