Lifting his spirits

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Good morning kid!  I stayed up too late talking to a chatter on the phone. Yum. We met in April, so calls are even better now!  Have a great Tuesday!

8:24am Philip

Good morning! You too!

Had a great dinner with Mom at Jimmy’s Steer House.  She was in fine form.

10:58pm Philip

Hey girl



11:33pm Philip

Hey baby. Sad and lonely nite. How you doing?


Eh… tired.  Sorry you’re sad.

11:35pm Philip

Eh… My own fault. Had a great evening out and then let someone stomp on my heart.

Just got better though.


You always seem to lift my spirits


I’d like to lift something else…
but that’s just me being sassy!

11:37pm Philip

I could use that too, trust me.
Sassy is good


You betcha

11:38pm Philip

: )


I have been sooo frisky the past few days… I suppose it’s a good sign that I am able to stop moping over Kris full-time and play.
11:43pm Philip
That is good. I’m glad. Makes me smile


Probably also a sign that I am not getting touched enough… have to act out online and on the phone!

Every time I have a moment, I am back in the cemetery, remembering what I did and taking it further in my mind!  Whee!

11:45pm Philip

That’s awesome. What life should be.
I need some of that
Just fun


Pick a fun time you’ve had… replay it in your mind?

11:48pm Philip

Lots of those.
Thinking of being at your place. That was fun.

Camp was fun, so much fun. I kissed you and the world stopped. Magic moment. Remember it like yesterday

I go back there often


I was reading my journal entry today about my trip to D.C. to see you.
That cheered me up!

11:54pm Philip

That was fabulous too!


I got two new toys today
Just opened the package

11:55pm Philip



Wish you were here to help me figure them out…

11:58pm Philip

I need a night of pure abandonment. Fall asleep wet and sticky, dick raw, ass sore, smell and taste of pussy, ass and cum in the room


When you dream, you go big!
I have to get to sleep kid…
Hope you have sweet sexy dreams!

2:02am Philip

Nite girl, you too


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