Meeting Kris again

June 30, 2016 Thursday
4:43 pm Kris      On my way to you.  Now that I can just talk to my phone and it texts for me I can send people really long and annoying text messages.  I’ve been struggling all day with whether to actually meet up with you tonight.  I have no idea what I’m doing… or why.  It was highly impulsive and maybe premature to pull the trigger last night on booking a room, but it’s done now.  We’ll see how it goes.  If nothing else… I know I can talk to you freely and you can do the same with me.  Whatever else happens… or doesn’t… I know you’ll just roll with it like you always do.  Oh… and btw… I shaved my beard a while ago so I probably will look quite different!  See u soon! 
4:45 pm Sassy   Don’t fret – we’ll be fine.  I made a list of questions.  Hee hee… 
5:42 pm Kris      Here!  Out front
5:45 pm Sassy  In the elevator
He was late… same old Kris!  I dashed downstairs and found him smiling in the entryway.  It was so good to see him!  I forgot how jolly his smile is!  He looked strange without his beard!  I gave him a big hug.  We went to his car and drove to a Court House Seafood, a cheap, fast and good spot across the river.  We cruised around the streets nearby looking for parking.  Nothing.  Grrr… so I found a parking lot.  We strolled to the restaurant, sharing info about our jobs, then ordered at the front and got a window table!  Since he paid for the hotel, I paid for supper.  
The food was delightful as usual – he got the baked haddock with fries, I got the fisherman’s platter (scallops, shrimp, clams and fish) with a baked potato, and we each had a stuffed clam.  
We caught up.  It was so easy to talk… that “picked right up where we left off” feeling.  
He answered most of my questions in the course of the conversation!
Stayed sober? Yup
Ex-wife – finally got divorced after months of haggling over their meager assets
Circumstances of job change – fired for goofing up his billing, out two months
The other woman – didn’t last.  Has only been with two since then.
The house – still have renters? Yup.  Lives with his mom now.  
Motorcycle – sold it on Craigslist!
Boat – motor died, couldn’t afford to fix it, sold it cheap
His mom – still going strong (Told him about my mom’s death.) 
His kids – some talking to him, some still not
Earring (hole still there, doesn’t wear one much)
Hair (still in a pony tail)
Shaved his beard because his former gf said it helped him look younger
So it seems like his mid-life crisis is over.  He is trying to settle down and find a wife.  He hates being alone.  I was so relieved that he had not married the woman he was with when he stopped seeing me!  
We drove to the hotel – the fancy Courtyard by Marriott on the river, near Trader Joe’s.  I sat in the lobby while he checked in and charmed the desk clerk.  Heh.  We went up to the second floor.  I didn’t notice much about the room except the king size bed.  
I went to the bathroom and left the door open.  He always closed it and locked it so I kidded him about it.  He said he has gotten better about leaving it unlocked.  Heh.  He asked if he needed a condom – said he’d bought some right before he picked me up (that was what made him a little late).  I asked him how many women he had been with… he said two.  I said he should use them.
I sat on the edge of the bed to take off my shoes and socks. He sat behind me and rubbed my shoulders and back… mmmm.   I looked back and he had already taken off his pants, socks and shoes… he put his legs on either side of me and leaned me back against him to play with my breasts.  
He flattened me out, pulled my legs apart with his foot and slipped his hand inside my pants!  He went right for my clit!  No wavering tonight!  I squirmed and shuddered… he is a bit too rough so I slowed him down and then savored his touch.  
Very quickly he helped me take off the rest of my clothes.  He tossed off his plaid cotton shorts, grabbed a condom off the nightstand and rolled it on, then rolled me slightly onto my side, pulled my leg over his hip and pushed up underneath me lying on his side, slipping his totally hard cock inside me.  He pounded me on and on, flicking my clit with his finger.  Wowzers. 
He came hard then flopped down beside me and fell asleep.  I stayed beside him… listening to him breathe, recovering from the intense activity.   
After about 20 minutes I slid out to go to the bathroom and he woke up.  We talked, and I asked what had made him contact me the night before.  He explained that his girlfriend (of 8 months)  had dumped him yesterday morning.  He had told her about his one time cheating on his wife and how she left him without ever talking to him.  That was two days earlier.  She had called him and said they were done.  He figured if he was going to be branded a cheater, he was going to do it!  Though it’s not exactly cheating for him anymore… 
I asked if he had seen my birthday greetings last year.  He said he had and meant to respond but just… didn’t.  He thanked me for not pestering him after he asked me to stop contacting him.  
We talked and talked… he told me stories of his changes in his life, continuing conversations with his ex-wife, struggling to face the loss of this latest lady and having to date again.  I was surprised how interesting I found it, but only from a curiosity standpoint, not in terms of having any relationship with him.  It is rather freeing to know that if he calls me, it’s fine.  And if he doesn’t, it’s fine.  I don’t particularly want to jump back on the roller coaster with him but it was so wonderful to catch up and feel useful to him and have his hands on me!    
He asked me to get out my favorite toy.  He said he wanted to watch me play with my bullet.  I’ve never done that.  I told him there’s not much to see.  He said he wanted to try it.  So I was flat on my back, with the bullet pressed just below my clit, eyes closed.  He asked me what I was thinking about.  I told him about my fantasy of an office where the women are clothed and the men are not.  I disappeared into that in my mind, but couldn’t really focus.  I reached out for his hand and kept going.  I could tell he was bored, so I faked finishing.  What was I supposed to do?  He said it was like watching paint dry and then the wall explodes!  Heh.  
I used the bullet on his cock, pulling on him with my other hand and sucking the tip.  He got very hard again. I thought he might let me take him over the edge with my mouth, but as things got really hot, he stopped me.  He said he wanted to me inside me again.  He slid inside me again and pumped in and out.  His stamina was certainly on form tonight!   He could not come again but didn’t let it bug him.  He stopped eventually and pulled me onto his chest to cuddle.   He had on the most wonderful Henley t-shirt.. Lovely gray and so soft!  He gets cold easily, so he rarely gets completely nude. He covered us up with sheet.  
We talked a little more.  It was getting past midnight.  He had promised to take me home but I didn’t see any reason for both of us to have to get dressed so I told him to stay in bed, let me hop a Lyft home.  He was very resistant, but I convinced him. 
He got up to give me one last hug.  I struggled not to gauge his mood or ask about his plans. He said, “Take care of yourself” and I walked out the door.  I got into the elevator, went down to the lobby and summoned a Lyft.  
I got a Lyft quickly, got home easily and texted him. 

12:49 am Sassy      Made it home easily.  Thanks for a lovely evening! 

Meet #9 A new hotel

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May 27, 2016 Friday

I had the day off, so I slept late and started getting ready about 11:30 am. I was a symphony in dark blue – put on my navy blue shorts and a navy blue t-shirt, navy blue panties and a blue patterned bra with flowers and butterflies! I don’t usually wear shorts out of the house but I can’t find my summer pants! And it’s a beastly hot day!

I checked Google Maps… the big roads were already starting to fill up with Memorial Day holiday weekend traffic, so I decided to take the back roads out through the suburbs. I knew my way to within about 2 miles of the restaurant he suggested, so it would be an easy navigation.

I gassed up the car and headed northwest to Bedford. I “went off the edge” of my personal map at Third Avenue in Burlington and continued on to the Bamboo restaurant. I was early so I sat in my car reading Facebook on my phone, then stood at the corner where he could see me from the front or the side parking lots.

At 1:15 pm I started to wonder… and he tapped me on the shoulder! He had that “I want to grab you but I won’t do it out here in the open!” look on his face. He motioned for me to proceed and we strolled into the restaurant. It was quite fancy with beautiful fresh flowers at the entrance. The hostess seated us a booth. He sat where he could see the door.

The waitress came over and asked if we wanted the buffet. I looked to him to answer and he looked at me to confirm, then he told her yes. She said we could go up. I walked around to check out the options. There were two rows of Chinese appetizers and entrees and rice, then another row of sushi and desserts. Wow. I filled a plate with a little of everything! It was the best buffet I’ve seen in a long time.

We returned to the table and I took a photo of my plate, explaining about how I started posting photos of food while I was sick to let people know I was out and eating well, and give us something else to talk about. Now everyone expects it and asks after me if I don’t post food photos! I enjoyed the crab rangoon, the Peking ravioli, the spicy green beans with pork, the General Gao’s chicken, half an egg roll, a boneless sparerib, veggie lo mein and a sampling of sushi! He was being good and didn’t go back but I had to try the shumai that had been out the first time, and a tiny square of chocolate cake. I took photos of the buffet. It was all so tasty!

