Off to Mexico – Day 1

February 14, 2015 Saturday

8:08am Phil

Happy Valentines! Have a great day!

Happy happy day!
I’m thru security, waiting to board.

8:46am Phil

Safe flight! Enjoy!

We’re on board! Snow escape plan – so far so good!

[selfie of Sis and me on the plane]

Southern fried chicken lunch in the Charlotte NC airport

4:39pm Phil
Love Bojangles


Checking in

This is what I came for

7:10pm Phil

7:21pm Phil
Get in the water! Have a Margarita for me!


Teppanyaki!  It was so incredible to walk to dinner without a coat, or hat or mittens or a scarf!  And no head-high piles of snow!  Everything is so green and blue and beautiful!  I feel so free!  
 Miso soup
 Chef putting on a show
 Soft-shell crab tempura hand roll 
 Shrimp and swordfish teppanyaki combo with fried rice 
 Chocolate ice cream and vanilla creme brulee
I’ll post a few trip photos every day this week. If you want to jump ahead and see all my trip photos in one place, click over to Google+ for either: 
1) The Mexico trip highlights album (46 photos)
2) All the Mexico trip photos day by day (scroll down about 3 screens to February 2015)

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