Imagine – Pentatonix

August 11, 2017 Friday

7:53 AM Sassy
Happy Friday!
8:19 AM Phil
Happy Friday Sass!  Brazilian Barbecue tonight!
8:20 AM Sassy
I get to go to Karl’s Sausage Kitchen in the burbs tomorrow
Always reminds me of you and your dad
Nothing like German food for breakfast.
: ) 
8:31 AM Phil
Absolutely!  NOM NOM NOM
6:37 PM Sassy

Trying another Chinese restaurant – got take-out from Yuki Shabu in Union Square Somerville

10:03 PM Phil
How’s your Friday evening?
10:03 PM Sassy
Quiet.  You?
10:05 PM Phil
10:06 PM Sassy
You outside?
10:07 PM Phil
Entertaining myself with tumblr

10:08 PM Sassy
Watch as well as listen… so many powerful messages woven together.

Imagine – Pentatonix


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