A third ticket

April 26, 2019 Friday

From: Brett
To: Sassy
Sent: Fri, Apr 26, 2019 at 10:08 PM
Re: Bad news, good news.


On Friday, May 3rd I have concert tickets for Brit Floyd, a cover band, and I want you to go with me.

The best plan I could come up with is:

You get a room at usual spot.
I get out of work a little early, and meet up around 4:00. We can partake of whatever pre-show activities we can think of.
We go to the show, it starts at 8:00, maybe grabbing a quick dinner if we’ve left time for it.
After the show, maybe we’ll leave a little early and have time for a quickie afterwards.
I’m not sure it’s a concert you would like to go to…if not…let me know. I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy the rest of it.

Now for the naughty side. I have a third ticket, and I don’t mind wasting it. But it won’t be a waste if we can fantasize about what naughty thing might happen with it.



From: Sassy
To: Brett
Sent: Fri, Apr 26, 2019 at 11:03 PM
Re: Bad news, good news.

Hiya Brett,

Hope your weekend is off to a grand start despite the rainy weather!

What a plan! This sounds amazing! Thank you!

I have a reservation. Must cancel by Wednesday if things change. $130
4 pm sounds lovely.

Have you been to the venue before? I don’t know much about Pink Floyd or this cover band, but I’ll read up on them and listen to videos to learn more. I am happy to go with you and I’m sure they put on quite a show. Are there any rules about what to bring or not? Any tips on making it good? I haven’t been to many rock concerts.

[You can probably resell the third ticket on Ticketmaster or Stubhub if you want to recoup the money. We can still fantasize about it]

Your imagination is really revved up, eh? I adore that. Tell me more about that.

See you Friday!



From: Sassy

To: Brett
Sent: Fri, Apr 26, 2019 at 11:17 PM
Subject: Concert setlists

Started my research!

I found two setlists for the 2019 tour = don’t click if you want to be surprised:¬†

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