Got Warrants?

August 9, 2017 Wednesday

8:06AM Sassy
Good morning Philip!
8:15 AM Phil
Good morning! Beautiful day!
8:23 AM Sassy
Check out the Bangor Maine Police Department FB page!  Great giggles from their “Got Warrants?” post today!

6:40 PM Sassy
Dinner at East Coast Grill in Inman Square Cambridge – First time back since the Highland Kitchen team resurrected it!

My Arnold Palmer and Hubby’s mango margarita
The bar
Free pickles
Mexican street corn
Grilled avocado with beets, peaches, blood orange 
and goat milk yogurt dressing
Lumpia Shanghai – pork and shrimp spring rolls 
with pineapple sweet and sour sauce
Hubby’s sirloin steak tips with damn good fries
My East Carolina pulled pork plate
Historic Plaque on the spot of Jake and Earl’s Dixie BBQ – the first sentence is true. 🙂 
“A favorite hangout of local patriots destroyed by a regiment of British troops in the spring of 1775. 

Officially not on the Freedom Trail, it was still one of Paul Revere’s favorite stops for ‘Que on his way to Lexington and his cry can still be heard in Inman Square, “The British are coming – hide the burnt ends!”

When Pigs Fly

February 28, 2017 Tuesday

11:40 pm Sassy
When Pigs Fly… I smile.
Sarah Boynton says: 
March 1st is PIG DAY! Here’s your free Random Pig Generator which will somehow make everything okay. (Code by famed Mozilla guy Christian Heilmann.)

(Click here if you’d like sweet little cartoon pigs to fly across your screen)

The Suck Fairy

February 3, 2017 Friday

The Suck Fairy.  Fascinating concept!  Click over to to read this short blog post about her.

I can see it applying to books, movies, restaurants and ex-lovers!  You loved them and then you look again and…

“The Suck Fairy comes in when you come back to a book that you liked when you read it before, and on re-reading—well, it sucks. You can say that you have changed, you can hit your forehead dramatically and ask yourself how you could possibly have missed the suckiness the first time—or you can say that the Suck Fairy has been through while the book was sitting on the shelf and inserted the suck. The longer the book has been on the shelf unread, the more time she’s had to get into it. The advantage of this is exactly the same as the advantage of thinking of one’s once-beloved ex as having been eaten by a zombie, who is now shambling around using the name and body of the former person. It lets one keep one’s original love clear of the later betrayals.”