Lucky man

Friday, May 23, 2014
5/23, 7:14am Phil

5/23, 8:24am
Good morning kid!  Wow what?  TGIF!

5/23, 8:49am Phil
Had an amazing dinner, got my world rocked, slept over. TGIF
5/23, 9:15am
Nice!  How’d you swing it overnight?

I am off next week so just need to make it through today!  I fell asleep at 8 pm last night.  Exciting life!  HA.

5/23, 9:18am Phil
I had a travel day so I was supposed to be gone. Was nice to wake up next to her and start the morning off right!
5/23, 9:19am
Lucky man!  Luckier woman!!  Have a great day!    
5/23, 9:24am Phil
Should have called a doc because I definitely had an erection that lasted way more than four hours

5/23, 9:36am Phil

5/23, 10:03am

Hee hee

5/23, 10:38am Phil
I have not done that in awhile I am worn out, sore in several places that got a workout and sitting with a big smile on my face

5/23, 5:10pm
Tried a new Japanese buffet in Allston.  We used to have to drive to Framingham but now there’s one in town!

I had oysters and thought of you.  With sushi, gyoza, tempura shrimp, crab salad, green beans, fried fish and chicken… yum yum yum!  Cheap, fast and good!  

5/23, 6:27pm Phil
Oh wow!

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