My rock

Monday, June 30, 2014
Good morning kid!  Thanks for calling!  And for the tips for Kris.
You are my rock. 
Have a marvelous Monday!

10:55am Phil 

You too!
Amazing Italian lunch with my sister and one of her best pals from college @Toscano in Harvard Square

 Pasta e fagioli soup
 Caprese salad with local burrata, Beefsteak tomatoes and basil
 Rigatoni Toscano with 
double-smoked bacon and tomato cream sauce 
Tried another new restaurant with Hubby – Dumpling House.  Tasty – not as good as Mary Chung’s but they have dim sum every day!  
 Mini soup dumplings and a spring roll 
 Peking ravioli
Yu shiang pork

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