Mr Truck resurfaces

October 12, 2014 Sunday 
After nearly four months, Mr Truck popped up again!  He pinged me in Yahoo chat.  
·         1:51 PM  Mr Truck: Hey long time no talk, how are you?
·         1:51 PM  Sassy: Rolling along. You?
·         1:52 PM  Mr Truck: Same, a few new contacts but no physical contact! How’s your new BF?
·         1:52 PM  Sassy: He’s complicated. But good when we’re together!
·         1:55 PM  Mr Truck: Does he satisfy you, have a wicked dirty mind? 
·         1:55 PM  Sassy: Hmmm… no!
·         1:55 PM  Mr Truck: Ha!
·         1:55 PM  Mr Truck: Can you still see other people?
·         1:56 PM  Sassy: I haven’t but I can
·         1:58 PM  Mr Truck: I still think of you often, and our plans…
·         2:00 PM  Sassy: Sweet! I look at porn you sent me. And share it, to inspire other men
·         2:00 PM  Mr Truck: Does it ever inspire them?
·         2:01 PM  Sassy: Oh yes
·         2:01 PM  Mr Truck: I miss sending you porn actually, you are the only woman who appreciates the fine points and knows how to express them
·         2:01 PM  Sassy: why did you stop?
·         2:02 PM  Mr Truck: I got swept away in a few project as well as a death in the family, so things have been kind of upside down here. I also knew you had a boyfriend and thought your needs were being met
·         2:02 PM  Sassy: Ah.  Very gallant. 
·         2:03 PM  Sassy: So sorry to hear about the death.  
·         2:03 PM  Mr Truck: thanks, how’s your mom?
·         2:04 PM  Sassy: She has good days and bad days.
·         2:04 PM  Mr Truck: Are you still talking to some hot potential fuck buddies?
·         2:04 PM  Sassy: Do send stuff, when you find time…
·         2:05 PM  Mr Truck: I’m actually looking as we speak
·         2:05 PM  Sassy: I always have lots of balls in the air…
·         2:05 PM  Mr Truck: Me too, except my own!
·         2:05 PM  Sassy: I would rather have them in my mouth…
·         2:06 PM  Mr Truck: Oh gosh Sassy, I could sure use a good wet ball sucking, with lots of plopping sounds
·         2:06 PM  Sassy: Put your finger behind you ear… think of me kissing there
·         2:07 PM  Mr Truck: Ohhh that’s a nice touch, from behind me
·         2:07 PM Sassy: Then flick your right nipple like I would
·         2:08 PM  Mr Truck: Flicking it now, it’s my favorite nipple, but I don’t want the other to feel neglected
·         2:08 PM  Sassy: You can pull on the left one…
·         2:08 PM  Mr Truck: Think of me finding that special spot on your back…
·         2:08 PM  Sassy: Oh my
·         2:08 PM  Mr Truck: Ohhh that gentle tugging is so sweet
·         2:08 PM  Sassy: twist… just a bit
·         2:09 PM  Mr Truck: You know me so well
·         2:09 PM  Sassy: Do I still have the right stuff?
·         2:10 PM  Mr Truck: Oh absolutely!!~!@~@#$#$ I want to lead you around by your nipples, shake those huge naturals by the nipples…
·         2:11 PM  Sassy: I want to take my little black rubber butt plug and slide it inside you
·         2:12 PM  Mr Truck: Oh honey, do you want me to keep it in, walk around with it in the room? You know how submissive that will make me
·         2:12 PM  Sassy: I have very naughty thoughts about them
·         2:13 PM  Sassy: I want to take you out in public… watch you try to deal with the vibrations
·         2:13 PM  Mr Truck: ohhhhh my
·         2:13 PM  Sassy: the constant humming in your balls
·         2:14 PM  Mr Truck: and the constant precum
·         2:14 PM  Sassy: in private I want to push it in and out while I suck on you
·         2:15 PM  Sassy: I had a dream where I ran an office of business women dresssed in suits… we hired men as our assistants and asked them to work naked
·         2:15 PM  Sassy: Would you work for me?
·         2:16 PM  Mr Truck: I love that idea, so vulnerable and submissive. I’d have to massage all of you and your staff’s nylon feet……
·         2:18 PM Sassy: In the dream, I wore a blue sapphire handled butt plug… and no undies. You would sneak under my desk, pull and push my plug while licking me
·         2:18 PM  Mr Truck: ohhhh
·         2:18 PM  Sassy: [I’ve never seen one or worn one… no clue where my brain got that!]
·         2:19 PM  Mr Truck: I love the way a woman’s ass looks with butt plug just sitting in it……..
·         2:20 PM Sassy: I would be very serious, hard-working.. then flash my ass at you leaving the room
·         2:20 PM Mr Truck: YES!
·         2:21 PM  Sassy: I’d probably be very bad… see if I could get you hard
·         2:22 PM  Sassy: I wish I could find a clothed women/naked man video where the women aren’t mean to him
·         2:22 PM  Mr Truck: I told you about the girl about 5 or 6 years ago who used a medium sized dildo on me, very slowly. Once I relaxed and let it in, it was heaven, made me have an involuntary orgasm while on my hands & knees on the bed
·         2:23 PM  Mr Truck: I can find one for you, I used to look at them all the time.
