Terrier triumph

Wednesday, February 12, 2014
Good morning!   
Ready for snow? Whee!

8:30am Phil  

Oh yippie! Had a blast at the beach. Good to be home.

Did you watch the Westminster dog show?  A beautiful wire fox terrier called Sky won!

We had a strange evening last night.  Had a good adventure to Olive Garden and Walmart, then came home to broken elevators!  Had to haul groceries up 5 flights.  Then fumes from the overheating motors brought the fire dept!  Yikes!

12:49pm Phil  
Oh lovely. I always take the stairs so that’s ok but fumes, not so much


We did our annual Valentine’s trip tonight to Whole Foods for treats, had an indoor picnic to celebrate Valentine’s Day and watched an episode of PBS “Sherlock.”  It’s going to snow tomorrow and we have a wedding reception on Friday, so we bumped up our celebration.

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