Meeting NH Man

He wrote to me on a Thursday afternoon a week ago.  Ashley Madison sent me an email to let me know.  I was in the midst of NINE DAYS that a dear blog fan did not write to me, going out of my mind with worry that something had happened to him, because he had never missed a day without explanation in 7 months.  I needed a distraction!  I had four messages from another guy, and was considering whether to write to him, when this guy wrote.  I sent both messages to a blogger pal and asked him which one to reply to, or both or none?  He said this NH guy looked like my type.  So I took a closer look at his profile. 
Hmmm… not much there.  Age 59. Okay.  Likely early 60s.  Whatever.  6’0” 240… wow.  That sounds just about perfect.  Limits – Anything Goes.  Okay.  White, male, attached, never smoked.  All fine.  But he didn’t write anything!  He checked three boxes under “what really turns me on” and another three under “What I am looking for.”  Not much to go on, but nothing objectionable.  
So I looked over his message.  Short.  One typo, one questionable spelling.  Gave me a name to call him – nice.  And the words themselves sound good, if a bit generic.  Something spoke to me.  And I really needed someone new to think about!  So I used a few minutes at the end of my work day to reply to him on AM.
We wrote back and forth, then switched to Yahoo email and wrote along several times a day, the way you do at first.  He sent me a photo of the beach.  I admit it… I wanted to be there long before I decided whether I wanted him!  I asked him to tell me what a first meeting might be like.  He described a look-see, didn’t push for a hotel, in a way that made me want to meet him.  He knew what he was doing, how to make me feel safer.  He let me suggest a place.  I gave him the choice of meeting at Starbucks or PF Chang’s at a local mall with parking.  He chose PF Chang’s!  He’s willing to spend longer and spend money!  
So I agreed to meet him for a drink at PF Chang’s at 5 pm on a Friday night.  I got out of work early and parked underground, making my way to the restaurant.  I was a little early, and checked the bar area.  He wasn’t there.  I looked around the restaurant and the hostess asked me how she could help me.  I told her I was meeting someone.  She took me to his table!  He rose to give me a hug… mmm… nice.  
He had on a leather jacket, dark green polo shirt and jeans.  He had a table in the corner of a banquet, so I scooted in next to him.  I took his hand and he smiled that smile that people who rarely get touched smile.  He looks like James Brolin – shock of white hair and goatee, and sounds like George Clooney!  Yum.  
I had on my usual “meet clothes” – the blue jersey top that buttons all the way up (or unbuttons), with the blue & white silk scarf, dark blue slacks, lucky black bra, black panties and socks and comfortable lace-up shoes.  
He explained that he had not eaten lunch and was starving and hoped it was okay to go ahead and order dinner.  Oh yes!  I ordered their very festive strawberry cucumber limeade and he had a Coors Light.  He asked me which dishes I like on the menu.  He ordered the egg rolls and dynamite shrimp appetizers, with the honey shrimp entree and spicy green beans side dish.  We chatted and ate – he served me food.  We played with each others legs under the table.  He had asked me how I feel about PDAs, so I leaned over and kissed him on the lips at one point.  He got a very happy look and said, “So I guess you’re okay with PDAs!”  He was easy to be with.  
He told me about his deal with his wife.  She lives in Boston.  He lives with his daughter and grandchildren in NH.  His wife goes up there some weekends.  When she is there, he goes to the beach.  He has left twice thinking he’d get divorced, but each time some crisis happened with his kids or the woman he was with, and it made more sense to go back.  He does not sleep with his wife, but they can deal with each other.  She knows he cheats, doesn’t care as long as he doesn’t rub her face in it.  She’d rather be in an open marriage than no marriage.  It sounds like many “Don’t ask, don’t tell” situations I’ve heard about in chat.  He was curious about my open deal.  We agreed it sounds like we are a good match in terms of not having to sneak around, but having some consideration for our spouses.  What a relief to meet someone without guilt, who won’t have to spend too much time on stealth!  
