Goodbye permanently

November 11, 2014 Tuesday
Me: We got Mom moved on Thursday. Brutal day but she is happy! Her new place is gorgeous! Philip took a motorcycle course Friday, rented a bike for 6 hours on Saturday and got his bike Monday. So strange to hear him say the things you did at the start. One more day tomorrow with my boss before she adopts!  Hope life is treating you well! 9:36 AM
Kris: I need to end any further contact with u. I am with a woman I love and have asked to consider marrying me. She knows about us and to help me not do what was wrong. I even have told her about recent texts (while of course not disclosing your identity in any way). This is not about you but about me. This needs to be goodbye, permanently and for real. I know u understand and wish u well in every way. Kris 10:51 AM
Me: I understand. Best wishes! 10:52 AM

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