A seal, a manatee and a dolphin!

February 23, 2015 Monday

[If you missed the earlier part of my trip, click to catch up]

Mexico Day 1 
Mexico Day 2 – Swimming underground
Mexico Day 3 – Chichen Itza

Mexico Day 3 – Part 2 Dinner in the city

Mexico Day 4 – Seafood

Mexico Day 5 – Isla de Mujeres
Mexico Day 6 – The Perfect Sunset
Mexico Day 7 – Beach lunch
Mexico Day 8

Finally got photos from our Isla Mujeres Dolphin Discovery visit.  I couldn’t take my phone into the water so I pulled photos from their web site and the ones Sis bought from their cameras. They have huge open ocean tanks we got down into. There’s nothing like being kissed by a sea lion named Michelle. Fish breath! She ate a lot of fish. She was wicked smart. 

I also got smooched by a manatee named Sabrina! She is big but gentle. I got to feed her lettuce. They love lettuce! That’s all they do – eat lots of lettuce. They have interesting snouts.


Finally we swam with dolphins. Madonna and Picasso put on quite a show! I thought I’d like that part best, but the waves were a bit too much for me and the weather turned cold, so after I got to touch their fins (yes that’s me) and kiss a snout, I watched everyone else ride their backs standing up!


10:43pm Phil
Welcome home


I posted a few trip photos every day this week. If you want to see all my trip photos in one place, click over to Google+ for either: 
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