Meet #29 Part 2 Double-minded

Monday, August 25, 2014
I got up at 7:08 am to be sure he was awake.  He’d already showered and was on his second cup of coffee!  He ate cereal and talked to me about his week ahead, pulled out my Bible to quote James 1:7 about the “double-minded man.”  Heh.  Using that to say he didn’t know if he’d come back tomorrow night to stay with me while Hubby is away. 
He gave me a hug and left about 7:45 am.
It is so lovely to have him here. Despite the physical limits and his craziness, he makes me smile. 
Me: You make me smile. 8:23 AM
Kris: Good! heard it takes less face muscles to smile than frown. have fun hobnobbing with the elite and whoever else, Ms. Demure. 😉 

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