Makes me shiver

October 26, 2014 Sunday
5:24pm Philip
Good morning! How’s your weekend girl? I hope good!

5:32pm Philip

Another busy week coming up. Got some rest though which is good. Found my Harley.

[He posted a photo of the motorcycle.]


Hiya kid!  You watching the baseball?  That motorcycle looks perfect for you!

 Been a good anniversary weekend – drove up to Maine for dinner last night.  Did you see my lobster triple play photo?  Divine!  Tonight was Asian food… my sort of celebrating!  I had the perfect hot & sour soup, seafood scallion pancake and the Mongolian Lamb!  Oh… and shared this dessert. 

Fried banana and coconut ice cream @ All Seasons Table, Malden

8:40pm Philip

Looked amazing! Happy Anniversary! 
Bike is my team color – it’s gorgeous.


It’s funny… I do not like that color, but I saw it and went, “Oh yeah…” because I know it will make you smile every time.

8:43pm Philip


I am in a very frisky mood.  Watch out!

8:55pm Philip

Ha, you are always frisky

Ha ha.


Probably why you love me.

9:12pm Philip
One of many reasons

Awwww… you charmer.  Come over here and let me suck on you!

9:14pm Philip

Ha ha! Makes me shiver


Is that good?

9:17pm Philip
Oh yeah
I’m thinking you’d like to be licked..

9:24pm Philip

I’m always up for that


Maybe in front of a mirror…

9:27pm Philip

That’s fun, always cool to watch


Might use a toy…

9:33pm Philip

Even better


I want you to feel so good

9:35pm Philip

I like toys


Maybe you can show me more of what to do with them!

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