We chatted about what I did on my vacation. I showed him photos of the beach in RI and my baked stuffed lobster. I screwed up and said something that gave away where I work. Oops. He looked pleased and assured me my secrets are safe with him. At least I did it in person and not via email where a suspicious wife or offspring could see it! He told me about working in his garden.

At 2:15 pm we decided it was time to see if we could check in early at the hotel. They’re not supposed to let us in until 3 pm but usually bend the rules.  I paid the lunch bill. It was inexpensive and I thought it was a good time to prove he doesn’t always have to cover everything.

I drove up the road to the Doubletree Hilton at Bedford Glen. It’s a big step up from the places we’ve been!

I got a deal through Google so it was about the same price. I checked in and got their trademark chocolate chip cookie. I went back to my car and he was there, parked two spaces over. We strolled around and down and over to room 2040. It’s a big place! He held my hand. He knows I crave being touched… he listens and takes care to do that for me. So sweet!

The moment we were in the room with the door closed, he grabbed me from behind, nibbled on my neck, squeezed my breasts and sighed. Ah… I sighed too. So wonderful to be wanted! 

The room was lovely!  He closed the drapes and took off his clothes. He turned up the air conditioning and helped me get my clothes off. I adore that! He stood behind me some more and I rubbed my ass against his very hard cock. Mmmm…. He turned me for a long kiss. My knees started to go weak so I pulled away and collapsed across the middle of the bed on my stomach.

He rubbed my back and played with my ass. I turned slightly and he worshipped my left breast. I played with his hair and moaned a lot.

He made his way down my body, flattened me and pulled up my legs, put a pillow under my ass and startling nibbling my lower lips. He is very talented with his tongue! I went a little crazy when he added a finger inside me to the mix. I pulled on my nipples while he licked and sucked on my clit. Oh my oh my! I started shaking and talking dirty to him.

He looked up and the fire in his eyes? Wow. He moved up over me, grabbed a condom from the bedside table, rolled it on and sank his cock into me. Oh yes… so good. So so good. He moved back and forth, his face a study in concentration. I was sassy… asked if that felt good… called him a naughty man. Told him how much I like his bad boy self… he smiled and pushed harder, kissed me hard and went even deeper. He carried on much longer than usual. His face was bright red… I began to wonder if he’d gotten his hands on some little pills but it doesn’t matter. He finally made a different face and said he was about to finish. I ramped up my chatter… DO IT! Fill me up… and he did! He stayed inside for a long while, staring at my face… looking blissful. Then collapsed and rolled over next to me.

He started asking me questions about my mom, my work, my community projects. I adore how he remembers and asks the right questions and listens. I talked too much, then noticed it and started asking him questions. He rubbed on me the entire time… stroking my shoulder, trailing a hand over my breast… filling up my touching quota to last a long time!

About 4 pm I got up to pee and splashed cold water on my face. I came back with a cold towel. I put it on his face for a few seconds, then down his arms and hands. I blew on his skin to cool him off.

When I returned to the bed, I aimed directly for his midsection with my hands and mouth. He was hard as a rock again and very red. I unsheathed his crown and sucked it down my throat. He moaned. I squeezed his balls gently while I licked him up and down, then sucked on the crown again, sticking my tongue into the opening. I looked up and he opened his eyes, smiled at me with that little twinkle I adore. I sucked him, bobbing up and down. His hips moved and he put his hand in my hair. I licked his balls and cupped them while I sucked on him some more. I tasted pre-cum. Yum. I had hopes of him finally letting me take him over the edge but he pulled me up for a kiss.

I asked if he wanted to go inside me again. He nodded vehemently! I suggested he roll me over and go in doggy style. He thought that sounded great! He was very quick, pulling me onto my knees, pulling my ass up, putting on another condom and going deep inside me in about 3 seconds! Bam! Bam! Bam! Oh yeah…

I talked to him… told him how much I adore how he feels inside me, how fantastic it sounds when his skin slaps against mine. I asked if he likes watching himself go in… and he moaned. He pulled me on and pushed me away, then pulled me closer. Oof… that is so good! I couldn’t talk anymore as he sped up… he came again! Yay!

He collapsed next to me and tucked me in next to him with his arm around me and my head on his chest. I asked if he came again hard and he smiled and nodded.

He talked about plans for the summer – his garden, a concert, and his hopes to see me again soon. He told me to be sure and tell him when I have time off, in case he can get away from work too.

I told him about a funny adventure I had with kissing a rock star years ago… screwed up again and said my first name. I don’t think he heard me or understood what I said. My brain must have been really addled!

He said today seemed especially awesome. I agreed. I was touched that he said so.

I looked at the clock and mentioned the time… he said he should get going. I want to keep him safe. He took a quick shower. I checked my phone. It rung and I ignored it while we were having sex but I began to worry that something had happened to my mom… strangely there was no sign of a missed call. Odd.

He put on his sexy black boxer briefs. He has a great ass! I stayed naked and let him get an eyeful of my backside and my front side and my side side. Heh. He leaned over to give me a goodbye kiss. I was careful not to touch him. I try not to transfer any scent to a man post-shower. He took off at 5:20 pm.

I read Facebook on my phone and took my time dressing and taming my hair and tidying up the room, waiting for the worst of the traffic to be over. I made sure I had everything, left the keycard on the desk and took off about 6 pm with a big smile on my face.

The Northerner Meet #8 Three questions

May 4, 2016 Wednesday

I got to see The Northerner today!  


Date: Wed, 4 May 2016 1:52 PM
From: Sassy
To: Brett
Subject: Re: Three things
Brett!  Hope your Wednesday isn’t too wacky.  You are so sweet… thank you for saying.  It’s so nice to be thought of.  Must be my sassy self? 
Sorry I didn’t write yesterday – one of “those days” with my phone at work broken, the HVAC system failed, and my mom fell on her face so I had to race to the hospital.  Whee!  
See you very soon!  Looking forward to sucking on you!  
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Date: Wed, 4 May 2016 2:16 PM
From: Brett
To: Sassy
Subject: Re: Three things
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Tick tick tick….thump thump thump


I got out of work at 3:30 pm, Hubby picked me up and I drove us home.  He took off to have dinner with a friend.
The Northerner texted me as I got out of the car – he is almost here!  
I ordered a pizza at 4:07 pm. 
I met him in the garage and he parked in my space.  
We kissed in the elevator.  So good to feel his hands and lips on me!  
We necked sitting in the sofa until the pizza arrived about 4:35.  He asked if we could eat it later.  I set it on the counter in the kitchen and walked into the bedroom. 
I took off my shoes and socks sitting on the edge of the bed. He gave me his hand to pull me up, and hugged me tightly while standing behind me.  He helped me out of my clothes, except my panties, and pressed me back onto the bed.  He sucked on my right breast and stuck his fingers in the side of my panties, fingered me. 
He was desperate to be inside me, so he pulled off my panties, rolled on a condom, crawled on top of me, slid inside and pulled my legs up – we had sex, my feet on his shoulders.  He had the most amazing look on his face – a mix of concentration and joy!  
I was suddenly starving, so I popped out of bed to snag the pizza and we ate, naked, sitting on my bed.  I got him to tell me about his kidney stone episode and his trip south.  He ate one Lindt chocolate truffle. 
He asked me three questions – it was obvious he’d been puzzling over them for awhile and dying to ask me:
Cumming – he is concerned that he can’t tell when I cum.  Am I a one-big boom that he is missing or a bunch of little ones, and please help him know and do the right things.  

Awww… I didn’t really answer that.. just suggested I tell him when I cum.  Which is going to be tricky since he hasn’t made it happen yet.  *sigh 
AM Traveling man – he said he was a little shocked that I suggested he try the Ashley Madison Traveling Man option while he was away on his trip, wondered if I was kidding or want him to meet others for some odd reason? 

He seemed slightly hurt and very puzzled.  I explained that it was half a joke and half making it clear that I want him to have fun, that he doesn’t “belong” to me, that I don’t get jealous etc.  These are all foreign concepts to him.  He is so conventional!  
How does Hubby having a gf make me feel

I explained that this is not the life I would choose, but if it makes Hubby happy, eh… whatever.  It hasn’t been a problem since he met this nice woman a couple of years ago.  Another completely foreign concept to him.  He just shook his head, boggling at how I can be so calm about it.  
We cuddled some more and then he got frisky again, sucking my left breast and fingering me more and then I asked if he wanted more sex and he smiled, so I suggested doggy and he was eager and oh wow… he came again pounding me.  Yay! 
I dressed as he did and walked him back to the garage. One last hug and a quick kiss and I opened the garage door for him and away he went at 7 pm.
My brain was addled… a sign of a good meet! 

