Hey girlie

Thursday, April 24, 2014

7:35am Phil

Hey girlie, have a great day!

7:37am Sassy

Hiya kid! Same to you!
I fell asleep at 7:30 last night – wide awake now!

7:55am Phil

[photo of him grinning at his desk in a shirt and tie]
3:15pm Phil
Another hour and a half! I’m pooped but tomorrow is Friday!

3:33pm Sassy

I am soooo ready to leave here.  I am plotting to be out tomorrow… here’s hoping this afternoon flies by!

4:00pm Phil

It’s getting there, almost done

4:02pm Sassy

My boss just left so I am not working any more!

4:17pm Phil

Well there you go!

4:33pm Phil

I’m done!

4:33pm Sassy

Happy Trails!

4:34pm Phil

: )

6:04pm Phil

[photo of him at home, dress shirt unbuttoned, undershirt showing, sweet smile]          
7:34pm Phil
Lonely tonight

7:41pm Phil

This just sucks.
Missing the one ingredient for the perfect life.
Got everything but what I want most

8:25pm Phil

I have destroyed my life, such a moron

8:38pm Sassy

There’s still time to fix it.  Or mess it up more.

9:15pm Phil

No fixing this.

10:07pm Phil

Plenty more to mess up.
Gotta start eating. I think I like hunger pain. I am completely fucked up. Wow, just wow. Will I never learn?

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