To-do List

Saturday, April 12, 2014
11:00am Phil 
Thanks girl

11:02am Sassy 
You are most welcome.  I’ve been sitting here making a list for you.  Ha ha.  Not my place but can’t get my mind to shut off!  Ah well… off to Mom’s.  Praying for you!

#1 Depart gracefully from the job.

#2 Talk to a divorce lawyer.  Know your options.

#3 Have some down time.

#4 Check on how to get out of lease.  Are you allowed to sublet etc?

#5 Find somewhere you can stay short term… with a friend?  Your own apt?

#6 Pack your car with essentials.

#7 Tell your lovely wife you would prefer not to live with her anymore, you will be filing for divorce.

#8 Go away

#9 Have some down time.

#10 Notice that you are MUCH HAPPIER.

#11 Continue to make changes and have a wonderful life.

My lists go to 11.

Oh!  I forgot one!

12) Drive to NY to visit family and stop in BOSTON on the way back.

That’s all.

Eating Greek for lunch with Mom.  Remembering Greek with you!

3:03pm Sassy
Spring flowers!

1:09am Phil 
Ha, love that list. Rest of day was fabulous

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