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Meet #5 Philip The Stairwell

April 29, 2016 Friday

2:40PM Phil
Happy Friday!
2:40PM Sassy
Hiya!  same to you!  How goes?
3:01PM Phil
[photo of a wall of sex toys in a store] 
3:05PM Sassy
Wow… lots of fun there!
3:09PM Phil
Ha 😛
3:10PM Sassy
You heading home?
3:10PM Phil
Heading to the airport
3:11PM Sassy
Logan again?
3:13PM Phil
Yep in Malden now
3:13PM Sassy
Wow… you’re getting to be a regular.  : ) 
3:16PM Phil
: ) 
3:17PM Phil
At the Boston Harley shop
3:40PM Phil
Is that far from you?
3:43 PM Sassy
Not at all
Maybe 3 miles?
This looks like something you’d use.  
Lift + Carve Shredding Claws
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3:51PM Phil
Wow! I’ve seen those, pretty cool!
3:54PM Phil
13 miles to go, got a 7 o’clock flight
4:00PM Sassy
Bad traffic?
4:01PM Phil
Nope, stopped at two Harley shops, a brewery and a sex shop 😛
4:02PM Sassy
4:02PM Phil
Taking my time
Those shops will make you horny as hell
4:05PM Sassy
Too bad there isn’t a buxom Boston babe you could see to help with that.
4:05PM Phil
Ha ha, know any of those?
Where are you? I seem to recall you being a buxom Boston babe
4:10PM Sassy
I’m in at my office.
4:11PM Phil
You aren’t going to break out your tits there ; 0
4:13PM Sassy
You never know.
4:13PM Phil
Is your office close to me?
4:14PM Sassy
Where are you?
4:15PM Phil
Looks like 10 miles
4:17PM Sassy
You could come by here for 50 cent oysters
Or I could pop out to the airport
4:18PM Phil
Not sure I can get there and back to the airport
4:18PM Sassy
4:18PM Phil
Traffic was horrid last time 
airport works though
4:19PM Sassy
You going to Legal Seafoods again?
4:19PM Phil
I don’t have time to eat there but we can meet there
4:20PM Sassy
Okay.  I’ll hop on the T. Should be fast
4:22PM Phil
On my way
4:40PM Sassy
Ask the skycap for a good pre-security place to eat? They know everything.
Or ask em where a couple could um.. have some privacy.  ; ) 
4:54PM Phil
On the rental car bus
4:58PM Phil
Terminal B, American Airlines
5:06PM Sassy
Above ground almost there
5:11PM Sitting outside Legal C.
He didn’t tell me when he flew in.  Or how long he’d be staying.  I knew he was close by on business all week as he posted photos on Facebook.  Less than an hour’s drive away.  He went to the restaurant I recommended and adored it.  And he didn’t invite me to visit him, or even call me from his hotel room.  
It bugged me.  I figured he was over me.  I gave up hope of ever being alone with him. 
Just to torture me, he messaged the afternoon he was leaving.  Talked about taking a leisurely drive along the coast, headed to the airport in my city.  Stopping here and there, taking his time.  Every message was like a dagger in my heart. We could have spent the afternoon in bed and instead he visited a sex toy shop… and the Harley store?  How could any of that be better than seeing me?!  
Then his tone changed – he suddenly made it clear he wanted to see me.  The only option left at that point was for me to schlepp to the airport.  I should have told him I couldn’t make it.  But I can’t do that.  There is nothing in the world I’d rather do that be with him.  
So I dashed out of work early, requested a Lyft and was at the airport in less than 30 minutes even with Friday rush hour traffic.  I made it to the Legal C Bar 5 minutes ahead of him and sat on the bench outside their front door, staring up and down the concourse.  

I didn’t see him approaching – suddenly he was standing in front of me with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen!  He wasn’t shy like last month – he dashed up to me, pulled me out of my chair, hugged me… kissed me.  Oh man… he makes me feel so alive!  So sexy!  I don’t understand it… I can go from totally ticked at him to super hot for him in the space of 10 seconds!  That chemistry… damn. 
He didn’t want to eat right then… he pulled me into a stairwell and kissed me fiercely, passionately…working his hand under my shirt, pulling my breast out of my bra… I pointed to the security camera.  We laughed.  Just a couple old farts canoodling pre-flight!  I had on layers so nothing showed.  And a hoodie so my face was mostly covered.  And he was standing very close to me, pressing me against the cement wall.   I can’t think when he does that!  All the blood rushes from my brain to other areas lower down!  
A man opened the door and dashed up the stairs, never looking at us.  We laughed and Philip whispered, “You’ll never see him again.”  Heh.  We went back to groping each other and kissing.  He pressed my hand between his legs.  There was a definite bulge in those jeans!  I reached under his shirt, ran my fingers around the edge of his jeans, then into his underwear!  I pulled his cock up and squeezed… pulled… twisted.  I was trying to figure out how I could get my mouth on that!  
He took my hand and we went in search of a “family bathroom” or some place we could be alone.  I had a vision of sliding his jeans down, him leaning on the sink with me kneeling in front of him, licking him sucking on him… pulling on him until he spurted down my throat!  Or me leaning over the sink while rolled my slacks down and pounded me from behind… deep, deeper.

But we couldn’t find anywhere to be alone!  We went out to the parking lot and wedged between a Chevy truck and a Cadillac Escalade.  He pressed me against the cab of the truck and slipped his hand under my top, groped my breasts while kissing me deep and hard.  He put his other hand in my underwear… flicked my clit fast and hard… I told him to slow down… I told him he’d better stop or I’d start getting too loud.  He covered my mouth with his and kept going.  Damn.  So so hot!  
Someone honked… not sure if it was at us or not, but it broke his concentration.  We laughed.  He decided it was time to find something to eat.  So we found a spot in the bar closest to his gate.  

He sat with his back against the wall on the padded bench.  I sat next to him.  He likes that.  I cuddled up close and groped his crotch.  He pointed to the security camera.  I waved and he laughed.  He whispered, “Hussy!” at me.  You betcha!  
He ordered a Sam Adams lager and I ordered an iced tea.  He asked if we could share a plate of nachos.  That sounded yummy.  I hadn’t had any in ages.  It took them too long to appear, but we filled the time with stories of his work and my projects and our families, then snarfed the chips with chili and peppers and cilantro and guacamole.  Yum.  I forgot to take a photo but he reminded me.  Sweet man.  

He insisted on paying.  It took too long to get the check – he was getting really antsy to go through security and make his flight.  
I treasured every second of being next to him… looking at him, touching him, listening to him.   He thanked me for popping out to see him, especially since I probably had better things to do on a Friday night.  I looked him right in the eye and told him there is nothing in this world I’d rather be doing than seeing him!  He blushed and winked at me.  
Then it was time to go.  He grabbed me right in the middle of the concourse for another hug and long kiss.  There were people streaming by all around us, but there was only him for me.  I asked if he’d be back again soon.  He said he didn’t know… but he’d try to find a way.  He headed off to join the security line.  

I hopped in a taxi and was home quickly.  It seemed surreal to be back in my normal life.  I sat in Hubby’s recliner and stared at the ceiling.  My brain was so addled… full of memories.  Oh my oh my.
6:41PM Phil
Thanks for dinner! Good to see ya!
6:44PM Sassy
Just made it home. Thank you!
6:46PM Phil
: ) 
6:53PM Sassy
You are the sexiest man!
6:53PM Phil
Hardly but I hope you had a little fun
7:01PM Sassy
Hope you did too! You on the plane?
8:21PM Phil
Just got to DC
8:26PM Sassy
Wow… that’s surreal
Glad to hear it!
8:29PM Phil
: )  : )  : )  : ) 
8:29PM Sassy
I liked it better when you were here… in the stairwell.
8:30PM Phil
That was sexy and fun
8:33PM Sassy
You make me feel so alive!
8:44PM Phil
Well good! Always happy to inject a bit of sunshine!


Unlike after other meets when he has been very quiet, he kept on messaging me as he waited on the plane, when he landed and even when he got home late at night.  We had quite a talk!  See the next post for that.

And here I am… hoping again.  Wanting him again.  He makes me feel so alive!  *sigh 

Meet Oil Man

April 27, 2016 Wednesday

[If you haven’t read yesterday’s post about my initial messages with the Oil Man, pop back there.]

7:30 am Groggy start

I woke up feeling crappy after only 5.5 hours of sleep. I needed time to sleep more.  I  decided I was going to meet the Oil Man and needed time to prep, so I stayed home from work and went back to sleep for a couple of hours.

We spent the day texting – a fun time revving each other up in the morning, around lunch time, and when I was on my way to him.  He makes me smile.  So charming!

5 pm Heading downtown

I took a long shower, shaved, and clipped my toenails!  I got dressed up, tossed two vibes and a bottle of olive oil from my kitchen into my purse.  Hubby dropped me off at the subway and I went downtown.

