A dog and a deer

Monday, June 9, 2014
7:42pm Phil 
Getting shaggy
[photo of him with very sexy stubble and longer hair wearing a t-shirt]
Mmm… nice.  Makes my fingers twitch to get into it.  Feel weird after all these years?

7:44pm Phil 

Nope, loving it
Yay!  It looks so lush!

7:47pm Phil 

It’s full, ain’t going bald soon


Seen your lady lately?

8:01pm Phil 

Brought flowers by this morning


Does your wife know about her?  That she is so close?

8:10pm Phil 


Phew.  So her spidey sense doesn’t get set off like the other one does.
8:15pm Phil 
No, I have been distant for so long

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