Meet #27 Part 2 Goodbye again

Monday, August 11, 2014
I woke him right on the dot of 7 am as he’d requested, and we talked a bit more.  I was sitting at my desk, and he was standing beside me.  I hugged him around the waist.  He said he can not be in touch, should not see me.  He needs to say goodbye and mean it.  I told him I understand.  
I feel really calm about it this time, as I had a chance to know he is okay, making good progress, thinks well of me but needs to focus on his life.  I told him not to worry about me, but to remember I am here when he needs me.  I invited him to Thanksgiving Dinner if he doesn’t get a better offer.  My sister always has “orphans” there so he could blend in.

So… it’s a beautiful day and I am off to the North Shore with Hubby to eat lobster and celebrate being alive!  Today is the third anniversary of the end of my cancer treatment!

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