5:35 pm Meeting

I took a seat in the lobby of his hotel, the Oynx, and texted him. He popped down and gave me a long hug with a quick kiss. He sat beside me. He had on a lovely dress shirt – white with blue stripes – and khakis. I wore my usual “Sassy goes to meeting” outfit – blue button-front top with a silk scarf, blue slacks, black bra and panties, socks and clogs.  He had thick white hair!  He looked better than his photos!  He looks sort of like an older Jon Stewart, the former Daily Show host.

Jon Stewart

He tried to talk me into going right upstairs with him to his room, but I held out for eating something first. And I wanted a little time to get to know him, decide if it was safe to be alone with him.

5:45 pm Dinner

My older sister had recommended The Causeway, a pub around the corner.  They put us in a big booth along the side wall.  It was the wrong place for this night – loud music, small selection of food – but I toughed it out.

I ordered a pulled pork sandwich with corn bread and potato salad. He had a couple of ribs and the rice & beans.

We had a good conversation on a very shallow level. He flirted with the waitress.  He paid. I asked if he wanted some money from me – he laughed and said he was going to expense it. He went to the men’s room and I peeked at the check – only $30.

6:30 pm “Dessert”

He asked me if I’d like “dessert” in his room. I wanted to and he seemed so sweet and safe. I took the chance. I know… I’m an idiot. I was hoping the law of averages would be on my side this time.

We did some fierce kissing and groping in the elevator, then went to his room #709. The room was new – a renovation of an old office building. It was tiny but had all the basics – king size bed, open metal shelving rack against the wall with closet section, fridge and microwave, flatscreen TV. I set out the olive oil and two toys he’d requested – my little silver bullet and my big silver bullet with a couple of extra batteries – on the night stand on his side.

He helped me get undressed – not in a romantic way but just helping me with a task to be done as quickly as possible. Better than each of us doing it ourselves, but not my preference. I got my first look at his body… cute little ass, muscular arms, elegant hands, a little pudgy tummy and a tiny penis… hoped that was just that he wasn’t excited yet, but it certainly would be easy to deep throat!

He took my hand and led me to the bed, moved my arms and legs around and had me roll over onto my tummy lying across the bed. He poured the olive oil down my spine and massaged it into my skin. I was skeptical, but it felt wonderful and it didn’t smell. I relaxed and enjoyed his hands working my muscles. He took the little silver bullet and pressed it inside me to do its work while he rubbed the oil down my legs.

He tugged on my arm and rolled me over. I wished he’d just say when he wanted me to move… it felt odd to be shoved around. He got up to get his belt and a small towel from the bathroom. He tied my hands gently over my head then covered my eyes. He took more oil and drizzled it on my face around my lips, my neck, my chest, made a little reservoir in my navel, then dripped some down my slit and onto my upper legs. He returned to my chest, sucking and nibbling my nipples, working the oil into each breast and my tummy, pulling more from my belly button to spread lower. Oh my! He nibbled and licked my clit, and moved the toy around. It felt good at times and hurt at others, but never much for long.

He stopped, untied my hands and ditched the blindfold. He pressed my head down to his cock. He held my head and fucked my mouth. I thought, “If you let me run this part, you’d have a lot more fun,” but I just took his cock in and out. He was not hard at first. That surprised me. Most men in full play mode are pretty stiff. But I got him there with my hands and mouth – sucking, pulling, twisting. He grew to a very pleasant size! Right about the time I thought I could take him over the edge, he pulled out and collapsed beside me.

I wondered if he was a cum-once-and-done fella so he was saving himself for vaginal sex. After a couple of moments, he crawled on top of me and shoved his cock down my throat while he sucked on my clit. 69 is not my favorite thing, but I rolled with it, taking him in and out, groping his ass. I thought I couldn’t breathe between his weight on me and his cock so far down my throat, but he let up after the second time I gagged.

8 pm Snuggling

He pulled out, and turned around to rest his head on the pillows and pulled me to nestle on his chest. He closed his eyes and fell asleep! I was puzzled. I thought about getting up to pee and check my phone but I stayed there awhile, listening to him snore quietly and enjoying being snuggled up next to him. He had soft, sexy white skin.

Finally I had to pee. The moment I moved he woke up. I told him to go ahead and sleep, I was just going to the bathroom. I left the door open and he talked to me while I marveled at the marble shower with full-size dispensers of shampoo, conditioner and shower gel! He beckoned me back to bed and I had hopes of more sexy stuff, but he returned me to snuggling mode and started asking me questions. He wondered if I had to go soon, didn’t want me to get in trouble. I said I could stay awhile. We talked about his favorite musicians, more about my visits to his part of the country, his early life.  There is such a difference between his sexual and non-sexual self.  During the sexy stuff, he is quiet and dominant and kinky.  Before and after, he was the perfect gentleman, sweet and cuddly and chatty.  Hmmm….

I rubbed on his cock but he didn’t get hard. Hmmm… is he really going to let me go without ever cumming?  Can he cum?  I kept asking questions, telling stories…hoping we could do more and he could cum.  He is so easy to be with when we’re talking!

10 pm Heading home

I finally gathered there wasn’t going to be anything further in a sexy way… I am so dense about that. I dressed while he reclined in bed watching me. He got up to hug me good bye – kissed me once with a peck on the lips then held my head and pecked me on the forehead. Then he let go, patted me on the ass and opened the hotel room door for me.

I went to the curb, requested a LYFT ride using the app on my phone. The car came in less than 2 minutes and I was home by 10:15 pm.  I texted him to let him know I made it, and he replied quickly, thanked me for a lovely evening.  Classy.

So I managed to have a nice evening, if a bit strange with the olive oil and so forth.  Phew!  The law of averages was in my favor at last.

Will I ever hear from him again?  Hard to tell.  In some ways, it’s fine if I don’t. In other ways – he was a real sweetie and it would be great to touch him again. Luckily I am not going to pine. It was a nice distraction!

Meet #7 Brett Snowy afternoon delight

March 21, 2016 Monday

From: Brett
To: Sassy
Date: Mon, Mar 21, 2016 at 10:04 AM

I have a long meeting this morning, perhaps lasting until 1:00pm.  It will be a welcome distraction, but just wanted you to know that I won’t be able to respond to your emails until then.  Looking forward to this afternoon….let me know if you can get an earlier check-in and I’ll see what I can do.



From: Sassy
To: Brett
Date: Mon, Mar 21, 2016 at 11:14 AM
RE: Next chance

Good morning hot stuff!  You are so cute when you’re horny.  Isn’t anticipation delightful?  I thought of you in the shower and was a little late to work.  Hee hee.  
I’m stuck at work until about 3 pm, so 4 pm ETA is most likely.  Hoping traffic is better than usual with the school closings so I can feel your arms around me soon!
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Report Canadian #7

Hubby brought me the car at work at 2:30 pm.  Thankfully it has stopped snowing by then! I dropped him off at home and headed out to Lexington.  I wanted to stay on the big roads for the best chance of the snow having been cleared.  The GPS sent me through one of the busiest intersections around – where Rte 93 hits 128, but there was no one around!  I was amazed at how good the roads were, with having had 5 inches of snow in the morning.  I made it to the hotel in record time!  

I checked in and went to the room #2104.  It was a regular room this time with a king size bed, but in the same back row as before.  I texted The Canadian at 3:43 pm.  He texted back within a minute.  I set my phone and watch and the room keys down on the desk.  I took off my shoes and socks, rolled down the covers, looked around the room.  The clock was unplugged so we won’t get fooled on the time like we did in February!

He knocked on the door right at 4 pm.  I let him into the room and he grabbed me for a long hug. He apologized for not having a pizza but said that would’ve taken more time and he just couldn’t wait to get his arms around me!  He is so sweet.  

We kissed on and on.  It felt like it could go on forever… like he adores it and can’t get enough. That makes me feel so wanted!

He finally broke away and started unbuttoning my top.  He stared… and whispered “Boobs…ah…” in his worshipful way that makes me feel so beautiful.   He kept helping me out of my clothes, kissing here and there as he revealed more skin.  He got me down to my panties, then rushed to take off his clothes.  

He jumped onto the bed and held out his hand.  I joined him there.  He guided me onto my stomach, and removed my panties, running his hands down my legs.  He gave me a marvelous massage, kneading, pressing, pulling… oh that man has great hands!

He got up briefly and grabbed a towel from the bathroom – so thoughtful!  

He settled in beside me and I faced him, lying cross-wise on the bed.  He smiled such a big smile… took a deep breath.  He looked so happy! He kissed me some more… then devoured my left breast – sucking, twisting, pulling… mmm mmmm mmmmm!  I held his head and played with his hair, stroked his shoulders.  It is so tough to concentrate when he does that but I want to keep touching him, letting him know that I am there with him and like what he’s doing!

