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September 14, 2017 Thursday

Ashley Madison Message

Date: Sep 14th – 2:24pm
From: Sassy
To: WrySmile

Hiya Wry! How’re you this warm day?

I am having a wacky day at the office but decided to take a break and write to you! Thank you for your message! And the photo. Adore a man who still has hair on his head and a beard!

Give me a little time to get to know you before I jump to email and share a photo?

Three quick questions –

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor.

How did you hear about it? (I’m curious as well as Sassy!)

When did you first have sex?

Here’s more about me – I am not into vanilla… I like butter pecan! Nuts are so yummy. 😉 I’m on AM because Hubby and I are great friends, but we haven’t had sex in a long time. He does his thing and I do mine. He’s fine with that. I heard about AM while reading a blog by a guy who shared his adventures pleasing married women and himself. And I’m here because I beat cancer six years ago. I’m whole and healthy, and want to live life to the fullest! I am an office manager by day. You know – that shy, demure, efficient lady who takes care of the administrative tasks so the senior staff can focus on the business. Men say I am an awesome kisser, a great communicator, discreet, no drama, super-nice… looking for fun and passion and a confidante. Is that you?

Finally… please feel free to ask me whatever you like to see if we click, and tell me more about you.

Hugs with groping! -Sassy


Date: Sep 14th – 10:36pm
From: WrySmile
To: Sassy

Responses #1. (I enjoy writing.)
Favorite Ice Cream: I would normally say Toscanini’s burnt caramel, but I had some basil ice cream at a fancy (“artisanal”) restaurant that sent me to the place where poets get their inspiration. Unfortunately, I probably can’t afford to go back there for a long time, so I’ll stick with burnt caramel.

How did I hear about it? I used to live near Toscanini’s, and went there frequently (clearly I was much younger). I tried burnt caramel and was sold instantly.

(I have to tell you: when I skimmed your message I thought you were asking me how I heard about sex! That was probably from Marc Schalater in junior high school. Of course he really didn’t know anything.) I first had sex second semester freshman year in college on a mattress on the floor of my room. Donna was one of my best friends in high school, but we didn’t start dating until I was in college (she was still in high school). She came up to visit and we finally got our chance. It wasn’t good – worse for her.

“Nuts are so yummy.” Did you intend the double-entendre?

I’m not much of a groper – I’m more of a hugger/caresser. You might have to demonstrate. Am I an awesome kisser? I have no idea. But I’m a respectful lover, always reading and responding to my woman’s reactions and level of arousal. Am I a great communicator? I guess so: I’ve been called a great listener and a great conversationalist.

Discreet, no drama? Definitely!

Super-nice: I’m confident that you’ll find that I am.

Looking for fun and passion and a confidante. Definitely. My wife and I do less together, don’t share passion together and talk to each other a lot less than we used to. And there are things we don’t talk about – like sex and what I do on the web. I want to fill in all of those gaps.


Date: Sep 14th – 11:04pm
From: WrySmile
To: Sassy

BTW: I never said thank you for your great reply. Thank you.

More about me: I’m generally quite modest, respectful, open and friendly. I’m very analytical and VERY verbal. I love to meet people and I love to make them laugh. I’m not a man’s man or a ladies’ man. Throughout my life, many of my closest friends have been women who were not also lovers. My work history is all over the place – [redacted impressive list of professional office positions] and [current job]. It sounds much more impressive than the reality. I’m one of the least impressive graduates of two very impressive universities.

My wife and I love each other: we hug, kiss and hold hands. But she lost interest in sex years ago and gave it up completely soon after that. The last time I had sex with a woman other than my wife was 1979. So I’m badly out of practice. But I think I’m still pretty good; as Woody Allen wrote: “Countess Alexandrovna: You are the greatest lover I’ve ever had.

Boris: Well, I practice a lot when I’m alone.”

My wife knows about my “practicing” and has no problem with it, but also no interest.

——– Questions for you: > Have you had affairs? > When was the first time you had sex > When was the last time you had sex > When was the first time a lover gave you a powerful orgasm? How did it happen? > What kind of porn do you enjoy? > Please name some of your favorite movies

Please respond to items in my wish list: > Enjoys jazz and “serious” movies (e.g. “Spotlight”) > Has eyes I can get lost in > Loves long sessions (10 minutes +) receiving oral sex [I think I know the answer to this] > Makes me laugh [We already know the answer] > Hates most current comedies; thinks action movies are mostly boring > Has a nice butt > Enjoys giving head [We know the answer to this too] > Politically liberal or, if not, enjoys a good debate > Enjoys back door play or is willing to experiment > 420 friendly

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