Happy Independence Day

July 4, 2017 Tuesday

5:59 AM Sassy

Happy Independence Day from Boston!

6:46 AM Phil
1:36 PM Sassy
Lunch at C.K. Pearl in Essex
1:58 PM Sassy
Dessert at DownRiver Ice Cream
Tried their “Salty C” – the salted caramel with chocolate-covered pretzels! But the best was that they had three sugar-free flavors for my sister to try and she got two and declared them yummy!
4:29 PM Sassy
The Essex River – Finally got my sister and her beau to CK Pearl and DownRiver Ice Cream in Essex!

Soups to remember

From my private journal

Jun. 14th, 2017 2:03 pm

I’ve been sick with a wretched cough for nearly 2 weeks. I have eaten so much soup and want to remember them for the next time the germs catch up with me. 

 These are from restaurants that deliver via Doordash, GrubHub or Foodler, or available by sweet-talking Hubby into picking up for me.

  • Greek Corner – Avegolemono chicken lemon rice soup 
  • India Palace – spicy chicken soup 
  • Au Bon Pain – chicken noodle soup or pumpkin bisque
  • Pandan Leaf – Thai chicken coconut milk soup 
  • Asian House – Thai rice chowder 
  • Mary Chung’s – suan la chow show – spicy pork wontons soup with bean sprouts 
  • Panera – French onion soup
  • Genki Ya – Miso soup 
  • Dumpling House – chicken corn soup

Other soothing concoctions:

The Neighborhood – The Cream of Wheat is soupy and comforting

Mary Chung’s – Yu Shiang Eggplant with shredded chicken has a spicy sauce that feels great on a sore throat and opens the sinuses

Here’s to better health in the days ahead!

Cough central

June 12, 2017 Monday

Greetings from cough central!

Another day, more soup.  This is getting ridiculous!  I went in to the office but ran out of energy before lunch time.  Argh. 

Hubby picked me up, got my favorite Chinese soup – suan la chow show – and yu shiang eggplant, hoping they will cure me.  I ate them and fell into bed.

I had Thai coconut chicken soup for supper… I’m going to make a list of all the soups I’ve eaten so I can find it easily next time I’m sick.  Heh.

After 11 days of coughing I am running out of soups and wondering if I will ever get better.  Might be time to go to the doctor.  Yuck.   Usually when I think that, I start to get better.  Hope that works this time!

Riding in their 90s

March 29. 2017 Wednesday

8:39 PM Sassy
Marvelous photos from Sally Bedell Smith’s Facebook page
“Even as new security barriers went up at Windsor Castle following last week’s terror attack at the Houses of Parliament, the Queen and Prince Philip were determined to get out today and do what they both enjoy so much: she rode one of her Fell Ponies in Windsor Home Park with two of her grooms, and he drove one of his four-in-hand carriages into town. At nearly 91 and 96, their vigor never ceases to amaze!”


Elephant sweaters

March 15, 2017 Wednesday
4:02 PM Sassy

Villagers knit jumpers for Indian elephants to protect the large mammals from near-freezing temperatures

Local women make colourful jumpers for formerly abused animals after staff at conservation centre warn of temperatures dipping close to freezing point

Five years out

August 4, 2016 Thursday

Wow… can’t believe it’s been five years since I finished treatment for breast cancer.  After 9 months of “going to the doctor too much” through diagnosis, two surgeries, chemo and radiation – I was finally done.  And now I’ve survived for five years, when the risk factors go way down!  Whoohoo!