He kept sucking and let his hand trail down my torso, his fingers playing with my belly button and then my slit and inside to my clit… oh yes!  He commented on how I seemed ready already.  You betcha mister!

He kept sucking my breast, tweaking my clit… oh my oh my.  I closed my eyes and imagined being outside like the photos I’ve seen recently on tumblr.  Naughty naughty Sassy girl!  

He grabbed a condom, rolled it on quickly, winked at me then grabbed my legs, put my feet on his shoulders and shoved his cock deep inside.  The look on his face was priceless… eyes almost closed, big smile… pleasure personified!  I watched him and started to squirm as he moved confidently in and out… grinning and then grimacing as he revved up.  He didn’t last long… maybe three mintues?  Then he was moaning and filling that condom.  I could feel the heat… my inner muscles went crazy squeezing him.  Ahh….

He fell over beside me.. Handed me the towel.  I pressed it between my legs and let the post-coital stupor roll over me as he put an arm around me and pulled me close.  He fell asleep!  That’s a first.  I like it.. Shows a complete trust and satisfaction.  I listened to him breathe, enjoyed having a man to cuddle while he sleeps.  

I puzzled over how long to let him sleep… it got to be 10 minutes… I decided to wake him up the best way I know how.  I slipped carefully from his grasp and kissed my way down his body.  He didn’t stir.  I leaned over him at a 90 degree angle at his waist, and picked up his flaccid cock, squeezed it a bit with my hand.  It was awake!  It grew in my hand and I sucked it into my mouth.  He woke up!  

He’s given me a tough time about sucking him… said he doesn’t really get into it.  I know he means he’s never been with a woman who knew what she was going or enjoyed it.  But this time was different.  I bobbed up and down… pressing him deeper and pulling him out, using my hand and my mouth to pleasure him.  He put his hand on my head and I was afraid he’d stop me, but he pushed me closer!  His hips popped toward me… I moaned around him and swallowed, making a tight, wet, hot place for his cock.  I went deep and stayed deep… he pushed me even deeper.  

He said, “Mmm… I could get used to this.”  HA!  Victory!  I tasted pre-cum and thought I had a chance to help him cum again, and from a blow job for the first time ever… I sucked and twisted and… he stopped me.  WHAT?  

“I want to be inside you again and I won’t be able to if you keep going… next time…,” he offered.  

I thought he’d pop right up inside me but he pulled me down in front of him and spooned.  I can’t explain but there was something magical about it.  So much skin-on-skin, his breath on my neck, the way we fit together… I whispered… “We.. FIT!”  And he nodded, nuzzled, shifted even closer.  Ah…

He started telling me stories.  He gets to go to Florida with his wife later in the month – she has a conference so she’ll be in meetings and he can play!  I told him about places I enjoyed in that area when I was there.  He sounded calmer, happier than usual.  I told him that and he squeezed my breast… said it was my influence.  Awww…

He asked what time it was.  I told him he could grab my watch off the desk.  He got up and said, “Ugh… it’s 7 pm!”  He was supposed to leave at 7 pm!  I was astonished… we’d  been together three hours and I had not once wondered what time it was or when I could leave.  That is rare for me.  I feel like we hit a new level today… closer, comfortable, sexier.  I realized I was starving, and that made total sense.  

He came back to bed, said he could take 5 more minutes… he kissed me and groped my breast again like he just can’t get enough of that.  Such a boob man!  Then he was up and dressing.  I sat on the edge of bed naked, giving him last looks at my chest.  He handed me a $100 bill to cover the cost of the room, pulled me up for another hug and quick kiss.  I was careful not to get too close – don’t want to leave my smell on his clothes!  And he was gone.  

I took my time getting dressed, making sure I had all my stuff then went back to the car and headed home.  I texted Hubby – asked him to order dinner delivered so it would be there by the time I got there.  I smiled and sang to myself… such a wonderful afternoon!

Meet #4 Philip @ Legal

March 18, 2016 Friday
7:30AM Sassy
Good morning kid! Happy Friday!
8:07AM Phil
Good morning. We did make it out last night about 9 so had a lobster roll and beer to celebrate St Patties and then collapsed in bed. Hoping to get out of here by 1 and head to Logan. I assume I can check my bags in early. I’ve got an 8 o’clock flight
8:20AM Sassy
Yay for lobster!  Good luck getting out of there.  I’m leaving work at noon, taking a retiring colleague to lunch then heading home around 1 pm so I can meet up whenever.  There’s lots of Legal Seafoods downtown near the Blue Line if that’s your goal.
8:46AM Phil
8:50AM Sassy
I could also pick you up, go wherever.  
Let’s see how your timing goes. Mwah!
10:15AM Sassy
I’m having fun poking around online for restaurants near the Aquarium stop on the Blue Line.  There’s a bar close to the Aquarium stop and Legal that might be fun.  In theory they have oysters but they just changed hands so it’s tough to tell.
10:33AM Phil
All depends on how we get out of here. Beer is good.  Oysters are great

12:19PM Sassy
Lunch with a retiring colleague at Border Cafe.  Got some great tips on how to leave work!  
2:28PM Sassy
You rolling along?  There’s also a Legal in Terminal B at Logan if you want to stick out there…
Legal C Bar in Boston’s Logan Airport is located pre-security in Terminal B. Dine in the restaurant, take-out seafood or purchase live lobsters to go.
2:34PM Phil
Hour out
2:34PM Sassy
3:29PM Phil
Heading into the tunnel
3:29PM Sassy
3:54PM Phil
Traffic blows!
3:54PM Sassy
4:18PM Phil
Returned the car, on the shuttle back to the terminal and to check in my bags
4:21PM Sassy
Wanna keep it simple and I’ll meet you out there at Legal?
4:33PM Phil
That’s probably best
4:34PM Sassy
Cool.  I’ll head out. 
Google says 15 min.  
Terminal B pre security okay?
4:36PM Phil
5:09PM Sassy
Parked! on my way in!
5:10PM Phil
Cool got a seat

Meet #4 


I haven’t seen Philip since September 2011.  That’s 4.5 years.  Argh.  

Philip has gotten into the habit of mentioning late at night, after he’s had a scotch and cigar, that he’ll be in the Boston area “in a couple of months”.  A week or so later, he’ll name a month.  And talk in a sexy way about buying me a lobster dinner and very graphically about what he’d like for dessert.  He has done this twice.  

The first time I looked forward to his visit with great excitement, talked about what we’d do, relived what we’d done the last time I saw him… even stopped going on Ashley Madison because I was waiting for him to touch me.  The month finally arrived and I asked when he’d be here and he said, “Oh… we cancelled that trip.  Didn’t I say?  The schedule at work got changed.”   I was devastated.  

The second time, he did exactly the same thing – mentioned he’d be close by.  This time the work team was definitely coming North.  And he never mentioned the specific date.  One Sunday evening, I see a photo on Facebook of him at a restaurant less than an hour from me… alone… eating lobster.  We chat as usual, no mention of where he is or an invitation to dinner or anything else.  I assume he’ll start on the work stuff and then let me know.  But no… he posts photos here and there, chats to me about nothing… Finally Wednesday night I ask if I can come up for dinner Thursday or Friday?  Oh… no… sorry… he can’t get away from the work team and he’s flying out Friday.  I could come up after dinner, spend the night?  Nope.  He’s going to work until late and be bushed and… so sorry.  I am crushed.  I am an idiot.  I don’t know what’s going on.  He is so sexy online and then he can’t find a way to see me in the space of a week?  Is this lameness?  Maybe?  Or is he over me?  If so then why does he get all sexy online?  My head hurts.  

I back away ever so slightly… I still enjoy hearing from him, but I will never believe him again when he says he’s going to be up here and we’ll get together.  It gives me the distance I need to keep from being so besotted… I don’t stop prowling thinking he’ll help me out.  Probably a good thing.

It started again February 3… you read it.

Philip: I’m gonna be in New England in March. Wanna grab a lobster one evening?
Me: Lobster sounds great!
Philip: Snoopy dancing .gif
Me: You know the date range?
Philip: Let you know tomorrow.

I played along but did not believe him at all.  He’s robbed me of the excitement, the anticipation.  Ugh.

And (no surprise) he never told me the dates.  Sure enough, mid-March I see a photo of him on Facebook in a pub about an hour from me.  WTF?  My first instinct is to message him, tell him I’m getting in my car and I’ll be there soon.  Sassy of five years ago did that.  I can’t now… if he wants me, he has to invite me.  Is that stupid?  I don’t know anymore.  So I wait.  Monday morning he admits he’s up here, prattles on about their busy schedule.  Have a nice day.  Tuesday… more of the same.  Then he finally says he has a couple of hours before his flight OUT OF BOSTON on Friday.  Wanna have a late lunch downtown?  Wait a goddamned minute… he flew INTO BOSTON?  Grrrr….