He told a few too many stories about strange women he’s dated, checking to be sure I don’t have their foibles, such as “The Smoker” or “The Guilt Queen.”  I could assure him I am not like them.  Certainly can not mistake him for a newbie!  
He let me choose a dessert to share.  We split the banana spring rolls with coconut ice cream and fruit.  
He suggested a “second dessert” in the form of checking out the third row seat in his Ford Explorer!  He paid the bill and I thanked him.  We each made a pit stop in the bathroom, then he took off walking to his car.  I found this odd… men usually get behind me, put a hand on my back to guide me, then hold my hand or offer me their arm.  He kept walking about 5 paces ahead of me down the ramp and into and across the garage.  Maybe this was a safety measure?  But I felt like a third world wife 10 paces behind.  
He had parked in the far corner, far away from other cars.  This is good to reduce spectators, but a bit of a red flag for mall security.  He climbed into the back and held out a hand to me.  It was a bit of a contortion exercise to get back in there to him, but I did it.  
He nuzzled my neck then started kissing me.  He unbuttoned my top and worshipped my chest.  He was very sweet to ask if there was anything he could hurt there.  I told him I am all healed.  He took the right breast out of my bra and sucked on my nipple.  Mmmm… I started to squirm.  He tweaked and bit and pulled.  Yum.  He marveled at the size and I admitted that the right breast is the smaller one!  He switched to the left, pulling it out of my bra and aahing over it.  I stroked his hair and talked about how it made me feel.  He moaned sweetly.  He played between my legs outside my slacks.  He made me so wet!  The windows got completely steamed up! 
He took off his leather jacket, jeans and underwear – dark green men’s briefs!  Yay!  I was shocked that he’d get that naked.  He encouraged to me to disrobe completely but I was not doing anything I could not repair in 3 seconds if the mall cops tapped on the window!  
I took him in my hand… he was soft but that changed quickly!  I pumped him, twisted him, remembering the hand-job instructional video from  I licked my hand to get him wet and asked him what he likes.  He (unhelpfully) answered that he likes it all.  I talked to him about what I was going to do, trying to rev up his mind as I played with his body.  He said, “Aha… you’re going to be a chatty one.  I like that.”  
I took him in my mouth but could not get a very good angle.  He is on the large side of average!  I shifted around and managed to get him about halfway down into my mouth, licking, sucking… he moaned sweetly.  He suggested I get on my knees but there was not enough room.  I promised to do so in future when we get alone in a bed.  
My phone started to beep… I guessed Hubby was getting anxious because I told him I’d be gone an hour and it was getting to be two hours.  I retrieved my phone and sure enough he was worried, and he needed the car to take one of his girlfriends out for her birthday.  
So we pulled ourselves together, kissed a bit more, promised to meet soon at his beach house.  He drove me up to the street just after 7 pm.  He said he’d be busy picking up his wife and driving to NH, so I might not hear from him until morning, but that he’d had a lovely time and wanted to do more soon.  Whee!  I adore it when a man reassures me at the end of the first meet!  I drove home on cloud nine!  
Despite his warning, he emailed me four times in the next couple hours, as he waited for his wife at her place, as he sat with her at dinner (oddly not hungry!  hee!) and when he got home, reveling in the memories of tasting my nipple, encouraging me to think about when we can meet again so he can “ravage me.”  
This felt like the perfect meet to me – 
• a safe place close to home, 
• he was already there when I arrived early, 
• a great opening hug, 
• enough time to get a real impression, 
• wonderful (free) food, 
• a little time to explore alone in his car… and 
• assurances that we’d see each other soon with communication soon after.  
• he wrote back soon!  
Please please let this be a new day in my adventures… the advent of a second date right away!  

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  1. Advizor54 says:

    What a fantastic first meeting, now, if we could only get guys to understand how small a back seat really is….

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