Great to stroke to

Monday, August 18, 2014
Thanks for being there.

[postcard of two stuffed bears hugging]
8:22am Philip
Give it time


Good morning!    How’s the ocean in the morning?

8:47am Philip

Hot and muggy!   Love it!

Tried another Mexican place for dinner – Cantina La Mexicana

 Enchiladas with cheese and potato/chorizo filling, 
topped with sour cream, rice, beans and pico de gallo
 Gorditas Mixtas – cornmeal cups (chicken, pork and potato/chorizo) 
topped with avocado cream, cheese, onions and cilantro
 Ceviche de Camerones – shrimp, tomatoes, onion and chile verde
in citrus juice with a touch of honey. 
This was the perfect starter for a summer evening!
Combo #5 – enchiladas, pico de gallo and guacamole
10:48pm Philip
Hey girl, how you doing?


Doing okay.  You?

11:22pm Philip

good, watching a little porn, jerking off


[me in the mirror with black bra, one nipple out in my hand]

11:24pm Philip

damn baby, like to cum on that nipple. nice photo!

11:25pm Philip

[photo of his erect cock from above]
Wow!  I suddenly want to lick the screen…

11:26pm Philip

[photo of his cock from above]
Lick away Sass



11:27pm Philip


Show me more

I remember sucking that nipple.

Remember my cock down your throat as I tweaked it


Mmmm… I remember sucking… swallowing

11:34pm Philip

[photo of his gorgeous ass with his finger inside]
11:35pm Philip
[photo looking down his body of his sexy tummy and vertical cock]
11:35pm Philip
Loved cumming down your throat
Would love to enjoy your toys with you
Thanks for the pic!   Love it, great to stroke to

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