Take a deep breath… breath out… wait… LUNCH?  I am thinking but manage not to say, “No, asshole…I can eat lunch on any given day.  I WANT YOUR COCK!”  

I finally swallow my pride and ask if I can drive down there Tuesday night or Wednesday night, take him out for dinner, get a hotel “for dessert.”  He doesn’t answer.  Then says they’ve been working until 9 pm and he’s toast and evenings are not going to work. Okay… now I have to accept that he doesn’t want to be alone with me.  Five years ago he let me appear at midnight and stayed up fucking me for hours and went off to work at 7 am and it seemed like fun.  I give up.   I ponder whether I even want to see him at all… for lunch.  What sort of torture is that going to be?  

But I give in… maybe if I see him I can get some kind of action?  Or a good meal?  Or figure out why he doesn’t want me in person anymore? But let me be honest… I will still will do anything to see him, to touch his hand, to see him smile. *sigh

Friday there is nothing concrete… doesn’t even let me know when he leaves headed my way.  I have the distinct feeling he’s going to “run into bad traffic” or something and it won’t happen.  It sucks to have to be such a cynic!  

But eventually, he starts communicating, gets to the airport, checks in and lets me know he’s given up on coming downtown – it’s after 4 pm already.  I offer to meet him at the Legal C Bar at the airport.  He accepts that suggestion.  Phew.


I race to my car and head out to Logan. The parking lot is almost full – I have to go to the 5th floor!  I text him – he says he’s got a table!  I dash into the terminal and… I can’t figure out where he is.  The bar is not where Google maps shows it at the end of the terminal.  I ask a flight crew… they don’t know.  I’m starting to panic.  I ask a skycap… he’s knows!  He gives me detailed directions – it’s not far!  I dash to another part of the terminal… I still don’t see it.  I recall exactly what the skycap said and turn and… there it is!  


I step into the bar and the hostess starts to speak and I feel a tap on my shoulder and THERE HE IS!  Oh man… he is so gorgeous. I forget how tall and handsome he is… he is smiling so big and he wraps me in his arms and nothing else matters.  He pulls away too soon and leads me to a lovely quiet table along the side.  We sit down and he takes my hands in his and says he is so glad I finally made it.  He looks at my tattered red nail polish and asks what happened to it?  I told him it was over a week old and I don’t pamper my hands, just keep typing and washing dishes, so it peels.  I had debated taking it off, but several of the nails looked good and I decided the rough-around-edges look was a little sexy.  I knew he’d chide me about it and he did!  Heh.

I notice the martini on the table.  “I thought you wanted a beer?”

“I’ve already had a beer… wanted something stronger.”  

I look at the menu.  He says get whatever I want… it’s on him.  He’s getting clam chowder and a dozen fresh oysters and a baked stuffed lobster!  I don’t see stuffed lobster on the menu.  He says he asked and they’ve got it.   In this spot, that’s about $100 worth of food!  

The waitress comes over to take my drink order, and flirts with him.  Heh.  He’s already charmed her, as he does every woman and man he meets.  She returns quickly with my iced tea and asks if we want to order.  I tell him to start… he gets exactly what he said and tells me again to get whatever I want.  I ask for the same!  Whee!  He said he didn’t know I liked oysters?  I said I am learning to love them.  

He stares at me… takes my photo across the table.  So I do the same of him.  My legs start to twitch and I feel the familiar heat between them.  Damn it.  I start to wonder if there’s a bathroom we can go into alone and lock the door?   I kid him about that and he chuckles but doesn’t take me seriously.


The clam chowder arrives in a cute mug.  I put the crackers on top and take a photo.  I realize I can’t post photos from this dinner on Facebook… but I want them anyway for the blog!  The chowder is delicious as always.  They’re famous for it.  It’s even been served at inaugurations!

The oysters follow soon after… “Marys” piled on silver trays on ice, huge and beautiful.  He asks what one of the condiments is… it’s the onion relish “mignonette.”  He piles that and cocktail sauce and horseradish and slurps one down.  I put on some of the onion stuff and stick a fork into the oyster and pop it into my mouth.  He chides me… tells me I am missing the best part if I don’t slurp down the entire thing with the briny liquid around them.  It feels decadent, but I try it.  He’s right, of course.  I lick my lips.  He shakes his head.  

“What?”  I really don’t know what he’s on about.  

“You’re licking your lips at me!”  He chuckles.  “Hussy.”  

“You betcha!”  He laughs.  

I make my way through all of the oysters.  So so tasty!  He takes my picture slurping and swallowing.  So I do the same to him!

I ask him how he got away from the work team.  He said he told them he was having dinner with an old friend.  They asked if it was a drinking buddy?  He said no, it was his high school sweetheart!  I said, “You did not!’  He assured me he had, and they’d nodded and slapped him on the back.  Heh.  I held his hand, ran my finger up and down his thumb.  He winked at me.

He asked about my mom, my family, work, community project… I asked him about his mom and brother and kids and work.  We shared pithy stories about our lives.  He held my hand, stroked my wrist with his thumb.  Mmm… damn it.  I can’t think when he does that!

The staff made a big presentation of the stuffed lobsters.  They were a work of art.  I drooled.  I took a photo of mine, then a photo of him smiling over his.  I dug into the the stuffing with my fork, then started cracking the claws, pulling out and eating the succulent meat.  I didn’t even dip it in the butter… it was perfect as is.  Yum yum yum!  He attacked the stuffing first and made appreciative noises.  It was much better than the ones we had the last time I took him to Legal Seafoods.  And they weren’t too big – I got pleasantly full instead of over-stuffed.  


We finally polished them off and I was ready to say I was done.  He asked the waitress what they had for dessert.  She said, “Boston Creme Pie” and he said, “Yes!” Automatically.  He looked at me for assent and I nodded.  She brought it right out and he requested the check.  

Their version of this dessert is not traditional – it’s more a mousse with chocolate sauce poured over it – but it is delicious!  Very light… a great finish to a spectacular meal!  

I wondered if he was cutting it close to make his flight.  He assured me he’d be fine – he has some TSA card that let’s him breeze through security.  

He said he’d hope to see me again soon… in less than four years, anyway.  I smiled.  He said he’d be back in New England in a month (here we go again!) but the schedule would be brutal – it’s the military’s new way of saving money – make the trip half as long and have them work 16 hour days!  I smiled.  I wanted to beg him to add a day on either end, or just let me sleep next to him… but I didn’t.  

I recommended a great restaurant on the water on the way to where he’ll be staying.  He asked if it was big enough to handle his entire team?  I don’t know but it it big – told him I’d get him the link and it was at least worth a call.  

He talked about how much work he has to do over the next week.  Said he was looking forward to better weather, getting out on his bicycle, shedding pounds like he does every summer.  He said he feels like a big old bear right now.  I wondered if that might have anything to do with him not wanting me to see him naked? Who knows.  

The waitress gave him the check.  I peeked while he figured the tip… wowzers.  $198!  He gave her a $40 tip.  I think he can expense the whole thing but… wow.  I looked around – the restaurant was empty!  Everyone must’ve gone off to their flights.


He popped up and shouldered his backpack, which looks like it weighs 100 pounds, said he had 3 computers in there.  He started to walk and I called him back.  I opened my arms and he put his arms around me and we shared a deep French kiss standing in the empty restaurant.  Mmmm… oh man… I didn’t want it to end.  There is nothing in my life like being wrapped up in his embrace!

He broke it off, said he really had to go now.  I walked with him across to the other part of the terminal, requested and got one more hug good-bye.  I groped his ass!  He chuckled, murmured “Bye girlie…” and trotted off to the gate.  I watched him until he turned into the security line.  Ah, that man has beautiful shoulders!  

Heading home

I made my way back to the other end of the terminal.  As I walked, I looked out the huge windows.  It was pouring rain.  I took a photo of the city with the dark clouds.  I took the elevator up to the parking garage.

Then I remembered I had to pay inside the terminal, so I went most of the way back.  As I passed the windows this time, I noticed that the clouds were gone and there was the most incredible sunset!  I took another photo and sat in the white rocking chairs appreciating the scene and trying to calm down enough to drive home.  

My phone pinged… Philip sent me all the photos he’d taken of me and his food!  Then he sent me a photo of a beer.  He’d made his way to the gate and was relaxing as only he knows how.  

I sat in my car, checked my messages and sent him the photos I had taken of him and dinner.  I finally made my out of the airport and home.  

I can tell that I’ve grown and changed.  I’ve gained some distance, thank goodness.  I can enjoy his company, pine for more, but then come home and get on with my life.