·         2:23 PM  Sassy: I have been learning how to use my toys on my guy
·         2:23 PM  Mr Truck: he teaches you or you’re learning from just doing it
·         2:24 PM  Sassy: I try things and he lets me now how it feels
·         2:24 PM  Sassy: I ask questions… like “stay still or move back and forth?”
·         2:24 PM  Mr Truck: He likes to be ass fucked?
·         2:24 PM  Sassy: or “this far in? Or further?”
·         2:24 PM  Mr Truck: nice!
·         2:24 PM  Mr Truck: That’s hot in and of itself
·         2:25 PM  Sassy: It’s quite something to have that power… to be given the knowledge to drive him wild
·         2:25 PM  Mr Truck: yes
·         2:25 PM  Sassy: He has tried a bunch on me
·         2:25 PM  Sassy: I was surprised…
·         2:26 PM  Sassy: I thought I was a G-spot gal, so the big fake cock would be the best bet
·         2:26 PM  Mr Truck: How big?
·         2:26 PM  Sassy: but it turns out that the little silver bullet held to my clit… makes me soar
·         2:26 PM  Sassy: 9 inches
·         2:26 PM  Sassy: Didn’t do much for me
·         2:26 PM Mr Truck: 9 inches, drool…
·         2:26 PM Sassy: None of the inner ones did anything for me
·         2:27 PM  Sassy: but the clit ones? Boom!
·         2:27 PM  Mr Truck: I’d like to be ‘threatened’ by that bad boy
·         2:27 PM  Sassy: You can daydream about that
·         2:27 PM  Sassy: A woman might stick it inside her.. get it nice and wet..
·         2:27 PM  Mr Truck: I want you to make me suck it.
·         2:28 PM  Sassy: covered in her juice
·         2:28 PM  Mr Truck: we’re going to the same place…
·         2:28 PM  Sassy: : )  
·         2:28 PM  Sassy: a very hot place!
·         2:28 PM  Mr Truck: Is the cock realistic?
·         2:28 PM  Sassy: Yes! I could keep it in my desk drawer at the office… take it out after hours
·         2:29 PM  Mr Truck: mmm
·         2:29 PM  Sassy:  bend you over my desk
·         2:29 PM  Mr Truck: Oh my
·         2:29 PM  Sassy: I keep forgetting to shut the door
·         2:30 PM  Mr Truck: oh baby, people will see me getting it from you
·         2:30 PM  Sassy: yes
·         2:30 PM  Mr Truck: I want to be watched
·         2:30 PM  Sassy: they know you have a nice ass
·         2:30 PM  Sassy: and a gorgeous cock
·         2:30 PM  Mr Truck: ahhhh
·         2:30 PM  Sassy: they all want to play
·         2:30 PM  Sassy: but you only have eyes for me
·         2:30 PM  Mr Truck: can you imagine?
·         2:31 PM  Sassy: because I know how to make you burn
·         2:31 PM  Mr Truck: and I’m your little fuck slut
·         2:31 PM  Sassy: just the right mix of pleasure and naughtiness!
·         2:31 PM  Mr Truck: I’d be so red, in my face and on my spanked ass
·         2:32 PM  Sassy: I might have to take a call… leave you there on display
·         2:32 PM  Mr Truck: I bet your snow white skin gets nice and red
·         2:32 PM  Mr Truck: Oh wow
·         2:32 PM  Sassy: with the cock sticking out of your ass, vibrations all through your balls
·         2:32 PM  Mr Truck: yes
·         2:33 PM  Sassy: You squirming, moaning
·         2:33 PM  Mr Truck: and dying to cum
·         2:33 PM  Sassy: Me smiling!
·         2:33 PM Mr Truck: yes
·         2:33 PM  Sassy: No cumming… yet
·         2:33 PM  Mr Truck: I know, torture!
·         2:33 PM  Sassy: could you last a minute?
·         2:33 PM  Mr Truck: you’d know how to make me last, and build up more of a load
·         2:34 PM  Sassy: full of cock
·         2:34 PM  Sassy: vibrating cock
·         2:34 PM  Sassy: your ass facing the open door
·         2:34 PM  Mr Truck: and you threatening me with a real cock if I don’t obey
·         2:34 PM  Sassy: shaking
·         2:34 PM  Sassy: moaning
·         2:35 PM  Sassy: are you hard Stan?
·         2:36 PM  Mr Truck: Half hard, typing and tugging at cock & nipples. Is your cunt wet?
·         2:36 PM  Mr Truck: I can’t shoot my load here though
·         2:36 PM  Mr Truck: might get walked in on
·         2:36 PM  Sassy: Maybe you will take my scenario… think about it later?
·         2:36 PM  Sassy: think of all the ways you would like working in “my office”
·         2:36 PM  Mr Truck: Oh you know it!!!
·         2:36 PM Sassy: naked
·         2:37 PM  Sassy: saves on clothing and dry-cleaning!
·         2:38 PM  Sassy: think about the presents I would give you
·         2:41 PM  Sassy: It would be fun for me to know where you go with it in your mind

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