Friday, November 8, 2013

2:41 PM
The Lawyer: Hey there!!!
8:12 PM Sassy: Hiya! Sorry I missed you!
8:13 PM The Lawyer: so am i– how are you?
8:13 PM Sassy: Great! I’m in Long Island! Whee!
8:13 PM The Lawyer: fun/ i’m headed to CA tomorrow
8:14 PM Sassy: I got to take a ferry!
8:15 PM The Lawyer: good for you!! first timer?
8:15 PM Sassy: Never been on the Cross Sound… beautiful day for it.

8:16 PM Sassy: Do me a favor?
8:16 PM Sassy: When you get back? RAVAGE ME! 
8:16 PM The Lawyer: yes
8:16 PM The Lawyer: i want you and your body
8:17 PM Sassy: hubba hubba
8:17 PM The Lawyer:  you are so sexually attractive and desirable– i love your sensuality!
8:18 PM Sassy: *Melts
8:18 PM The Lawyer: it’s true– i want all of you–
8:19 PM The Lawyer: you’re so open and giving and joyous in receiving– it turns me on
8:21 PM Sassy: You are a very talented man… you have an amazing brain but right now I am thinking about your mouth and your hands!
8:21 PM The Lawyer: and i am thinking about your lush body and incredibly sweet pussy
8:22 PM Sassy: Ooh!

8:22 PM The Lawyer: my typing skills suck
8:22 PM Sassy: I can understand you… that’s all that matters!
8:22 PM Sassy: I keep seeing your smile…
8:23 PM Sassy: That twinkle in your eyes
8:23 PM Sassy: I want to see it again
8:23 PM The Lawyer: i want you– kissing you, licking you, your breasts, your pussy, riding you— it’s explosive for me
8:23 PM Sassy: Mmm…. you make things happen, mister.
8:24 PM Sassy: You type like that and I… well… swoon!
8:24 PM The Lawyer: fuck typing– i want you!

8:27 PM The Lawyer: i have to disappear soon– not usually able to pop out like this– but let’s make a plan– i want to taste you and to be inside you again.
8:27 PM Sassy: Yes!
8:28 PM Sassy: I want you down the back of my throat! 
8:29 PM Sassy: Ping me when you see a hole in your schedule!
8:30 PM The Lawyer: i will– soon– i ‘ve been looking forward to seeing you again
8:30 PM The Lawyer: have to hide now
8:30 PM Sassy: Mwah!

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