Got the sausage

August 12, 2017 Saturday
8:12AM Sassy
Good morning kid?
So sorry I nodded off last night.
9:51AM Phil
Good morning! 
Sorry for being tired?!  : )  silly girl. 

Workout finished, grey drizzly morning
9:53 AM Sassy
Beautiful here.  
I’m eating breakfast at Karl’s Sausage Kitchen!
9:53 AM Phil
9:57 AM Sassy
It’s so tough to choose between schnitzel and sausage…
10:17 AM Phil
Go with the schnitzel
10:23 AM Sassy
Awww…you know I got the sausage.
10:24 AM Phil
Couldn’t go wrong
German sausage spits
Just bought some uncured Brats for dinner
10:52 AM Sassy
[photo of a product from the store with his name on it]
11:15 AM Phil

11:22 AM Sassy
German breakfast photos at Karl’s Sausage Kitchen in Peabody

 Their sign 
My water in a stein and OJ, metal tables and chairs in the cafe
Fun mug
Pretzel and weisswurst with scrambled eggs
Debriciner sausage, bacon, rye toast and fried eggs
My “American breakfast” of bratwurst, bacon, soft rye toast 
and eggs over easy
German breakfast – cheese, cold cuts and a roll
Hubby’s reuben, spaetzel and red cabbage 
with a soft pretzel and obatzda cheese spread
German groceries

11:23 AM Sassy
The universe conspires to keep you in the forefront of my mind!
I spent under $100.  

Pickled Herring for me, candy for Hubby
Mustard, obatzda cheese
Curry ketchup
And a t-shirt!
11:28 AM Phil
Easy to do. I have curry ketchup and herring in the fridge
11:30 AM Sassy
So yummy
11:37 AM Phil
That it is

12:04 PM Sassy
Flowers in my area

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