Big red

Thursday, April 17, 2014

4:45am Phil
Starting the day

[photo of him looking sleepy in an undershirt]
4:46am Phil
Have a great one!

8:12am Sassy

Good morning hot stuff!   Wow…would take that man back to bed!

8:17am Phil

LOL. Glad you had fun last night. Sad today. Had a nice nite, not excited about her coming home. I’m  being carefree, letting my heart take me. I think too much, don’t relax enough. It’s my last day. Got four days off. Got to stay busy or I’ll be sad all weekend. Maybe yard work tomorrow and a few wineries on Sat. Always fun, not romantic like it should be but relaxing and fun

8:17am Phil

Did you know there’s a big red cock on here?  : )

8:19am Phil

All dressed up

[photo of him at work in a dress shirt and tie]
8:20am Sassy
I wish I could have big red cock for breakfast!

8:21am Phil

No calories in that syrup and it tastes good. I know

6:45pm Phil

Let the weekend begin

[photo of him after work, dress shirt undone, tie undone]
6:46pm Sassy
Woohoo!  Sorry I missed your call!

6:47pm Phil

[photo of him having a beer]           
6:51pm Sassy
Awww… your smile!  Melts me.

7:06pm Phil

I’m glad

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