Pulled pork

Friday, May 9, 2014

5/9, 8:02am
Good morning!  Happy Friday!
5/9, 5:24pm Phil
Good evening! Hope you have something fun planned. Another really long nite for us at work. Been a long week but managed to have a little fun
5/9, 5:27pm
Out at Redbones eating bbq! Nothing like a pulled pork sandwich!

5/9, 5:47pm Phil
awesome! enjoy!

5/10, 3:49am Phil
Still working.  Hoping to wrap in about an hour. Exhausted.

5/10, 3:50am
Oh no!  When’s your flight?

I fell asleep at 7 pm, woke at 12:30 am.  So I could be here for you, looks like!

5/10, 4:05am Phil
flights at 6:30.  should be ok.

Beach Gal posted something a couple hours ago that it sucks when your past catches up to you.  Wonder what that was about.  I don’t think it has anything to do with me.

She liked the pic of my Mom.  I don’t get it.

I’m worried about her now. Have no clue what that could have been about but there was a big frowny face

5/10, 4:27am
Hunh.  I hate cryptic posts.  Focus… get done… get some sleep!  I’m going back to bed.  Safe travels! Mwah!

5/10, 4:27am Phil
what?  I am focused
 sweet dreams

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