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Sunday, October 6, 2013
I got an email from Ashley Madison saying that a man had written me a message.  Wow!  Not a wink or a favorite (which are free) but a real live message that cost him money!  I clicked over there to look at it.  
Date:  Oct 6th – 12:36pm
From:  [redacted]
Another Virgo here. I think I fit the bill, save 2″ in height. I live and work in Boston, married 30+ years, grown children, HWP, and love a good conversation over a good meal. Please let me know if you would like to share more. Peace G
Interesting message!  Short.  Sweet.  Polite.  The mention of his “sign” is a huge turn-off.  I don’t believe in that nonsense.  But the rest seems fine.  At least I know he read my profile.  He mentioned food!  🙂  
I looked at his profile.  He’s a little older, a little taller than I am.  Married.  He wants something long term.  Never smoked.  And no check boxes!  Yay!  He wrote a good sentence for each section – no typos!  No mention of sex.  When he said what he wanted… it sounds like me!  He seems like a real guy looking for a nice woman.
Do I want to jump in again?  I am really tired of getting to know someone and just starting to like them when they disappear or turn out to have some kink I can not deal with.  I decided to sleep on it, make up my mind tomorrow.  

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