And that’s all.  90 minutes with him.  In a crowded restaurant.  A spectacular dinner.  Two hugs, one French kiss and a great handful of his ass.  *sigh

6:49PM Phil
[photo he took of me taking a photo of my baked stuffed lobster]
[photo he took of me eating an oyster on the half shell]
[photo he took of me eating an oyster on the half shell] 
[photo he took of me eating an oyster on the half shell]
[photo he took of me eating an oyster on the half shell] 
[photo he took of me eating an oyster on the half shell]
[photo he took of me eating an oyster on the half shell] 
[photo he took of me eating an oyster on the half shell]
[photo he took of me eating an oyster on the half shell]
[photo he took of me eating an oyster on the half shell] 
[photo he took of me eating an oyster on the half shell]
[photo he took of me eating an oyster on the half shell] 
[photo he took of me eating an oyster on the half shell]
[photo he took of me eating an oyster on the half shell] 
(yes… he took 13 photos of me eating oysters! And sent them all to me!)
6:51PM Sassy
Logan Airport and Boston through a rain-soaked window 
with the sun coming out

Boston Creme Pie we shared for dessert
[photo of him taking a photo of his baked stuffed lobster]
my baked stuffed lobster
[photo of him grinning about to eat an oyster on the half shell]

 our plate of a dozen oysters on the half shell

my cup of clam chowder
Found my car!  Thanks again!
7:13PM Phil
Had a blast! Was wonderful to see you. I hope you enjoyed dinner  
7:14PM Sassy
7:20PM Sassy
Made it home!
Have an easy trip.
Wow!  That was quick.  Thank you! 
Still waiting to board… 
[photo of a glass of beer]
9:26PM Phil
Safe in DC
9:28PM Sassy
D.C already?  Hooray!
10:10PM Phil
 [photo of Legal Sea Foods in DC]
10:35PM Sassy
Yay!  They have baked stuffed lobster.
10:41PM Sassy
We should try this place sometime.  Right on the water in Maine.  with the 60 item salad bar and so much seafood!

Pug or loaf of bread?  😉 

Meet #6 with Brett – Time Flies

February 2, 2016 Tuesday
After 3 months of waiting, it’s finally time to see The Northerner again!  I’ve had an awful week but knowing I will see him and forget my troubles for a few hours feels like my luck has changed!  
I was decadent and drove to work, paid $29 to park so I could get out on the road in a hurry at 3 pm. I made great time and got checked in at a different hotel by 3:45 pm.  They gave me a suite!  I am liking the Quality Inn in Lexington!  It’s still rather shabby but it’s better than the last place and clean and cheap!  I don’t need anything except a bed and my nice man.  
I texted the room number and instructions to Brett at 4 pm.  In less than 3 minutes he knocked twice.  I opened the door and he handed me a pizza.  I put it down and turned around into his arms for a long hug and a delicious kiss.  He had on a leather jacket… mmm… so soft and sexy! 
We strolled into the bedroom.  He asked if we should close the blackout curtains.  I decided I’d rather see him and be a bit of a hussy with just the sheers.
He sat beside me and we talked as we took each others clothes off. He was behind me, nibbling on my ear and neck and shoulder.  I stored that to replay when I am sitting on the edge of my bed. 
He said I looked like I could use a massage, suggested that I lie back on the bed on my tummy.  He has wonderful hands!  He rubbed and pressed and… oh my.  I feel a little guilty that I am lying there getting all the attention but it is heaven!  He flattened out on top of me so I could feel his skin and his very hard cock on my ass.  Yum. 
Eventually he rolled me over and started playing with my boobs.  He worships them!  He was licking, sucking, biting just a bit.  It made me squirm! He pressed his fingers lower, teasing me by going on to my clit.  That really made me squirm. 
I was bad and went away in my mind to a fantasy about him taking me to Home Depot and convincing me to take off most of my clothes and walk around while he took photos.  Not something I want to do but the idea of it is so naughty it helped get me more revved up.  
He pulled my knees up to his side, stuck a pillow under my ass and worked him way inside me.  Oh yeah… The look on his face was so blissful!  Then he concentrated, said he didn’t want to come too soon.  He pounded in and out… I savored every shove!  He broke off and relaxed next to me… not sure why.  He played with my clit again, and stuck his fingers deep inside me.  That felt so good! 
He tried again pulling my legs up and pressing inside me.  He said he probably couldn’t get hard enough to pound but it still felt good for him.  I started to talk dirty… called him naughty, said he could fuck me, he could do it, fill me up… and he got much harder and came!  He smiled so big! 
He tossed me a towel then collapsed leaning on the headboard.  I couldn’t move… I felt like my bones had liquified!  We chatted a bit.  I finally moved up to cuddle next to him.  He asked me about my life.  I am astonished the things he remembers!  
He started to kiss me again but then noticed the time – 6:20 pm.  I couldn’t believe we had spent 2.5 hours.  He grabbed the pizza and we ate in bed, him telling me about his life.   I thanked him for the pizza and all the rest, told him I wanted to be sure he knows I do not take him for granted, that I appreciate everything he does!  Then he jumped into the shower, and was dressing.  The clock said 6:48 pm when I got and looked at my phone and… it said 6:14 pm.  What?   
Apparently someone had set the clock wrong!  Argh!  Now I’m going to check that every time I go into a hotel room!  We could’ve gone another round but he was already mostly out the door in his head, so we had another couple of kisses and a long hug.  He handed me a $100 bill to cover the room, kissed me twice more and was gone! 
I finished dressing, left a tip for the maid, then headed home at 7:05 pm feeling so mellow and happy!

Meet #5 with Brett – My place

November 4, 2015 Wednesday
From: Brett
To: Sassy
Date: Wed 4 Nov 2015 1:01 PM
I am tingling!  Will text when I arrive.


First time at my place with Brett
I had “one of those days.”  

Work was a mess.  I went to work to do 4 things, realized I didn’t have the info I needed to finish 3 of them.  *sigh  I emailed the boss.  No answer.  I did the 4th, figured I’d coast into my 1 pm departure.  I got asked at 11:35 am to join a job interview at 12 noon.  I raced to read the job description and resume.   Fascinating.  I listened in, was impressed, then had to leave early.  My boss, who is going on leave tomorrow, and has been out the past two days, caught me as I left asking if I could meet with the office staff at 3 pm.  Um… no.  I told him a week ago I’d be out after 1 pm today.  Sorry.  Ugh. 
At 1 pm Hubby picked me up and we went across the city to Beth Israel Hospital for a doctor’s appointment.  I checked in at 1:25 pm and waited.  And waited.  Finally at 2 pm I asked the desk clerk to check.  She went away and came back to tell me he’d left on an emergency without anyone telling me.  Grrr…. 
Hubby and I went out for a Chinese lunch in Allston at Shanghai Gate at 2:15 pm.  I thought we’d have over an hour but we only had 45 minutes.  We were the only people there, ordered 4 items right away – 2 appetizers, 2 entrees.  They brought his entree right away.  Then half an hour later, the 2 appetizers.  I asked about my entree.  What? She had not heard me somehow.  I told her to forget it and rolled out of there at 3:15 pm.  Ugh.   I was feeling cursed.  Please, please don’t let this run of back luck slop over into my meet! 
Brett texted me at 3:29 pm when I was 3 minutes from home saying he was waiting.  Hubby dropped me off and I strolled around to the garage.  As I turned the corner, Brett drove up and I let him into the garage to park in our space!  
He is so sweet!  I took him upstairs with a lovely kiss in the elevator.  I showed him around my place, and out onto the balcony to survey the city.  He put his arms around me from behind.  He was so hard against my ass! Mmmm… 
I led him into the bedroom.  He pressed me against the wall and kissed me deeply.  He has a wonderful tongue!  We sat on the edge of the bed and he helped me undress.  I adore that part!  When he pulled off my slacks and panties, he went on down my body and knelt on the floor.  He explored my slit with his fingers and then with his tongue.  I tingled all over!  
We had a lovely time rolling around my king size bed.  He admitted to being nervous but excited to be in my space, learn more about me.  I assured him it was just me, my bed… he said, “There’s no just about it… you are quite something!”  
He is excellent at foreplay – we played for nearly an hour… touching nipples, nibbling ears, licking elbows, rubbing muscles…  before he said he had to be inside me!  
He grabbed a condom from his pants pocket while I rolled over on my tummy then got up on all fours, and he grabbed my ass and was inside me pretty quickly.  He said he was so revved up, probably wouldn’t last long.  I told him that was okay… he started pounding me, pulling me on and off his cock… oh yeah… so hot, so hard, so fantastic!  He came hard and collapsed next to me.  He cuddled up beside me and played with my breast.  He started asking me questions about my place and I told him little stories as answers.  
I started getting hungry about 5:30 pm.  We talked a little more, then he asked if we could have pizza.  I went to my desk and we agreed on pepperoni and mushroom.  I ordered a pizza at 5:45 pm.  I was surprised to see him dressed!  I threw on a night gown.   We talked while we waited.  He asked about the art and photos on my walls.  
The pizza arrived in 30 minutes.  It was the best I’ve had in a long time.  Yay!  He liked it.  We went back to the bed and I got another round of cuddly fun.  He wanted to try different positions, but every time we moved around and were almost there… he lost his erection.  Not sure what’s up with that.  He finally asked if we could do another round of doggy?  Sure.  Pound me mister!  He was hard again and off we went.  He is still astonished that I can inspire round 2!  
I offered to walk out with him and let him out of the garage, but he insisted he could do it on his own and was in a hurry, didn’t have time for me to throw on my clothes.  He departed about 7:45 pm, saying, “This was so good!  I’ll be in touch again when I see a chance…”


