Five years out

August 4, 2016 Thursday

Wow… can’t believe it’s been five years since I finished treatment for breast cancer.  After 9 months of “going to the doctor too much” through diagnosis, two surgeries, chemo and radiation – I was finally done.  And now I’ve survived for five years, when the risk factors go way down!  Whoohoo!

HELP! Winter Vacation Suggestions

August 1, 2016 Monday

Good morning Dear Readers!

Hope your summer is going well. Or whatever season it is where you are. 🙂

I need your help. Please give me your expert vacation advice!

Let’s say a nice man asked me to meet him somewhere warm in January or February with great restaurants, fun attractions to see and a waterfront hotel with a balcony or a rental house with a water view. I’m thinking the Southern U.S. – Sanibel? Miami? The Florida Keys? New Orleans? Phoenix? I haven’t been on many winter vacations and may be missing a wonderful answer.

Where would you recommend?  Hotels?  Restaurants? Sites to see?  Chocolate shops??

Please comment below or email me (click on the same sassy girl link next to my cleavage on the upper right, and it takes you to my profile with my email link on the left!)

Thanks for any clues!


100th Indy 500

May 29, 2016 Sunday

12:44PM Sassy
Keeping an eye on the 100th Indy 500… they’re showing it live on ESPN! Rare to be able to see a Iive event streaming for free. I’m not that into cars racing but the coverage is interesting with the sounds, the camera-on-every-car perspective, the statistics they tap into…