Tickles your muffin

Monday, January 20, 2014

NH Man: Good morning Sassy. Sorry to say that wifey has changed her plans and I can’t come down tonight. Wanted to let you know early as I could so you don’t spin hubby up too much. 9:09 AM
Me: Good morning hot stuff! Happy MLK Day!  Thanks for the heads-up. No worries. You working today? 9:12 AM
NH Man: No. I’m at the hospital right now having blood work. 9:29 AM
Me: You do know how to live it up! I’m in bed fantasizing about your beard. 9:40 AM
NH Man: How it tickles your muffin? 9:44 AM
Me: Mmm hmmm 9:44 AM
NH Man: Well I’m out of the hospital and at the breakfast place. Going to have one of everything. Had to fast for the bloodwork. 9:46 AM
Me: I’d like something of yours in my mouth 9:54 AM
NH Man: Well we will have to find time for that soon 9:55 AM

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