Fuck it List

Saturday December 28, 2013

From: Blog Fan
To: Sassy
Date: Fri, Dec 27, 2013 at 12:57 PM
Subject: Back home…

Hi Sexy!

I did have a good, relaxing Christmas, tinged with naughty memories
of you and me together under the tree.

I can’t imagine the cucumber ever fitting inside me: no there was no
clue at all. Would you want one up the ass as well?  Now that would
be something!

When we next meet, what sorts of things might you wish us to do
together that we’ve not yet done?

You received a bundle of emails during our Tuesday night together.
Is that typical for a late weekday evening? Were they all from your
male/female friends chatting about their adventures? I’m very curious.

I long for us to fuck together again.


From: Sassy
To: Blog Fan
Date: Sat, Dec 28, 2013 at 8:42 PM
Subject: re: Back home…

Hiya hot stuff! Thank you for writing. It is so fun to hear that you’re thinking of me.

Glad I didn’t miss a clue that you wanted something more from that cucumber! Remember you can say what you want 🙂 I may not pick up hints – my brain gets addled when you’re touching me.

Ass play inside me falls into the “if he wants to” category. I don’t pine for it, but I might do it to see the glee in your eyes. You were so gentle – I could trust you not to hurt me.

My “fuck it list” is long but here’s a start:

  • I am eager to see you cum… maybe on my chest? Men are always inside me somewhere so I haven’t gotten to see actual spurting! I want to know what it feels like to have hot white cum on my skin. 
  • Having you cum in my mouth would also be fun. 
  • I want to try different positions, see what gets you deepest and makes me pulse around you. 
  • Maybe experiment in the shower? 
  • Learn how toys can enhance the action? 
  • Even things I have done with others I want to try with you, as I bet you have a special way of doing them. And I want to hear your ideas, benefit from your creativity and imagination! You are so hot!

I should turn my phone off, but with my Mom’s health so precarious, I left it on. Sorry if it was a distraction. So many folks who are cheating have no one to talk to, so I’ve turned into a confidante. I hear so many great stories!

I so wish it was easy to see you again. I have that “I could do this A LOT” feeling. It will take some work, both to keep in touch and to get us in the same city. You feel worth it to me! Especially because first times are odd… nervous… so the second time and beyond just get better and better!

Think of me in the shower this morning. I was remembering sucking on your cock, with the shower head pounding my clit as I leaned back against the tile and shook!


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