Lobster sauté in NH

October 30, 2017 Monday

8:50 AM
Good morning Philip! You headed home?

9:49 AM Phil

Good morning

10:21 AM Sassy
I’m driving up US 1 heading to the outlets in Maine with my NC cousin. Gonna get lobster

10:44 AM Phil
Awesome! Enjoy!

11:30 AM Sassy
Just crossed into Maine. Thought of you as we passed Portsmouth

12:01 PM Sassy

The power is out from the big storm so we’re heading back to NH for lunch
12:16 PM Phil
And you are eating at Warrens

12:22 PM Sassy
You betcha

Lobster sauté!

12:27 PM Phil
Love that place!

12:49 PM Sassy

Lobster lunch at Warren’s Lobster House in Kittery, ME
The grand entrance
The sign on Route 1
View out the window
The dining room and buffet 
Cousin’s stuffed lobster tail and claws lunch
My lobster sauté with mashed potatoes
A little salad and their famous pumpkin bread
The souvenir shop next door – The Captain’s Treasure Chest 
and Pete’s Stateline Sweets – I actually shopped!  Got some 
excellent end of the season deals!

4:49 PM Sassy
Kittery Trading Post – the only outlet with power today!  I shopped some more!  
This place is massive! 
Lovely autumn decorations at the entrance
Historic photos in the entrance
They sell everything for indoors and outdoors… not the moose. 

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