Pretty bird

Wednesday, June 11, 2014
7:05am Phil 
How did it go?
She postponed it into next week.  So I get to be nervous about it twice.


And yelled at me because there were two different fonts in a draft document
And told me she is changing my job description again
and the way I’ve carefully set up the student intern program needs a total revamp


A pretty bird to start your day!
Hummingbird closeup

7:55am Phil 
Well that sucks
11:54am Phil
Hang in there kiddo! My job is going crazy! So damn busy. Had a wonderful evening last night with Fred, stayed over, had dinner at a local steak house and then a quiet evening.
Thanks  Philip.  I got yelled at in the open office today because a spreadsheet that she pressed me to do quickly “wasn’t pretty.”  I had to walk out for awhile.  So glad you are getting special evenings!  My guy is visiting me tonight.

11:59am Phil 
Sounds like you need a little stress relief!

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