November 4, 2017 Saturday

7:36 AM Phil

[photo of his legs and bare feet on the couch with a cup of coffee and a dog in his lap]
Good morning! Enjoy the day!
7:37 AM Sassy
Good morning kid!
I wanna rub those feet.
7:38 AM Phil
: ) 
7:41 AM Sassy
And other body parts.
And those doggos!
I’m taking lunch to a project gal whose mom died Thursday night.   Triple sad – mom, best friend, roommate.  And died 3 weeks after they discovered a brain tumor!
I’ve discovered $100 of bbq is a great comfort at these times.
7:44 AM Phil
That’s sweet and it sure does help!
[photo of his legs and bare feet sitting on the couch with his cock sticking out of his shorts]
 hee hee
7:45 AM Sassy
So your hanging out this fine morning?
7:45 AM Phil
Yep, just hanging out. Off to a wedding this afternoon
7:52 AM Sassy
That should be fun!
I’m thinking of sitting at your feet
And licking
7:55 AM Phil
That would generate a reaction!
7:56 AM Sassy
Definitely some squeezing
And sucking!
7:57 AM Phil
That will get you a mouthful of cream
7:58 AM Sassy
I adore that

8:00 AM Sassy
[photo of the beautiful tree outside my living room window]
8:02 AM Phil
There is no more intense orgasm and so many ways to vary it. And then tasting my cum on your tongue, mmmm
4:45 PM Sassy
Fun wedding reception blow job.  Hee!
[15-second video]

“That should be mandatory at every wedding. The bride showing publicly her obedience and submission to her new husband and owner. This is the perfect…”

9:05 PM Phil
Well damn
9:05 PM Sassy
Hee hee.  “Obedience and submission” is not my thing, but it’s wicked sexy!
The wedding you saw didn’t have that?
9:33 AM Phil
10:03 AM Phil
Liked the link though
10:03 PM Sassy
10:03 PM Sassy
So naughty even if you can’t really see
10:19 PM Phil
Loved it

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