Casino Adventure

February 24, 2019 Sunday

10:02 AM Sassy
Good morning kid! 
I’m off to Foxwoods today!
11:48 AM Phil
Win your fortune

11:48 AM Sassy
Ha! I usually get enough to cover dinner…

12:27 PM Phil
I know the food is good. 

Gonna see a show or just hanging out?

12:27 PM Sassy
Jim Gaffigan’s comedy

12:28 PM Phil
I like him! Enjoy!

12:30 PM Sassy
David Burke’s Prime Steakhouse

12:30 PM Phil
Oh yummy! Making lamb chops tonight

Walked by Legal which is across the street and thought of you

12:31 PM Sassy
That was such a special night!

1:15 PM Phil
Yes ma’am

3:30 PM Sassy
We made it to the Hilton about 1/4 mile from the casino – I got a free night using points we accrued from a trip south last year.  They have a free van to the casino! We hopped on the 4 pm shuttle and made our way to an early dinner.


5:51 PM Sassy
Decadent dinner at David Burke Prime at Foxwoods for Hubby’s birthday

Gin Collins and a strawberry basil lemonade
Popover and butter
Clothesline bacon
Cranberry mint fauxhito
Hubby’s sirloin au poivre with a shrimp scampi top hat
My Surf & turf special with lobster tail and petite filet mignon, 
cheesy cauliflower and beef short rib risotto
Complimentary dessert for the birthday boy – chocolate mousse cake 
with whipped cream and coffee gelato and 
a white & milk chocolate profiterole
Complimentary cotton candy

6:55 PM Sassy
Jim Gaffigan’s Fixer Upper Tour – Foxwoods Grand Theater orchestra row P!

8:45 PM
There was beverage service in our section! We got a couple of Cokes to combat the food coma. We listened to the warm up act – Ted Alexandro – for about 15 minutes. He was a low key chatter about life in NYC with a new (much younger) wife.

Jim Gaffigan came on about 7:20 pm and talked for 75 minutes. It was all new material with long sketches about horses, traveling with his kids, and not running the NYC marathon. We laughed and groaned where appropriate.

9:15 PM Sassy
I got to watch the rest of the Oscars!  Haven’t been around a TV to do that in years. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s duet at the piano was smoking hot, and I was excited to see Rami Malek win best actor! I usually don’t see many of the nominated movies but I got to Bohemian Rhapsody, The Favourite, and Black Panther.

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