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Saturday, August 16, 2014
8:33am Philip
Morning. Went to see Fred’s new place. Spectacular old town in the mountains. Great pub in walking distance. I could live there happily. Nice evening.

The Beach Gal unfriended me which is probably a good thing. I don’t belong anywhere in her life anymore and I don’t need to watch the developing story.

Hope your Saturday is grand!

8:33am Philip
[photo of a smiling red-headed woman gazing adoringly at the camera]
8:33am Philip
I think she was happy to see me

Aww…great she found a nice place you can visit.

9:08am Philip

I think she will be much happier there. Historic Victorian house that’s being fixed up. Wonderful town surrounded by breweries and wineries.

Having lunch with Mom at a different Chinese place in the far corner of Woburn, Sichuan Garden.  She had her usual pork lo mein but I ate other things!

 Hot & sour soup
 Peking ravioli
 Ma pa tofu with pork
 The historic house that seems like an unlikely place for a Chinese restaurant! 

We also made a quick trip to Wilson Farm.  They had so many fresh veggies and beautiful flowers today!

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