I dunno about this guy… he is so sweet when we are together and in between?  Nothing.  So it ends up being… unexciting?  I barely think of him.  Mostly because he doesn’t give me anything to think about!  He does not email or chat.  He has not helped me cum yet.  *sigh  He is sweet, touches me, but it’s… dull.  Falls solidly into the “better than nothing” category.  I will keep looking for ways to get more from him.  It took me a long time with Kris and he ended up being marvelous, so I have patience and hope.  

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Meet #4 Venetian Boobs

October 5, 2015 Wednesday

From: Sassy
To: Brett
Date: Wed, Oct 7, 2015 11:52 AM
Subject: Re: Next
Good morning!  It’s Wednesday!  And Sassy day!  Whee!  Hope your morning is off to a grand start.  Such beautiful weather!  
I’m planning to get out of work at 3 pm, so I could be at the hotel by 4 pm, depending on traffic.  I can text you the room number and you can pop in anytime.  
From: Brett
To: Sassy
Date: Wed, Oct 7, 2015 12:24 PM
Subject: Re: Next
Sounds good.  I was in meetings all morning and will be in the afternoon.  I will try to get out as early as possible, 4:00 at the latest and rush to the hotel.  Just text the number and I’ll know you are there.
I left work at 3:15 pm, met Hubby at the car and drove him home.  I took off to the burbs at 3:30 pm.  I let the GPS guide me this time, down residential streets, and made it in 45 minutes.  I checked in at the hotel and stepped outside just as he was pulling up and parking across the street.  He smiled so sweetly when he saw me! 
We walked to the elevator and he grabbed me, kissed me… then wondered if there was a camera in there.  Ha.  As we walked down the corridor, I asked what his time limit was for tonight.  He said he had to leave by 7 pm.  I agreed to help him with that.  
We had the same room we had last time, at the end of the hall on the third floor. #314.  I was happy not to have to waste time exploring a new room.  I went over to the desk by the window and put down my stuff.  He put his arms around me, hugged me, kissed me… mmmm… I adore how he can’t wait to get his hands on me!  
I took off my shoes and he helped me take off more.  He kissed and licked as he went… I adore this part!  He took off my silk scarf, then my black jersey top.  I had my white bra on.  He peeled that down and turned me to play with my breasts looking over my shoulder.  I could feel his cock, hard against my ass.  Mmmm…. adore that.  The sun was shining through the blinds, leaving shadow stripes on my skin.  My mind screamed, “TAKE A PHOTO!”  So I reached into my tote to grab my camera and got a great shot!   I thought it was a great combination of artsy and sexy.  What you do think? 

He undid my bra and I turned to unbutton his rust-colored plaid, short-sleeved button-down shirt.  I played with his nipples then rolled his shirt off.  I hugged him… skin-on-skin… mmmm… and played with the light fur on his back.  I played with his hair, which has grown a lot since I saw him three weeks ago.  I told him my knees were shaking.  He said we should change locations. He’s so cute and logical.  
I strolled over to the bed.  He took off his slacks and then mine.  He went to get a towel from the bathroom and set it on the nightstand – planning ahead to save the sheets a bit.  I sat down on the end of the bed.  I started to take off my socks, telling him I had put on a new pair.  He said, “Well then let me take them off!”  He knelt down and rolled them down my legs, tossing them over his shoulder to the general vicinity he’d put my slacks.  He kissed me and sucked on my nipples, then had me lie back on the bed on my stomach and he peeled off my panties.  
He gave me the most amazing back rub!  He combines the best techniques of massage and sexiness.  I told him he was in the wrong career – he should me a masseur!  He laughed.  He straddled me and I felt his hard cock in my ass crack.  Oh yes!  He rocked back and forth, squeezing my back muscles, then he flattened out, putting his weight on me.  I told him that feels so good! 
He moved down my body, kissing my back, my ass, massaging and nibbling on my legs.  Wow.  I felt so worshipped! 
He turned to the side of bed and grabbed a condom off the nightstand, ripping it open and rolling it onto his stiff cock in no time at all.  He rolled me over onto my back, and pulled my legs up, saying, “I can’t wait.  I need to be inside you.”  
He wiggled his hips and shifted my ass up until he could make that happen.  He was up on his arms, angling down and in.  He had the most blissful look on his face.  He pressed deep and stayed… moaning sweetly.  I put my hands on his face, held his head, rubbed his shoulders… he began to move… faster and faster.  I watched his face.  He asked me if this position was okay?  Oh yes… He lost it, pounded me… I closed my eyes and focused on the feelings.  Wow.  Wow.  WOW! 
He came hard, shaking, spurting.  He held himself inside me for a long time.  “This is what I think of in the shower,” he whispered.  Oh my… 
He rolled off me, grabbed the towel and put it between my legs.  There was a big gush of hot liquid.  Hee! 
He cuddled next to me, playing with my breast.  “I’m aiming for two again today,” he admitted.  “But not right this second.”  I smiled.  I asked him questions, trying to learn more about him that never seems forthcoming in email.  I got him talking about work, about Halloween – they get lots of trick or treaters!  
I played with his cock.  He said it was too soon.  I asked if it felt good anyway and he said yes so I kept on exploring.  I told him about various hand job techniques and demonstrated the hungry octopus, the barber pole, the tunnel.  He said he didn’t know the words for those moves. I told him about Dick and Jane, their web site and their hand job video that taught me so much.  I promised to send it to him.  
I told him about Hubby and I finally getting Netflix.  Seems like we were the last of our friends to do it.  I told him about watching various British dramas.  We compared Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus and Netflix.  I don’t know if we’ll keep it after the month free.  I do hope it can get Hubby out of playing violent video games endlessly.  It somehow came out that he had never seen “The Princess Bride.”  Wow.  I told him to remedy that soon!  There are so many pop references he’ll get after that!  
He began to react to my hand between his legs.  He looked quite surprised and pleased that it had taken so little time.  He pulled my leg over his hip and rubbed his cock up and down my slit.  I do enjoy that!  He asked me to roll onto my stomach again – he needs some doggy action!  I complied.  He grabbed another condom… I heard the foil rip and a few seconds later felt him rub his covered cock up and down my slit, but he seemed to be having trouble staying hard. 
So I started talking… dirty.  I used words you can’t say on TV.  🙂  
“Oh, Brett… that’s right.  I want you to fuck me.  Fuck me hard… slide that sexy cock right inside my hot cunt.  Watch it.. feel that hot, wet, tight place… do it!”  That worked.  He pressed inside me, hard as a rock.  
“Oh yeah… that’s it. Just like that.  Don’t stop… harder… mmm…”  He pounded me, pulling my ass on and off his cock, moaning, grunting… I couldn’t think anymore… just felt him filling me up.  So so good!  
He spurted up inside me again.  Wow… he stayed in, shaking and whispering, “Yes… yes… oh yes…”  
He collapsed beside me, cuddling up next to me, breathing heavy.  He said he needs to lose some weight and this is now his favorite work-out.  Heh.  I told him he looks fine but if he feels like he wants to slim down a bit, I am happy to help.  I told him he can go on the Sassy diet.  He giggled!  
He looked at the bedside clock… said it was time for him to shower and go.  I jumped up and got dressed so I’d be ready to walk out with him.  He left a tip for the maid on the bed and gave me the money for the room.  I asked him to walk me to my car and he agreed.  We kissed again in the elevator but I was careful not to touch him… don’t want to leave my scent on his clothes! 
He saw me to my car, kissed me again.  It always feels like he doesn’t want to leave me.  So so sweet!  He finally shut the car door for me and walked away.  I looked down at the clock… 7:01 pm.  
Just under three hours with him and I feel so mellow, so fine.  Certainly the best use of my time in a long time.