Queen L

Monday, January 27, 2014

Me: Good morning! It’s above freezing! 8:08 AM
NH Man: Good morning Sassy. Perhaps it is in stuffy Boston but not quite up here. It is a balmy 21 deg. 8:18 AM

Me: Look at #18!  The Queen looking fine! 10:13 AM

Queen Latifah/Grade A+: The singer/actress/talk show host, 43, flaunted her fabulous figure in a shimmering off-the-shoulder dress while officiating the marriages of 33 couples who tied the knot during the show. Lookin’ good, Latifah! . (Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)
Me: My mouth is watering thinking about your hard cock.  I want to see you SOON.  Let’s figure out when?!  4:30 PM
NH Man: Tough week Hun. May be able to meet next week. Maybe Friday or Sunday night this week. Can’t control my schedule this week. 4:33 PM
Me: No pressure. Just want you to know I’m wanting you! 4:37 PM
NH Man: Yum 4:50 PM
NH Man: I have to go to Boston Friday afternoon / evening but not sure what time. I will get in touch when I know more. Don’t want to cycle you up with iffy plans yet. 5:08 PM
Me: Great!
NH Man: I will call you later tonight and tuck you in 6:17 PM
Me: Aww…I’ll probably be out past your bedtime.  I have a project meeting. 6:28 PM
NH Man: Ok another time then : ) 6:29 PM
Me: You are so sweet! 6:30 PM
NH Man: I know 6:31 PM

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