Hug a sexy lady – Meet #6

Thursday, February 6, 2014
Me: Good morning hot stuff! 10:10 AM
NH Man: Good morning. Sun is shining in my window  10:11 AM 
NH Man: You coming to the beach?  4:14 PM 
Me: Yes indeed!  You ready to hug a sexy lady?  4:40 PM
NH Man: Yes I am. ETA? 4:49 PM
Me: Leaving now.  Hoping 6? 4:49 PM 
NH Man: Ok let me know when you get close 4:49 PM
Me: Just got to 95  6:02 PM 
NH Man: Front door is open. Going to pick up food 6:16 PM


The meet

I was feeling awful when I woke up with the remnants of the stomach bug, but I took a 2-hr nap yesterday afternoon, showered, spruced myself up and felt much better!

I drove up to NH for the third time!  It took 90 minutes this time, but it worked out well.  NH Man was just driving up with bad Chinese food in hand when I pulled in at his beach house.  He is a dear.  I slurped wonton soup and nibbled on a couple chicken fingers.  He is normally a health nut but uses me as an excuse to indulge in fried food.  Heh.  
He gave me a very nice hug then led me to bed.  We cuddled and talked with me in his arms, then he had me roll over on my stomach and he gave me an amazing massage!  It was comforting and relaxing at first, but then he went lower and around the sides of my breasts – it got very sexy!  I was flushed and shaking by the time he stopped.

I was geared up to get him to do something different for sex.  I asked him if I could ride him… he just looked at me like a silly kid.  I tried to put my hands and mouth on him, but he pulled my ass down to the corner of the bed as usual for three minutes of my feet on his shoulders and his cock pounding into me.  *sigh 
There is a real dilemma here.  I like him, he is good to me, feeds me, gets me up to the beach, spends lots of time with me, a great listener, tells great stories, is a wonderful cuddler but… the sex is so boring!  I can’t figure out why he won’t try other things or let me suck on him.  I don’t know what to do.  Argh.  I suppose I will put him in the “way better than nothing” category.  
He fell asleep about 11 pm, so I snuck out and got dressed in the living room.  He popped out for another hug and saw me out to the car.  Such a nice guy! 


Me:  Home.  Thanks again!  Sweet dreams!  12:24 AM
NH Man: I’m almost home too. TY  & GN  12:26 AM

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