Triple trouble

September 7, 2017 Thursday

5:28 PM Phil
[photo of Legal Sea Foods restaurant]

9:39 PM Sassy
Ooh! Did you eat there?

9:42 PM Phil
Just had a drink. Had Mexican for dinner

9:43 PM Sassy
Oooh…fish tacos?

I had paella.

9:34 PM Phil
burrito for me

9:42 PM Sassy
Venezuelan dinner at La Casa de Pedro in Watertown

The fanciful interior
9:43 PM Sassy
9:44 PM Phil
Paella was good?
9:45 PM Sassy
We went to a wake then took a gal out for Venezuelan
Not really and not worth the price
You watching football?
9:49 PM Phil
I hate wakes
9:51 PM Sassy
They have an important function but…yeah. Tough, especially as family who have to stay for hours. We skipped it for both my parents… just funeral and collation
11:37 PM Sassy

So many storms!

Triple Trouble: Cat 5 Irma, Cat 3 Jose, Cat 1 Katia

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